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Invisibility – II

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Ball Licking

Invisibility – II (See Invisibility before reading)

George drove home from the mall, his bags of minor stolen items sat in his back seat, his mind still grappled with the experience he shared, at least that’s the word he was trying to use in his mind. The pleasurable encounter that he shared with the beautiful mother and daughter. But he knew, it wasn’t exactly a shared experience, he’d molested them. The words stung his brain, a dark bolt of dread. He was a good man, he told himself. He reminisced on the good deeds and generous acts he’d committed in his life. How well he treated women, his sisters, mother, past girlfriends. He wasn’t a rapist! The mother had an orgasm, he said to himself. She wasn’t wearing panties! She was a hot and horny woman and he’d given her an experience of a lifetime. He imagined she’d think fondly of her strange encounter in the mall. But then he’d think about the daughter. Her look of confusion and fear. The cum he’d splashed up into her pussy slit. It’s possible he could have impregnated her! The idea shocked and revolted him. But some spark in the back of his mind lit as well. A child. He didn’t have any yet. Imagine if he spawned children all over the city, the country, the world… Oh my god, I shouldn’t be thinking like this, he thought. But the small flame wouldn’t be snuffed out.

His mind wandered off, thinking about siring children, unbeknownst to their mother’s who the father could be. It was a better train of thought than the one where he was just a molester of women. His mind considered, what if the women got DNA tests to find out who the father of their mystery child was? Was his DNA on file? No, but maybe his sisters had sent in their DNA to one of those family history DNA sites. What if the mother was taking her daughter to get a rape test right now? She knew her daughter’s young pussy had been bathed in cum, she’d seen it, smelled it, tasted it. Maybe she didn’t know how it happened, but she knew it happened. Her daughter was shocked, and probably had never seen or felt the hot cum of a man before. He hoped the mother had kept the knowledge to herself and not alarmed the girl. But the daughter had been hairless, the devil on his shoulder whispered to him, she can’t be that innocent if she’s shaving herself bare. He shook off the thought. It mattered not the reason she kept herself hair free, he’d doused a possibly fertile woman’s vaginal entrance with his fertile cum. A rape kit would surely collect his DNA. And it could match that of a family member. All a jury would need to hear is that he lived nearby and that his cum was found on the genitals of someone below the state’s age of consent. He’d be finished, his life over. Jail would be his new home.

Sweat creased his brow as he surfed the internet for answers. After several exhausting hours of panic, George had calmed down. Even if his sisters had submitted DNA, the differences in their DNA would keep any investigations from pointing at him. Luckily he’d not given in to his own curiosity and sent in a 23 and Me kit himself. He took a drink to settle his nerves and made himself dinner. Really just heated up the prepared food he’d swiped from the grocery store earlier.

He once again pondered the gift he’d been given by the mysterious old woman. So far, it hadn’t really impacted his life greatly. He still went to work, paid his bills, etc.. but he was spending less money on food. More significantly, he spent less time socializing. Not that he was the most social person before, but in the past he’d surf social media, chat with friends, hit up Bumble and Tinder to see if he could spark up a date. Since he’d become aware of his new powers, he’d barely done any of that. Thoughts of women made him think of the bond he shared with the sexy mother and daughter. He was concerned that he’d frightened them. He felt the need to make sure they were okay. As the evening set in, he decided he needed to check up on them. His guilt was telling him that he should try to make amends, at least that’s what he told himself.

He pulled up a few blocks from the address on Mommy’s license. Her name it turns out was Elizabeth Crenshaw. Her drivers license didn’t indicate more than a generically attractive white woman. He walked up to the house. 57 in gold numbers on the front door confirmed he was at the right place. An SUV in the driveway, but no other car. No husband, thought George. Or maybe he wasn’t home, maybe working, out with the boys, picking up dinner? The door was locked. Damn. Now what? George walked around the house, peering in windows, he saw the television on. Mother and daughter sat on the couch, some inane sitcom played on the TV. Both mother and daughter seemed more interested in their phones than whatever was on the TV. George circled around the house, finding the back door. It was also locked. Damn. He circled further, until he found a window partially open. With the help of an overturned garbage can, he was able to get in through the window, into the downstairs bathroom. Just as he was closing the window to the way he’d found it, Elizabeth entered, flipping on the lights.

