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i took the next door neighbour

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i took the next door neighbourI was suiting in my lounge watching my porn rubbing my nipples feeling my silky tits. My cunt is wet, I rub it up and down. A shadow approaches the large lounge room window which also opens up to the porch. It was my neighbour, the father of my young Asian gardener. He was dressed as if he was going out. Ironed trousers and business shirt, he was looking into the window, covering his eyes to block from the light to see in better. I could tell that he then noticed me, he looked down embarrassed then had another peek. I fixed my top up and opened the glass shutter and said ” did U like what U saw?” he seemed very embarrassed, looked at the.ground and apologised. I said ” its alright there’s no need to be embarrased, come inside” . He confined to look at the floor and struggled to make eye contact, but he stool came in. I said ” did U like what U saw?”he replied ” yes,very much”. “Would U.like to feel me?”. I took his hand and placed on my bare breast, i made his thumb play with my nipple. He was still looking at the ground. A Asian man in his late fifties, very prim and proper and very shy. I wanted to take him. I said “do U like that?” he answered while still looking at the.floor ” yes, yes i do”. I lifted his other hand to cup my other breast. He volunteered it. I lifted his face to face mine, i kissed him, he wasn’t expecting it. I put his mouth to my left nipple and told him to suck, he continued to play with my right. I reached down to rub his cock. He moved away a little, i said ” its ok, you’ll like it. I unzipped his pants, slipped my hand in a rubbed his cock, it was small and hard. canlı bahis I tugged on his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, i then reached back further and massed him between his halls and his ass. He struggled, i assured him it was ok. He struggled to stand, i was sure no-one had done this for him before, directed him to the couch, to lie down while he sucked my tits and i could rub his cock. I started tugging. He started to shake and groan, he suddenly came. He was shocked, looking into my breasts, not making eye contact or a sound. He whispered”sorry, i have to go” he quickly pulled up his pants and left the house going next door to his. It was so hot to play with such a little shy man. I fingered my cunt and fished myself off, i was very wet.The next day i heard a knock at the door, it was him looking at the ground, apologising for disturbing me. He asked me if i would like to come next door for dinner, he said the house was empty and he had cooked. Wanting to take him all the way, my mind was going wild. Suck his cock while he.looks so ashamed, ride him hard when he can’t make eye contact, then get him to fuck my ass with his little cock, he would feel very ashamed when i tell him to pull his cock out when he is ready to cum and shoot it up my back. Mmmmm.I went next door, looked like he was dancing all over the kitchen, fussing around trying to make me feel welcome. He directed me to sit down, i thought i am not going to may this an easy meal for him. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom, he had a nice deep spa, mmmmm. I went back to the kitchen and made out i was going to eat. I asked bahis siteleri him if he liked his time at my place yesterday, he looked at the table and answered” yes, yes very much, thank you” i said ” you dont have to thank me,i love to fuck” . He looked shy and ashamed. ” i see U have a spa in there” he said ” yes, yes i do”, ” could i have a spa with U?” he could not look at me, silence then he answered slowly ” yes, i think we could” . “ok, i will start.running it” i filled it half way so we had enough depth.to get off, he can’t escape and i can’t drown him, haha. I went to the kitchen, ” c’mon, lets go” looking at the floor, he struggled to get up off his chair, he came towards me looking at the floor saying “. Yes, yes i will”. I placed my hand on the back of his neck, forcing him to look me in the eye. ” are U going to fuck me?, are U going to please me?” ” yes, yes i will” he swallowed deep, his Adams apple moved up and down. I had him where i wanted him. I escorted him to the bathroom, stripped him off naked, he was shy, backed away, facing the floor, i told him its alright, don’t feel uncomfortable. I stripped naked, i held his face up to see me, i started to tug on his cock, he was hard. I put him in the spa, i got in. He was on his knees, i held his face up to face mine. I kissed him hard,, younger him, he acted awkward, he had never been kissed like this. I grabbed him by the chin, shook it hard and said” kiss me like that and kiss me hard” sucking face, he eventually got the idea. I then pushed his head down to suck my tits. He sucked me hard like a baby. I reached down and tugged on his cock, cupped güvenilir bahis his balls again, rubbed in between his halls and his ass. He tried to move away, pulled him towards me again, i asked him if he really liked it. He said ” yes, yes i do but i have never done this before” i told him it was alright i would guide him and take care of him. He looked down, i grabbed him by the chin made him face up and we kissed hard, tongues entwined. My hands still on his cock,i slipped my thumb up his ass slowly. He crouched down quickly, and looked up to face me, slightly cross/ confused but he didn’t move away. I massed his anus with my thumb he continued to suck my tits. I said ” U like that?” ” yes, yes i do”. I moved his face from my tits and got him to lie back, i placed one foot on then edge of the spa facing him and left the other in the water, my cunt facing him, legs either side. I lifted his head and rode his face, he stuck his tongue out and started to lick. ” good boy”. Grinded his face, i was wet. I wanted his cock in my cunt, i got down on my knees legs either side of him, rode his cock. He looked frightened, up and down, he shivered, inhaled hard, breathless, i ordered him not to cum. I got off, sucked his cock a few times, then told him to fuck my ass from behind. He did not know, i turned around, backed up to him and guided his cock in demanded he pump. He started slowly, i said hard. He pumped hard and fast. I told him not cum in me take it out and shoot up my back, as soon as i said it, he did. He took breaths in hard and fast, then silence. I turned, good baby. I got a face washer, wiped his cock, then told him to wash me too. We spent some time washing each other in the spa, then kissing. I hopped out of the spa dried off and dressed, thanked him for dinner leant over and kissed him, left him naked in the spa and went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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