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Interstate Innocence (part ll)

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Interstate Innocence (part ll)We sat in that dark station for nearly an hour. I told Becky again and again how good her mouth had felt, and she never got tired of hearing it. While the bus sat at that station, I thought maybe my mouth would make her feel as good, and asked her if she thought so.”Yes Danny, I bet it would. I would let you. . . you know, if you wanted to.” she said. “You’re the nicest boy I have ever met.”I slowly pushed her back into the corner, against her pillows, and her legs fell open. I looked down at her nakedness. Some moonlight shown through our window and I saw it reflecting off thousands of little blond hairs on her chest and tummy. She looked so sexy! When I looked at her pussy, I saw more hair there. It was blond too, a little bit longer than the ones that covered her tummy, but not much. It was a little thicker there, and looked very very soft. I felt her with my hand again, touched her soft firm pussy lips, tugged on them as she ran her fingers through my hair, smiling wickedly at me.”Kiss me down there Danny, I think I would really like that. Use your tongue on me. Use your lips on me. Stroke me with your fingers and nibble on me.”Anything for my little Becky! I did as she asked, and she tasted real good too! I was kinda worried about how she would taste, but once I started, once I felt her response to my mouth, I just kept licking and kissing her little pussy all over. She held my head tightly, and moaned real quietly, which was a good thing, because the bus was almost silent now. I looked up, past her little belly button and saw her nipples were really hard.I used one hand to pinch them. She shook when I did, and I felt a lot of goose bumps on her then. She clearly liked that. With my other hand, I spread her pussy wide and found that little nub I knew she liked me to touch. I think it became tougher for her to stay quite, cause she wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed me. I had a free hand still, so I tried to remember what else she liked, recalling I was doing something with it earlier. Slowly it came back to me, as I started to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy, just below the little nub I was licking.”My ass too, Danny,” she groaned. Oh yeah, I remembered now. Her nipples had to take turns getting pinched, but I was able to slide fingers in and out of both her holes and lick her nub, but I could barely breath, she was squeezing me so hard. She told me I was doing real good. . . “Just like that,” she said. She told me to keep going, “Just like that and don’t never stop, ever.”Ever! Can you believe that? I kept going just like I was, certain I was making her feel really good. All of a sudden, her pussy started to squirt me. Just a little for sure, and not gross at all. It wasn’t pee, I was sure of that! Cause the squirt tasted just like her pussy, warm and salty. And, as she pulled on my hair really hard, she whispered my name over and over. Finally, her legs fell open again, and I took a big deep breath.When I went to lick her some more, she stopped me. She just held my face in her hands. I tried to stay still, but I did look at her pussy some more and it seemed her little pussy lips had swollen up some. I guess hers did that when she was getting pleased. When I looked up at her, she opened her eyes and looked at me like she was real shy. But when I gave her a big smile, she pulled me up to her face so she could give me a killer kiss.She made us switch spots. I saw her stand up, her little dress bunched-up around her thin waist. She let me look at her naked for a few moments. She was so hot. Then she made me lean back into the corner and lay back against the pillows. She sat down and stretched her legs out, so her feet hung out into the aisle a bit, and rested her head on my chest, and looked up at me. I was glad because she looked comfortable laying there like that, looking right at me. And I had nothing to complain about. She held my hand again. She asked me a question too. One I could actually answer without getting embarrassed güvenilir bahis or ashamed.”Will you tell me about your book again?” She asked sweetly, her blue eyes glowing in the soft moonlight, her blond hair spread over my lap.”Yes, Becky.” I answered. “I certainly can.” So I began to tell her the story about Frodo, and the hobbits. When the bus pulled out of that little dark station a little later, she was asleep, and she looked very comfortable and happy. I know I was, when I fell asleep.When I woke, our bus was stopped in traffic in a big city. When my head cleared, I was able to read a license plate on a car below us. Arkansas. I thought maybe we were in Little Rock. It was a big city, and both Becky and I had a three and a half hour layover there before we switched to a bus headed for Marshall, Texas. I recalled my mom wanted me to call home, collect. I rubbed Becky’s arm until she began to wake up. I figured we slept a couple hours, judging by the clock on a bank we passed. We needed to put our clothes back on. But before we got dressed she gave the tip of my erect wiener a sloppy wet kiss. Mmmmm.We were ready when the bus pulled into the station. She led me off the bus, holding my hand tightly. I had both our bags slung over my shoulder, and followed her as she skipped through the crowded station.”Sit