George’s heart almost leapt out of his mouth, caught red handed! But the sexy mom didn’t pay him any attention. Pulling down her comfortable sweatpants to her ankles, she sat on the toilet. George prepared to cringe expecting her to pee, right next to him. But she didn’t, she was fully concentrating on her phone, and then leaned back a little on the toilet. He heard the soft sound of a moan come from her phone. She was watching porn! He realized. He bent forward to get a look, and sure enough, the image of a woman bent over and getting pounded from behind played across her screen. Her other hand dipped between her spread legs, to her now familiar bare pussy. “She’s horny as fuck” George whispered to himself. Fully aware people paid no attention to what he said while “invisible”, George continued to talk to her as she masturbated. “You’re just a horny little slut aren’t you? Getting off in the mall wasn’t enough was it? Maybe the taste of my cum has you all hot and bothered. Don’t you wish it was your pussy dripping in my cum and not your daughters?” George squeezed his large cock through his pants. He’d be fishing it out and joining her in just a moment.

A muffled yell from down the hall, interrupted their fun. “What is it sweety?” yelled the mother in response to whatever her daughter had yelled. She quickly shut her phone and stood, pulling her sweat pants up. She flushed the toilet to complete the ruse before leaving the bathroom. George followed her, Sarah was telling her mother that she was going to bed.

“Ok baby, don’t forget to take a shower”, suggested Elizabeth Crenshaw.

George watched the sexy teen head out of the living room, and then glance at her phone once her daughter had left. She sat back down on escort bayan the couch, waiting a moment for her daughter to head up the stairs before going back to her phone. Her other hand slipped into her sweat pants. George was torn, he wanted to follow Sarah up to see her strip down and take a shower, but here was Elizabeth, hand in pants, ready to give him a free show. The phrase about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush ran through his mind. His cock was beckoning for something else to be in his hand than an imaginary bird. The front of Elizabeth’s sweat pants made it clear that her hand was slowly working at that oh so smooth cunt. George finally made a decision. In a flash he stripped off his clothes, his shoes, socks, pants, sweatshirt, all piled up on the living room floor. Only his ski mask remained on. He held his large tool in his right fist, stroking slowly along its length.

Upstairs, both he and Elizabeth noted the sound of the shower turning on. Elizabeth needed no further opportunity to push her sweat pants down to her ankles, and then completely off her right foot. She pulled her knees up and planted her feet on the edge of the couch. George couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t have exposed herself any better to his view. She held her cell phone in her left hand and worked her cunt with her right. That beautiful plump bald pussy was right in front of him. Slick pussy juice lubed Elizabeth’s slit and dripped down the crack of her ass. His cock was painfully hard, and his balls ached for more than a self inflicted hand job. In the video on her phone, Elizabeth watched a young girl getting pounded by a big cock. The young porn star’s squeals barely audible as the volume was on low. The mother kept her focus on her clit, rubbing her fingers in circles, her labia was open like a flower in full bloom, her neck and mound flushed pink from her arousal.

The scene, the opportunity, it was all just too much for George, he squatted down, planting his knees on the couches edge, on either side of Elizabeth’s feet. His thick pole pointed straight at the dark pink center of the woman’s cunt. Using one hand to brace himself on the back of the couch, George used his other hand to guide his nearly purple headed club toward the offered opening. His breath hissed through his teeth like a punctured tire as his swollen glans bumped between Elizabeth’s pink labia. Elizabeth’s fingers stopped moving, her eyes grew wide at the sensation as George pressed his thick veiny cock inside her unsuspecting cunt. “Oh fuck!” he groaned as 3 inches of thick cock pressed easily into the woman’s cunt.

