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I tricked a dumb woman and secret cummed in her so

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I tricked a dumb woman and secret cummed in her soSorry about my english. So, I used to make myself as podiatrist in an app just for get easy pics and videos from girls. But here came College Soles and Sticky Soles with their fake content about trick girls and secret cum in their feet. I liked this idea. One day I knew Fan, a 29 years old woman, with a apearence from a 40th old, very punished by her life. We had a nice conversation and she sent me pictures from her feet and her soles. I think her feet was size 6. Her soles were dry and rough with little cracked heels. I offered her a feet session for massage, exfoliation and hidration for her soles and she loved the idea. She asked me how much that would be cost and I aswered that if she helps me test a new technique I ‘d do it for free. I lied to her and told her that she must use a blindfold during the treatment for her touch be empowered for the energy from her vision that would be distribuid for bahis şirketleri her body. A bullshit that she fell like a duck. And I asked her if I could use a warm lotion for her soles and she agreeded. I told her that the lotion was natural and I make it during the treatment. Suspicious, but I protected myself asking for use her stove to produce the lotion. She agreed and confirmed that we gonna do the feet session in her house. I could not believe that a lie like that has worked. And the day came.I went in her house and she received me with a smile on her face. We have a chat about one hour and she told me about her life and stuff like that, asked me how I became podiatrist, until the time that I asked for her feet to take a look. Her innocent feet in my lap. Dried soles, rough. I immagined her giving me footjob, but just dreams. I told her that I needed that she lie on her stomach in sofa and let her soles for me work. In this moment, I put some bahis firmaları random misture in a little cup and putted it in her stove for warm. The fake warm lotion. I asked for her put the blindfflod and she did it. I start witha foot massage, my hands touched every inch of her feet. I can feel the rough of her soles, without oil her soles could easyly skin a dick. I start to put exfoliating in her soles, but I was surprised by a cry. Her little son was in the next room and she stand up for take care of him. After a minutes, she came back and lay down on the sofa in the same position. After this, she was unawere with the blindfold and I was with my dick hard as a rock. I exfoliated very well her soles. During the process, we were talking a little. She told me that she felt great on her feet and no one never have done such thing with her. Glad to know Fan, me too.After the exfoliation, I went in her kitchen and grabbed the little cup with the warm kaçak bahis siteleri lotion. I put it a little in her soles and asked about the sensation and she told was ok and was good. The time has came: I took my big and hard cock out my pants and started to silently jerk off for her soles. I told her to strench her feet and wiggle her toes and watched all it like a JOI, a provocation of her feet to my dick. And I couldn’t help myself and blasted a hot load all over her soles. I controlled the load and slowly hit her soles with five huge shots of cum. The cum covered her soles and ran out her soles by her toes. So I asked her:- Is not this lotion to much hot? – No, it’s fine. I feel my soles good. She aswered. So I cleaning all of that cum on her soles quickly with a towel and finished the treatment. I coulnd’t fucking believed that I was secret cummed her soles! And I took a picture from her soles after the action. Well hidrated with my cum. I took her foot virginity with sucess!I was planning repeat the action after this day, but she moved for other city a month later. I still have her contact, talk with her sometimes. One day I hope have her feet for my own pleasure again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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