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I”M Not, Really, I’m Not Pt. 03

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Back to work and for the next two weeks, it seems like things have settled down and maybe I will survive this. Of course, Mr. Grant got his blow jobs from me and I got mine from Chrissie. I didn’t see Troy or Marcus and had heard they had gone on vacation together. I can picture them abusing some innocent guy that had no idea what he was getting into. Then I got a call from Chrissie telling me Mr. Grant wanted to see me. Fuck, I can help but think here we go again but maybe it’s just business. I go see him.

‘Hello Stevie. I hope everything is still going ok with you and you aren’t regretting your decision to stay with the firm. The other guys seem to think you fit in well and I know Chrissie can’t get enough of you.’

‘Yes Sir, everything is going alright.’

‘It’s Master when we are alone Stevie. I don’t want to remind you of that again.’

‘I’m sorry Master.’

‘Now, I have a very important client coming to town this weekend and I want you to be available to entertain him. I have put him up in my suite at the hotel. You will go meet him Friday evening and be with him until Sunday afternoon. I hope I don’t have to impress on you how important that everything goes perfect for him.’

‘What do I have to do Master?’

‘Anything he wishes and Andrew can be a handful to deal with at times. His tastes run many different directions. He has expressed to me what he hopes will happen this weekend. I want you to take the rest of the day off. Chrissie will go with you to buy some appropriate outfits for the weekend.’

Damn, the thought of being seen out in public with her is going to be embarrassing. ‘Yes Master.’

‘She knows what clothes you need to buy and I don’t want to hear about any pushback from you. The clothes will be charged to the firm and will be delivered to my suite. You will take Friday afternoon off and Chrissie will take you to a saloon to get your hair and makeup done. Then she will go with you to the suite and help you get dressed and ready for Andrew. My driver will take you everywhere you need to go.’

I knew something like this would eventually happen but the thought of clothes shopping with Chrissie and having to go to a saloon makes me think this could be even worse than I was expecting. He tells me to leave, that Chrissie is waiting for me and his driver is downstairs. I leave his office and Chrissie is standing there and I can tell she is excited about doing this.

‘I guess we better go Chrissie.’

‘Don’t look so sad Stevie. We will have fun. I know some great stores and the people there are so helpful.’

‘Do you know this Andrew?’

‘Yes. He is one of our biggest clients. I did spend a weekend with him several months ago. He can be quite intense. Men who have always been in charge of others do think differently than most men. They are used to getting anything they desire.’

We go down and get in the car and the driver takes us down to a section of town I have never been to and stops in front of a store named “Fem Fatale’. Oh fuck. I was afraid of this and think about what Troy must have told Mr. Grant about that day when him and Marcus had used me. Does Mr. Grant think that I liked being treated like a sissy. I hope not.

‘Come on sweetie, you will not believe the gorgeous clothes they have in here. Now I want you to behave yourself. I know you don’t want to displease Mr. Grant and he will ask me how you behaved. This will probably be difficult for you but if you resist it, things will only get worse for you. Now let’s go,’ she finishing and I see the driver looking in the mirror, a smirk on his face as he looks at me. We go in and this really feminine guy comes over and greets Chrissie kissing her on both cheeks, then looks at me.

‘Where did you find this beautiful boy?’

‘He started working for Mr. Grant a few weeks ago. Is he pretty? This is Stevie but he really prefers to be called Stef in situations like this. Isn’t that true Stef?’

Now I know I’m fucked. ‘Yes Chrissie.’

‘It’s such a pleasure to meet you Stef. I can’t wait to see how nice you will look in some of our clothes. Did you have anything in particular in mind Stef?’

‘No. This really isn’t my idea and Mr. Grant said Chrissie would know what I needed to get. I’m really not into being a sissy, I’m just doing as I’m told.’

‘He is embarrassed to admit to others his desire to be a sissy, Jessie,’ Chrissie tells the clerk. ‘When it’s just him and me, he has told me he loves wearing panties and wants to know what it’s like to really dressed up like a girl. I know he practiced acting like a sissy in front of a couple of his friends at his apartment complex. He asked them to help him learn to walk like a sissy and how to sound more feminine. Isn’t that true Stef?’

Fuck, that isn’t true at all. They forced me to do those things. ‘Yes, I guess so.’