“What the fuck!?” gasped Elizabeth. Her phone dropped from her left hand, forgotten, her head tilted back, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as the feeling of her wanton pussy being filled overcame her. George froze at her announcement, his cock only partly trespassed into the woman’s cunt. His heavy balls hung between his squatting thighs, they screamed at George that they wanted to be slapping this woman’s ass, why had he stopped? Taking in her countenance, George drew back and then pumped in further than before. Elizabeth began taking breaths like she was in a Lemas class as the intruder began working his massive cock inside her. She looked down, not really comprehending why it looked something the size of a soda can was jammed in her cunt, but the pleasure was too much and her head snapped back to the couch, her eyes closed once again. George slipped his arms under her knees and clamped his hands onto the back of the couch. He held the mother’s legs open as instinct took over, his hips pistoned forward, long, strong deep strokes, he bottomed out in Elizabeth’s cunt with over two inches of cock left out. His hips yearned to slap against her ass and thighs, but he knew that usually never happened.

George began to fuck in earnest and Elizabeth succumbed to the assault on her pussy. He wasn’t sure if she was aware of his presence or not, but he knew for certain, that either way, she was definitely welcoming the pounding he was giving her. She panted and squealed as his tempo increased. In moments she started shuddering and thrashing in his strong grip. Her legs remained locked over his arms as her orgasm ripped through her. George was getting light headed himself. His hips continued to pound forward. Harder, stronger, he punched her cervix with the blunt head of his cock with impunity. Elizabeth’s second orgasm rolled over her. She was now just twitching and drooling from her mouth. A long drawn out moan echoed throughout the living room. She was utterly lost in the cascade of orgasms that had started in her body. George continued to pound the single mother’s cunt.

“Oh fuck…OH FUCK! I’m going to CUM! I’m going to fill your cunt with my cum!” shouted George as his orgasm approached. He’d never been so vocal with past lovers, but now, with his new powers, he felt free to vocalize everything that he’d previously kept locked in his mind. “Oh my god! I’m going to spray your cervix with cum! I wish I could put my cock inside your womb!” Elizabeth responded with inarticulate groans and gasps. She didn’t know if she was on orgasm 5 or 6 by the time George peaked, his cock had gained another inch of headway into the middle aged womans cunt, her ass bumped the tops of his thighs. His balls had drawn up and finally, with a mighty roar, he let loose. “Fuck fuckfuck FUUUUCK!!!” he roared as his hips bucked and cum spurted against his victim’s battered cervix. He pumped and gushed his seed as deep into the woman as he could.

Great gasps of air filled his lungs as he came down from the orgasm. He removed his arms from the back of the couch, Elizabeth quivered and shook through her final orgasm, her eyes closed, her loud screams were now just quiet whimpers. George slumped to floor on his knees, his cock slipped out of her hole like a snake leaving its den and her feet slid to the floor on either side of him. George panted remaining still for a moment, letting the blood rush back to his head, and his hearing return to him. All was silent, save the slowing breaths of the two unexpected lovers. No other sounds, he thought, so peaceful, George couldn’t remember ever feeling so satisfied as he did at that very moment.

So quiet…so, so quiet! George couldn’t hear a shower running. His eyes shot wide open and his pulse quickened, he rolled back on his heels to look around the room, and, Oh shit! In the hallway leading from the living room to the stairs, stood Sarah. She held her hand to her mouth, a look of shock on her face. She had a white bathrobe on and her head was wrapped in a towel. The slight girl was frozen, trying to process what she’d just witnessed. George looked back at Elizabeth. Her eyes were slitted like an opium addict, slouched back on the couch, unaware or uncaring that her legs were splayed open and a huge river of cum kocaeli escort bayan dripped from her red swollen cunt down the front of the couch to pool on the living room floor.

George noted that Sarah’s gaze was locked on her mother. He was still invisible to the girl. George stood, carefully watching as Sarah lowered her hand from her mouth, and then slowly turned and tried to move as quietly as possible up the stairs, taking only one last look back at her mother, before disappearing from view.

