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It was only meant to be a coffee…. Pt.1

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It was only meant to be a coffee…. Pt.1″Hey, are you nearly here?””Yeah, just walking down the road now, i can see the coffee shop sign, i wont be a sec.” Said Dani.”Okay, well dont be long! bye, bye bye bye.” I repliedI was waiting near the window at one of the tall tables and sat on a comfy bar stool, sipping coffee and waiting for Dani. We had never met before, id had a little crush on her for ages! I wont go into the back story of how we met, but it had been a few years of talking more and more till i finally plucked up the courage to ask her to meet me. I was in her neck of the woods with work, so thought id ask on the off chance if she was free for a coffee. Im a travel agent, but on occasion we could be asked to actually travel, in this case, id been given a hotel room for the night from a chain that was trying to represent through the company, all i had to do was stay, write a review and thats it, easy.Anyway, back to it!I could see her, just across the road and down a bit, she was adjusting her coat, i suddenly got nervous, she looked stunning! Far more so than id ever thought! Its the middle of December, cold, she has on a lovely dark purple coat, mid thigh with a bit fluffy hood, black jeans and long black boots. She is stunning!She comes into the coffee shop and looks round, i give that awkward wave and she comes over. I get off the stool and hug her, one of those really nice, long hugs like long lost friends in films have. followed by a small peck on the lips. She smells like vanilla and tastes like cherry.We sit and talk for a while, 3 coffees infact! The more we talk the easier it becomes, dare i say slightly flirty in nature. We start to talk about what eachother are doing after, nothing, i mention about the hotel and work, not once did i think she’d say we should go back there!We stand up, get our coats and start to head outside. Walking down the high street, Dani reaches for my hand and intertwines her fingers with mine, i like it, she is so warm and has such soft hands too!We soon arrive at the hotel, id been there before so my bag was in the room already so no need to check in. I start to get nervous thinking what we are going to be doing, i mean, weve only just met, so we are just going to chill out, right?I was wrong.We got into the lift, it was empty, i pressed number 8 and the doors closed. i had my back to the mirror facing the door, Dani stood infront of me and pressed herself onto me, kissing me, deeply, her hands reached and rested on my face. My hands went to her hips, pulling her in tight, id wanted this for so long! Our lips opened for eachother, out tongues lapped with one and another, our heads moving side to side, make up smeared slightly. The door dinged and opened, and before we knew it our brief moment of passion was over.As soon as the doors opened, she got my hand güvenilir bahis again and lead me out the door, i said “room 303….” She lead me to the room and i put the card in the door, she spun me round and kissed me hard against the door as she pushed me through it. The door slammed, but i dont care! Our lips working eachother, our tongues intertwining, our hands feeling places id only dreamed of! I spun round and started to take more control, i pushed her against the wall, i dropped my coat and lifted my jumper over my head. She was biting her lip, she knows it drives me wild, the little devil! I kisser again, being slightly rougher, one of my hands on the side of her neck, the other working its way up to her left breast. I start to squeeze her breast and she lets out a small gasp, almost whimper like. She reaches round and unclipped my bra and let my breasts fall free. She put her hand on them and tweeked the nipples, i let out a small moan, she knows how sensitive my nipples are since my surgery! She knows the buttons to press!She pushed me off her and backward onto the soft white duvet on the bed. She stood there before me, looking radiant biting her lip, she removed her shirt and then her bra, throwing it at me laughing, she moved her arm from her breasts. So firm and full, they looked perfect, i wish i had boobs like that! Her nipples now standing proud, pink in colour and absolutely perfect. She began to undo her jeans, my heart beating so fast i watched. She undid the button and lowered the zip, then put her thumbs under the waistband and pushed them down to the floor, underwear and all!My eyes clamped to her pussy, clearly clean shaven this morning, just perfect. I know i keep saying the word ‘perfect’ but its true!She stood up straight and did the ‘come hither’ finger to me, i sat up, legs straight out on the bed and she knelt down and kissed me for a second, slowly my hands moved to her firm, pert breasts and i squeezed. we kissed till she was ontop of me, naked as the day she was born, my hands still on her breasts. She reached down to my waist and undoes my jeans, slowly, smiling while we kiss. Slowly moving down, kissing my neck, making my back arch, kissing my breasts and down my stomach, i start to get excited at the possibilities of whats about to happen. Dani kisses my crotch area through my jeans and i let out a gasp. She grips the waistband of my jeans and starts to pull them away slowly, my thong left in place. Slowly pulling them down and putting them aside she looks so seductive. For the first time in what feels a life time, the silence is broken. Dani “are you ready?”