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Incredible experience with new friend

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Incredible experience with new friendYesterday i had an incredible experience with my new friend Mr. K.We had been talking through email for a few days, and i really was getting excited to meet him since we talked a lot about naughty things… He came to my home straight after work, and asked me if he could take a shower first.I agreed and told him i could use the time to dress myself up for him.I felt extremely horny and decided to wear my short purple skirt, “open” pantyhose with a nice black thong. I also wore a white shirt and  jeans jacket. I wanted to seduce him, so i left a few buttons open.We briefly met and i asked him if he would like to have some coffee. He said yes, and i was surprised to see that he followed me downstairs, he only wore a towel and his boxers.I was very nervous at first.. so nervous that i dropped a spoon on the kitchenfloor.When i picked it up, i felt his eyes on my butt… it turned me on, so i dropped it again,on perpose ,this time i stayed in bending possition…He took the bait, and suddenly i felt his hands on my ass, i let this guy i had just met touch me and i loved it! I wanted to suck him right there in the kitchen, but decided to wait… make him more greedy….”Let’s go back upstairs” i said.Still trying to seduce him even more, i ran in front of him in the direction of the stairs, he now could see my thong and ass. I loved it , made me feel halkalı escort like a slut, and knew we were about to have some fun.Once we were “ready to go” we decided to watch some porn. He liked “shemale” movies and while we were watching some of that, i was getting hornier  by the minute.In his eyes, i could read “sex”. I felt very comfortable by his surrounding and our feet started to touch in a very nice way, while we were both sitting on a seperate chair.”You look very pretty” he said and i replied saying “thank you” I stood up and grabbed my tits “do you like these as well?”  i asked shameless and stood up and let him watch me.He touched my legs and body, and i got in front of him and let him touch my ass again, it felled incredible, so i decided to bend over…. His firm hands went all over my butt. After a while it got even better since he started to kiss my but and tried to get his tongue in my ass.It felt so amazing i decided to take off my thong so now he could see (and hopefully taste!)  my asshole.Again he started kissing and it didn’t take long before i felt his tongue on and in my ass.MY GOD.. what a feeling, it felt so wet and warm and i stood in bending position for a few minutes. My legs were trembling, i got shivers over my whole body.This guy was an amazing licker! I wanted more, and got olgun escort back on my chair, pulled up my legs and asked him if he would like my ass again.He went on his knees and i still can not believe how he literally ate me. I had been rimmed a few times before, but compared to this rim job, it was worthless.This kind man really loved what he was doing, it’s like a blowjob; when a woman does not like to do it, but still does because she things she should… it shows.. you can feel when someone really REALLY loves to do what they are doing..Not only did he lick my ass, but my balls and part of my dick were also part of this wonderful performance!It felt so good, so FUCKING good, i was almost having my first orgasm, i didnt want to come yet, so i told him i wanted to taste his cock.He got up and i started to suck his dick, once i had tasted him, i had only one thing in mind.. i wanted to be fucked! “Will you please fuck me in this chair” i asked in a way he couldn’t resist.I got him a condom and once he got it on, he brutally forced his dick in my ass, he wasn’t fooling around but fucked me deep, it felt great and painful at the same time.It felt so great to be fucked like a whore, i wanted him deeper inside me. I got up, bended over and asked if he could fuck me in şişli escort that position.He asked for a break, i was way too fast for this unexperienced guy and i felt pretty guilty for being so fast… and noticed he didn’t feel comfortable.”Please sit down” i said and i told him to relax, there is no rush. Porn was still playing on the big screen and i kept looking at his delicious cock, he was getting more and more relaxed again, so i decided to stroke him. Gentle at first, but when he said “a bit faster please” i started to jerk him off with the intention to make him cum.His whole body shaked, his feet were pounding on the floor, and then he came, the sperm fell on the floor and some on my hands. I felt happy for him knowing he could relax again and have an orgasm.Like all men (haha) the sexual  feeling was gone, we talked some more and then i asked if he wanted to take another shower, this time with me.”Yes, i want to take a shower” was his response, he didn’t response to the question whether or not he wanted me to join him so i let him go alone.Quickly i changed back to a “full man”  lost the wig and tits, and without asking joined him in the shower.I still couldn’t take my eyes of his cock, and started to wash him. He was surprisingly comfortable with me doing so and to my big surprise he got hard again.Time for me to get down on my knees and sock his wonderful cock once more, he really enjoyed the feeling and i loved the taste of his cock with the hot water floating down on it….I could have “done” him once more, but did not know if he really wanted that, so i stopped and we got out of the shower and a few minutes later he left.This was an amazing first adventure with Mr. K. I want more, and hope next time he will rim me just as good, then i plan to cum while he does so…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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