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In The End

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My name is Marcus Trey Jackson and I’m a tall, good-looking young black man living in the city of Boston. I attend Marshall Military Academy, an all-male, four-year nationally accredited private school located in the town of Milton, Massachusetts. The Marshall Military Academy is one of the last all-male colleges in the continent of North America. It was founded in 1890 by James Marshall, a former U.S. Army Colonel. More than a century later, it still remains one of the premiere educational institutions in the country. Why? Because it kept its tradition of single-sex private education in spite of overwhelming pressure from the ignorant bozos of the political correctness crowd out there.

Personally, I’m glad Marshall Military Academy stays an all-male school. Lots of colleges and universities which went coeducational in the 1960s have gone out of their way to alienate male students on their campuses. You don’t have to alienate college men to make college women feel welcome. You cannot replace discrimination with discrimination. Unfortunately, that’s what they did. They’re all fools. I am happy where I am and I see no need to change. I’m going to get my bachelors of science degree in criminal justice from Marshall Military Academy. Afterwards, I’m heading straight to the Massachusetts State Police Academy to become a Trooper.

Marshall Military Academy currently has three thousand and six hundred students and tries its best to prepare them for life in and beyond college. The school has strong programs in engineering, computing and liberal arts, though it stresses military education. The school has six dorm buildings, each built to house two hundred and fifty students. The majority of students at Marshall Military Academy are commuters. The school is well-known for being an athletic powerhouse. The Marshall Military Academy Department of Athletics sponsors Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Rifle, Rugby, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Bowling, Football, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Squash and Rowing. We compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Three. We’ve won numerous awards in Men’s Football, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Baseball, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Wrestling and Men’s Swimming.

I güvenilir bahis was having a good time at Marshall Military Academy. Studying criminal justice and playing varsity football. I excel at the quarterback position. I’ve played linebacker and offensive lineman in high school, though. It’s good to know all the positions. It makes me better at the game overall. Marshall Military Academy had a good football team this year. We had taken down Bridgewater State College last week and were feeling pretty damn good. We would face Williams College next, and then Dudley College. They’re athletic powerhouses in the Division Three New England Football Conference. People are always bugging me about going to an all-male college. I think single-sex education is superior to all other types. It’s preferable. My parents sent me to Boston College High School before I came to Marshall and I had a great time there. I find that men are much more relaxed and easygoing when there are no females around. There are no females at Marshall Military Academy, except of course some of the teachers.

One of the teachers I disliked the most happens to be a female. Her name was Louisa Wilson, a plump, large-breasted and big-bottomed, red-haired white woman. The bitch who always got on my nerves. I set out to teach her a lesson. It’s official! There is an evil force residing inside the butt hole of big women. And it can only be vanquished through extensive anal therapy. As many of you might suspect, the only cure for a wicked woman’s bitchiness is to fuck her in the ass thoroughly. It’s the only way. The bitchiness fills every cell in her body and oozes out of every pore, particularly those of her mouth and eyes. The only way to release some of that toxic bitchiness which fills so many otherwise potentially decent women is to fill their asses with dick. Strange, but true.

As a gentleman sworn to help others in need, I put in my time and did my duty. I knew that Louisa had a thing for the male students, especially the black ones. So, I turned on the charm and showed her a little attention. The bitch fell for it, completely. We flirted nonstop whenever there weren’t people around. Oh, yeah. She wanted a piece of my sugar, as they might say. She kept feeling my dick through my pants and ask me how big my türkçe bahis black cock was. Like so many females, she had heard about black men having big dicks. Females are such hypocrites, really. They’re always saying they don’t want to be seen only as sexual objects. Yet to this bitch, all I could ever be is a piece of big black cock. Oh, well. I would make her pay soon enough.

Louisa kept pressuring me for sex. I mean, the broad was whispering all kinds of nasty things into my ears. She said she wanted to suck every last drop of cum out of my big black cock. She wondered aloud if my big black balls would taste like chocolate. She also told me that she hadn’t been wearing any panties in order to facilitate her masturbation when we talked on the phone. Hot damn, this bitch was crazy, and seriously horny. I delighted in making her wait. She desperately needed it. But I held back. Females are always doing it to men. Now, I wanted to put the shoe on the other foot and make her see what it was like. She got mad at some point and told me to quit being a tease and give her what she craved. I laughed and told her that she had to ask me nicely, otherwise she’d spend another night alone with her vibrator. She relented. I smiled. Victory would be mine.

We hooked up in a secluded room behind the college campus library. There, we had our fun. I sat on a desk and Louisa knelt before me. She gasped when I unzipped my pants and took out my dick. My twelve inches of long and thick, uncircumcised Black Man Power. I grinned. Females are always surprised when they see the size of my tool. Louisa began sucking on it greedily. In no time, she got me hard as steel. I did something wonderfully naughty. I came all over her face. She was surprised, to say the least. I laughed. That’s what she gets for being such a horny bitch.

Afterwards, Louisa wanted me to lick her pussy. I told her that I wasn’t into that, but if she was nice, I’d give her a special treat. She was curious and eager. I told her to get on all fours and close her eyes. She did as she was told. I stood behind her, and admired that fat ass of hers. It was so thick and plump. I smiled. Time for this plump white bitch to get fucked in her fat ass. I spread Louisa’s butt cheeks wide open, and rubbed my cock against her booty hole. I felt güvenilir bahis siteleri her stiffen. I leaned over and whispered something into her ear. I told her that I was going to fuck her fat ass like it was going out of style. Then, I slammed my cock into Louisa’s asshole. The eardrum-shattering scream which erupted from her mouth was to me much sweeter music than a symphony orchestra.

I dug my fingers into the tender flesh of Louisa’s hips and pushed my cock into her asshole. I don’t know why, but I love fucking big women in the ass. It’s not just because their assholes are so damn tight, but because they’re so much fun. Also, since Louisa was a really difficult woman afflicted with permanent bitchiness, I was doing her and the universe a favor. Rough anal sex was the only way to cure a potential decent woman afflicted with permanent bitchiness. Her tight asshole is where her anger, her viciousness and her attitude problems reside. It’s the hiding place of her issues and her wrongful sense of entitlement. Penetrate that, and all hell is going to break loose. That’s exactly what happened.

I began to drill my cock into the forbidden depths of the big white woman’s asshole. I fucked her with all the rage that I could muster. Louisa squealed and told me that she thought her fat ass was being split in half. I laughed, and smacked her plump ass. That’s good! Gleefully, I rammed my dick into her shit hole. Her asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight. That’s a good sign. Her asshole hasn’t gotten explored yet. I was the first invader her anal canal had ever seen. Oh, my. I was an anal sex pioneer. I can’t tell you how great that felt! It felt so good that I came, sending my cum deep inside of her. Louisa squealed as my hot load flooded her asshole.

A few minutes later, I squeezed my dick out of Louisa’s now gaping asshole. What a beautiful sight! Louisa lay on her back, gasping. She had a wild look on her face which curved into a smile. She thanked me for giving her the fuck of the century. I smiled. What’s a gentleman to do? We put our clothes back on and left the library. Nobody knew about our little tryst. I returned to my dormitory, thoroughly pleased with myself. I had taught her a lesson. Had I rid the woman of her bitchiness? Over the next couple of days, she walked funny. Her ass was sore. And she smiled more. Yet a week later, she was back to her old self. In the end, my efforts didn’t matter. Nothing can cure a woman of her bitchiness. Rough anal sex can only slow it down. Damn!

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