‘I remember your first visit here Chrissie. You were very nervous too but look at you now. Come with me Stef. We have a nice dressing room back here,’ he says and leads me back to kilis escort it. ‘Why don’t you undress down to your panties and I will talk to Chrissie about what she thinks will be perfect for you.’

They leave me alone and I look around. Two walls are all mirrors and there is a six-inch platform in front of them. The room is much bigger than any dressing room I have ever been in. I force myself to undress but stop when I get down to the violet panties I have on. I feel so nervous standing there in just the panties waiting for them to return.

Jessie comes back into the dressing room and hands me a pair of white nylons. ‘Do you know how to put these on sweetie?’

‘I think so, I have watched others put them on.’

‘Then put them on. They have seams in the back. Get them as straight as you can,’ he says as he leaves.

I roll them up like I have seen and slide them up my legs. They feel rather nice on my smooth legs and I find myself trying hard to get the seams right. They come up high on my legs and have about a three-inch lacy top. I look at them in the mirror, turning and seeing I have the seams pretty straight. About this time, Jessie comes back.

‘I just love corsets,’ he tells me. I wear them most of the time but kind of hard to wear at work since I bend over so much. Isn’t this one lovely?’ he asks as he holds a white corset in front of him. It looks like shiny satin and has white lace in areas. It only looks to be a foot or so wide. ‘Step into the corset Stef,’ he says holding it down in front of me.

I step into it and he pulls it up around my waist and starts tightening the strings in the back. It ends below my pecs and goes just down over the top of my ass. he keeps lacing it tighter and tighter. ‘That’s pretty tight,’ I tell him.

‘Corset need to be laced tight to give you your feminine figure. Now take a big breath and suck your waist in.’ When I do, he laces it even tighter, making it hard to take a big breath. ‘Tight corset will help you with your voice too. Why don’t you tell me how much you like your new corset, and try to sound feminine when you do.’

I look at myself in the mirror. My waist was only twenty-nine inches to begin with and looks much smaller now. I see what looks like at least six garters hanging from the corset. I try to take a breath but it’s hard and when I say what she told me to say, it does come out softer and more feminine.

‘Very good Stef,’ he says as he suddenly pulls my panties down and tells me to step out of them. I see him look at my cock and I realize it isn’t hard at all and I’m a little embarrassed it looks so small. ‘Sissies always wear then panties over their garters so men can take them off you and still leave you in your gorgeous corset and nylons.’

He finishes fastening all the garters and I look at myself in the mirror. I think about how sexy a woman wearing an outfit like this would look.

‘Nice, isn’t it, Stef but it’s missing what will really leave you breathless,’ she says leaving and then coming back quickly holding a pair of white patent leather pumps. The spike heels on them have to be at least four-inches high and they have thin ankle straps.

Thinking there is no way I will be able to stand in them as he comes up and tells me to put my hand on his shoulder for balance and he leans down and puts one of the shoes on me. Then he moves to the other side and does the other shoe. He stands up holding my arm helping me balance myself on the heels.

‘Now look in the mirror Stef.’

I look and see how much different the shoes make my legs look. He helps me turn and tells me to look over my shoulder and see how sexy I look. I do it and see the seams up the back of my nylons and how sexy they look and then when I look at my ass, it looks so different.

‘I would love to have an ass as gorgeous as yours Stef. Look at it, the perfect little heart.’ He helps me turn around and I notice my cock has gotten rather hard. ‘I knew that would have that effect on you sweetie. I has the same effect on me, seeing that sweet ass of your and that’s not all,’ he says as I see him look down to my cock. ‘I think that might present a problem when we try on the rest of the clothes sweetie but I know how to solve that problem.

Suddenly, he kneels down in front of me and takes my cock into his mouth and starts sucking. God, it feels almost as good as when Chrissie sucks me off. I look down, not believing I have a fem guy sucking my cock. About that time, Chrissie walks into the dressing room.

‘Am I interrupting?’

Jessie takes my cock from his mouth. ‘This job does have some nice benefits. Doesn’t Stef look nice,’ he says then starts sucking me again.

Chrissie comes over to me and helps me keep my balance as my legs feel like they are about to give out from the way Jessie is treating my cock. I feel Chrissie’s hand lightly caressing my ass. ‘Give him a nice mouthful of your tasty cum girl. You look so sexy. If he wasn’t sucking you, I would be. Go ahead, put your hand on his head kıbrıs escort and make him take it all. It’s what he wants.’

