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Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 01

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PrefaceThis is a rewrite of my book originally published in 2014. It has been a good number of years since I wrote Indecent Connections. While I love this book, I believe I have grown as a writer since its original release. I want this rewrite to have the old story plot that so many have enjoyed, and add in some new content to improve on what the story had been lacking. Some of the old content needs an good edit, and there are parts of the story that I just think need to be improved. This rewrite is going to be a combination of edited old story and new, fresh story. Enjoy everyone!

Life surprises us all. Choices we make bring us down our different paths. Life will also confuse you. When you look back at your life you wonder if you’ve made the right choices. At the same time, you don’t want to change a thing. I lived in this dichotomy.

Everyone dreams of the perfect partner. Another person that completes you. Everyone’s vision of that person is different. The variations in desires is as unique to each person found on this planet. Finding that perfect partners is a struggle, there is no contention about that.

When I was younger, I thought I wanted an equal relationship. A woman that would go through life beside me in all things. I was fresh out of college, working tirelessly to pay the bills that I had accumulated for himself. I was so busy settling myself that I wasn’t even looking for that perfect match at the time.

I suppose that is when life places the most unexpecting things in front of you. That was when I found my perfect match. I chose the path that kept her beside me. This choice brought me insurmountable joy; and equal amounts of self-hatred.

I keep my relationship a secret from everyone. The world wouldn’t understand us, so we chose to make our own world. I will love this woman for the rest of my life, regardless of the fact that I will never marry her, or have a family.

This woman was always in my life. I watched her grow and blossom through the years. My woman, is my sister. I understand the enormities of what we chose. We are consenting adults, and we felt what the world didn’t know wouldn’t hurt us. My sister is my match. I provide for her emotionally and physically, and she does the same for me as well.

Our love is not the only oddity in our relationship. My sister is my submissive. She has given up her freedom to me whole heartedly to provide for my desires beyond those sexual. I learned with her that an equal relationship is not what I was looking for. I loved control, I loved to control my sister. We have molded her just to my liking, and created the perfect slut just for me.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how did this start. As any good story teller will say, it is best to start at the beginning.

It was common for me to spend my days off hanging with my best friend, my sister and her best friend. The four of us formed a strong friendship group. Today we had gone to a new indoor arcade to play some miniature golf. Our two other friends had already left for home, which left my sister and I at my home. We decided that it was too late for me to bring her home. It was nearly midnight and we didn’t want to wake our parents.

Neither of us were tired so we decided to watch some television together. We finished one movie and I went to change the channel. I accidentally opened up my subscription porn channel. I was a bachelor living alone it wasn’t that stranger. The TV showed a clip of a woman tied up taking it hard from behind. I rushed to change the channel utterly embarrassed at being caught with such raunchy content. In my embarrassment I started to blabber.

“Jeez, dudes roughing up their girlfriend just to get their jollies off; gross, huh?” I made this comment expecting her to agree with me and we could move on. My sister had a different take on the screen’s depiction. It was one that I was surprised by.

“You shouldn’t judge people like that Aiden. It may be that the woman liked it just as much as her partner. It’s only a little bit of rough sex.”

I didn’t try to hide my shocked expression from her. I could not understand why she had such a strong reaction to my commentary. Typically, my sister was nonconfrontational. I decided to tease her a little bit just to move through this awkwardness.

“How would you know about that; Ms. I’ve never been with a man.”

“Shows what you know, I have been with a man jackass.” I was taken aback by this news. She now showed embarrassment and turned back to the TV. Her cheeks turned bright red and she refused to look at me.

“In college? It’s perfectly normal to date around Ava. Sorry, I shouldn’t have made an assumption like that.” I accidentally must have struck a nerve because she snapped at me again.

“You don’t know anything about me if you think I would just ‘sleep around.’ Who I have a relationship is none of your business!”

“Oh, come on now Ava, I am your big brother. eryaman orospu numaraları Of course I want to know who you are dating.”

“Dated, past tense.”

