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Innocent Wife on New Year’s Eve

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Innocent Wife on New Year’s EveThe year was 1988. My name is Luke. At the time, my wife, Maddison (Maddie to her friends) and I were both 20 years old. I was active duty in the Marine Corps and we were stationed in California where we lived in an apartment off-base.Please note, this is not one of those typical hot-wife stories where I share the knowledge that I have always fantasied about watching my wife with other men. That wasn’t the case with me.Additionally, it is not the beginning of a journey to slut-hood for my wife. After this, she didn’t spend her days and nights searching for any available cock to stuff into her holes. Maddie and I were both from a small town, where we got married before I joined the service.Generally, we were still somewhat naïve in a lot of ways. Now, naivety doesn’t equal innocence. My wife had boyfriends and sex before me. Likewise, I had girlfriends and sex before her. We just weren’t exposed to a lot of the stuff people are now with Internet porn, sex stories (like this one), etc. Hell, we weren’t even exposed to the ways of life in a less conservative State, such as California.When Maddie and I first met, sparks flew. We dated, we had fun, and we fucked like rabbits every chance we got. Living with parents made it tough, so we would do it anyplace we could find a spot. For the most part, that was in our respective cars, or sometimes a friend’s home during a party.The sex was indeed hot, but that wasn’t all there was to our relationship. We were deeply attracted to each other in many ways. Accordingly, we developed a close friendship and fell in love. Now, before you get all “whatever” about it. The marriage is still good in 2019 and we’ve been married for 32 years now. So, fuck you doubters.When this event occurred, we had been married for almost two years. Part of that time, I had been at boot camp and Marine Occupational Specialty (MOS) school, but we had been stationed in California for a little over a year.Maddie was 5 foot 6 inches tall and 130 lbs. At 20 years old, she was your girl next door type with a quick smile, auburn hair and glittering green eyes. She had an hour-glass body shape with a great ass. Her breasts were neither huge nor small with a bra size of 34B. Of course, that was before c***dren. Regardless, all I knew is that they were perky, wonderful and I had a lot of fun with them. Though, honestly, I’m more of an ass-man. Maddie was raised in a strict religious home. While she did rebel somewhat as a teen, she took marriage seriously and smoothed out everything with her parents and God after being made legit with her marriage to me.I was also a church boy, but never let that stop me from reading porn magazines (no Internet, remember?), masturbating or chasing hot girls. That also ended when I found my perfect match in Maddie. Well, the girl-chasing part ended. I still like porn and masturbating to this day.At first, life in California was a culture shock for us small-town k**s, but we adjusted and were soon smitten with days at the beach and the faster pace.As a Marine, I was in a platoon and had made some really good friends within it. My two best buddies were Stan and Greg. We were thick as thieves, and whether in training exercises or in garrison we were constantly together. They were both single and lived in the barracks on base. Which at the time was an open squad bay and offered no hope of privacy. Accordingly, they hung out at our apartment with us quite a bit, or we would all travel to various places in California while on liberty. The truth is that there was no sexual tension, or impropriety on any individual’s part. We were all just friends, Maddie included. It was like an extended family, nothing more.That’s not to say the guys didn’t like looking at Maddie as much as I did. At that age, she was really coming into her womanhood and was what I called “weapons-grade hot.” Especially on those beach trips when she would relax a little and wear something a little less conservative than usual. Even then, she didn’t wear string bikinis or show off her body. Typically, she wore a simple one-piece swimsuit and would wear her cover-up until she was on a blanket and ready to tan. This was usually while we guys surfed, swam or whatever.I say all this to bring it back around to the original point. The situation I’m detailing out was not one where I planned something, was manipulated by any outside party, or where my wife decided I wasn’t enough. It just… happened.Chapter 2 – New Year’s Eve 1988New Year’s Eve, 1988. We had Stan and Greg over for it as we had the previous year. Stan was the old man of the group at the grand old age of 22. Which meant that he could buy hard liquor. At that time in the Marines, you only had to be 18 to drink at the enlisted club on base, but no alcohol was allowed in the barracks. Hence, Stan bought the alcohol and kept it at our apartment so we could all celebrate the New Year.We were all dressed casually. Jeans or shorts for the guys and a dress that Maddie had worn to the restaurant we all ate dinner at earlier that evening. It was a conservative summer dress that stopped just above the knees, hid her shoulders and showed very little cleavage. Maddie didn’t show off. She was just naturally beautiful.Same as previous year, we were watching a couple movies that Stan had recorded off of cable TV at the barracks. Again, this was 1988, so it was on VHS video tape. The plan was to watch the movies, play cards, or whatever until midnight hit. Stan and Greg would both spend the night due to the drinking. