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I was Just Playing VR

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Bbw Milf

[Everyone in the story is over 18]

It was a wet and windy saturday afternoon and I was in my room playing a vr game. I was currently trying to get the highest score on beat saber, I was so close to getting it perfect but would miss 1 or 2 notes. I had been playing for about an hour when I heard my bedroom door open. I didn’t say anything, thinking the person who had just entered would start a conversation. They didn’t say anything but I could feel the eyes of whoever had entered, they were cleanly watching me for some reason. After a minute had passed, I could feel hands touching my small round bum and someone giving them a squeeze. I didn’t do anything but stand there, liking the hands circle around my ass, squeezing a few more times. They then grabbed the side of my joggers and pulled them down around my ankle, their hands gave my ass a squeeze on my black tight boxers I was wearing. As this continued I could kaçak iddaa feel a finger sliding down the crack of my ass which I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan.

This continued for a few minutes then my mystery man started to push me forward towards a sofa I had in the room. I moved and could feel the sofa in front of me, I climbed up so I was resting on my knees and was leaning over the back of the chair with my bum stuck out towards my groper. When I was in the position that cleanly pleased him, he started to pull down my boxers. As he did, his finger followed the crack of my ass and found my hole where he poke it, I let out a moan again. This wasn’t the first time I was about to be fucked, I was gay and all my friends knew but I could never tell if my family knew or didn’t and I never really want to tell them just incase they reacted badly. I loved being the bottom, with someone fucking me hard in the mouth kaçak bahis or ass. As long as they cummed in my ass, on my face or anywhere i’d be happy.

At this point, he took his hand away from my ass and I could hear him playing with his trouser to pull them down. Then slap! I felt his cock hit the base of my back and it was hard and felt big, I couldn’t wait to feel it in me. He moved straight to my hole and started to push his cock in. At first, seeing how much I could take but when he realised I was fine, moaning with joy as he was doing all this. He then grabbed a hand of my hair and went hard into my ass, fully going down the length of his dick and I was in heaven. My cock was harder than it’s been in a few months. He never said anything during all this and I could only see the main menu of beat saber, hoping that the man would fill my ass with his cum. He kept the pace going for a few minutes, he then pulled illegal bahis his cock out of my ass. I could feel a liquid hit my back and started to drip down the crack of my ass. I was sad that he didn’t fill my cum but as I was happy to be fucked that I was stunned when I felt boxers being put over my face that were wet. Smelling them I could tell that my man had wiped the rest of his cum onto them. I couldn’t stop smelling them, slowly sticking my tongue out to taste a bit of cum.

I could now hear him put his cock away, pat me on the back and the door closed only a few moments later. As I took the vr headset off, I was still really hard, so I wanked myself well still having the boxers on my face. After I came back to earth from the biggest explosion I haven’t had in months, I noticed a note.

“knew you liked cock, maybe next time i’ll make you watch as I fuck you and have your mouth around my cock. Love, big cock.

As I was reading the note, I was thinking who it could be because only my dad, my brother, my brother’s friend alex and my dad’s mate dave were in the house. There was a mystery to solve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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