George looked back at Elizabeth, she remained in a stupor, she might even be asleep, he wasn’t sure. Guilt washed over him as he looked at her cum covered battered pussy and the mess he’d left on the couch and floor. He grabbed Elizabeth’s sweatpants, her foot still caught in one of the legs, and used the other pant leg to wipe down her cunt and mop up all his cum. He pulled them off her other foot and completed cleaning, woman, couch and floor of his cum as best he could. Looking at the spent woman, George felt a flutter of concern, he pulled her legs up onto the couch and then covered her with the blanket that was draped over the back of it. Still naked, save for the ski mask, he decided to find a washing machine. He needed to destroy the evidence, so to speak. After not finding the laundry on the first floor, masked and naked George carried the cum covered sweatpants upstairs in hopes to find the clothes washer up there.

George found an over under laundry unit in the bathroom that Sarah must have taken a shower in. It was still warm and steamy. He dumped the mother’s cum soaked sweatpants into the washing machine, and then looked around for detergent. He tossed a pod into the machine, but washing just a single pair of sweatpants, George looked for a hamper. He found it, popped the top and faced a pair of panties on top of other girlie clothing. There they were, a pair of Sara’s panties. Not the ones he’d creamed earlier in the day, but another pair. Probably the ones she’d put on once she’d gotten home. He wondered where the other panties had gone, the ones the mother had stowed in her purse. He picked up the panties, they were so small, he thought, thongs, on a young teen. How the fuck did his cock start to rise! He looked down in astonishment. His balls ached, but his cock thickened in defiance. Setting the panties aside, George threw Sarah’s laundry into the washer, careful not to mix in bright colors. He started up the washer, then stopped to piss in the toilet as he heard the washer begin to fill with water.

Grabbing Sarah’s gently worn panties, George stepped into the hallway. He wrapped the little panties around his still stiff cock. He hadn’t heard Elizabeth stir, and the sound of music could be heard coming from a door next to the bathroom. Guilt and curiosity fought their futile battle in George’s mind. His aching balls and painful cock won yet again. “She’ll never remember or notice if I check in on her” he convinced himself. He swung open the door to Sarah’s room.

The slender teen lay on her bed, back propped up on several of the dozen pillows and stuffed animals on her bed. Cheer trophies and posters of some teeny bop pop stars adorned her walls. Her head was still in the towel wrap and her robe had slipped slightly open. One small breast was mostly visible, just shy of the nipple, the other breast was fully obscured. The bottom was open, fully exposing the line where her thighs pressed together, all the way up to the bald fleshy vee, unfortunately her slit was hidden, from view. George stood in the doorway, unconsciously, stroking his cock with the girl’s panties. She was oblivious to his presence, tapping away on her phone, clearly texting with a friend or updating her social media. It would be totally okay if he just watched for a little bit, he told himself. Such a pretty innocent girl, sitting in her room, he thought. He almost jumped out of his skin when her phone rang.

“Hey Trace!” smiled Sarah at her phone, must be a facetime call thought George

“Hey Sarah!” responded the voice from her phone. “You’re serious! Like right on the couch!”

“Yes! I couldn’t believe it” Sarah said in a hushed tone. “Right on the couch while I took a shower.”

“No way! Did you get a picture?” laughed the voice on the phone.

“You’re so gross Trace” giggled Sarah.

“You should sneak down and see if she’s still there. Show me.” chided Trace

Sarah rolled her eyes at the phone, “You’re a little perv”.

“Your mom’s hot, you know it.” laughed Trace.

George felt better now that he’d taken the time to cover the mother and give her some decency, should her daughter try and expose her for her friend’s viewing pleasure.

“Such a fucking wierd day”, the curse seemed off, coming from young Sarah’s lips. “Is it normal to have so much white cream?”

“What cream?” asked Tracy, clearly confused by the change of questioning.

“You know, from down there? Like do girls cream?”

“I think so,” answered Trace, “My cousin says that girls can cream.”