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment, but us guys were Marines. The available furniture or floor was good enough for them.This year, things went awry. We had just finished our action movie of the evening and left the credits rolling as we took bathroom breaks and refreshed drinks.As was typical, we guys ended up huddled in the kitchen working on drinks and talking about the movie we had finished. Maddie had just walked out of the kitchen and back into the living room. Suddenly, we all heard her gasp loudly.Being her general protectors, we all sk**ded out of the kitchen to rescue her from whatever had startled her.We were all stopped dead in our tracks. Chapter 3 – OopsI was confused at first. Maddie was just standing stock still with a look of amazement on her face. She was staring in the direction of the big console television we owned. I was still looking at her when I heard the sounds in the background. They were the distinct noises of sexual moaning and the wet smacking sound of a good fucking. My eyes quickly moved to the screen and there it was. A porn movie was playing on the screen and my Maddie had walked in on it. On the screen, you could plainly see a close-up of a good-sized penis ramming in and out of a pussy, which accounted for the noise. In the few seconds it was on, the camera moved from the closeup action, over the body of the woman and eventually showed the face of a beautiful blonde. Her mouth was wide open and gasping as she obviously enjoyed what was happening to her. As I stated, we’re not prudes and we enjoyed a lot of sex. At least daily, sometimes more than once. We were burning our young adult hormone candles at both ends. In fact, Maddie and I had fucked for an hour and taken a short nap before Stan and Greg arrived. Of course, we also had plans to fuck again after the New Year hit. Nevertheless, porn movies weren’t something that Maddie embraced. I mean, they were available for rent and we had done so once or twice, but she was never interested. Her strict upbringing told her that they were all kinds of wrong and ensured nothing but a long eternity burning in Hell. Of course, I had seen a few. Mostly at the barracks while I was on duty. Usually, it included a bunch of guys all gathered around the TV while they cheered or jeered what was occurring on the screen. In the military, porn wasn’t always a personal and private thing. The worst part was that I recognized this porn video because I had seen it before. It was homemade. Not by me and Maddie, of course. We wouldn’t do that. Nevertheless, you could tell it was definitely home video quality.Stan spoke first. He had a look of shocked horror on his own face, because he recognized it too. “Oh shit, I’m sorry!”Greg’s face also mirrored the dismay as he let out an, “Oh fuck!”Stan continued, “I’m so sorry Maddie, this was supposed to be recorded over, I guess I forgot to push the record button.”Stan hurried toward the offending image and was about to hit the stop button when Maddie, still focused on the blonde’s face on the screen gasped again. “Wait a second, I know her!”Chapter 4 – BustedTime seemed to freeze. I had moved up behind Maddie and had my hands on her shoulders in a comforting manner. Greg’s face had changed to embarrassment and Stan’s finger was hovered over the stop button.I knew the hammer was about to fall.Maddie sputtered, “Don’t hit that button! Isn’t that Jennifer, your lieutenant’s wife?”Stan hesitated and looked at me. I just shrugged. This wasn’t going to be good for him.He stammered, “But, but Maddie.”She glared at him, “Why would the lieutenant give you this?”Stan turned redder and Greg actually let out a nervous laugh.During this exchange, the camera moved farther away and took in a wider view of the scene.The culprits were exposed.As the camera moved out, Jennifer was exposed on her hands and knees. She was vigorously fucking hard back into a body that eventually materialized to include a face. It wasn’t the lieutenant’s face, as Maddie expected. Instead, it was Stan’s. He was fucking the lieutenant’s wife.Worse yet, the camera was jostled as it was attached to tripod. For a quick moment, the scene captured the entire bed with Stan and Jennifer’s hardcore sex before the camera man walked in front of it. He walked to the bed, crawled on and stuck his own hard man meat into the face of the bride belonging to our commanding officer. For her part, Jennifer readily and greedily sucked it into her mouth.The man having his cock sucked turned and flashed a thumb’s up at the camera. Of course, that idiot was Greg.Stan and Greg were double-teaming our platoon commander’s wife.I had no idea what was going through Maddie’s head, but she continued to watch the video as our two friends picked up a rhythm on the screen with their prize.She cried out the now obvious, “The lieutenant didn’t give you this. You guys did this yourselves.”When did you do this?”The video played and all eyes were now watching as Jennifer’s tits jiggled with the motion as she was spit-roasted.Stan, resigned to his fate, “After the company carwash. She was there in those short shorts and wearing a tight tank top with no bra. “I swear to God Maddie, she approached me after we washed her car. The lieutenant and other officers were going out afterward, and well, it just kind of came together.”Maddie glared at him, “Why did she approach you?”Stan blushed even redder and tried to avoid the question. “No reason.””Why Stan?!”Greg interjected, “Go ahead Stan, tell her.”The explanation quickly became unnecessary. On the video, Greg’s cock popped out of Jennifer’s mouth and she started squealing, “Fuck me you bastard, fuck your boss’s wife with that big fucking cock of yours. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum on your dirty cock you mother fucker!”She did cum too. Loudly and for a long time. When she was done, she collapsed on the bed letting Stan’s cock pull out and come into full view for the first time. Maddie’s eyes riveted on the screen and her mouth fell wide open.Now, it isn’t that his cock was John Holmes huge or anything like that. It wasn’t a horse-sized cock on a man, but Stan’s cock was impressive and very hard at that moment. He was likely at a solid 9 inches, with the diameter a bit smaller than your typical soda can. Stan stammered, “That’s why. She saw my dick in my shorts and I, uh, went for it. It turns out she’s pretty wild. We used her video camera to record it, though she did tell us not to share the tape with anyone.”Maddie found her words, “I can’t believe this!”I rubbed her shoulders and she startled a little bit like she didn’t realize I’d been standing there this whole time. She relaxed quickly and then leaned back into me. I whispered, “Are you ready for him to stop it now?”As her