“What happened? He realized that you are spoiled princess?” It was meant to be a teasing joke that I had clearly hurt her with. She looked down at her hands with sadness shown in her body language. I knew I had made a mistake so I tried to rectify it.

“I’m sorry, what did happen?”

“He moved for a job, OK? When he first got the offer he asked me to go with me. But, I couldn’t. My life is here, not in England. I still wasn’t ready for Mom and Dad to know about him either.”

“Why don’t you want them to know you are dating?”

“It’s not the dating. Jacob, he had… well, a different way of doing things.” My thoughts flashed to what had just been on the television. But I thought to myself, ‘that’s not Ava’s thing,’ ‘she’s such and innocent girl,’ ‘there must be another reason.’

“I know what you are thinking Aiden.” I was broken out of my thoughts. “I was in that type of relationship with him. Like that clip we say. I loved it too. Releasing everything to another person it’s… never mind you’ll probably think I’m strange.” Her sudden confession did shock me. But I didn’t want her to be embarrassed about sharing things with me. We were friends, and family, she should never feel that she can’t share with me. I could tell that Ava was feeling a weight lifted off her shoulders when she had started talking to me about her relationship. She had kept it a secret and most likely needed to tell someone to help her move on.

“I won’t think you are weird Ava. You can tell me anything. I’ll listen and not judge.” She looked at me guarded, as if she thought she was falling into a trap. I pushed her to let me be her confidant, and she decided I was worthy.

“Well, I loved being with Jacob. I still miss him. He took control of everything. All I had to do was put my faith in him. Yes, I had punishments, but I earned them. I miss that release of control. Now it feels like there is something missing. At the same time I’m really not sure if it is Jacob I’m missing, or that release of power. I’ve been wondering whether or not I should try meet someone online, or find someway to meet people in the lifestyle. I just want to find someone to scratch this itch that I have so I can sort out my thoughts.” The thought of Ava hooking up with a stranger to do such things made me feel uneasy.

‘Please don’t do that Ava; that is definitely asking for some trouble.”

“Well, how else do you expect me to meet someone from my lifestyle?”

“Maybe it’s a phase Ava, give it time. Wait until you find another guy before you decide this is your lifestyle. Honestly, even hearing you admit this I can’t see it. You are so independent. I’m not sure this is the real you. It could very well be first love syndrome.” My comments did not sit well with her.

“How do you know what the real me is like?” She demanded. “You don’t even know what I am like when I am with a master.” I held my hands up admitting defeat. I was trying to apologize when a light bulb seemed to go off inside Ava’s head.

“Why don’t you be my master for the night?” Her idea not only blindsided me, but was absolutely ludicrous. There was no hesitation on my part to deny her. She wouldn’t let up.

“Aiden, this is perfect. I can get what I need and you can get a glimpse of what I am talking about. My submission is not just about sex and physical intimacy. At least try it, what harm could it do?”

I thought long and hard about the dilemma that she had put before me. Against my better judgement, I decided to try this her way. Like Ava had told me, we wouldn’t become physical. Ava was so excited when I agreed. She hugged me thanking me.

“Alright Ava, this is only for a little bit. Can you get my computer for me, it’s in my office? There are things that I want to look up.” She didn’t respond, but scurried away I assumed to get my laptop.

It seemed she had lightening speed as she returned with the laptop. She stood in front of me to hand it to me. I couldn’t deny that I saw the satisfaction she got just from such a simple request. Ava didn’t move from in front of me as I turned on the computer. I was a little confused as to why she wouldn’t go back to sitting on the couch with me. It took me a minute to realize she was waiting for a cue from me.

“You can sit here with me while I research.” I told her. She sat on the couch and curled into me so we could both look at the screen. In our comfortable silence I started researching just what Ava claimed to be her lifestyle. There were thousands of resources to choose from. Granted, some of it was porn. I was amazed, and shocked, at how many facets there were to this subculture. I couldn’t deny, it intrigued me.

Before I knew it an hour had passed. I now had a small understanding of the power I had over my sister, and I wanted to test gölbaşı orospu numaraları it. I asked her to get me a beer. When I felt not movement from her, I turned my head to see what she was doing. She had fallen asleep curled up against me. I quietly closed the computer and started moving so that I could carry her to bed.

