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Innocent Sister’s Indecent Request By Brother=3

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Innocent Sister’s Indecent Request By Brother=3Please read my previous parts else you’ll miss a lot of jerks. Most of you got disappointed that Rakesh didn’t fuck his sister yet. But surprisingly he got lucky to fuck her mother in law first. Now his dick is expecting his sister’s pussy desperately.The next day morning, it was around 8am . he was still sleeping nude, next to him his sister’s MIL sleeping nude, both under same blanket. He saw other side of MIL, his sister was not there. MIL was sleeping like a whore who had came to him for money and got fucked and sleeping. Blanket was covered up to her breast exposing her shoulder with bra stripe. Looking at her he was recalling what all happened last night. It was all like went in a dream for him as he just woke up and recalling. For that moment it was like he fucked his favorite actress whole night in his dream and the same actress came and sleeping next to him with only bra when he woke up. Will any guy who have pennies would leave that actress without fucking right there if that really happen in real life?! Moreover she was looking like a south Indian actress meena. Rakesh couldn’t control his dick, which is pulling his entire body towards her cunt to enter it and smash it.He immediately went on top of her inside blanket and started kissing all over her face, neck, shoulder, breast, naval and then finally landed on her pussy. He spat twice on her pussy and started licking like a dog while the blanket is still on. MIL started moaning. Now he went top and positioned his dick straight in front of her cunt and put his hands under her both hands to hold her shoulder from the bottom. He got her shoulder as a nice grip to push his dick inside her hard. By that time she almost got woke up and started licking his face with her tongue making his face full of her saliva. So now he put his mouth on her mouth locking her tongue with his and pushed his dick inside her pussy. She was moaning like ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmm ummmmmm. Now he entered his full length and started push and pull slowly.As he already in a right position with a nice grip on her shoulder he started fucking her with single huge shots like shotguns instead of multiple shots like a machine gun! Each shot was making whole bed jerking. Both were still under a blanket covered till the shoulders. He was hitting her pussy to the core while sucking her mouth. Each huge shots were taking about 2-3 sec. It was a new experience for an experienced lady by herself! She broke the kiss and silence.MIL: you bastard, what? early morning fucking ur mom like this.Rakesh: yes bitch, your pussy has born to get fucked like this.MIL: yes fuck me, motherfucker. Think like am your own mom and fuck ur mom like a bitch.Rakesh couldn’t control that imagination and started ramming her pussy without mercy. While he was fucking her, closing his eyes imagining his mom. Kavya entered the room to wake them up as it was already 9 am. But both are already started their day on the bed!She stood in front of the bed seeing her brother fucking her MIL giving one-one huge shots for every 2 or 3 seconds. The bed also was jerking and the blanket is now dropped till half of his back. Where she can see him gripping MIL’s shoulder from his two hands and ramming her pussy with all his force. Closing his eyes he started talking dirty without knowing his sister has come and become an audience.Rakesh started calling his real mom’s name. As he was fucking his real mom in his imagination by closing his eyes.Rakesh: mom fuck you, mom, fuck u Rashmi, bitch am your son fucking your slutty cunt Rashmi. Your fucking pussy is mine here onwards. Rashmi, your are my whore. I’ll fuck u day and night.Kavya was stunned to hear all those dirty talks of her brother about their own mother. She was thinking does he really want to fuck his own mom, does he really fucking his real mom closing his eyes?!!.He started ramming her pussy like he is ramming some toys as if it doesn’t have any life or pain. MIL under him was enjoying all his force and mercy fewer shots by giving her pussy to his dick fullest for free.After few minutes while kavya watching their performance. Rakesh was abt reach climax.Rakesh: mom am coming, am coming.Fuck u Rashmi, let me go inside again u whore fucking mom. Rashmmmiiiiii, fuck uuuuuuuuuuuu. Bitch take it take it.Then he cummed inside her pussy while sucking her mouth closing his eyes. He was fully satisfied as if he really fucked his own mom. And he slept on her boobs.MIL saw kavya standing watching and hearing all these dirty i****t! She called her name to bring her back to the world.MIL: Good