ass made contact with my crotch, I felt my cock jerk and swear she rubbed it back güvenilir bahis into me.Stan ended up hitting play/pause and it froze with Jennifer rolled over on her back and her legs open as Stan seemed to be backing off the bed.With my cock growing against her ass, Maddie was silent and staring at the frozen screen as I believe she was letting this all run through her mind and find the right words.Chapter 5 – The DecisionFinally, she said, “It’s… It’s okay. I mean people have sex. I’m just stunned to find out your officer’s wife is such a slut and that you guys did her. I… I guess, we’ve hung out for so long as friends that I never let it enter my mind that you’re likely horndogs like Luke.”And you recorded it? You guys really get off on this stuff, for real? I mean, I never have, because what I’ve seen seems so stupid, but I have to admit it’s different with people you know doing it.”Nobody spoke. I was getting caught up in Maddie’s ass against me while Stan and Greg just seemed relieved that they weren’t getting their asses chewed.Maddie was having a pivotal moment in her views of the world, and I admit, that maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention because of how she was pressed against me.Nonetheless, I was shaken out of my own thoughts with her next words. “I guess, if this is what you guys like to watch that I’m okay with watching for a bit. How much longer is it?””Seriously?” I said, more intrigued than anything at the moment.Greg started laughing his nervous titter again and Stan was sputtering like he was a drowning man fresh out of the water. “No, no Maddie. We don’t have to. It’s okay. Let me take it out. It was supposed to be recorded over.”She repeated her question, “How much longer is it?”Greg interjected, “At least an hour, there is quite a bit left.”Her eyes moved from the TV screen for the first time in a while and looked directly at Greg, “Are you k**ding? What all did you do?”Greg reddened under her scrutiny and shrugged before stammering, “She wanted, uh, a lot of positions.”This time, it was Maddie’s face that reddened. Her and I have tried a lot of positions too. “Oh, okay, we can watch it then, but I’m going to need my drink refreshed.”Finally, she turned and looked toward me. “You like porn baby, I know you do. It’s okay with me if we watch this for a while.”My cock stiffened when she gave me a wicked wink and said, “Maybe we’ll see some positions we haven’t tried yet?”I don’t believe she had any idea what positions the guys were talking about and want to remind you all of my naivety comment from earlier. I had seen it before and knew what she was going to see.I glanced at Stan and Greg. Both were looking at Maddie and then their eyes turned to me. It was their turn to shrug. At that age, I did a lot of thinking with my dick. Who knows, maybe I still do. I did enjoy porn and I really liked this one my buddies had made. If there was a chance that Maddie liked it too, then she’d really work my cock over later and maybe, just maybe, she’d let me try something new. Like anal sex. She had never considered that an option before, but this movie might open her up to it.Needless to say, horniness is not the basis for all good ideas. I nodded and said, “Oh, okay sweetheart.”It was settled. This was happening. My wife was watching porn with me and my buddies. The significance that my buddies were the ones in the porn movie had not quite sunk in yet.Chapter 6 – Seeing is BelievingWe all broke off for a few moments. The guys getting their drinks while Maddie and I nestled together in the kitchen as I made her a new one. “Are you sure about this?” I asked. “You don’t have to watch this horny male stuff.”She snuggled into me and then kissed me deeply. When we broke our kiss, her eyes were glistening with mischief as her hand moved and rubbed my cock through my shorts.She smiled and said, “But what if I’m enjoying it baby? What if, I can promise you a really good time later?”I groaned and nodded at her, but again protested. It was more out of husbandly duty than desire though. “But baby, the guys are spending the night, you’ve never wanted them to hear us before.” She huffed playfully. “Baby, they made a porno with the lieutenant’s wife. They are big boys, I’m sure they know how to jack off. That can be their problem for bringing this here.”Her fingers gripped my shaft through my shorts and slowly moved up and down. If this was making her hot, I was in. The guys might have to spend the night listening to me pound my wife, but I was willing to make them live through it.Like I said earlier, Maddie and I might have been a little naïve, but we wouldn’t be by 1989.The guys shifted uncomfortably in their seats as we entered the living room but didn’t say anything. Maddie and I took our place on our old loveseat and she snuggled into my lap.I did my best not to groan out loud and Maddie said, “Okay boys, let’s see it.”Stan and Greg both gave me a pleading look to which I went back to my shoulder shrug that had worked so well tonight.Stan, resigned to his fate and being closest to the TV, stood and pressed the play button.Author’s note – I will not spend the rest of this story explaining the video. It is only the catalyst of the real story, so I will only provide reference as required.We all sat in silent discomfort as on the TV, Stan crawled off the bed and Greg got between Jennifer’s legs, missionary style.His penis was average size, very similar to my own. While not as impressive looking as Stan’s, it did have a hook to it with a big upturned mushroom head. Jennifer, for her part, did not complain when Greg pushed in without preamble and began to thrust his cock in and out of her.The silence in our living room stretched out as Greg pounded Jennifer and she moaned nonstop telling him that he was hitting her “spot.”Maddie was again the one to break the silence. With a light laugh, she commented, “You go Greg. She’s loving whatever you are doing to her.” The tension in the room was broken. We all laughed. Strangely enough, that’s all it took for us to finally relax.As we watched, Maddie would adjust in my lap. I’m not sure if she was trying to get away from my cock poking her or just teasing me. I believe the