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Interviewing… Jessica

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Interviewing… JessicaInterviewing… JessicaAuthor: Bonercreator69I’ve always been a huge Jessica Ennis fan. Ever since she won the Olympics in 2012, though, the hottest British athlete has been in high demand. It’s always been a dream for me to meet one of my favourite women and finally the opportunity has arisen. My very own TV show, interviewing famous women from the world of sport, and who was my first guest, none other than Jessica Ennis. This woman’s arse had been the centre of many men’s affections over the past couple of years and now it would be sitting opposite me. My dreams were coming true.The day arrived without a hitch, the first ever recording of Sportswomen Uncovered. Jessica turned up looking unbelievably sexy in her Great Britain tracksuit, the one she had worn to win the gold medal in London. Time passed as the crew did all the necessary sound checks and lighting before finally the moment was upon me. Time to sit in a room with Jessica Ennis, the subject of many a fantasy. I did the introductions to the show and now it was time for Jessica to join us, and God did she look good. She wore a stunning red dress that exaggerated her perfect arse and as I welcomed her to the show, I couldn’t help but take in her natural beauty.“Wow, Jessica, you look amazing. Welcome to the first ever Sportswomen Uncovered. Now this is the show where we can delve deep into the lives of the world’s favourite sporting women, with no barriers or forbidden topics. That sound okay?”“That’s what I’ve been told. Time to let the world see tuzla escort the real Jessica Ennis.”“Ok, let’s start off with that gold medal win. One thing that always bugs me with athletes is the amount of training that goes into these events, is there any time for pleasure?”“Well, obviously, the training’s really important, but I need to be able to relax and let myself go a bit too,” she replied, dress clinging to her toned body.“So does that mean sex is on the table for your lucky man?”“I never have sex leading up to a tournament, in case of injuries, but after it’s over, well let’s just say I’m as wet as a waterfall.”I moved in my seat to cover up my growing bulge in my trousers. The first show and I was already getting a boner. “So, is it completely sex free, your build up, or is there the occasional masturbation?”“I always masturbate,” she says, laughing. “It’s the thing that keeps me going through the long training, especially when my husband’s away on his work trips, like now. I have to masturbate almost every day.”With my bulge growing, I had to keep the interview flowing and as I tried to divert the conversation towards other things, it finally turned back to sex. “Heptathletes must need a lot of different qualities, what’s the most important, would you say?”“Well, I’d say versatility is important but the main thing is stamina. Seven different events over two days requires a lot of energy but that’s something I don’t have to work on, if you know what I mean.”How I managed to get through the rest of the interview without tuzla escort bayan my cock bursting, I will never know but get through it I did and as the cameras cut, I was pretty happy with the first episode. I’d spent almost an hour talking about sex and masturbation with one of the people who I had frequently masturbated over without creaming my pants.As I packed up my stuff from my dressing room that night, thoughts towards the great masturbation I would have over Jessica that evening, I took a wrong turn and found myself back in the studio. There, on one of the sofas I had given that very interview, was Jessica Ennis, fully naked, moaning as she slowly pushed fingers into her pussy. My cock grew larger again as I witnessed the full perfection of Jessica, as she brought herself to orgasm with three fingers in and out of her pussy and her thumb working her clit.“Well, don’t just stand there, come over and join me,” she said as she turned in my direction. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your raging boner through our interview, I was actually hoping you’d find me doing this.”“But… Your husband…” I stammered, still shocked at what I had just heard.“Will never know this happened,” she replied. “Besides he’s useless in bed anyway. I just said that stuff for the sake of the show.”And with that she pulled down my trousers and began to work her magic on my hard cock. Her head moved as she took my cock deep inside her mouth, slurping as my juices started to build, and I found my hands finding their way to the back of her head, encouraging escort tuzla her motion. She built up the pace as I felt the juices build still, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I looked down, Jessica Ennis sucking my cock. This thought took me to the edge and I couldn’t hold it in as, without warning, I squirted my load into Jessica’s mouth.“Woah, let me know next time, I want your cum on my arse,” she grinned as she swallowed my jizz. “Now get up and fuck me as though you’re going for Olympic gold.”I grabbed her toned body and immediately inserted my cock into her soaking pussy, unable to believe what was happening. The times I spent dreaming about this moment were suddenly worth it, as I pounded Jessica, picking up the pace, gripping her tits as I fucked her from behind. Her moans only encouraged me to go faster and deeper, and I felt my cock hit her G spot as she began to scream, begging me to make her cum.I obliged with full f0rce, nailing the athlete’s pussy to within an inch, and suddenly I felt my cock juices build again.“I’m gonna cum, Jessica, where do you want me to?” I asked, learning from the previous time.“Fill my arse up, stick it in there and jizz.”I was too eager to oblige, pulling out and inserting my cock into her tight arsehole. Slowly, I moved it in until it was all in and once more I continued to grind, just as I was doing, and the juices became close again. Granting Jessica’s wish, I unloaded inside her arse, feeling some of the juices spray back out and down her thighs as her arse could not hold all of my cum.“I can safely say that was the best fuck I’ve had in a while,” Jessica gasped, as I withdrew my cock from her arse. “I can’t wait for our next interview.”She then kissed me and went on her way.

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