morning kavya. whats the time now.Kavya: (stammered) ye yes mom. Good morning, it’s already 9 mom. Get up will prepare breakfast.MIL: sure kavya. Your brother was fucking your real mom Rashmi, so was helping him.Rakesh heard those conversations and got to know that his sister standing right there in front of them while his dick still inside her MIL. He turned his face towards his sister staying in the same position. And then kavya turned towards makeup table as she couldn’t show her face or see her brother’s face. But in the mirror, he can see her puzzled face. By doing this she was showing both her ass and face to him. She pretends like cleaning table and bend her body. That was enough for Rakesh to see her butts. He wanted to pull his sister on the bed right there and lift her saree and insert his dick into her pussy directly from her MIL’s pussy.He started jerking again inside MIL’s pussy looking at his sister. MIL realized that and shouted.MIL: you mother fucking bastard, from last one hour u fucked me imagining your own mom Rashmi. Now u are jerking your cock inside my pussy looking at your sister’s ass is it?Hearing her words kavya turned towards them on the bed looking at his brother.Rakesh was little embarrassed.MIL went little further and said.MIL: if you really want to fuck your sister, go right here, lift her saree and fuck her on the makeup table like a bitch.Hearing that Rakesh really went mad. Instead of going towards his sister. He holds MIL’s neck with his both hands, made her open her mouth and spat his saliva 3-4 times, twice on her face and started sucking her mouth as if he is sucking some fruit. Meanwhile giving her single shots from his dick.By that time blanket reached their legs exposing Rakesh’s butts ramming on top of MIL’s pussy. Kavya left from there after seeing for few seconds.Now Rakesh is completely dried. MIL asked him to get up now, fresh up and take some energy to fuck both whores in the house for rest of the day.Both were exhausted and wanted to piss. MIL took him as well along with her to get fresh up in attached bathroom. She went and sat on toilet commode to piss and Rakesh went near drain outlet on the floor to piss inside the bathroom. Suddenly MIL got an idea and asked Rakesh to come near her while she was sitting and peeing on the commode. She moved little backside while sitting to make some space in front side where he can pass his urine in between her pussy and commode edge. She asked him to piss in between that gap and now he was remembering his physics lab. He started pissing in that gap as she said. It was perfect only for few seconds after that his piss missed the target and started hitting her pussy and her lower belly.She felt his warm piss on her pussy and belly, which made her kinkier. Then she couldn’t control her urge to hold his dick and started showering herself on her body like on her boobs, shoulder and finally on her face. He pissed on her body and on her face as well and got dried. While enjoying his piss, she had stopped passing her piss. After he stops she started resuming for pissing in the commode. But Rakesh got the similar kinky idea. He put his hand on her pissing cunt and asked her to stop it. And made stand to replace her place by him.Now she is standing and he is on the commode. He now asked her to piss on him from the top. Her pussy was coming exactly on to him face position. She started pissing on his face and body. He was holding her ass cheeks and enjoying her warm and salty piss. After she got dried, he was fully tempted. He turned her around while sitting on commode; he put his face inside her ass cheeks. And started licking her ass cracks. And finally reached her ass hole and started sucking maltepe escort like a dog while she still standing. After he got satisfied from her ass. Both got fresh up soon as both were feeling hungry.MIL went to the kitchen by just wearing a bra and completely bottomless. Kavya was already preparing something in the kitchen wearing full blue saree. Showing her ass towards the hall.MIL Went behind her slapped on her butts asking why are u wearing full saree. She said she went out to bring vegetables. Now both asses are standing side by side where MIL’s fully naked and sisters full covered with saree which is completely opposite to another day where his sister was bottomless and MIL was in saree!Rakesh was roaming inside the home without anything below from his waist and wearing an only t-shirt that too in front of his sister and her MIL. He switched on TV and went to his room to check his mails and posts on Facebook. He took his laptop and came to hall sitting on the sofa he was checking his friends tagged pics in Facebook, pics with his colleagues and other outside occasions. He looked at himself sitting bottomless in the house where two