latter.As she finally settled into me, I moved my hand to her knee and begin to caress it ever so slightly. She startled slightly, but after glancing at the guys, she saw they were engrossed in their conquest on the screen and not paying any attention to us.Maddie leaned back against my chest and wrapped an arm around the back of my neck and begin to slowly rub her ass against me. The cleft of her well-formed bottom perfectly encased my shaft bulging under my shorts.The moments and scenes drew out tortuously as she and I teased each other’s body. During that time on the video, Stan and Greg had swapped positions several times with Jennifer. She, apparently, was an energetic fuck and loved to be thrown around and manhandled. She encouraged the guys to use her body and her holes, which they gladly did.In the living room, my hand had made slow progress up Maddie’s leg and the bottom of her skirt was now up around thigh level. Her eyes were glued to the TV as she ground against me.Taking the opportunity, I moved my left hand to stroke the side of her left breast through the dress as my right inched higher to her crotch. I was amazed by the heat coming from her sex as she melted deeper into me under my ministrations.Her next gasp caught me off guard and I looked at the screen to see what had caused it. As it turned out, the video hadn’t changed much. What had changed was in our living room here and now. The change was Stan and Greg. They were no longer watching the movie. Instead, they were watching Maddie and me. Chapter 7 – Focus ChangeMaddie’s gasp had indicated her realization that they were watching us. She might have been about to say something, but I chose that second to slide my hand up and cup her crotch.She was fucking soaked.I grasped her panty clad pussy firmly and if she was about to say something, it stopped. Her head lolled back against my chest and she moaned out loud. Maddie and I had always been affectionate, but even our friends had not seen us like this. Their eyes saw Maddie anew as she wiggled against my lap. At the same time, I’m positive her dress was no longer hiding the fact that I was rubbing two fingers up and down her wet slit.”Fuck man, this isn’t fair.” Greg stammered. I just smiled at him. Then, showing off, I grabbed Maddie’s left breast and kneaded it as I pressed my fingertips against her clit.She moaned. Her eyes were closed, and she was really enjoying what was happening to her.I said, “Maddie, the guys say this isn’t fair.”She replied, “Mmmm, this feels too good to stop baby. Please don’t stop.”Her eyes opened dreamily, as I continued mauling her through her clothes.She looked briefly at the television and then at Stan and Greg who were now completely focused on her and sporting obvious erections.I could hear the smile in her voice when she said, “We’re all friends here and it’s not like I haven’t see them already.” She nodded toward the TV before continuing, “pull them out and jackoff if you want. I’m too hot right now to be bothered by it.”This was all surreal to me, but I was so heated up that I didn’t care. I mean, we’d been watching them fuck Jennifer on video, what’s the difference?Greg was first to pull his meat out and he never stopped looking at Maddie as he began to stroke his cock. Stan let out a relieved groan as his big hunk of man meat was tugged from his jeans and protrude lewdly outward and upward. There was a sharp visual contrast between the guys as Greg’s hand covered most of his cock while he jerked. Conversely, Stan’s hand had a good distance to travel up and down his shaft which left plenty of cock showing above and below his grip.From my angle, I could see Maddie looking back and forth between them before settling on Stan’s. “Damn Stan, that thing is big.”She then looked at Greg’s and said breathily, “I had no idea penises came in so many shapes and sizes.”Maddie jerked as my hand slipped down the front of her panties, snaked through her neatly trimmed bush and began to diddle her clit.”Oh my god baby, they are still watching us!”I rubbed harder. “I know baby, let them watch.”Greg stroked and I saw his focus on my hand positioned inside my wife’s panties. “Come on man, this isn’t fair, she’s seen ours, we should get to see hers.”Maddie was in ecstasy. Her eyes were closed again, and she humped hard against my ministrations. Breathlessly, she twisted her head around and brought my mouth to hers in a long kiss. She was super excited, but I felt this might be part show for the guys too. I found myself happy to give them one.I dropped my left hand down and lifted the rest of her skirt up. Then I hooked my fingers in the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside exposing her little pink pussy lips to the guys as the fingers of my right hand moved up and down between them. I knew both her pussy and my hand were glistening with her juices.Her reaction was to kiss me harder as I pulled my right hand out of her waistband and went over the material to slip a finger into her exposed slit.For a time, there was just the noise from Jennifer on the TV, again being fucked and I think having an orgasm. I don’t know. I wasn’t watching anymore. Nobody was.Maddie was squirming in my lap and we were kissing breathlessly.Stan and Greg were stroking their cocks and watching. Chapter 8 – Full ExposureI really enjoyed exposing my wife to our best friends and wasn’t really thinking about future consequences. For that matter, I wasn’t even thinking about an hour from now. I was in the here and now only.When I quit fingering Maddie and let the crotch of her panties snap back into place, her response was a short sigh of disappointment and a breaking of the kiss. When she did, I reached up under her skirt and hooked my thumbs in her waist band. She knew what my intentions were. Without hesitation, she lifted her hips and let me remove what was left of her modest defense against full exposure to our friends. Her only vocal reaction was another sexy moan.When I got the pesky garment down below her knees, she lifted her right foot through, leaving them to dangle there sexily before eventually falling down around her left ankle.I wasn’t done.I pulled her skirt up güvenilir bahis siteleri around her waist and she splayed her legs over the outside of my own. Her pussy and ass where now lewdly exposed.”Fucking A.” Stammered Stan as he stroked himself faster to my wife’s exposure.I still wasn’t done. I tugged the shoulders of her dress down and helped her remove her arms through the sleeve holes.She then wrapped her arms around the back of my neck again with her dress bunched at her waist from the top and the bottom. Only one step was left. I reached my left hand down and stuck a finger into her hot gash. Simultaneously, I expertly reached up and unclasped the front of her bra. Her chest heaved as her bra snapped to either side showing us her pert breasts and rock-hard nipples.”Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” She chanted as I fingered her.My cock was being tortured as my wife squirmed her now naked ass all over my lap. I couldn’t take any more and reached my hand between us to quickly unbutton and unzip. I barely got my shorts down my ass when my hardness again nestled wonderfully into her the gap between her ass cheeks.With both hands free now and my cock happily skin to skin against my wife’s ass, I let my hands roam freely as I switched between squeezing her breasts, tweaking her nipples and playing with her pussy. I knew exactly how to keep my wife heated up.Admittedly, somewhere along the line, Maddie and I both lost track of anything but ourselves. Suddenly, Maddie gulped and froze all movement, which caused me to again pay attention to our surroundings. Chapter 9 – Ready For Your Close-Up?She had opened her eyes to find that Greg was now standing only a foot or two in front of us with his cock jutting out in front of him. As an explanation, he said simply, “I had to see closer, you are so hot Maddie.”Her eyes moved to focus on his cock as he slowly stroked it right there in front of her.She remained silent but held her focus as she slowly began to move against me again. As my hands again continued to work on her, I felt her relax before finally, she said, “It…it’s okay, I suppose. You just startled me.”Greg smiled and looked at Stan, “Come on over man, you have to see how awesome this is close-up.”Maddie squeaked, but I’m not sure if it was due to Greg’s comment or the fact that I just twisted her left nipple and put a second finger inside of her pussy.She didn’t say anything as Stan moved over. I then began to use my grip on her body parts to slide her ass cheeks up and down my cock.The guys were close now. Almost right over us. Maddie’s focus was all around. She would look at me and we’d kiss, then she might look at the TV screen and then her eyes would switch between looking at the cocks in front of her.She sounded on the verge of orgasm when she stammered a bashful question, “Am I, am I as hot as Jennifer?”In unison, all of us guys said, “Hotter.”Stan followed-up with his big meat being stroked faster, “So much fucking hotter Maddie.”Maddie being encouraged followed-up, “But, but she’s a slut, she did things with you both. Oh my god, you did things with your cocks to her.”Greg instigated by getting a little closer. “You are the hottest woman I know Maddie. Jennifer loved the things we did to her with these cocks, and I want to cum just watching you.”Then with a congenial grin he said, “But, you can touch my cock if you want too. You know, just so you know what Jennifer felt.”Maddie didn’t reply immediately, but I swear she humped me faster. “No, no, I can’t.”Stan moved up beside Greg. Both of their cocks just right there in front of us.Greg coaxed, “Please Maddie, just help us out. This is too much to handle.”Maddie definitely picked up the pace now. I knew I might cum if she didn’t slow down. Directed at Greg, she stammered out, “I… I shouldn’t. That is too far.”She switched her words to me and continued, “Luke… baby, I thought they were only going to watch, but they… they want me to touch their cocks. Jennifer did, but should I?”Chapter 10 – Use Your Words AssholeI admit that I had problems of my own trying to stave off orgasm and I really needed to be inside my wife’s hot pussy. I quite possibly wasn’t listening to the conversation and was completely overwhelmed by it all. I didn’t say a word, and urgently needed to fuck my wife. Consequently, I pushed her forward and lifted her hips to get inside of her hot tunnel.What I actually did though, was seemingly push her toward the cocks she’d just asked me if she should touch. Apparently, she thought that meant yes. In reality, I was just trying to fuck her.The next sequence happened so fast that it was almost a simultaneous event.I push her forward and lifted her hips.She believing I wanted it, tentatively reached out and grabbed handfuls of man meat.Both of our friends groaned and gasped as she began stroking their hot rods with her little hands.I saw what she was doing, but my confliction wasn’t enough to stave off my own need. I dropped her down onto my full length and groaned in relief, “Oh, fuck yes.”Whether Maddie thought my comment was due to her stroking our friends or my cock entering her pussy, I’ll never know for sure. All I know is at the moment Maddie screamed and had the biggest orgasm of her young life.Usually, I would stop and let her finish cumming before going on, but I was too in need of this myself. Selfishly, I hammered up into her cunt repeatedly as it spasmed in orgasm and clamped down on me like a velvet vise.In truth, this just made her cum more and she went nuts. Completely… fucking… nuts.She jacked Stan’s and Greg’s cocks for dear life as I hammered up into her. I was going over the edge myself when Greg gasped and exclaimed, “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming for you Maddie!”As my beautiful, innocent wife, jerked and spasmed through her own orgasm, our friend put his hand on her shoulder to seeming support her. Instead, he held her close to his cock so she could be sprayed fully in the face with his first squirt of seed.I watched in exquisite horror as jet after jet of his sperm squirted onto Maddie’s face and into her open mouth as she gasped through her orgasm.I came hard. I slammed her down all the way on my cock and began filling her with a load like I’d never given her before.I had what seemed like an out of body experience for a moment as