……. I nod my head while biting my lip. She holds my feet and moves them apart, putting them toward my ass, my knees now up in the air. With her hand she places it on my pussy, right at the top of the türkçe bahis mound and drags it down. When she drags it down she pushes slightly harder when she crosses the lips, i can tell she felt my wetness because she smirked at me when she did. Im so close to begging, to tell her to fuck me, but i know if i do she’ll do nothing but tease me for hours! I start letting out small whimpers as she runs her hands over my lower lips, now wet, i really cant hide my wanting for her! Dani then crouched between my legs and smiles, i throw my head back as i feel her hook her hands round the waistband of my thong and pull them up to my knees, then down to my feet and puts them next to her on the bed.My pussy is exposed, i can feel im so wet with precum, i hope she still wants me! She gets closer and closer, kissing the inside of my thighs and the top of my mound. I lose my mind and start to pant when she licks the very bottom of my pussy, licks once from bottom to top, then top to bottom. Dani is such a tender lover, i can tell already! She puts her hands on my inner thigh and uses her thumbs to spread my pussy lips. She starts feverishly licking away at my tender sweet spot, licking deep, on the lips, the clit and everywhere she knows i like it! I wont last long if she carries on like this! “Dani please, make me cum, im all yours!” She comes up, on the way, kissing my pussy one last time, my hips, stomach and breasts, lightly picking my nipple in her mouth. “All mine Sarah?” She says and she leans in for a deep kiss. Her hands going back to my pussy, vigorously rubbing my pussy, her fingers darting in and out, i cant take it, im going to cum!”Mmmm Dani yes! more!”Dani “Come on Sarah, let yourself go!””I cant take it! im going to cum!”She starts to rub her palm on my clit as she vigorously fingers me, its happening, im going to cum! Suddenly my back arches, my kisses get deeper and i let go….. I squirt, its a mess, her hand stopped it from going on the floor but it splashed us both.”Fuckkkkk Dani!” Dani smiles and takes her fingers to her mouth for a taste. Kissing me again, we both taste my juices. I hold my head up and look at my body. Knees in the air, and drops of my squirt covering from my belly button down to my pussy.Dani “Enjoy that did we?”Starting to kiss again, i reach mmy hand under her body and between her legs. Feeling that soft pussy of hers, already starting to get slightly damp. I want it. Now. We both make out way onto our knees, me behind Dani, kissing her neck and my hands working their way down toward her pussy. Suddenly i stop. I lightly whisper in her ear, “Bend over, i want you”. Dani “Yes miss”.Pulling away from her neck i pussy her back and she falls to the bed, only stopping herself with her hands. I take a second to look at her in all her glory. Ass up in the air, legs spread, her pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri looking so good i could eat her all up, lips starting to spread with the thought of whats shes going to get. But she looks pretty, soo pretty! Her dark hair across her face and her little smirk thats going to get her fucked.I slap my hands on her ass cheeks, she yelps in pain but moans in pleasure. My hands massage them slowly, opening her cheeks as i do! Her ass is so sumptuous and firm. One more spank means one more yelp. Slowly i let a bead of spit fall from my mouth to her ass hole. As it hits, she lets out a small moan, the cold bead hitting her warm hole. I move my right hand from her cheek to her ass hole and rub the bead around. Her ass hole, reaching down to her pussy, wetter than i thought! Rubbing her juices round and round both holes. “Mmmm Sarah! You know what i like!” “Im not finished yet babe” I say.Spreading her ass with my hands, i slowly make my way down and lick her ass hole, preparing her for a finger. I lick around for a second or so, tasting her pussy juice on her arsehole. I make my way further toward her wet pussy. As i start to lick i reach up and hold my index finger out and she gladly takes it into her mouth, she is craving some form of penetration.I take my finger back and rub it round her ass hole, slowly adding more and more pressure, trying to break the seal. One more push and i push through the tightness and its met with Dani moaning. Slowly i start to pull my finger out, then push it in, and repeat till she starts to take the whole length of my finger. All the while im licking her pussy, the taste is to die for, so smooth too! She is moaning as i start to fuck her faster, and deeper still! Her pussy, starting to get wetter and wetter, juices flowing more and more! She reached back and holds my hair tightly and moans “Mmmm sarah, dont stop!” Dani starts to buck and the orgasm starts to take hold, im not stopping, she said dont stop!Moving my finger into a hook in her ass i start to really fuck her now. Vigorously licking at her small, sensitive clit she shakes more and more! Pulling on my hair, i have no where to go, im licking away, my mouth getting fuller with her juice! I can feel her pussy contracting, “Oh Dani! Fuck youre so hot!”The orgasm slowly subsides and i give her ass a spank and i bring my finger out and she falls to the bed, flat on her chest. I come up behind her and spank my hands onto her ass cheeks, spread them and give her one last, long, passionate lick across both holes, met only with a slight groan and a shuffle. I lay ontop of her, kissing her neck and whisper in her ear “And to think, it was only meant to be a coffee”. Dani smirks and says “Oh wait, you thought i was finished? lets to get dinner come back, i have something for you”………….I just want to thank a good friend of mine on here, this story was based on myself and her so i have to mention her lol!Danielle92, you’re a star!Thank you for reading my first story, if you like it, drop a comment and i might write another :)Sarah xx

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