Haz 07

I took my Dad

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I took my DadMy name is Kim. I’ve already been to bed with my Step Dad & my Father-in-law. But there was one temptation I had not tried till last week. My Dad came to visit without his wife. He didn’t want to impose on Bread & I so he stayed in a local hotel. We had been there enjoying the pool with him. While we were in the water and my Dad was standing close I noticed him looking at my breasts which filled up the small bikini top I had on. My breasts are not big but I do fill out the bikini. For fun I stepped closer to him so his arm brushed against my breast. I smiled and so did he. As we were getting ready to leave Brad offered to take our sons home so I could spend some quality time with my Dad. Since we had both driven I said it would be no problem. I asked my Dad if he would like to go to dinner with me to a local spot. He said yes. I told him I had klasbahis yeni giriş a change of clothes in my car. So I brought in my bag and used his bathroom to show and dress. I knew what I wanted to do and I had the right clothes to start the evening right. First I slipped on my crotchless pantyhose, then my pushup bra which totally exposes my nipples. Then my short black dress (Brad has always called it my cock teaser dress instead of my cocktail dress). To last things to do, my makeup, and I picked a creamy red lipstick to wear and then slipped into my seven inch heels. When I stepped out of the bathroom into the room I saw the look on his face. I could also see movement in his pants. He stammered while saying how beautiful I looked. I walked up to him pressing my body to his and said in a deep and sexy voice – “Well Daddy it was your klasbahis giriş hot seed that did the trick”. Then I said let’s go eat. During the drive to the restaurant I could see out of the corner of my eye that he could not stop looking at my breasts and my legs. Well the dress was nearly up to my crotch. The restaurant is one of those dark places you take a lover. They have a tiny dance floor where you must stand close to your date otherwise you’ll be rubbing asses with someone else. We ordered drinks & dinner. We talked, I held his hand and told him he was the best Daddy a girl could have & that I loved him. When a really slow dance came on I asked him to dance, at first he was shy but I got him up (actually I also had gotten his cock up too) While we danced I pressed myself tightly to him so he knew what I wanted. I felt his hard cock klasbahis güvenilirmi throbbing in his pants. I couldn’t wait to het back to the hotel. After our dance and another drink we left. When we got back to his room I asked him to leave the lights off. The light coming in the window was more than enough. We stood at the bottom of the king size bed. I put my arms up around his neck and thanked him for a wonderful evening. We both saw our image in the full length mirror. I put my hands behind his head and pulled his head towards mine. When our lips touched I felt the passion in his kiss. I knew he wanted me. He pulled my dress up over my head and stepped back and looked at me. He smiled and said I guess my seed did produce a very sexy woman. At that point I undressed him. We both tumbled onto the bed, kissing touching & feeling. My Dad has a big cock and I could not wait till he put it in me. I did not have to wait long. Soon he was pounding me down like a battering ram and I was loving every second of it. What can I say. I fucked my Step Dad, my Father-in-law and my own Dad. I guess my next target will be my older brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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