whores like ladies around him and looked at the decent pics with friends and colleagues in Facebook. By seeing that himself started feeling how lucky he is compared to all those friends and colleagues to be in that bottomless situation. He posted few happy status and comments on his friends posts. He was literally enjoying being in two opposite worlds at a same time. He was keep changing his sight from pics on Facebook and the Asses in the kitchen. His friend pinged him just then asking him with casual chat. He was little tempted with that to text his friend decently while in the indecent situation. He was texting him and watching at one bottomless ass and one ass tightly wrapped with saree.He just realized that what MIL had told while he was fucking last night. That he can use her anytime, anywhere. He tempted a lot why I am not doing anything though I have permission. He asked his friend to wait for 2min and jumped to the kitchen while keeping Facebook logged in. He directly went behind MIL where she was washing utensils, sister cutting veggies next to her. He went back to her and sat down and put his face in between her ass cheeks without asking her. MIL jumped for a while and understood it was Rakesh and carried on her washing work. Here Rakesh was putting his tongue between her ass cracks and licking from top to bottom. Kavya stunned with her brother’s act. And watching him by stop cutting veggies. He was sucking MIL’s asshole like a dog as if he is eating his breakfast there itself. As she had a bath just then, it smelled sandal soap flavor. He was completely settled inside her ass while she was washing utensils. His friend who was texting him in Facebook called him at his phone after waiting for sometime. They thought he’ll leave her ass after hearing his phone ringing but he asked his sister to get his phn there itself and resumed to his ass licking work.Kavya went and got his phn, he received the call just next to her ass only and said he went off as his MIL called to help her in something and put his mouth into her ass while his friend replying that side. He sucked like that few times while speaking to his friend and kept his phn. He literally wanted to enjoy being in both worlds at the same time.He is back to his forbidden world again, sucking MIL’s ass. Mil shoutedMil: bastard can’t u leave my ass for even a minute. Motherfucker. Kavya see ur brother, the morning he fucked me imagining as your mother Rashmi. Now he is sucking my ass again like a dog. When will u open ur ass to this dog kavya so that I’ll be little free!Kavya was feeling embarrassed to hear her mom’s name. And now her name too.Kavya: Hey Rakesh, what is this, can’t u leave her ass for sometimes, we are preparing food doesn’t disturb here. Go out and wait. Let us cook something am very hungry.Rakesh then was abt to leave that place but MIL hold him and said.MIL: you fucker, u made my pussy wet. Before leaving suck my pussy dry and go.Then he turned her around and sucked her pussy like a dog for sometimes and left the kitchen. He came back and started texting in Facebook. Then he went upstairs to have a view outside from balcony without wearing anything from the waist.It was full greenery from the balcony. To be standing bottomless at the balcony in that age is really awesome feeling. No one was there to disturb him. He started recalling all the way to his current bottomless situation. He sat on the chair and was thinking how close he and his sister at their home, how she proposed for getting pregnant to save her family, how did he come here, how he fucked MIL 4 times instead of his sister, and how he sucked MIL’s ass just 10min back in front of his sister and came up here. What a fabulous day in my life, what else is left than fucking my sister and make her my slut.Rakesh joined for breakfast, kavya sat in between Rakesh and MIL in round table. While having breakfast.MIL: so what u decided kavya when are u giving me a grandc***d.Kavya: (little aggressively) how can I give u grandc***d when yourself getting fucked by my brother day and night.MIL: Great! So u are waiting for me to leave your brother so that you’ll get fucked by him and impregnate?Kavya: yes mom, am not getting his time to get inserted is sperm.MIL: you’ll not get pregnant if you do the same way u did it last time. You should get fucked by him the same way that I got fucked from last night.You should become his bitch. You should get your ass licked, boobs sucked and pussy fucked by your brother. You’ll not get pregnant by fucking once. You should let him fuck you whenever he wants, anytime, anywhere and any number of times.Kavya was surprised with her MIL’s words. MIL continued.MIL: your brother also wants the same, he only said yesterday rgt, he wants to fuck his sis like a bitch. He wants to put his face