all my muscles relaxed after releasing what felt like a gallon of cum into my wife’s pussy.My hands remained on her waist as I leaned back on the loveseat and let the warmth of it all flow over my now languid form.Chapter 11 – Too Late to Stop It NowIt was the noises that snapped me out it. Much closer and different than the noises coming from the TV video, which I glanced at briefly. On it, I saw a close up of Greg’s cock in Jennifer’s ass on the screen.Forcefully, I focused on the here and now. I had expected Maddie to lay back on me after her own orgasm subsided; however, instead, she was still forward.She was still stroking Stan’s big meat, but the noises that drew my attention were the slurping and sucking noises she made as she now sucked on Greg’s messy cock. He groaned, “Yes Maddie, suck my sperm all out baby. Oh fuck, your mouth is amazing.”Maddie pulled off with a popping noise as the suction was released. She looked back at me with lust her eyes. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry, he stuck it in my mouth while it was open. I… I just couldn’t stop myself.”I looked at Greg and his reply was only, “Sorry man, but her mouth was right there and open.”Stan groaned and said. “Oh fuck, I’m getting close. Please Maddie, take it in your mouth.”Maddie looked at me with an almost pleading expression. “Baby, it’s only fair that I do the same for Stan, right?”I was speechless. I had not seen any of this coming. Now with my orgasm over, and my mind clearer, I wasn’t sure what to think. Though, in hindsight, I could certainly see how I had given her the impression that I wanted her to do this for our friends.Nevertheless, I took too long to answer and apparently the look on my face was not one of abject horror and disapproval. Maddie just smiled and said, “Okay, you’re right.”I thought she might quit, but instead, she pulled Stan closer by his cock and began to suck on the tip. He didn’t say another word but looked at me and shrugged as my wife wrapped both hands around his big shaft and start stroking and sucking him simultaneously.I could only watch. Still somewhat out of body, I saw everything in the room at once.I saw the TV. I looked down and saw my wife’s cooch ensconced on my penis. It was red, puffy and sticky with the cum leaking out between our sex organs.I saw Greg standing there and stroking his semi-hard cock while watching Maddie.I also watched Maddie, as she did her best to hoover Stan’s big meat.Soon, Stan couldn’t hold out any longer. “Maddie, Maddie, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum.”Maddie pulled and jacked him faster with her little hands. “Yes Stan, cum for me, cum for Maddie.”With that said, she opened her mouth and engulfed him again.”Ooooohhhhh fuuuuccckkkkk!” Stan groaned and his face turned to one of pure ecstasy as he began to cum in my wife’s mouth.I watched his big pole yank and jerk almost out of her hands as my Maddie clamped her lips down about half way down the shaft.I saw her cheeks hollow out as she sucked his load from his tool.Once, she gagged and I thought she’d pull off, but she didn’t. She seemed determined to hold on and managed to do just that. I looked at Stan’s face and knew what he was feeling. Maddie didn’t always swallow my cum, but when she did, she was enthusiastic to say the least.Again, Greg chimed in, “That is so fucking hot Maddie.”Stan’s eyes were wide open as my wife, his friend, sucked him dry.When finished, she finally fell back onto me. She turned her head to look at me, smiled contentedly and said, “All of your guys’ cum taste different.”I found myself enraptured by all the sperm on her face, as it dripped down her cheeks and chin. Greg had really unleashed on her and I could see some of Stan’s recent load dripping from her mouth.Continuing to betray me, my cock twitched inside of her messy pussy. Apparently, I had hardened again during her spectacle.Feeling it, Maddie continued to read my body language and not what was in my mind.Licking her lips messily, she said, “Oh does someone else want to be sucked? Mmmm. Okay then. One more.”Chapter 12 – Inference Leads to OccurrenceLifting herself from my burgeoning cock, she flipped over stomach-to-stomach with me and kissed me hard, getting our friends’ cum all over my face and into my mouth too. I’m not sure she was even thinking of it that way, but that’s what happened. Like I said, we’d never done anything like this before.Slipping down my body, she left a gooey trail as she settled between my legs and began sucking me with vigor.She stared at me the entire time as I wiped the mixture of cum from my face. There was no denying that my cock was rock hard, and Maddie didn’t let me go down. She attacked my cock with a ferocity I’d never seen, or felt, before. The video was still playing and the guys stood to either side of my wife’s body as she kneeled between my legs and serviced me.Maddie stopped and looked back at the video to see Jennifer getting spit-roasted again. Her eyes flashed when she looked back at me and said, “Now I see why she’s a slut, that looks amazing.”With that, she dove back down on my cock.I looked at the TV and then at Stan and Greg. They stared back and I said nothing. I didn’t even shrug.Greg just smiled and nodded before stroking Maddie’s hair as her head bobbed up and down on me.No words were exchanged, but I felt a message transfer between them. Maddie never stopped sucking but moved he lower body from the kneeling position, to where she was fully on her knees with her ass in the air.Greg and Stan exchanged glances again and Greg ran his hand down Maddie’s back as he moved behind her. She shivered at his touch and when he settled on his knees behind her, she looked me dead in the eyes.I knew what was going to happen. I had let a lot happen, but up until this moment, my wife’s pussy was still my own. I’m not sure how this all would affect our relationship, but I could choose to stop it right now.Maddie was staring at me and Greg was poised behind her awaiting some kind of signal.My cock again made the call. With a huge spasm, I began iddaa siteleri to cum again.Maddie’s eyes glittered in delight at the inferred signal and Greg readily sank his cock into her pussy.There was no stopping it