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INSIDE MAPLE GROVE – A story about one families bi

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INSIDE MAPLE GROVE – A story about one families biStella Harris walked onto her front terrace and placed the large tray of teapots, cups, saucers and accompaniments required to serve tea to her five seated guests. Stella Harris was the unofficial head of the unofficial Maple Grove residents association and today was a day for a coming together.Maple Grove was a ten year old gated community of just 9 bespoke homes in a leafy suburb of Boston and home to some of New England’s white upper middle class where husbands were generally stockbrokers and investment bankers and the only wives that worked were a couple of senior partners in a law firm. All the residents were between the age range of 45 and 55 who’s offspring had pretty much all fled the nest or were at university. Stella was pretty much the self appointed head as her and her husband John had been the first residents and she had used her self confessed inquisitive disposition to get to know the business of all the other residents by simply befriending them as soon as they had each moved in. On this midweek summers morning she had been joined by some of her friends and neighbours: Sofie, Emma, Kate, Alexis, Amanda and Nicole for the very purpose of getting first look at the, soon to be, new occupants of number 9 which was the house standing tight at the end of the development and the only view of the driveway was from Stella’s front terrace. As the bahis şirketleri discussion turned to the six of them wondering what the new residents would be like Stella informed the group that she had heard from one of the many contractors who had been working at the property that the new owner was in the construction business but that was all she had found out. “Well we shall all get to see soon” commented Sofie, tapping the same embossed invitation, all the residents had received a couple of months earlier, sitting on the table to a garden party at number 9 that coming Saturday from “The Jackson Family”A little after 11AM two black Range Rover cars with tinted windows cruised past and parked on the driveway at number 9. The six of them sat in silence staring at the cars, awaiting the first glimpse of the Jackson’s. The silence was broken by several gasps when almost in unison Lenny and Michelle Jackson stepped out of the cars and surveyed their new home.“Good Heavens” said Emma, as they all stared at the first ever Black residents of Maple Grove.The conversation quickly turned to them expressing their displeasure at having a black family moving in and not really sounding too keen on going to their party, until Alexis announced that they may well be very nice, just different than everyone was used to. “Besides” she said, holding up the invitation and tapping her finger on the R.S.V.P lettering. bahis firmaları “We have already all accepted the invite.Lenny Jackson was from the deep south and the only son of a Black farming couple. He had gotten a football scholarship to Boston College (BC) and had come to love New England, especially when he had met his, wife to be, Michelle, who was studying physiotherapy at the same college. They had now been married 25 years and had a daughter Abby, 22, currently at BC and a son Arron, 20, who worked alongside Lenny in his construction business. Lenny had gotten lucky when his parents had been offered a huge sum of money to sell some of their land for development and they had given him enough to set up his own company from where he had tapped into the world of high end home renovations and construction to Boston’s elite and become wealthy enough to now have moved into his own bespoke built home complete with pool house, the only one in Maple Grove. All the Jacksons were tall athletic, and certainly considered attractive, people with both Lenny and Arron standing well over 6 feet tall with Michelle and Abbey both being 5 feet 10. All four of them were now busying themselves, under the direction of Michelle, getting everything ready for the Pool and garden party later that day.The party was well attended and Michelle proved to be a fantastic host laying on an excellent spread of food whilst Lenny kaçak bahis siteleri was busy charming the ladies as he knew that the best way to gain home makeover work was to get the lady of the house to decide she wanted it doing. Abbey and Arron were certainly dressed to impress although there were only 2 other girls of a similar age to them there both of whom were also at University although Abbey did notice she was getting many admiring glances from the male folk. Despite some of the reservations many had harboured they all agreed whilst chatting in the garden that the Jackson’s were indeed a fun, charming and very hospitable family. A couple of residents, including Stella had made comments about the wonderful pool and Michelle had made it very clear that they were welcome to make use of it if they wished. Meanwhile the Jackson’s were in the kitchen, having their own discussion for despite their hospitable friendly demeanour they all harboured a grudge at the mistreatment of black people at the hands of white middle class folk over many generations, and were hell bent on turning the tables. They had used the party to gain the trust of the residents whilst also selecting potential “easy marks” for their first conquest. Because unbeknown to the residents of Maple Grove the Jacksons were sexual predators and intended to use their charm, and clear physical attributes to bed their way to the top step of the community and although they all now had easy targets in mind they all agreed on one thing. Stella Harris was the main influencer in Maple Grove and they were all going to have a piece of her.https://xhamster.com/users/tedstales

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