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Interviewing… Angelina

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Interviewing… AngelinaInterviewing… AngelinaAuthor: Bonercreator69Female Film Stars Secrets was the show that I most looked forward to filming, especially this week as my guest promised to produce just as good a show as the previous one. On the show was, in my opinion, the world’s hottest and most famous MILF in Angelina Jolie. Angelina being on the show was a serious coup for the producers, as she was probably the most sought after interviewee in the world, and I would be able to ask her absolutely anything. I couldn’t wait.Going through the usual introductions, I couldn’t help wondering how sexy Angelina Jolie would look, the woman admired by many ever since her Lara Croft appearance. I wasn’t to be disappointed as she stepped out to do the interview dressed in a smoking hot, black, leather dress, one which exaggerated that perfect figure of hers. She certainly looked at least ten years younger than her actual age of 39 and I could already feel my cock start to twitch as I imagined the body beneath the leather dress.“Angelina, you look stunning. Welcome to the show, where I get to ask you any questions I want, regarding any subject with no taboo topics. OK with that?”“Yeah, certainly,” she replied, flashing her beautiful smile. “I always want to do interviews which let me chat about anything.”“Well then, this show’s perfect for you. Let’s get started. You’re in probably the most famous relationship around with Brad Pitt, is it difficult?”“You know what, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.” she answered. “Being in the public eye makes it hard to have a private relationship but we try and it works most of the time, because we love each other and our k!ds.”“Talking of k!ds, you’ve got six, three natural and three adopted.” I quizzed Angelina. “I bet they’re a lot of hard work, especially as you’re both filming?”“Yeah, but Maddox and Pax look after their br0thers and s!sters when we’re both away, so it’s not too much trouble. It was difficult when they were all younger but nowadays it’s much easier.”“Let’s get to the questions that are taboo on other shows but people want to know. Is there less sexual activity with all the ch!ldren around?”“This is my kind of interview,” she replied, grinning once more. “Erm, yeah, there’s definitely less sex than there was before the k!ds. But, to be honest, we don’t really have much time for that with both of us away working buca escort or one of us will be while the other is off and so it’s not really down to the k!ds as a reason.”“You must miss it, then. I mean, sex is great, right?”“Yeah, obviously, there are times when I really want Brad. But that’s our line of work and so I have to deal with these things, however that may be.”“Your first film that people tend to remember was Gia, purely for that steamy lesbian scene. How was that to film, easy or difficult?”“Yeah, people always remember that one. I’m not going to lie, I loved filming Gia and that scene was great fun to film. Liz (Mitchell) made it so easy and I’ve always been a little curious, especially as that was round my divorce, so it was quite easy and enjoyable really.”“Have you ever experienced girls like that in real life?”“Sure, between my second and third marriages I did have some fun with girls,” she smiled. “But since then, it’s been mainly Brad and myself for pleasure, although I do still like to watch girls in that sense.”“In real life or on videos?” I asked, my cock rising.“Bit of both,” she grinned, noticing my rising cock. “Mainly in videos, you know, but I’ve seen a couple of real shows from well-known celebrities. You’re going to want to know who now, aren’t you?”“You bet I am,” I replied, laughing. “No taboo topics, remember?”“Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt,” she grinned. “Well, I saw Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian ages ago, but recently I’ve seen, one of your last guests, Megan Fox, having some girl fun with Lindsay Lohan.”“Wow, those must’ve been hot to watch, especially as a self-confessed bisexual?”“Yeah, they were, but as I said, I like to watch girls, rather than be involved. But never say never….”“Well, that’s just about all we’ve got time for on this Female Film Stars Secrets but join me on the next show when I’ll be joined by two of the hottest stars around in Mila Kunis and Cameron Diaz. See you soon.”Wrapping up the show with a boner was difficult but I was experienced in this now and managed it with no real problems. I headed off to my dressing room, happy with how the show had gone, learning some new-found lesbians in our midst, but unlike other shows, this was the one that I’d anticipated nothing happening afterwards.However, as I headed back to the studio to switch everything off, check the footage and escort buca head home for the night, I was stopped in my tracks, just as I had been with Rihanna on the most recent Musicians Mysteries: The Girls. On the sofa, lying comfortably, was Angelina Jolie. Her leather dress had been chucked to the floor and I was now aware she was wearing matching leather underwear, as she lay watching something on her phone. As I peered closer, I noticed her hand was underneath the waistline of her panties and was moving slowly.