in your ass and suck your shit out from your asshole. He wants to enjoy your full body to the fullest. He wants to fuck all the holes in your body and finally insert his sperm into your womb. Isn’t it Rakesh?Rakesh got embarrassed and bend his head in front of them.Kavya: (innocently asked) But mom, isn’t it an i****t c***d if it born for brother and sister.it won’t be likes born for husband and wife.By hearing her doubt, MIL got a wonderful idea.MIL: Then we will do one thing, we better go with our rituals, and you marry your brother right away. You both will become husband and wife. Then you both can fuck like couples without any confusion and produce a c***d.Kavya and Rakesh got shocked to hear about the idea of marrying each other!MIL: Am absolutely fine with my daughter in law’s second marriage and second night instead of my son’s second marriage. Don’t you u both also think so?Both brother and sister nodded the heads by bending down. Kavya was continuously drinking water and as it over she went to the kitchen to bring water.While she was going Rakesh was looking at her tight ass wrapped by sexy saree. And he was thinking, this ass is not too far, today or tomorrow I’ll b inside this ass cheeks and will be sucking that asshole.MIL was observing Rakesh and asked kavya to stand at her table when she came back with water.MIL: why are you still not following our dress code at home? You’ll be punished for not following it.Kavya: ok ok sorry, I’ll do it after breakfast mom.MIL: No wait, you should get into dress code right here. We both already in that dress code.Kavya: how can I change now, I need to wash my hands.MIL: not required, first u take punishment then will change ur dress code. You turn your back towards your brother and bend little.Kavya did exactly as she said. After she bent MIL asked Rakesh to spank her ass hard until she asked to stop.Rakesh was so excited with the offer to spank such a sexy tight ass that too his own sisters. He started spanking her ass from back on top of saree, for every slap he was resting his palms to feel the tightness and softness of her ass cheeks. Kavya started feeling pain, so MIL asked him to stop it. Now she asked kavya to stand straight and face her brother.MIL: Rakesh make your decent sister looks like a bitch by removing her petticoat. Lift her saree and remove the knot tied for a petticoat and escort maltepe then pull her panty also if she is wearing.Rakesh did exactly same reluctantly. He lifted his sister’s saree and removed her petticoat and she was wearing panty as well so he pulled it down till floor. So MIL asked kavya to tie her saree above her waist and sit down to resume breakfast.MIL: so I’ll make arrangements for your marriage right away. Myself will play all the required roles for a marriage. Let me get mangalsuthra first.After breakfast, MIL wore nighty without panty and went out and brought required basic things for marriage. She prepared everything for her daughter in-law’s second marriage and second night by marrying her to her own brother. She called new bride & groom to come in front of pooja room.MIL: Are you both happy to get married each other? You both will be husband and wife after this marriage, you both should do whatever husband & wife does. The wife should not restrict her husband for anything when her husband come to fuck her, he can suck or fuck any hole he wants whenever he wants.Both brother and sister nodded their heads.MIL: And ah..! Groom will get a nice dowry for his lifetime.Rakesh: what is that I don’t take dowry for marrying my own sister.MIL: let me tell what is the dowry. Dowry for groom for marrying his sister is his sister’s mother-in-law itself. You can take your sister’s MIL as a dowry, u can fuck or suck her anytime, anywhere, whenever you want.!Rakesh: great! I want other pussies as well which are came out from the “Dowry pussy” as festival gifts for a new groom.Mil: don’t worry about pussies. I’ll get the pussy that you came out also. Before that, you should make ur future wife impregnate as soon as possible by fucking her day and night.By telling this MIL played sm CD which has marriage mantras. And she gave kumkum to Rakesh and asked him to put it on his sister’s forehead. Now MIL did some pooja for mangalsuthraa and gave it to Rakesh.Both bride and groom are bottomless. Bride wearing lifted her saree till her waist and wearing nothing inside. Groom is also wearing one silk shirt and nothing in the bottom. His dick already ready to go inside any of these whore’s pussies.MIL sat down as if she tell mantras, instead she put her mouth on Rakesh dick and started sucking. And putting a finger into kavya’s pussy.MIL: Rakesh, now ties that mangalsuthraa to your sister while you fucking my mouth.Rakesh got excited, he was fucking MIL at the bottom and marrying