“I can’t believe how much cream was in my panties..… I mean my mother’s panties” stuttered Sarah, clearly having said something she didn’t intend to.

“Why are you looking at your mother’s panties?” chided Trace

Sarah blushed red. “They were on the floor by the couch…” she said, not very convincingly.

“Oh, let me see!”

“No, I’m not going back down there.”

“Did she see you? You know how she likes to peek in at us..”

“I don’t think so, she seemed totally out of it.”

“She must have had a good cum!” guffawed Trace

“Shut up!” chastised Sarah.

George’s cock throbbed and ached at the banter between the teens regarding seeing Elizabeth in a state of sexual bliss, and mistaking his cum for something that the mother and daughter’s pussies produced on their own. As the girls talked, Sarah lifted a knee and flopped her legs open. Her bare smooth slit became exposed and George’s mouth watered. He looked at the smiling laughing girl and back down at her bare pussy. His cock throbbed. “Maybe just a little taste.” He told himself. “I bet she won’t even notice.” The girls continued to chatter as George entered the room. Sarah paid no attention to anything but her phone. George got on hands and knees and crawled to the end of the girl’s bed. His eyes locked onto her slender legs and bald slit like a homing missile. He paused as his head reached her bed. “In for a penny, in for a pound”, his brain rattled off another idiom to help ease his conscience for what he was about to do.

The grown man climbed up onto the nearly nude teens bed. His weight shifted the mattress, but Sarah just spread her legs a bit more to compensate for the momentary lean. “Oh fuck that’s beautiful” whispered George, somewhat conscious that he didn’t want to be heard by kocaeli escort Trace on the other end of the phone. He couldn’t imagine seeing anything more beautiful than the smooth puffy lips, parted by a deep slit, completely hiding the labia inside. George’s cock leaked precum and his mouth watered. He crawled between the teens legs and quickly lowered his mouth to the girl’s cunt.

“We were shopping for the cheer event …… oooh…. Mmmmm” Sarah stopped mid sentence and her eyes closed. A long pause in conversation stretched out before Trace interrupted.

“Sarah! What’s going on?”

Sarah’s eyes opened, though half lidded now. “Oh.. I was saying that we… ooof… didn’t get.. The… umm…. Ohh… we didn’t ….didn’t… get …. Uuuhh…. The .. shiit…”

George’s tongue lapped at the teens pussy. It was so soft, so smooth. He couldn’t believe how much he liked to suck on the meaty flesh and delve his tongue into her hole. He found her little clit at last and sucked it between his lips.

“Sarah! Are you doing it to?! Like mother like daughter!” laughed Trace.

“Nooo… I’m not! Guuunnng… uuuhhh. Fuck Trace, it feels so good.”

Tracy laughed, “You’re a little perv! Sarah’s playing with herself on the phone! Ha ha ha ha”

“No, I’m not… swear…oof… ohhh yes…. See..” Sarah held her phone up and showed her other hand to the phone.

George was now holding the girl’s thighs spread wide, he pushed her legs back like he was snapping the drumsticks off the thanksgiving turkey. His mouth worked the delicious cunt with complete abandon. He sucked her tender inner and outer lips, he probed as deeply as he could go into her pussy, gently poking at her partially torn hymen. He then went back to working her clit. He heard her gasp and her conversation ceased. Trace continued to throw the occasional verbal jab at Sarah, but she was ignoring her friend as an orgasm built from the center of her young hips. George sucked her little clit into his mouth and rubbed his tongue back and forth across the turgid nub. Sarah’s head was thrown back now as her little body began to convulse. Trace prattled on but neither Sarah nor George were paying any attention to her now. Her phone lay forgotten against the teen’s rumpled bed spread.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god”, panted Sarah, over and over again. The wave of her orgasm came in like the tide, slow, building and relentless. And then the wave crashed over her. Her little pussy sprayed cum into George’s mouth. He was surprised by the girls gushing pussy, but he continued lapping and sucking. He wanted to see if the daughter was mutliorgasmic like the mother. Sarah began shaking and squealing. George kept his mouth latched to her cunt, his hands wrapped around her slender thighs, holding her in place as he drank of her pleasure and quim. His cock was leaking precum all over her bed. He must have suckled the teens cunt for another 15 minutes, as her body shivered and shook. Her head tossing up and down on the bed like a scene out of the exorcist. She wasn’t as vocal as her mother, but her orgasms were almost violent and prolonged. George’s tongue finally raised the flag. The girl’s ability to cum had outlasted his ability to lap at her. He pulled away on bent elbows, the girl lay panting on her back.

