Ara 20

Into The Woods

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Big Tits

We unload the car by the side of the road and set off across the fields. I’m carrying the Esky and you have your rucksack over your shoulder. I walk a few paces behind you along the uneven path. On either side, grass stretches away as far as the eye can see. The main reason I’m behind you is so I can watch your hips sway as you walk. There is something about the way your body moves. I think of it as a cat-like grace. Some of my happiest moments have been spent watching you this way.

Once I even followed you like a secret agent, watching the woman I love so much walking down the street, going into shops, talking to a friend.

Having crossed the fields our path leads past some oak trees, their branches heavy with leaves, practically touching the ground. Beyond the trees is the hill ‘OUR’ hill. It has become a very special place for us. If those oak trees could speak they would tell of wild laughter and shrieks and tears and the sharp sound of slaps on resilient and willing flesh.

The view from the top of our hill is breathtaking. The distant snow covered mountains, the farms and rolling grassy hillsides. We both collapse on to the warm soft grass. I think the sheep have grazed it short just for us.

The Esky remains unopened as we lie side by side looking up into an infinity of blue. Bees buzz contentedly among the clover flowers and high above us, the glorious sound of skylarks.

Our favourite game is to try and spot the fluttering creatures high above us.

And so it is now, the two of us lying side by side on the gently sloping ground holding hands – at peace.

A few minutes pass and then, supporting yourself on your elbow, you reach over and flip open the buttons of my jeans. Settling back, you slide your hand inside the waistband of my panties and let your fingers stray down to dark tufts of my pelt. I catch a glimpse of a skylark and point to it. You laugh and tell me it’s one point to me.

I am so happy. In fact bursa escort that word does not do justice to how I feel. Lying in the warm summer grass with the woman I love SO much beside me, feeling her twist and twirl the curly hair around her fingertips – this feeling needs no words.

We have the whole day to ourselves so I’m secretly pleased when your fingers move further south and separate my lips. Already moist from watching your beautiful bottom earlier, there is no resistance as a fingertip dips inside.

Soon you spot a skylark too so now the score is one all. I no longer question how someone like you could love someone like me. I’ve always a little bit in awe of you and I have made it the purpose of my life to be your partner on our journey together.

I notice a rhythm in the movement of your fingers, more purposeful, the pressure more firm. It always amazes me to realise how much you understand my body and the way it responds.

Clearly you are keen to get me to my destination in record time! That tiny area of my body, the side of my clit, seems to be connected directly to my brain.

It happens all in a rush. My back arches. I twist my body towards you, writhing on the grass in a burst of pleasure. My cries don’t scare off the skylarks. They’ve seen it all before!

As the storm abates and the spasms diminish, I fall back and you lean over to kiss me. I can’t see you properly, my eyes are too full of tears.

It will be some time before our thoughts return to the contents of the Esky and rucksack. But eventually we set off again and climb further up the hill. Still a little wobbly, I lead the way this time and I smile like the Cheshire Cat when you give my bottom a stinging slap.

A steep climb and we arrive at our destination. We have not reached the summit of the hill but a dense copse of trees. After the bright sun, the shade is a relief. A tree stump is our table of choice and soon it is covered with a red gingham cloth bursa escort bayan (my corny idea) followed by champagne glasses and a big bottle of water.

You do the honours and soon we are proposing toasts and giving each other kisses. The subtle smell of damp leaves and wild garlic take me straight back to earlier times when we were here. I look across to the two trees, side by side, where I was tied for blissful hours. The birch tree from where you cut the twigs with the same hunting knife that you used to slice through my clothing.

Out of you bag appears something unexpected, a video camera and tripod. I know there are other ‘unexpected objects’ in your bag but I daren’t think about them.

I don’t wait to be told. I don’t need to be told. I WANT to be naked.

There’s a place here, hidden from view, where I usually undress. For some strange reason, whenever I do this, I fold my clothes neatly and hang them over the overhanging branches.

I start walking towards the camera, staring straight into the lens. I’m trying to do my best ‘catwalk’ walk but I don’t get very far before embarrassment takes over and I run towards you and throw my arms around your neck.

You kiss me hard and then, in a single movement, pull me across your knees and give me three sharp slaps.

Then it begins, first the champagne, then the bottle, then those ‘strange and unusual’ things in your bag. All I know is, throughout the coming blizzard of kisses and tweaks and stings, is the overwhelming feeling of the absolute and unquestioning love I have for YOU.

The experience of kneeling on the damp leaves as you slide an inflatable plug into my bottom is EVERYTHING to me. The place in my head where you take me again and again is where I find a fulfilment I never imagined existed.

Of course there is more champagne and more kisses and shocking surprises. This is OUR time, where we can be who we TRULY are, lovers.

There is one who lovingly escort bursa leads and one who delightedly follows. A partnership made in Heaven (with occasional delicious hints of Hell).

I’m leaning against a tree, my face and body streaked with the tracks of our various fluids. You are naked from the waist down, the result of a wonderful tribbing session. You are sitting facing me, looking deep into my eyes, your arms wrapped around your knees.

Without losing eye contact I move across the leaves towards you and kneel at your feet, my legs astride. Still looking deep into your ice-blue eyes, I let go and a stream of pee splashes over your exquisite feet. You have taught me how to controlling things down there and I stop to allow you to run your hands over your wet ankles and feet and bring your fingers to your lips … and my lips … and both our lips as we kiss. A kiss that’s long and deep and strong and full of meaning.

My pee splashes over your legs, sparkling beautifully in the shafts of afternoon sunlight. Your next instructions are very clear. I am to sit facing you, legs spread wide. I am to lean back supporting myself on my arms. I watch as you extend a dripping foot and touch your toes against my oyster. There is no resistance as your toes move between the wet lips and enter me.

I can’t really describe how this feels. It’s way beyond naughty … I just LOVE it!

But now you bring your other foot into play and now I understand what you have in mind. I’m being led back up that mountain again. The pleasure starts in my thighs and moves up to possess my pelvis. I look into your eyes, and your smile tells me all I need to ever know.

As I get closer to my destination, OUR destination, I know what I must do. Your insistent toes, the fact that my cunt is awash, the look in your eyes … I come!

My God how I come!

As the surge of pleasure bears me away, I let go fully and it splashes over your feet. The release is so primal and vital. WE are alive!

Later, as your nestle me in your arms, I gaze up into the canopy of the trees. This moment might be a time to make a wish.

But I do not need to. My wish has already been granted.

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