My movement caused her to wake up. A deep sadness came across her features when I told her she had fallen asleep, and to go to bed.

“But, sir…” an unfamiliar feeling came over me when she used the term ‘sir.’ I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. “I want to spend more time like this.” It was clear that she wanted more than what we had done; which essentially was nothing. I recalled all the articles and blogs that I had just read. I decided to take a leap of faith in the hopes that I said the right thing.

“Go to bed. Before that, get me the beer I asked for while you were asleep. Sleep for now, in the morning before I take you home, I will give you your punishment.” Her eyes grew wide, but it wasn’t from fear. She was delighted that I had promised to punish her. Just like she had done when I asked her to get my computer, she jumped up and rushed to get me my beer. Then, with a quick good night kiss to the cheek and a thank you, she headed into my guest bedroom.

I stayed up late to do more research. I had to force myself to put my computer down so that I could sleep enough to have energy in the morning, which by then was only a few hours away. Before going to bed I peeked in on Ava who was fast asleep in the bed.

I awoke the next morning with a delicious scent coming from my kitchen. I followed my nose finding Ava cooking us a full breakfast. She must have heard me come in because she turned around to give me a warm smile.

“Good morning, sir, how did you sleep.”

“Just find, how did you sleep?”

“Very well, thank you.” It was a bit strange for me to hear her being so polite with me. I said nothing about it since it seemed to be enjoying it so much. Everything was so new to me that I knew I needed to rely on some of the previous training she had received from this Jacob person.

Breakfast was the perfect opportunity to talk to Ava about her desires, and what she was looking for from me. From what I had read and watched; this wasn’t about simply bossing her around. She needed more, but she had to tell me what that ‘more’ was. Ava finished cooking and placed two plates at the table. First mine, then her own. She didn’t sit down to eat right away. Just as she did last night, she stood at attention waiting for me. I of course granted her permission to sit down with me. This conversation needed to be between tow equals at the moment. I started the discussion.

“So, Ava, I read a lot of things last night. I have to be honest that it was a lot to digest.” She ate her food looking wearily at me. I assumed it was because she thought I was having second thoughts about what I had promised her last night. “I want to help you ‘scratch this itch’ as you called it. But, I need to know what you are looking for from me.”

“Well, um, do you have any ideas of what you want to specifically know sir?”

“Lt’s start with how do you want me to punish you?” It seemed like the best question since I knew I would have to make good on my promise.

“How serious did you find my indiscretion last night sir?” She asked me.

“I would consider it minor, it’s not like I said to stay awake.”

“Then please spank me sir. That is how smaller corrections were made. You can use your hand, a belt, anything you wish sir.” She seemed to get more excited the more we talked about her being punished.

“That’s a start. What were some of the daily things you did when you were with Jacob? Like I know he didn’t let you sit down without permission. I’ve seen you wait for permission twice now.”

“Yes, I wasn’t not allowed to use any furniture without permission. Beds, couches, chairs, anything that was considered furniture I needed to ask permission to use when we were alone. When we were in public, or we had guests I could use it all freely. Honestly though, I hate having to ask permission to sit down to eat; especially since I always made the food.”

“Let’s do this then. If we are eating you don’t have to ask. Everything else you ask permission.” She looked very pleased with our conversation. It was imperative to me that I monitored her reactions to everything. I didn’t want to overstep any boundaries accidentally.

“Anything else I should know right now Ava?”

“Um, can I write down everything. It’s a little embarrassing to say everything out loud.”

“Alright, you can do that after your punishment. I am working from home today so you can write that up when I am getting some stuff done. Now let’s get to that spanking so I can get on with the day” She shot up like a rocket with a quick ‘yes sir’ to follow.

Ava stood at attention waiting patiently for me to put gölbaşı azeri escort the dishes away and give her directions. I decided it would be more thrilling for Ava if I punished her in the room that she usually slept over in. I led her into the guest bedroom and closed the door behind us.