George’s tongue may have been done, but his cock was near bursting. He looked with some reluctance at the virgin pussy before him. He’d fallen a long way in the past week, but he’d not yet fallen that far. His fist wrapped around his thick pole, he looked form one pair of puffy pink lips, to the other. A nod of his head and it had been decided. His cock and his brain had come to a conclusion. He shuffled on hands and knees toward the panting girl’s head. He straddled her pillow, fisting his bloated cock right beside the girl’s face. His orgasm was near.

George slid his hand through pretty Sarah’s hair and cupped the back of her skull. He lifted her panting and open lips to the end of his cock, and then in one quick motion, shoved himself deep into her mouth. He figured if he got his cock deep enough, he’d hit her gag reflex before she was able to bite down on him. Sarah’s throat immediately went into gagging as George’s massive cock stretched her jaw and pressed past her uvula. “Oh fuck!” he groaned as his cock erupted, hot cum sprayed the girls tonsils. She continued to attempt to retch, causing cum to flood the back of her nasal passage. George held her head with both hands and pumped rope after rope into the spasming girl’s throat. Her eyes were open wide, staring into George’s masked face in sheer panic as she fought for breath. Her hands beat at his arms as the last shudder of his orgasm receded.

George suddenly became aware that he was choking the girl to death. He leapt off the bed and stood by it like a statue, panic, fear, guilt, and pleasure all overloaded his mind into a moment of complete inaction. Sarah had rolled onto her hands and knees and was taking in big heaving sobs of air, trying to catch her breath, cum drooled from her nostrils and mouth onto her bed. “Oh fuck!” said George, and he bolted out of her room. He ran downstairs. He found Elizabeth still asleep on the couch. He threw his clothes on as fast as possible, made a quick scan of the room to see if he’d dropped anything, and then bolted out the back door. He ran down the block to his car and headed for home. Feelings of guilt and dread ran fresh through his blodd.

Sarah, having regained her breath, looked over at the stunned look on Tracy’s face, her phone had been lying against the blankets, facing Sarah as she’d shivered through her orgasms and the violent but brief throat fucking. Fear and shock raged across Sarah’s face.

“Did you see that?” yelled the girl. “Did you see him?”

“Who?” asked Tracy. The girl was clearly flushed. Halfway through, she’d given in and had been playing with her own pussy as she watched her friend get off.

“His cock was choking me!” panted the freaked out Sarah

“Whaat…? Is that what you were thinking about?”

“What do you mean, thinking about?” asked Sarah

“When you were, you know, making yourself cum?”

“It wasn’t me, I swear”

“Oh my god… really?” Said Trace, wide eyed.

“Really” said Sarah

“You mean she finally decided to do more than sniff your panties?” asked Trace

Sarah shook her head angrily, “NO Stupid! It wasn’t my mother!”

“Well if it wasn’t you, and it wasn’t your mother, then who gave you 500 orgasms?” chided Trace

Sarah blushed, the memories of the man had almost completely faded, but the memory of the orgasms hadn’t ..”I don’t know… I don’t know what came over me.”

George was somewhat more calm by the time he’d reached his house. He’d taken the ski mask off before he got out of his car. He walked inside and took a shower, he couldn’t wash the guilt away, and the scent of Sarah’s pussy lingered in his nose. Looking in the mirror he uttered “arcanus”. I’ll never say those words again, he promised himself. Never…. But never is a very long time.

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