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It all started somewhere

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It all started somewhereThroughout High School I dated men. I certainly recognized that I had an attraction to women, particularly some of my friends and teammates but I never acted on it. I lost my virginity my junior year after prom (lol, that fits a stereotype) to my boyfriend. It hurt, but I suppose felt good, but I didn’t cum. In fact, I almost never came when having sex with my boyfriend (either the one who took my virginity or the one my senior year). I went to college single and ready for better sex and an ROTC scholarship.I can be a bit of a gym rat and in college, I certainly was. I was in the gym daily and running outside as well. It was there that I met Sarah. Sarah was a junior and an RA in one of the dorms on North Campus (by the gyms). She was 5′ 6″, very athletic with great abs, blond hair always back in a hypnotic ponytail, blue eyes, a tight ass and wide hips (I have a thing for wide hips), 36C (that defied gravity it seemed), and toned arms. We worked out a lot and over time developed a friendship. She was my spotter and I was hers, helping each other on Bench Press, Squats, Military Press, etc. Everyday we were in there working together and I began to really think about her a lot. One day after a great workout we were in the sauna and she moved behind me to sit on the next level. She began to massage my shoulders, it felt so good. She asked if I wanted to come back to her place with her. I eagerly responded in the affirmative. We left the sauna, quickly showered, and threw on our sweats and went to her room.When we got into her room we both threw our gym bags in the corner and she grabbed my hands in hers. She looked up into my eyes and I was captured. I just looked in her eyes. Her hands were incredible. It was so warm and soft, yet firm touching her. I didn’t hear her say it the first time, but she said it again that she was a lesbian. I just nodded my head. We had talked a lot about relationships and stuff, but she always managed to leave the gender of her lovers as generic, and not knowing any lesbians, I assumed she was referring to guys. She then told me she really liked me and that she wanted to show me. Again, I just nodded my head. She laughed and said she wanted to show me by making love to me. I just nodded again.She really laughed and leaned in and kissed me. It was perfect. Our mouths were close and the kiss was chaste at first, but we both opened our moths at the same time and our tongues emerged. Her hands moved to my hips and pulled me in and we wrapped each other up. Her body against me was so alien, yet so right. I could halkalı escort feel her breasts pressing against me, our hips touching. It was incredible. Our kiss deepened and I could feel myself flooding in arousal. I had never felt that wet before and it didn’t take long for it to happen. And then I imagined her licking me and I got even wetter. Then I imagined licking her, and there was no disgust, only desire, and if possible, wetter again. The Kiss just deepened, tongues dueling, it was so incredible . We just stood there in the middle of the room kissing. My hands just rested on her hips, but hers around to my ass, pulling me tighter against her. The kiss continued to deepen, our mouths opening, the heat and wetness. It was so perfect, so much softer, passionate, loving, than anything I had ever experienced. She began kissing along my jaw toward my ear. Her tongue running along the edge of my ear and telling me that we should take this to her bedroom. I could only moan in response and begin to push my body against her. She laughed, took me in her hands and led me to her bedroom. We both sat down on the end of the bed and scooted up and laydown and continued to kiss. Her hands began to roam over my body, cupping my breasts through my sweatshirt. I was actually pushing my body against her, eager, needing, desiring to feel more of her touch. I was so wet, I couldn’t imagine what it looked like at this time since I had never felt so aroused, so wet, in my entire life. My core was on fire. I pressed up against her, my hands roaming along her body, touching her ass, loving how firm and tight it was. She rolled me unto my back and moved on top of me. Her body laying against me, my legs spread, allowing her body to press directly against me. She slid her hands underneath my sweatshirt to cup my breasts directly. My back arched and I moaned as her palms made contact with my nipples. She began to run her thumb along my nipples, they hardened at her touch.She slid back a bit and knelt down so she was looking over me. She reached for the hem of her sweatshirt and pulled it off. Her breasts came before me and they were beautiful. They were so firm, tight dark pink nipples, flushed skin. I wanted to lick them so badly. I pulled myself up to her and began to kiss her breasts, my tongue running along them, I began to kiss her nipple, sucking on it, enjoying the heat of her skin, and the moans my over eager kisses elicted. She held my hands to her breasts, laughing and moaning, She was encouraging me, urging me on, urging me to explore my dormant lesbianism. Her hands istanbul escort moved down to the hem of my