“How would you like me to receive my punishment sir?” Ava asked very politely. I could tell it was a silent plea for me not to ask her what she wanted, but instead tell her what to do.

“Take off your pants, leave your panties. Bend over the bed at the waist so your ass is in the air.” She rushed into position leaving her pajamas pants pooled around her ankles. I found that I enjoyed her enthusiasm for everything.

I stepped out of the room for a minute to get one of my belts. Hitting her with my hand would have probably been safer for my first time, but she said she could take it. Using my hand on that part of her body seemed like a boundary I could not cross.

“You are going to get twenty hits from the belt.” I told her. “Count each one.”

I didn’t wait for her response and instead swung for her ass. As the first one made contact her head spung back in surprise, but she didn’t leave her position. She responded with ‘one sir.’ I continued doling out her punishment. I stopped for a moment seeing bruises forming underneath her panties.

“You have five more. Do you want me to stop here? I can tell you are bruising.” She looked back at me with determination in her eyes. I had been ignoring the hard on this punishment was giving me, but those eyes only made it worse.

“No sir, please, I deserve all twenty of my spankings. Please hit me as hard as you would like. I deserve this punishment sir.” There wasn’t much of a delay between that, and the first of the five spankings. She took them better than I expected. She buried her face into the mattress to quiet her screams. When the last hit was done I could hear sniffles coming from her. I thought I had gone too far and quickly scooped her up in my arms to comfort her. I was surprised when she looked up at me with these bliss filled eyes.

“Thank you sir, thank you so much. This is just what I needed.” She snuggled into me. I sat on the bed letting her cuddle with me in my lap. I couldn’t tell if things were comfortable, or awkward. Ava ended up being the one of break the silence between us.

“Um, sir, your cock is poking me.” Just hearing Ava describe her own brother’s parts as a ‘cock’ shocked me. I quickly stood up to put distance between us. I went to escape but she grabbed my shirt.

“Sir, if you would like, I can use my mouth to relieve you. I don’t mind. I would be happy to serve you.” I looked at her baffled. It took a moment for me to recollect myself.

“No Ava, you are my sister. I’m going to the office. Write down what you need to. I’ll get you when I finish.” I turned and ran for it.

I got little to no work done in my office. My mind was filled with Ava and all that had transpired. An hour in I heard a gentle knock on my door. I turned to see Ava standing there with her tablet looking nervous.

“What is it Ava.” I accidentally snapped at her.

“Um, sir…can I do my list in here with you?” It was obvious she was expecting my answer to be no, and she was upset about it. Against my better judgement I told her she could sit on the couch to work.

When Ava was in the room with me I got even less work done if that was possible. My erection was still going strong. Knowing that Ava was behind me, and hearing her every movement didn’t help matters. Nearly half and hour had passed in silence before I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ava,” I called to her without looking back. “Come over here and sit under the desk.” I ordered her. My pulse quickened when I heard her get up and come to me. Once she was tucked away underneath, I rolled my chair back in to cage her there. I had to take a deep breath before I could reach down to unzip my jeans. I didn’t take myself out. Ava had started this, so if she really wanted it she would have to unleash it on herself.

Nothing happened for a minute, then I felt it. Her hands on my boxers. I couldn’t look at what she was doing so I focused on my computer. Not that I could process anything of what was on the screen. My mind screamed that this was wrong. We were crossing into a territory we should never go to. There was no coming back; if this continued our relationship would never be the same.

I closed my eyes as the feeling of my boxers sliding down brought me more anxiety. Part of me wanted to scream ‘STOP,’ but the other part of me so desperate for release was overpowering it. My erection sprang from my boxers pointing towards Ava under the desk. Again, there was no movement in the room. Just stillness, the kind that chills your whole body because you can sense something is about to happen. You don’t know what that something is, but you know it will be big.

First a hand took hold of me. Next I felt a tongue run up the entire length. The hand started to move up and down my length. Another hand fondled my balls. It was heavenly. It had been a while since I had been with anyone so it felt wonderful. It was very clear to me that this was not Ava’s first time. The way she worked me was to a professional’s skill level.

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