Mar 26

It isn’t always bad when it doesn’t work

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It isn’t always bad when it doesn’t workIn the beginning:Chilly November Saturday, out for a ride with a new girl, not completely friends or lovers just kind of getting to know each other. She is younger than me by half my age, grown and legally drinking, but not yet beyond her protective shell of innocence. I believe I am a learning experience for her, all kinds of questions, about all kinds of life. The time is fun, an experience for me, as I haven’t been around anyone this closely and that age in 25 years. I head out to meet her expecting nothing of the day beyond the usual 500 questions about youngins and work and mortgages and what it is like to be my age.We stop and I grab a coffee, studying to be a nurse I know that coffee is in her future but for now she grabs a hot chocolate. Today’s walk is at the beach I tell her as we hop in the truck and pullout of the donut shop. Her first snappy comment of the day comes with, “do you always tell people what to do, and do they always listen?” My ears perked up at this as I began to tell her ‘most women do’ and I inquired about why she asked that way. Surprised that I actually asked a question, she eagerly began her speech concerning everything she had been learning this year involving nursing, human behavior, general studies, and the start of her clinicals soon, avoiding the question like it was taboo. I waited patiently because it was good to hear about her for once, as she ran out of things to say, I asked her again. She simply replied ‘didn’t mean anything by the way I said it.’There were heavy clouds over head, a chilly wind in from across the lake. We had to speak up with the wind and the waves. Our conversation went along our usual topics, today it was politics and why I thought the way I did. She turned to me, with the same cocky voice as earlier and asked ‘are you happy that I listened to you and wore the warm clothes’. I stopped and thought for a minute, almost a little excited right now. I again inquire about her tone and she again blatantly continues the prior subject concerning my views on politicians, I drop the question. We are far away from the truck as the rain begins to come down; we turned and started our return. She has warm clothes on but nothing that stops the rain from soaking her to her skin on the long return trip. I just grin as she starts to complain and in a bit of cockiness I say ‘I guess you didn’t listen to all of what I told you to do then.’ For this I get the tongue, not anywhere special but stuck out in the air in my direction. I tell her ‘put it to good use or keep it in your mouth’ and I get the usual female reply ‘you wish’. I warn her ‘Information is the key to life, consider yourself warned about the way you talk to people’ As we arrive at the truck I tell her to jump in back and change, of course she didn’t bring her change of clothes and get an ear full about how I should have insisted about her following directions. She is swimming in my sweats as we chat waiting for the heater to do its job. We have our packed lunch of sandwiches and soup I put together before heading out. We have spent hours upon hours in this truck talking and chatting and answering her questions. Discussions that have kept me at bay. They have also excited me but that I didn’t share. She half climbs over the seat in my truck to put the lunch stuff in the back. Ass in my face, I tell her ‘to move it or I’m going to crack it’ can’t help myself but to inquire at this point. She smiles over her shoulder ‘at least it will be warm then’ my (huge on her) sweat pants offer no resistance as they drop to her bent knee on the center arm rest with the slightest tug. I give her a soft tap on her checks and she laughs asking if ‘that’s all I have’ a comment she quickly regretted. She couldn’t move fast enough to get her ass in the seat as the redness started on that third crack of my hand across her ass as I held her thigh just enough to slow her progress to sitting. The discussion that started from that point was a bit of a challenge. It has been a long time for me to fulfill my draw to the lifestyle. The warmth of the skin on my hand, the redness of her ass both exciting my mind and getting my plasma flowing to places that I wasn’t sure if it should be flowing to, yet. At the same time I was trying to answer her million and one new questions. Trying to be the friend at this point was nothing less than a conflict of interest. She played it well as not looking to overly enthusiastic kızılay escort about it, yet the little smile at each passing question gave her away. As I started the truck and headed off the beach and down the road to were we left her car the questions persisted. As she opened the door to move to here vehicle she gave me the first hug of our short relationship. It has been several days since hearing from her, so I broke the rule today and sent her a text, no reply as of yet. Finally:I spent a little quiet time today just chatting with her about nothing in particular. I got a sense of something that I just couldn’t put my finger on right away. It was going well enough nothing big just the little tone or action that went with the useless words. I am a listener, not just the words that come from someones mouth but their body language, the tones in their voice, the look in their eyes, the way they interact while they are speaking. It was a natural talent only made better by a friend of mine. I consider it a bad thing from time to time because I know what is being said to me without words coming from someones mouth, sometimes I just wanna laugh at the bullshit story but the truth gets in the way. The only time I have issue is when I am too close to someone. I have learned that I am not too close to this sub because my skills served me well today. Now if I could just master this over texts I would be all set.I got the little level of sarcasm at the beggining of our meeting that continued throughout