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Incest Runs in the Family – Chris’ Story 10 – End

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End Part 9: Jenna was less surprised. “BITCH! I told you to stay out of this. But, somehow I knew you wouldn’t. Thanks Jamie. I owe you.” She kissed my girlfriend, slipping in a little tongue. I was starting to think that Jeremy’s face was in a permanent state of confusion. Jenna turned to her new boyfriend. “Oh yea, maybe I should mention that I’m bisexual?” The rest of the party went off without a hitch. After all the guests had gone (and we threw out the remaining drunk pests), Jamie and I retired into her house, closely followed by Jenna, Jeremy, and Amy. Jamie and I entered her bedroom, but decided on leaving the door open. There was nothing we needed to hide from this group. By some unspoken agreement, Amy went with Jenna and Jeremy. Jeremy’s grin was ear to ear as he entered the guestroom with his insanely hot new girlfriend and my goddess cousin. The next morning, we all emerged from our respective bedrooms. All the girls were scantily clad, Jeremy and I both just wearing boxers. He still had the same grin on his face from last night. Weeks and months passed and everything was still amazing in my life. Jamie and I had never been better, Jenna was happy with Jeremy, and our friendship had never been stronger. Even though I was upset that we stopped having sex, I understood it, and relished in my new role as best friend. istanbul travesti Jamie knew my feelings towards her and Jenna, and completely understood, and even encouraged it, despite how close I got with Jenna. Jeremy on the other hand, was much less understanding. He had recently become very possessive over Jenna, and was giving me annoyed stares. Finally I had to confront him about it. “Jeremy, what’s going on?” He answered icily. “Nothing, Chris.” I saw I wasn’t going to get anywhere by being nice. “Listen, I don’t know what your deal is, but I do know that you have been avoiding me.” “Chris, I have no problem with you. I like you, you’re a good guy, but I don’t want you around Jenna.” I sighed. This ‘good guy’ bit was anything but original. Already knowing his answer, but needing to move the conversation along, I asked, “And why is that?” “She talks about you non-stop Chris. I know you’ve slept with her, and I don’t want you stealing her from me to create your own personal harem.” Although I hated myself for doing it, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of my own harem. I quickly wiped the expression off my face, and replaced it with a look of disinterest. “Look Jeremy. Jenna is my best friend, nothing more. Yes I have fucked her, but not since you two have been together. Hell, istanbul travestileri I even helped you two get together. And in case you’ve forgotten, I have a girlfriend, one whom I love, and will absolutely never give up.” “Alright Chris. But watch it.” I was sick of his interrogation. I turned and left, not even giving him a response. I went home and just lay on my bed, thinking about all the shit that has happened in my life. Sure, I loved Jenna, but not like Jamie, more like Amy. Right? Was I trying to convince myself of anything? Interrupting my train of thought, Amy came bounding into my room. Oh, yea, I almost forgot, there’s also the incest thing. I looked up at her. “What?” I practically snarled it. I wanted to be alone right now. “Do I have to call you and have your ringtone tell you what’s going on?” “What the hell are you talking about?” With an exaggerated sigh, she pulled out her phone and dialed my number. Almost immediately Akon was singing “I wanna fuck you, fuck you, you already know…” I couldn’t help but smile. With a sing-song voice, Amy sauntered over to my bed. “Soooooo… Let’s fuck.” “Well, I have been feeling pretty shitty. Alright, I guess I can take my frustrations out on your cunt.” Happily, she stripped and jumped onto my bed. As I was taking my clothes off, she travesti istanbul was jamming three fingers into her already soaked pussy. I rapidly grew hard and shed my clothes. I pounced on the little minx and didn’t waste any time with foreplay. I knew she wanted it rough, just a hard fuck. Gladly, I shoved my dick into her sopping wet cunt and started to plow her. In one thrust, I was already hammering into her. I sawed in and out of her tight cunt, burying my shaft all the way into her before I pulled out to the tip and slammed into her again. She whimpered as I pulled out of her all the way, but I just slapped her tits and told her to roll over and get on all fours. She complied and wiggled her ass at me invitingly. Again, I slammed into her pussy from behind, causing her to wail out in pleasure and her pussy to contract around my dick. She was close to cumming. I continued to fuck her mercilessly, plowing in and out of her. Her moans became screams as she came all over my dick and collapsed onto the bed. She was worn out, and I still needed to cum. I wouldn’t take my cousin like this, so I decided to just walk through my house, and hope someone would finish the job. No one seemed to be around, but I finally found Laura working on lunch in the kitchen. As I walked she turned around and saw my hard dick, glistening with her niece’s cum. “Chris, did Amy leave you hard?” I simply nodded, giving her a sad look. “Well, I can’t have my favorite cousin upset now can I?” With that, my cousin sank to her knees and gobbled my dick into her mouth. In one go, she had me buried deep inside her throat and was swallowing around me.

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