here, Danny,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”I sat down at a small table, feeling rather tired but happy, as I watched Becky weave through the crowd. I kept my eye on her to make sure she wasn’t bothered. I watched her get in a line at a small cafeteria and fill two cups with something. But she didn’t wait in line to pay for it! She just snuck right by some tall men and headed for a small counter, where she put some more stuff in our drinks. She came back to the table smiling wickedly.”Becky,” I scolded. “You stole those!””I did not,” she said innocently. “Refills are free.” Oh, I thought. It didn’t quite make sense, but I was kinda proud of her for getting away with it and all. I never really had the nerve to steal anything. “Here you go, Danny. I put cream and sugar in it. It’s my special blend of coffee and hot chocolate.”It was great! It tasted kinda strong and hot, but it woke me up. I drank it sitting close to Becky, while she made me laugh. She poked fun at all the people around us, I almost blew some of my drink out of my nose. Soon, we were both kinda jittery from the coffee, so we decided to go explore the neighborhood. I threw our bags over our my shoulders, and we headed out. It wasn’t a very nice area, but when we found a grocery store, Becky said we should go in.”Do you have any money, Danny? For peanut butter and vanilla wafers?” she asked me. “That’s my favorite.”I promised to buy her the best! We wandered through the grocery store, having a blast. We found a big bin full of trail-mix, and helped ourselves to big handfuls, stuffing them in our mouths, laughing while we chewed real fast. I learned that Becky also loved deviled-ham and crackers, so when we got that too. I took it to the register and paid for all of it. But when we walked out of the grocery store and into the parking lot, a man came out and yelled for us to stop!”Run Danny, Run!” Becky hollered. I grabbed her little hand and we ran. She could run pretty fast, but not as fast as I could. I wasn’t about to leave her behind though. I ran across a street, just ahead of some cars freed from a green traffic light. We had left our pursuer behind. Becky stopped across the street to wave at him. She was so brave! I pulled at her hand, and we ran all the way back to the station.”This way, Danny,” she said tugging at me. She ran up the steps of a bus, when we got inside, we found it was empty. It was one of those double-decker ones and it smelled brand new.”You’re a bad girl Becky!” I hollered, following her down the long wide aisle.”What are you gonna do about it, Danny? Spank me?””Yes!” She squealed and ran from me, her pig tails bouncing, her bag swinging on her back. She ran down the aisle and then türkçe bahis up the winding stairs screaming as I caught her and threw her into a seat.”No Danny NO!” She pleaded. But it did her no good. Deep down inside of my mind, I knew we were just playing for fun, and this was FUN.I wrestled with her, and she struggled to get free, but I was much stronger. She squirmed a lot, yelled in her high-pitched voice. It wasn’t long before I had her over my lap, under my control. “I’m so bad! I’m wicked!” She cried. I smacked her butt. “I’m still real bad!” I smacked her harder. “I’m such a criminal!”I lifted her dress, exposing her panty clad ass and smacked her again; the sound echoed in the bus. “Ouch! I’m such a wicked girl. . .” Smack. When she told me that I had spanked all the naughtiness completely out of her, I stopped. And she appeared so grateful, sitting on my lap, her legs wrapped around me and hugging me. She gave me a very wet kiss, an expression of her gratitude, she said.”I think you must be starving,” she said. “I think I will fix you some lunch now. Will you hand me my bag?” Of course. She opened a small tin of the ham and spread it on the cracker and fed it to me. One after the other. She ate about every third ham-cracker.When we got thirsty, she reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of Pepsi. I gasped. “Is that what you stole?” She nodded.”And more.” she explained. “And, you didn’t even know, til that man chased us.” She was right of course, but she hadn’t stolen a bottle opener. I pointed that out. She leaned over and set the cap of the bottle on the metal lip of the window and gave it a sharp smack with her palm, and off flew the metal cap. Wow! Some of the Pepsi foamed over, but I was impressed. She handed me the bottle and I took a big swig. We drank deeply, burping often. We ate more crackers and finished a second bottle of Pepsi, before she slid off my lap, laying on the seat beside me, her little dress bunched up so I could clearly see her undies, and how tan she was too! I hadn’t really noticed, but it looked like she spent a lot of time in the sun. As I watched, her little legs fell open. Her panties were wet! I thought that maybe she would like a licking. I asked.”Becky, would you like me to lick you pussy now?””Please, Danny, do. Do lick my pussy now.”I pulled her little panties off and eagerly dove in. She was wet, maybe from sitting on my lap while she fed me. I know my wiener had been really hard the whole time. I took my time licking her, and she moaned and groaned. I liked taking my time, and I judged she was slowly becoming more excited. She pulled her dress higher and higher until she could play with her boobs. I loved watching her do that as I licked her. Finally I remembered about my fingers, and started plugging her holes again. I got my fingers into her