“No, no, no,” I said loudly, making Angelina jump as I walked into the room. “I can’t have you masturbating to something on that small screen, at least try this for size.”I moved over to the cameras and found the video I was looking for. Soon, on the screens behind the sofas, videos of my previous after-show events with Jessica Alba and Megan Fox were playing, as I settled down on the opposite sofa.Very soon, I too had joined Angelina in masturbating as I watched the events that had occurred and the event occurring in front of me, with a fully naked Angelina slowly inserting her fingers in and out of her pussy. She increased the pace, as the girls on the video began to reach orgasm, and I watched, jerking my cock, as her fingers flew in and out of her vagina at full speed, something that brought her to the edge. Before I knew it, Angelina was squirting across the set, her juices flying, as she finished herself off, fingers still flying in and out.“I told you I had a lot of experience masturbating,” she said, winking at me.“And I can see why you like watching girls,” I replied, my hand still jerking my throbbing cock.“I do like boys, though,” she whispered, and moving over towards me, she grabbed my cock and began to jerk it herself, moving her hands up and down my shaft with expertise.Soon, her lips were tasting the cock in front of her, as she moved her head down to suck on it, her lips teasing the end of my cock, her tongue licking its way down the shaft. Her blowjob was bringing me to the edge and as she started to deep throat my cock, taking my full 9 inches in her mouth, she made me ever closer. Eventually, there was no way I could hold on, and my cum exploded in Angelina’s mouth, the actress swallowing every last drop, leaving no evidence of the blowjob.Just then, her phone began to ring right next to me and glancing over buca escort bayan at the screen, I noticed it was Brad Pitt calling. Gulping down my last few drops of cum, she picked it up and answered it. Taking this action, as an end to our fun, I began to stand up and collect my trousers, scarcely believing that Angelina Jolie had just given me a blowjob, although the video that was recording would back me up. However, as if I had dreamed it, Angelina in deep conversation with her fiancée, signalled for me to stay and sit down, which of course I obliged.It was only as I sat there waiting that I began to take notice of what Angelina was saying, and as I listened carefully, I could, once more, scarcely believe it.“I’ve got my dildos here, darling.” she was saying into the phone. “I’m going to imagine I’m fucking that cock of yours and I want you to masturbate for me. OK?”And with that, she stood up and beckoned silently for me to come and join her, which again I obliged without question. She grabbed hold of my hard cock and having taken off her underwear brought it in line with her pussy and rubbed it along the edge.“My dildo’s lined up babe, I’m gonna start fucking it now,” she said down the phone, and I clicked.I was the dildo that she was going to fuck whilst on the phone to her husband. Taking control of my cock again, I pushed the first couple of inches into Angelina’s dripping pussy as she moaned. Carefully, inserting my cock inch by inch, I began to fuck the Lara Croft star, slowly to start, making her beg for me to fuck harder and faster. I could still hear her dirty talk down the phone to Brad, as I sped up the fucking, grabbing hold of her hair, and pulling her face towards mine, kissing her lips as I fucked her pussy. Her fiancée being on the end of the phone seemed to turn us both on, and the fucking grew harder, faster and more passionate, as I tried to stifle the urges to cry out and give the game away. Angelina was making no such efforts and as we both drew nearer to orgasm, she only increased the sound and dirtiness of her talk.“OH YEAH, FUCK THAT PUSSY. FUCK IT LIKE NO ONE ELSE COULD. ARE YOU JERKING THAT COCK, BRAD? ARE YOU JERKING WHILE I FUCK MY PUSSY, OH YEAH. MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM. OH YEAH THAT’S IT, THAT’S GOOD. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!” she screamed as her orgasm hit, her back arching.I, too, was cumming and without having time to withdraw, I filled the actress up with my cum, as a mixture of our two juices ran down my leg. Pulling my cock out her pussy, she hung up on her husband, and began to jerk my cock once more, bringing it to her lips, as I had a fucking I would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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