most of it. I have started to create a monster. So often you treat someone with respect and caring and they close you out, they don’t know how to accept it. It happens often in my life because I am a giver and my expectation as the Dom is that I will receive. The last thing I want is to raise a hand out of anything but being playful. They understand that game but they do not understand the reality of normal interaction. My last adventure with her I took sole care of her, as her Dom that is my responsibility to make sure she is cared for. Today she decided that my caring was a weakness. She didn’t say that but I could feel it, until she fessed up. So how do you get the truth from someone. As we sat there chatting I worked in close to her, not so close as to crowd but close enough to share some warmth as the snow fell around the truck. I looked into her eyes, said nothing just letting her talk. When I finally spoke I asked her how she felt about me. She said the usuals but that is not what I was after. I pulled her forward, un-hooking her bra at the same time. She got this nervous look as the place was not busy but it was public. I reached my hands one at a time up her sleeves and pulled the straps around her hands, reaching up and pulling the cups from her breasts. She has a warm belly nice place to rest my head but that is not what she is getting today. I reach up and gentally pinch and pull on her nipples, a little twist for a minor ouch, easy to find as she was rock solid by the time my hand went back up. You have something to discuss with me, a feeling a notion a belief… their is something you want to say. These are the last words I speak, it is her turn to talk. I reach around and drag my nails across the tops of her breasts and around the bottoms, just enough lift to get were I needed to be. I played and toyed every where without returning to a nipple. She began talking as I worked her breasts softly but firmly. She had a bit of a coo in her voice, I could tell the urgency she had for me to touch, but I withstood the temptation. Across her belly my nails slipped over the warm soft skin not enough pressure for pain but enough not to tickle. I un-did her tie on her pants and pulled them down, she put up a little bit of a fight but her eyes met mine and she let me do as I please. As she sat in the parking lot, nothing other than her shirt and socks on. Cold seaping in through the sides of the vehicle, her skin reacting with goosebumps and her nipples harder than she ever thought possible. Cold is a wonderful assistant when you want someone to talk about what is really on their mind. I rubbed her thighs, tops and sides and a run up the inside of her thighs when I thought she was starting to get bored. My eyes locked on hers, her whispers of please unspoken, she was seeking warmth for her body and my touch where she needed it. I continued to touch her, circling the flaws on her skin, a mamak escort mole on her left side near her back and a scar on her right knee from a fall when she was young. I caressed her, ran my fingers softly across her not so sensitive areas, my nails on the more sensitive areas. I could feel the warmth rising in her, the goosebumps were slowly disappearing, the shivers had stopped, and her head was back as she relaxed. She wouldn’t say it so at that time I explained to her that the only power she truly has over me is that which I give her. The reason you had such a wonderful time over coffee was that you needed to be cared for and I chose to care for you. I called her closer as I spoke, I could sense that she was tensing waiting for a strike or a raised voice or some other form a pain for punishment. I simply pulled her over to me, told her to undo my jeans and pull me out. She needed no other words as she took me in her mouth and pleasured me. I cracked her ass and told her to slow down, this isn’t about getting me off it is about pleasuring me, mouth only, slowly, gentle… As much as I wanted to give her pleasure she had to understand and I kept my hands away. As she was getting dressed I explained that she is not to pleasure herself tonight. I know he wont care for that and she is not allowed to. This is a test, a task if she can withhold for our next meeting where she can only hope that she receives what she needs so desperately. It will be worth it if she learned to listen today. It has been a wonderful few days of exploration, mostly one sided and I have enjoyed that.It started as a normal day of hanging out and not accomplishing much beyond reading. Then the text came over my phone. “Can we meet today?” Figure why not and sent her reply. She was stuck with her paper for school. The whole writers block thing and couldn’t get beyond the main body of the paper. The introduction was boring and didn’t hold topic well, the conclusion not even started. Yes strange thoughts for our relationship but she has learned my style fast. We met at the coffee shop and began talking, no about the paper but about why she was blocked. She found it strange that she was writing a paper confirming something she didn’t agree with completely. After the conversation about the project as a whole and a complete coffee downed she was better about what she had to do but couldn’t shake the block. I sent her to the bathroom with specific instructions.Upon her return she handed me her underwear all secretive under the table. I brought them up and laid them on the center of the table. ‘I don’t see how this is going to help me finish the paper’, ‘it may not help you with your paper but it will help me.’ She did her best to hide them, placing her napkin over part of them and pushing her wrapper from her bagel on the other side and lining up the coffee cups just so. I just giggled a little and let my hand roam up from her knee. I insist upon my girls being ladies, with this she has her dress on today. This makes this an easy progression to getting her mind off of her paper. Funny as I take her up and down, soft touches in the areas surrounding, then some circles were it counts, and then repeat the cycle. I enjoy every moment and she tries not to. I can feel the warmth building within her and I head back down to her knee as a group sits down next to us and I begin to discuss the introduction to her paper. She begins to type, a distraction from my roaming as the new customers head over, I begin to head up, as the neighbors sit right next to us. A little gasp of air comes from her mouth, and she begins to type even more rapidly. As my hand moves back to the top of the table I can see the anger of frustration in her eyes. We go over her typed words and begin to make sense of it. We talk through each sentence as she builds the introduction to at least making some sense. I get us each another coffee and set them on the table moving her underwear to the edge of the table closest to our neighbors just as they are getting up, the look I can not describe but the redness filling her face can only be described as fire engine red. Our new neighbors have left and we start talking about her conclusion. For me I always start with the conclusion and write backwards, but she always thinks start to finish so that never would have worked. I play some more and make her continue to write as I move along the inside of her thighs and up yenimahalle escort across the soft warm skin in the crease between her thigh and pubic area, then back to her knee. As she gets close to completing her task I move back to the prize. I work her up then back off not letting her cool to much I go right back up, I don’t want frustration to set in again. Once is enough for any human to under go any level of frustration. I give her a little orgasm to relax her and allow me to let her finish her paper. It is important to finish so that I may give her, her reward. It is important to reward completed tasks, makes for a good sub. As she concludes her paper we head to her car. Not more than a few moments she is singing the praises to god and oh shit. I give her kiss and a brush of her hair and send her on her way. Sometimes it is a good thing to make your sub happy and only get a pair of panties for your troubles. The terms,After some conversations that explained both the lifestyle in a whole and more specifically my way of doing things. She has a bf and this complicates matters but does not make them impossible. It is not my goal to be 24/7, so it works perfectly. I no longer have the patience or time to go the 24/7 route. She has issues to sort out, avenues to make herself a better person. It is my goal to teach her these. It sounds odd for a Dom but there is such satisfaction in making things better for someone. I know this is not permanent so why not make the best of her future while fulfilling my needs. Through our conversations I have learned her hard limits (what I am not allowed to do to her, sort of)The term’s, my hard limits to include that she is to carry on her life with the bf as she wishes and needs to, as long as she meets my teachings in doing this. She may not flirt, chat, date or otherwise see any other man or woman without my consent. Breaking this rule will result in me breaking her hard limits. Promises, she is not permitted to break these EVER regardless of the excuse, doing so results in me breaking her hard limits. Communication, my new rule (longer story) she must contact me in return for any contact to her within 12 hours, no excuses. She has been advised of these 3 rules from my point of view and the punishment for violating these rules. She has been well behaved in this respect. Soft limits for me are that she show respect to me and her self, not to be mouthy, and to follow directions. Over the last 7 days, she has learned quickly to be respectful of both me and herself. A couple days of having a warm bottom has cured that. Following directions she has always been good at. She likes to please and pleasure, and the ability to learn through direction comes very natural to her. She responds quickly to tickling when she doesn’t get to following directions quick enough. As for the mouth, that is something she has not mastered even slightly. I am beginning to think that she enjoys the sting of my hand against the skin of her bottom, thighs, breasts, and pussy (finally bald, took her a while to get that task completed). She tends to lead me into the spanking when she is horny and I’m withholding in her mind of eagerness. She has had a small issue with the hand prints when she gets home and has to deny the bf a view in the light until a day or two later. I am hoping that the skin toughens up a little so that the redness dims more quickly. I have enjoyed this last week of daily rendezvous, some as short as 30minutes and one almost 4 hours. It has been a while for me, but I am back into my game and doing well at keeping control of myself. It is too easy to loose control and that would screw everything up at this point. As things go into our second week I believe that I will slow things down a bit, only a few sessions a week, not more than three for a while. As we progress I am hoping to be able to control both her and myself, as I can’t afford to fall into this and have it consuming her or my life. There are so many other things that must be done; it would be easy to fall into this all consuming lust fest. She has school and work to do and I have work (as always consuming far too many hours) and my other life. The honeymoon in this relationship can result in far too many complications if I let it. As her Dom it is my duty to keep us both safe and happy and our lives moving in the right direction. As a few weeks passed me by my feelings greatly began to sway away from her and I ended things. It had been a fairly good run but the maturity level from her point was just not there. I need someone that fulfills that point of need more than anything. I think I have found here but only time will tell as my time with her has been nothing shy of a roller coaster but she is in the position of trying.

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