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It’s so easy, being here with you. The rest of the world is able to melt away when I’m alone with you. You’re a restorative component in my life; a simple pleasure for my dark and twisted being. I’d like to keep you here with me until time ends. That is all I’d ask for: to be near you and away from everything else. To be sitting across your lap, leaning into your chest; to peel your shirt away from your back, to pull it over your head and throw it across the floor. To unhook your bra, to have you bare yourself to me. There’d be no need for you to be self-conscious; we could be completely comfortable and at ease because this is not about the size of my breasts or the size of your waist — no, this is about our being together.

This is about us touching our chests together, about pressing, straining our bodies together as closely as we can make them be, fighting against the skin that keeps us separate from one another. My nails would trace circles along your lower back, something I know both excites you and irritates you because you don’t want me to be just doing that; you don’t want to wait, you want more. I can’t help but find bursa escort it cute, the way your muscles tense up slightly when I do this. It makes it all the more fun to tease you. But eventually I’d give in to your rough, needing breaths and lean into your mouth. Catching your lips in this moment of shared intimacy reminds me somehow of chasing butterflies. You are such a brilliant butterfly, you know. You are painted with so many colors; your wings give a new breath of life to flight.

There, in the dark with you, I can hear your heart beating. Can you hear mine? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Our hearts have been worn, they have grown heavy, but still they keep beating. Despite everything, there is blood in your veins and wings on your back. Now, come closer so I can make your heart race even faster. I want to taste your skin with my fingertips. I want all of you. I will leave not one of your secrets untouched. With your breasts in my hand, I know we are sharing something we hadn’t known we’d been hiding. With my mouth on your hardening nipples, I am suckling at your confidences. You’re still so careful, but I’m breaking down your barriers. bursa escort bayan Here, together alone, we are discovering erratic pleasure. We are discovering ecstatic vulnerability. We are discovering what it all means, in a sliver of thoughtless inebriation, to love and to crave and to be at a loss for words.

The inside of your thighs are so warm and soft. I’ve tasted temperatures on your skin that electrify my tongue. You have an addictive heat that crawls into me as well. So hot, so hot, you begin to melt. Please, melt into me. Let me in. Let me into your guarded world. Let me into your butterfly cocoon. Let me into your dripping warmth. There are little noises catching in your throat.

Then, I’m inside. I’m deep within you, and you are tight around me. We have both been tense, but when your muscles constrict this time, it’s only in the best of ways. You want as much of me as you can get. Your hands reach for me, your hips roar into motion. Come, come to me. Closer. Deeper. I want as much of you as I can get. You shudder, you scream, and when you do you show me who you are. This is you in the flesh, in the spirit, escort bursa in the most raw and honest way. We’ve shed our inhibition with our clothing. We’ve unraveled layers of fabric and considerations. We have been drawn to this recklessness for the sake of elicit intertwinement. And now here you are, deconstructing enigmas with the arching of your spine, admitting impulsions with the curling of your toes. You’re going, you’re almost there.

You make these noises that I want to lick off your lips and taste in my mouth. And then…then you reach it; you stumble past the brink of yourself. Every twinge of your body is exalted by sensation. Your breath is caught in your throat for a moment, and, when you at last exhale, your body softens and your mind is met with the subtle madness of ultimate mental clarity. We lay there together in the placated shambles of two uncertain human beings, having sought some unknown something in the tangle of skin and sweat that we’ve created, and we think nothing for a long time. My hand finds yours in the darkness and I fill the empty spaces between your fingers with mine. I rest my head on your chest, and again I can hear that rhythmic beating. I listen closely, trying to hear the words your heart is saying. “Can you hear it, too?” I ask out loud. You nod. “This…” I whisper, “This is how we know that we’re alive.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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