sweatshirt and pulled it off. We were now chest to chest, naked. Our hard nipples poking each other, breast to breast. Her soft skin felt so hot, so incredible when it touched my own. It contrasted so much with what I remembered from being with a man, it was so much more intimate, so much more incredible. She looked in my face and said “Baby, this will be incredible” .We just held each other like that, our kisses deepening. She was straddling my lap, pulling my body against her. My arms wrapped around her to pull her tight as well. The feeling of our breasts together, of our skin, the heat, it was incredible. The whole experience kept sending jolts of electricity through my body. The feel of her body against me just further opened my floodgates. Her body pressing against my own sent signals to my pussy and I was heating up. I knew I had never been that wet before. When her tongue would touch my own, or run along my lips, my arousal only increased. My skin was so warm and I relished the feel of her own body against my own.She lowered me back against the bed, her naked chest lying against my own. Our kisses continued and my hands wandered up and down her back, even going as far as her ass. She began to kiss my neck and shoulders. She whispered in my ear that she was going to show me what a lesbian could do. I could only moan in response and push myself against her, trying to create pressure against my wet hot pussy. She slowly began to kiss down my body, kissing and licking the top of my chest and shoulders. Her hands massaging my breasts, her thumbs stroking back and forth across my nipples. I was moaning and arching my body up into her hands and kiss. She began to nibble on my tits, I gasped, feeling the jolt go from my nipples straight to my pussy, further opening my floodgates. I could only imagine how wet I would look to her, I knew her destination and I wanted it. I wanted a woman, to lick my pussy. I wanted her to tease and kiss my clit. I wanted her to make me climax. I wanted to be a lesbian like her.She could sense my urgency, my body respond and she increased her attention to my breasts. Her tongue circling my nipples, moving along the undersides of my breasts. Her fingers pinch the nipple of the breast she is not currently lavishing attention on. My hands hold her head to my breasts, holding her to me while at the same time urging her lower, wanting her at my core, at my center, to give myself totally to her .Sarah continues to gently lick beylikdüzü escort down my body. Her tongue twirled within my belly-button and I couldn’t help but both moan in pleasure and giggle at the pressure. She continued to slide down and I spread my legs further apart, wantonly opening myself for her. All I could think of was her licking me, bringing me to my first lesbian orgasm, to let her drink my honey, to just completely empty myself into her. She slid between my legs and kissed one thigh, and then the other. I let out a groan of anticipation and my hands on her head urged her to my pussy. She smiled at me and asked me what I wanted as she then blew on me. I just moaned and told her to lick me, to eat me, to show me how lesbians do it. She laughed and told me whatever I wanted. She then leaned in and ran her tongue along my slit.My world exploded. I bucked myself up into her and screamed. She begin to lick my slit, sliding her tongue between my lips and I just urged her on. The feeling was incredible, her tongue was so skilled, knew exactly where to lick, what to do, I was melting and knew she was tasting and eating my wet pussy. I continued to moan and spread my legs as far apart as possible to open myself up for her. She continued to lick me and then worked her way to my clit, her tongue reaching it, flicking back and forth across it, twirling around it. It was incredible. I felt myself building, I just felt the tension throughout my whole body. She sucked my clit into her mouth and nibbled and I exploded. I screamed her name and came. I felt release everywhere, but it stayed, it was so long, it just endured and the pleasure, I just kept moaning her name and saying yes. I held her to me, keeping her tongue and mouth on my wet pussy and clit. Before I knew it, I felt myself building again. My toes curled, I released her head and grabbed the sheets and just moaned. And then, the release, I just let out a long gasp and screamed yes. It was even better than the first. She slid up my body and kissed me. I could taste myself and it was so erotic. She looked me in my eyes and asked me if I enjoyed my first lesbian orgasm. I just nodded, still breathing heavily and enjoying the lingering taste of my juices on my lips from her kiss. I pulled her in and told her that now, I wanted to give my first lesbian orgasm and lick my first pussy. She said that was what she was hoping. She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to me and let me lick her. The taste was incredible. It was addictive, so different, yet so similar to my own. She came eventually, covering me with her flood of nectar. We kissed some more, we 69’d, we just made out on the bed. At the end of the evening, I just held her and told her that I was coming out to her, that I was a lesbian. She hugged me and held me tight.

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