his sister on top. He was fucking by jerking his dick into her mouth without holding her head. He finally tied three knots to his sister and become husband.Now MIL stands to bless newly married couples. They bent on to MIL’s feet to get blessings and while getting up after taking blessings, Rakesh lifted MIL’s nighty up to her waist and reminded her abt dress code.MIL: now you both are husband and wife, you can do whatever u want here onwards. Rakesh now u can touch and feel all assets of her body. First give her a hubby kiss. Then u can press her boobs and ass.While standing in front of MIL, he came close to his sister, she was looking at the floor with shy. He lifted her face and made eye contact. Now he is seeing at her like his wife. She also seeing him as her newly married husband. Now she has two husbands to serve. One is for society and one is for getting k**s. He holds her face with both hands and looking at her eyes, both were in eye contact and was recalling all the way till here. He came to her house for helping his sister medically or mechanically to get her pregnant. But now he got married to his own sister. He never thought he is going for his own marriage while he was leaving his house. Now this gorgeous sister is his wife, he can enjoy her body like her husband enjoying. She also accepted it, and MIL not only made all her effort to break his sister’s shyness, i****t feeling but also made his sister as his wife by making him tie mangalsuthraa to his sister. That too in a kinky way.Kavya also was recalling how did she propose her brother for getting a k**, how her MIL came to know and how MIL made her feeling change and how she did second marriage to get daughter-in-law only to get k**s. Now, her second husband standing right in front of her. Who was her younger brother a few minutes ago? She was not letting her brother touch or squeeze any of her private parts. Now the whole body belongs to both her husband. Her brother also become hubby by tieing mangalsuthraa, now she can’t discriminate between two husbands. She has to share all her body with both of them. She is feeling comfortable to give her whole sexy gorgeous body to her brother and enjoy each and every moment of sex with him like she enjoys with her first real husband.Rakesh saw her from top to bottom, her face was looking gorgeous with kumkum on her forehead and newly tied mangalsuthraa on her neck, with nicely wearing saree and when he look further down she was bottomless! Top she was looking like a sexy housewife, down she was looking like a slut or a bitch.Rakesh moved closer and placed his lips on his sister’s lips. Both were kissing like it was their first virgin kiss. Both closed their eyes and started enjoying their smooch. Rakesh holds her face tighter and inserts his tongue into her mouth. He put his left hand behind her head to grip her as he’ll be sucking her mouth to the fullest now and lick all her saliva inside her mouth. He put one hand on her back to hold her tight. She also moved her one hand to his head and one on his back. This made both to come closer. Her breast sandwiched btwn their chest. Needless to say, their naked bottom are also close enough and rubbing each other.As both are in right position and right grip of each other’s body, now their kiss became even more intimate. She has opened her mouth fully, he can access each and every corner of her mouth from his tongue. He was sucking and sucking pressing his mouth so hard on her and swallowing all her saliva from her mouth and making her mouth fully dry. They were sucking each other’s saliva as if there is no tomorrow. Their saliva was spilling over from their mouths. She sucked his saliva, which spilled on his chin and put her mouth back to smooch. He also licked all the saliva came on her chin and cheeks and started sucking her mouth again.MIL was feeling jealous looking at them, it was real i****t, real brother and sister sucking each others mouth like couples in front of her.Both newly married couples are smooching each other while moving all over the hall, they were not in this world, not knowing what is there around them even after 2-3 show pieces fallen and broken with big sound. Mil also doesn’t want to disturb them. Both were moving wher ever they were allowed to move, they were not seeing around them. Finally, while sucking each other’s mouth both reached some corner in the hall next to TV stand where they have kept a lot of things like phones, her hubby’s watches and other files and all. He hasn’t touched her boobs or ass yet. His hands are completely busy gripping her head and back as he is sucking her mouth till her throat.MIL ran and came behind them to take the important files before they destroy them while kissing.But Rakesh lifted his sister holding her thighs and made her sit