pussy farther than ever, stretching her. She loved it when I slid my thumb into her ass.”Oh Danny Danny!” she cried, her hands rubbing her tiny boobs, pinching her nipples. She looked up at me wistfully, her face blushing.”I want you to stick it in me Danny. Will you put you wiener in me now?” I was pretty certain what she meant. My cock was really uncomfortable, straining to be free of my shorts.I pulled my thumb out of her ass and rose, taking off my shorts. She stared at my hard wiener, licking her lips. I stood between her legs, realizing how special this moment was, but not really sure how to proceed. I felt very clumsy crawling between her legs, atop her. Becky helped me by reaching for my cock and guiding it to her young wet pussy.”Slide it in Danny. I want you to.”I pushed into her. She cried out, but I don’t think in pain. I slid all the way into her. Oh my god, how good it felt! She was bucking like mad under me; we were in danger of falling off the seats. I put a leg down on the floor to steady us, and I tried to hold her down just a bit. She wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled me toward her face and she kissed me and bit my lip.”Your so gentle, Danny, I love you.” she cooed. güvenilir bahis siteleri I thought that was very nice of her to say. I started to thrust in and out of her, almost instinctively. She gasped every time I sank into her. Our eyes were locked, our breathing was heavy, our movements began to compliment one another. “Oh God, oh golly!” she moaned. “You feel so good. . . you are so good. . .” I felt like a champ, watching her may have taken my mind off how good my cock felt sliding in and out of her wet tight pussy, because when I focused my attention on my cock, I started to feel that wave wash over me. Oh no! I didn’t know really what to do. I kept pumping away, for sure, but I warned Becky fast as I could.”Becky!” I cried. “Becky, I’m, I’m. . .””Ok, ok. . . it’s ok. . . come on Danny,” she said, her voice so reassuring I just kinda relaxed and started squirting inside her, more than I ever had before, even in her mouth. It felt so good I think I may have bitten her shoulder a little too hard, but she didn’t complain at all, she just held me while I pumped goo into her. “Good boy, shoot it in me. Good boy, all you got!” I did. All I had. I was so fucking excited. She held my face in her hands and gave me one of her great wet kisses. “Mm.” she said. “You are wonderful, Danny.” I thought she was pretty wonderful too. And I told her so.”Becky, I do love you I do.” I told her, my voice cracking. “You felt so good. I never knew what it was like. I had no idea.” My cock was still buried in her, growing kinda soft, but I left it in her because it felt warm and snug where it was, and she didn’t ask me to take it out. We stayed that way for a while. She told me how good it made her feel for me to fuck her. And this kinda got me excited again. Finally, she noticed and gasped a little.”Danny! Are you getting hard again?” I nodded, a little ashamed, hoping it didn’t make her mad. “Goody. . . I was hoping you would.” I lasted a lot longer this time, prolly three or four minutes. I gave it to her good; she cried my name over and over. She wiggled a lot at the end, and shook all over. Her eyes closed and she screamed real loud, I thought everyone in the bus station would come running. When I started to come again, she held my face, smiling sweetly at me, encouraging me to fill her up!We got dressed and packed away our food. “We need to go wash up Danny,” she said holding out her hand to me. She led us to the restrooms, where we went our separate ways. I went to the sink and wet a bunch of wash cloths, and stepped into one of the stalls and cleaned up as well as I could. I did that twice really, I wanted to make sure if Becky kissed my cock it would taste clean. I was hoping we could fool around some more, I guess. I waited for her outside the women’s restroom. When she came out and saw me, she smiled shyly. She walked up to me and stood before me, looking up at me. I put my arms around her and hugged her close to me. She started to cry a little, and it made me sad, I hoped I hadn’t caused her to be unhappy or hurt her in anyway. She assured me I hadn’t.”I’m just happy is all,” she explained. I think that was maybe the first time I was truly confused by a girl’s behavior, but it certainly happened again, many times. “Because you are so sweet to me.”I called my mom collect from a payphone while Becky stood close by. I assured my mom everything was fine, wonderful in fact. I told my mom a little bit about my new friend Becky, and when I looked at her she was blushing, looking at me in a dreamy way. We went back to our empty bus and ate more. She insisted on feeding me. We ate the sandwiches my mom had put in my bag, and some more chips and crackers too. She made me vanilla wafer and peanut-butter sandwiches for dessert. I was really full when she stopped putting food in front of my mouth. “Do you want some milk,Danny? We could go get you some milk. . .”I shook my head. “I’m really full, Becky.” I explained. She got a satisfied look on her face and we relaxed back on our seats. She asked me to tell her more about my books.”Right where you left off last night, Danny, they were in that Inn and Frodo disappeared.” She fell asleep about twenty minutes later, her head in my lap, but I stayed awake, so we wouldn’t miss our bus.

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