now. I groaned and convulsed as my wife sucked me dry while one of my best buddies hammered her pussy from behind. After I came for a full minute, Maddie released my softening cock from her mouth and said, “Yes Greg, do me just like that, just like that.”Greg, apparently not satisfied with that, pulled my wife away from the love seat and for the first time, I no longer had physical contact with my lovely bride.Unceremoniously, he rolled her over before crawling between her legs in the missionary position. He simply said, “If you liked that, you’ll love this,” and shoved himself back inside of her.And she did.I sat alone and impotent. I simply watched as his cock with that pronounced upward curve apparently hit the same spot on Maddie as it did on Jennifer. She went nuts as he fucked her. When I didn’t think she could love it any more, he threw her legs over his shoulders and pounded her until she screamed with another orgasm. Her body was still jerking sexily in ecstasy when he had his own orgasm and unleashed his load inside of her. I saw his balls clinch and release over and over again as he pumped his seed into her.She fell back as her orgasm subsided and Greg slowly stroked her pussy to ensure every drop was inside. Then, he moved to clear the way for Stan. Maddie was gasping for air when he moved between her legs. She again looked at his cock before she said, “I don’t know if I can take it.” Her mouth said it, but her tone sounded like a girl that wanted to try it.Sensing her willingness, he said, “Oh, you can take it.”Greg picked his new location and kneeled at her head before placing his wet cock to her lips. Without thought, she sucked him in, but never quit looking at Stan’s cock as he began to push inside of her.She tensed, let go of Greg’s cock for a moment and cried, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!”I knew she was serious because she never curses. Sure, she would say ‘penis,’ ‘cock’, things like that. Hell, she’d even scream ‘Oh my God’, but she will not say the F-word, ever. Until now. She must have been saving it for the right time.Greg rubbed his cock over her face as Stan worked his big tool into her now-seemingly impossibly small vagina. He started stroking slowly and then sped up as he got deeper with each stroke.”Oh my fucking God, fuck me you bastard. Fuck me like that slut lieutenant’s wife!”I heard a squelching noise and saw a mixture of my own and Greg’s cum slip out of Maddie’s pussy as Stan bottomed out in her. She went crazy and her screams were loud enough I thought someone would call the cops. Greg must have thought the same, because he straddled her chest and shoved his cock into her mouth. I may not agree with his methods, but it shut her up.The slapping noise seem to roll through the room like thunder as Stan hammered Maddie mercilessly.After several minutes, the guys, working as a team again, rolled my Maddie onto her hands and knees and spit-roasted her. Exactly as they had done to Jennifer on the video. Maddie loved it. She fucked back hard into Stan and sucked Greg the best she could with the pounding she was getting.I sat on the loveseat, speechless, and watched. I remembered masturbating to the idea of them fucking our commanding officer’s wife, but I never dreamed that our best friends would be doing the same to my wife.They fucked like that for at least 10 minutes. Maddie had cum as least one more time and Stan finally groaned that he was very close.Greg had pulled out of her mouth and was just stroking and smacking her bouncing face when he could.”Fill me up, fill me with your cum Stan. Make that fat cock cum into my slutty cunt!”With a final thrust, Stan did just that. He came so hard that it nearly lifted Maddie’s knees from the floor with the ejaculation motions.Maddie buried her face into the carpet on the floor and moaned loudly as he emptied himself inside of her. It seemed to stretch to forever, but was likely only a few seconds later when finally, he pulled out. Chapter 13 – Is It Over Yet?As his cock flopped out, a gush of sperm flowed out of her gaping pussy and dripped to the floor.Both guys moved away from my wife, giving her a chance to breathe.Her chest heaved as she puffed for air. She used the fresh oxygen to literally crawl back over to the loveseat and curled back into my lap.We all sat silently, and I wondered where we would go from here. What would happen to me and Maddie? Would we still be comfortable around each other or would this break our young marriage? Would the guys ever be allowed to hang out with us again? I’d still have to see them at work. That could be awkward.The video had been long ignored, but I knew it had to be drawing to an end. Remaining silent, I held and stroked my wife as she regained her senses.Stan and Greg were now standing around awkwardly. I think we were all in our own thoughts about the future.Maddie looked up at me and smiled. Then, she looked at the video to see that Jennifer was now doing something completely different. She was riding Stan’s cock, while Greg was behind her and fucking her too. I knew from previous viewing that he was fucking Jennifer’s asshole. It was a classic double penetration scene.Maddie said, “Oh damn. She’s loving that.”As she looked at me, I could only nod.Smiling at me again, she said, “I want that baby. Right… fucking… now.”Well, I guess the future would wait a bit longer, and I did another visual inspection of the room.I looked at the TV. I looked at the guys who were no longer awkward, but smiling.I looked at the clock. It was 11:08PM. Just 52 minutes until 1989.Fuck it. I stood, cradling my wife in my arms and headed for the bedroom. The guys looked confused when I walked by them with my wife.I turned at the beginning of the hallway and said, “Come on you sons of bitches, let’s three-hole-punch this slut into the New Year. I get her asshole first.”Chapter 14 – Happy New Year MotherfuckersYou see, we did fuck the hell out of Maddie that evening. She let her inner sexual a****l loose and we took full advantage of it. I was indeed the first to fuck her anally that night and unexpectedly, she loved it. The three of us guys took turns fucking every hole as we double and triple penetrated her repeatedly.Wanting to further