on the table on top of files. She sat on those imp files with her bare ass.All the way from pooja room to center of the hall and to the TV table both brother and sister didn’t unlock their mouth even for microseconds. Now on the TV table, they were sucking each other mouths as if they were sucking fruits after starving for more than 10 days. Kavya was miss placing all the things on the table while trying to take support. All her hubby’s watch, books, and other showpieces are all falling down and breaking. There are no clues that they’ll release each other in any near hours!Both of their faces become reddish.His dick is in full length and her pussy is completely wet but still they r not interested in anything other than sucking each other’s mouths. While kissing his sister on the TV table, he wanted to make her lay on the front lower step of the table where they had kept CDs, players and other things which had enough space. Rakesh was throwing n clearing all the things from his right hand while he making her lay maltepe escort bayan on that space. All the cassettes, CDs, player, music systems are all down hanging with wires. He finally made her lay down while sucking her mouth. Now he can put all his weight on her and suck her mouth till her throat. Both brother and sister were lost in mouth sucking world. They were sucking like that at least for half an hour. MIL was fully excited and was recording all these smooching scenes in her mobile.After half an hour continuous mouth sucking they finally broke their kiss and came back to the world and realized what all mess they have created.Then they looked at each other for few seconds and again locked their mouth as sucking more wildly. Now he broke after few minutes and asked whether he can spit his saliva into her mouth, she nodded okey. He put his one hand on her cheeks and pressed to open her mouth in O shape. Then he spat continuously 3-4 times into her mouth and locked her mouth and started sucking. He did like that for 3 more times. His hard dick was rubbing her thighs, tummy and all. He couldn’t control any more, I want to fuck his sister right their like an a****l.He lifted her sister from the TV table and brought her to the center of the hall where rectangular teapoy was their kept in between TV and in front of big sofa set which was knees level height used to keep newspaper, Maxine and all. Anyone can put legs both the side and stand.He brought her and made her lay on the teapoy, and started spitting into her mouth and sucking her again. Her saree was completely fallen, only her blouse was there. After 2min of smooching her. He went little down to suck her neck and then her boobs from the top of blouse only. Kavya was closing her eyes and biting her lips. He started sucking her boobs as if he is sucking fr first time. He was sucking one and pressing another boob. He was putting all the force on pressing her boobs with his hands like he had pressed her MIL. Blouse on both boobs become wet because of his saliva. Now he went further and put his hands both sets of her blouse and try to pull, he wasn’t having the patience to remove hooks, he pulled her blouse 2-3 times, her whole body was jerking while tearing her blouse, finally he tore her blouse apart and jumped like a dog to suck her boobs on her bra. He pulled both the boobs outside from the bra and started sucking like an a****l. Now he brought his dick near her boobs by putting his legs both the side of teapoy, now he is standing right on top of his sister’s boobs.First, he rubbed his dick on her stomach and dragged up in between her boobs. He holds her both boobs together with his both hands and interested his dick in between her boobs. That made kavya to hold his bare ass while he started fucking her boobs. She was getting fucked her boobs from her own brother. She was not even letting him touch her boobs with his hands a few days back, but now, his dick is pumping her boobs like there is no tomorrow! All these were shooting by camerawoman MIL! She was shooting as if two pornstars are fucking.After 10min of boob fucking, he went little forward and put his dick on top of his sister’s lips. While sleeping on teapoy she opened her mouth for her brother’s dick without her knowledge. That was enough for him, he pushed his dick inside her mouth. There is no time for soft licking and sucking. Before she herself such his dick, he started fucking her mouth as if he is fucking some pussy. He did throat fucking for many times and while he fucking her mouth her face was full of mess with tears, saliva and his precums. He was fully tempted to see his decent and innocent sister’s face under him getting fucked by his dick. He wanted to make it more indecent so he removed his dick from her mouth and spat on her face 2 times and again inserted his dick