I do it and I feel my cock slide down his throat. It’s too much and I can’t stop myself from cumming. Jessie pulls back a little and my cum fills his mouth. He stands up and Chrissie moves to him and they kiss and I know they are sharing my cum. God, it’s so sexy seeing them do that. Finally, they break the kiss and Jessie moves up smiling at me.

‘I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now I’m sure your panties will fit much better,’ Jessie says.

‘That felt great. Thanks.’

‘My pleasure, trust me. Now let’s find some sexy panties for you.’

She leaves and comes back with a pair of lacy white panties that he helps me put on. He reaches in and tucks my cock back between my legs.

‘You always need to do that but this time I couldn’t resist,’ he says smiling. Then he opens a box and brings out a bra that matches the panties. He looks at Chrissie. ‘I assume he wants the normal breast forms?’

‘Yes, for sure,’ Chrissie answers and I watch as Jessie takes out a large breast form and inserts it into a pocket in the bra and then does it again with the other form. ‘Those are the DD, right?’ Chrissie asks Jessie.

‘Yes, I think they will be perfect, especially since Stef is so petite elsewhere.’

She puts the bra on me and I can’t believe how heavy the breast forms are and when I look at them in the mirror, I realize how big they really are. I can see a big nipple pressing against the bra.

‘Do I really have to wear these Chrissie. They are really heavy.’

‘Yes, they will help you walk with your shoulders back like a proper girl. I know Andrew loves sissies with big tits. He prefers implants but he will have to be satisfied with this, at least for now.’

I hadn’t noticed that Jessie had left and he came back with a white dress that had a lot of lace on it. Chrissie helped him slide it down over my head and I realized it fit quite tightly. It came down just enough to cover the lacy tops of my nylons. When I looked in the mirror, the big tits pressed against the front of the dress and the nipples were so obvious. When I turned my head and looked at how I looked from the back, the dress was low cut in the back and the dress did make my ass look even nicer.

‘What do you think Chrissie? I think Andrew will approve, don’t you?’ Jessie asks.

‘Yes, very much so. But I think Stef needs to see the final touch. Why don’t you go get it while I put her pearl necklace and earrings on?’ I can’t believe they are dressing me up like this. ‘We will get your ears pierced Friday but I want to see if these earrings look perfect. These just clip on. I stand there facing the mirror, looking at myself. I still can’t get over how big the tits look but everything else is really very sexy. I hear Jessie come back into the room and come up behind me and I can’t believe it when she puts a veil on my head. Fuck, this is supposed to look like a wedding dress.

‘She makes such a beautiful bride Chrissie.’

‘What’s going on Chrissie. Why am I dressed up like this?’

‘Andrew has this fantasy that involves abducting a bride on her way to get married to another man and taking her to his place and having his way with her. You are to be that bride Stef.’

‘That’s so fucked up Chrissie.’

‘Andrew get what Andrew wants Stef. Mr. Grant makes sure of that. Don’t you think you make a beautiful bride?’

‘This is so fucking weird Chrissie. Fuck, get me out of these clothes.’

‘Remember what I told you about misbehaving Stef. You need to calm down. I want you to practice walking on the heels,’ she says opening the dressing room door. ‘I want you to walk to the front door and back here to us. You will practice doing that until we feel you are doing it correctly. Don’t forget to smile at the other customers in the store.’

‘Please don’t make me do this Chrissie. I can practice walking in the heels at my apartment.’

‘No, you will do it here and you will do it till I believe you are looking like a perfect sissy. Mr. Grant gave me specific instructions and you will do as he wants or you know the consequences. In case, you still think you can just quit the firm, know that he has a lot of videos and pictures you probably don’t want the public to see. I’m sorry Stef. It’s not up to me, I’m just following orders too.’

I force myself to try walking in the heels and it’s very hard. I see a couple ladies watching me and there is one couple, the lady in black leather with a much smaller man trailing her, that really seem interested in watching me. I concentrate, taking small steps and trying to put one foot in front of the others. I look over at the women in leather and she is saying something to the man and he looks down and stops looking at me but she doesn’t stop staring at me. I get back to the dressing room.

‘You need to loosen the hips and let them swish. I’m sure you have seen street whores and the way they walk. kırıkkale escort Think about how they do it and try again. On the way back, go to the lady in leather and ask her if she thinks you look pretty,’ Chrissie instructs.