put herself several notches above that “slut” Jennifer, Greg and I even double-penetrated her wide-open cunt for a few minutes. Admittedly, Stan and I tried it too, but that was just too much cock in one hole for her.Us guys managed to each cum a total of 3 to 5 times that night. We lost count of Maddie’s orgasms. For a while, it seemed that she was in one long perpetual state of cumming. It didn’t last all night long as some stories say and wrapped up around 1:00AM on January 1st, 1989, when we all passed out satiated and exhausted.Maybe, like me, we all fell asleep wondering what the next day would bring for our group of friends.1989The next day did start awkward enough. Maddie awoke first and had to untangle herself from the variety of limbs laying around. Consequently, that roused the rest of us. I opened one bleary eye and watched as Maddie’s naked ass walked across the room and into the bathroom. I heard the lock engaged as she closed the door. I had no way to judge her mood.Still foggy with sleep, I began to move around as Stan and Greg did also. We were all in various states of undress and just seemed to take turns looking at each other as we processed the new dynamic.We got ourselves put together and made awkward conversation as we heard the shower running in the bathroom. None of us knew how to interact because everything was such a damn surprise. Nobody had any clue what was going to happen the previous night. I couldn’t be mad at these guys any more then I could be angry with Maddie. I could be mad with myself, but strangely enough, I was okay with what had happened. Admittedly, I didn’t feel like it was something that we should do again. At least, not any time soon. Yet, I didn’t feel terrible about it either.We had made previous plans as a group for the day, but Stan smartly suggested that he and Greg should be gone before Maddie reappeared. As he said this, the sound of shower water stopped, so he and Greg began to quickly gather their things.I was walking them to the door a couple minutes later when we heard Maddie’s voice call out, “Where is everyone going? You fuckers owe me breakfast after last night.”We all stopped and turned. There my beautiful Maddie stood wrapped in her towel and her wet hair in a tousled mess. She looked so very sexy and was wearing that cheerful smile that always accompanied her.I had also noticed her use of the F-word. I liked its addition to her vocabulary. Apparently, she had become comfortable with it.I started, “We, we thought…” and let it trail off.Her left eyebrow arched, and her smile widened. “You thought what? That you’d all have sex with me and then Stan and Greg would skulk off never to be seen again? Grow up, assholes. I still love you guys and you’re still our friends.”Now, we’ve got plans today and I need to get ready. You Marines get your asses through the shower and get ready. I’m serious about owing me fucking breakfast.”Our mouths were open in shock as she twirled around and walked back into the room to finish getting ready.The three of us looked between each other again and finally our own smiles began to appear. My wife really knew how to break the tension in a room.I said, “Okay guys. We’ve got our orders, let’s get this show on the road.”Epilogue At the beginning of this retelling, I indicated that this did not lead Maddie and me down a road where she became a slut and me a cuckold. I even stated that we are still happily married. Indeed, all of that is true, but not only due to the love we share for each other, but also the genuine friendship of Stan and Greg.That first day, we found our way to maintaining the close friendships we had fostered. In fact, it was tighter than ever and was continued until the Marine Corps eventually broke us all up a little over a year later. As is typical, we all received orders to different duty stations.And if you are wondering, no, it wasn’t a non-stop fuck fest with me and my buddies fucking Maddie. Nor did Maddie start looking at other guys and fucking around on me. The very large majority of the time, we continued on and hung out just as we had before that fateful New Year’s Eve.For their parts, Stan and Greg kept the secret and did not share what had happened with others in the unit. If they told anyone at other duty stations or later in life, I have no idea.As indicated, we all became much more comfortable around each other. The kind of comfortable you only get with physical familiarity.We all talked freely about sex and the guys even shared sexual conquest stories with Maddie. Likewise, we’d share some of the things we had done and the places they happened. We did seem to get more adventurous since New Year’s Eve and the guys enjoyed those stories the most.Don’t get me wrong, things didn’t dry up completely. There was occasional sex that involved all or part of our group. Many don’t understand the areas around military bases. There is a significant difference in the ratio between available males and females. There are men everywhere. Therefore, it wasn’t unusual for the guys not to have girlfriends, or even go awhile between their own sexual escapades. Not often, but sometimes, Maddie helped them through the dry periods. Though, she never did enough for it to become expected or even commonplace. Occasionally though, Stan or Greg might be complaining about no sexual partners and she’d say something like, “Oh for fuck’s sake, pull the damn thing out and I’ll take care of it for you.”These comments were always made with a knowing smile and yes, she got a lot more comfortable as well as vocal over the passage of time.Once or twice, the opportunities were too good to pass up. Like one time that one of Stan’s dates were with us and willing.Alas, it did come to a complete end. After we were all at separate duty stations, Maddie and I made the conscious decision to not go into another relationship like this. Not because it was hard on our relationship, but because we figured there was no way we’d be lucky enough to find friends as good as Stan and Greg.We do still reminisce about the old days and recount those experiences sometimes during our current sexual encounters. Yes, we are still very sexually active.

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