and started fucking her face. He finally released her face after fucking his sister’s face for 15min. MIL was making all the arrangements for them like giving supporting pillow, napkins to clean her face and all. Now he turned back standing in the same position to form 69 angle. He put his dick again into her mouth and bend himself to suck her pussy. She was already wet that made him more tempted and started sucking her pussy like a dog while fucking her face from his dick.Kavya was fully tempted, removed his dick from her mouth and shouted. Till then only moaning and items breaking sounds were there.Kavya: Rakeshhhhh, ennnnoough.. dooo me now, I can’t hold anymore.Rakesh: You bitch, what I should do? Tell what exactly u want. Call me hubby and ask me to fuck u like a dog, you whore sister.Kavya: yes, fuck me, fuck your wife cum sister. Fuck your slut sister.Rakesh: you whore, didn’t u see how your MIL was talking while I was fucking her.call me sister fucker. I’ll fuck u like a bitch.Kavya: (finally breaking her innocent and decency while under his dick) yes fuccccck your slut sister, you sister fucker. You are fucking your own sister’s face you mother fucker. Fuck my pussy, tear my pussy.Rakesh now got up from her face and came near her pussy spat on her pussy and liked it. Now he lifted her both legs putting his both legs another side of the teapoy he positioned his dick on her cunt and saidRakesh: fuck u kavya, fuck u whore take it, I’ll fuck u like u never ever get fucked in your lifetime. I’ll give u any number k**s you fucking bitch take it.Pointing his hard dick in her cunt he lifted his both legs From the ground balancing all his weight on her cunt with his dick only. Her cunt was enough lubricated and his dick slides inside smoothly till ¾ then he did one jerk twice without taking support from anything then his dick went fully inside his sister’s pussy. He was using gravity and his weight completely to fuck her. He has maintained his missionary position by lifting her legs such that all his body weight are on his dick. His legs are completely on air. Now he started jerking on her with his waist while his dick completely inside her cunt. She was experiencing lifetime pleasure, weight and force on her cunt. She put both her hands on his ass and pulling him for every jerk.Kavya: you mother fucker, fuck your bitch wife hard, fuck ur slut sister. Fuccccck meeeeeeeee haaaaaaarrddd. Fuck me like u fucked that bitch MIL.Rakesh then positioned himself for his ultimate fuck of his sister cum wife. He put his knees on the teapoy putting her both legs on his shoulder, he holds her both boobs from his hands he locked her mouth and pushed his dick hard inside his sister’s cunt. She wanted to scream but all went inside his mouth. He then pulling her boobs as supporting and started push-pull into her pussy. Her mouth her sucking, her boobs her squeezing, and her cunt are ramming! what else is required for her to orgasm. She orgasmed twice while he fucking her like a mad dog. He is ramming her pussy like a machine gun. He was enjoying her body to the fullest. Sucking her mouth, squeezing her boobs and nipples, ramming her pussy merciless. He fucked his sister like that for another 15min on the teapoy. He himself don’t know from where did he get that much power. She was moaning badly.Ummmmmm ummmmmm fuck fuckkkkk fuck your sister fuck me hard fuck me deep haaaaa hmmmmmnAfter some time he started shouting am cumminnnng ahhhhh u whore take it, fucking slut take all inside ur pussy. How many k**s you want u whore sister. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. Taaaaakeeee he then ejected all his cum inside her cunt with a lot of sperm. His cum was coming out from her cunt and was spilling over teapoy. He slept on her breast and relaxed for some time in that position. After 10min he released her and went and slept on the sofa just next to him. Kavya was relaxing on the same position. MIL ended her shooting and went to the kitchen to prepare some juice for tired newly married couples!It was already 3.30pm without lunch. Outside it was little cloudy. Rakesh couldn’t believe himself that he just fucked his innocent sister like he fucks a bitch. He wanted more. He didn’t even go in between her as cheeks yet. Still, two more days are with him to enjoy this two whore in this house. That night he wanted to fuck his sister even more to the fullest like even pornstars wouldn’t have fucked anyone like that. He wanted to have a threesome with MIL, sucking both asses side by side. How he’ll fuck his sister cum wife that night. How MIL will join for a threesome and how many times he’ll fuck his sister and where n all he pulled her fucked in the entire house? All will come in next part!!To be continued….

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