Oh fuck. They just don’t stop with making things as humiliating as possible. I walk to the door again and feel like I’m doing better. I dread doing it, but I go over to the lady in leather. ‘Do you think I look pretty?’

‘You are a sissy, aren’t you?’ she asks, staring at me. ‘Do you belong to someone?’

‘Belong? I work for a man that asks me to do things like this.’

‘Then you belong to him,’ she says and looks back at the man she is with. ‘Get one of my cards and hurry it up,’ she tells him. He looks so intimidated by her. She hands me the card. ‘Give that to your Master and tell him that I’m interested in speaking to him about whether you are available for a weekend for the right price. Be sure to tell him how I am dressed. Yes, you do look pretty. Now leave.’

God, I bet she is such a bitch. I get back to the dressing room and Chrissie tells me that will do. Her and Jessie undress me but they aren’t done. They dress me up like a fucking hooker. I end up with a tight red sweater, a really short black leather skirt, black thigh-high nylons and my white bra and panties are replaced with black ones. They do take the corset off which allows me to breathe again. The big breast forms are put into the bra like they were with the other one. The big tits are even more obvious with this outfit since the new bra makes them come out to a point with the nipples pressing about the red sweater. I’m also wearing black skin-tight boots that come up thigh high. I have a wide black patent-leather belt on too. Put me on a corner and I would definitely look like a hooker. I don’t even want to imagine what Andrew might have in mind for this outfit.

‘Go out and ask the lady if she thinks this look is more appropriate for you. Then we are done. Now go.’

I go back to the lady and she looks pissed that I’m bothering her again. ‘Do you think this says who I am better than the other outfit Ma’am?’

‘I thought I told you to leave. Why are you bothering me again?’

‘I was told to come ask you. I’m sorry.’

‘Do you always do as you are told, sissy boy?’

‘I try to Ma’am.’

‘I would test that and I would make you fail. You sissy boys are always such wimps. Wimps like that pathetic man I’m with. Yes, this outfit fits a slut like you much better. The only thing that would make it better is to have your sissy face covered with cum. Now get the fuck away from me.’

God, I feel sorry for that man that is with her. I don’t think I will give Mr. Grant that card. I really don’t want to be with a woman like her. I go back to the dressing room and get dressed back into my regular clothes. Chrissie takes the black heels for me to practice in and tell everything else to be sent to Mr. Grants suite and we leave.

‘I’m sorry to have to treat you like that Stevie but I know Mr. Grant will call Jessie and get the lowdown on everything that happened and I know you know what Mr. Grant’s spankings feel like and I am trying to make sure he won’t be displeased with me. I’m really sorry and if you want, I can come over to your place. I will give you the best blow job yet.’

‘No, it’s alright Chrissie. I know you are only doing what you have to do. I don’t want you to be spanked either. His spankings hurt a lot. I’m very worried about meeting with Andrew though. Is he going to hurt me?’

‘Probably some. He does like to get rough but if you try hard to do what he wants, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to handle. He is definitely into fulfilling his fantasies though and they can get pretty extreme. He knows the limits Mr. Grant places on his clients as far as our treatment, so don’t worry too much. Just be a good girl for him.’

‘I’m not a girl.’

‘No, you are not. You are a sissy. Girls are treated with much more respect than sissies. You need to learn that the more feminine you act, the better things usually go. Practice walking in the heels at home and work on making your voice sound more feminine or at least very gay.’

We pull up in front of my apartment complex, she hands me the high heels and I get out and walk to my apartment. I do pass the guy that lives a few doors down from me and he smiles at me after looking at the high heels I’m carrying. Fuck, I know what he must think. I get to my apartment, get undressed and throw on some grubs, grab a joint and plop down in my recliner and think about everything that happened at the store. I never could have never imagined things like this happening to me. I resist going to the computer and watching some porn and just turn on the tv.

Despite my hope that time stops, Friday rolls around. I notice Chrissie is hyper at work all morning and finally comes to my office and tells me it’s time to go, that I have an appointment at the salon in thirty minutes. I notice the other guys all watching as I follow Chrissie out the door. I figure they have all had weekends like I’m to have but don’t know if they are feeling bad for me or if they were wishing this was happening to them. Everything is so fucked around here that I really don’t know anything.

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