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Jackelettes- Initiation

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Jackie was exited. This was her first day on campus and she wanted to look around. She had moved up a couple weeks early because she wanted to have a chance to get to know the campus before she would have to elbow her way through the crowds.

There was another reason. A group her mother used to belong to when she was in college had opened a chapter there and tonight was sort of a grand opening. While her mother said she would be there Jackie had not seen her y et and assumed her to already be around or late as usual.

As Jackie wandered the halls she noticed very few kids had made it up to the campus yet. The whole time she was up there she saw at most 30 people. She had run into a couple of girls going to the same event as her. One was Irene who looked like she could live happily in a library, The other and polar opposite was Rachel. Rachel looked like someone who would be at home in a mosh pit. How these two got together Jackie didn’t know. She was pleased to learn where the party was to be. apparently an older house close to campus had come up for sale and the group managed to get it.

As the time for the party drew near Jackie finally ran into her Mom, who had been stuck in the parking lot talking with one of her old alumni from the group. As they walked along Jackie noticed her Mom carrying a shopping bag with some medium size boxes that appear to have been gift wrapped.

To curious not to ask Jackie looked at the bags. “House warming gifts?”

Her Mom smiled and nodded. “In a sense, some of the things we used to play around with when we were your age.”

Jackie looked puzzled not thinking anything could really be to impressive from the 70’s but shrugged as they made their way to the house.

As they stepped in there were a couple of ladies her moms age as well as the two girls she had met before. Her Mom naturally gravitated to her crows as Jackie did the same. A couple minutes later her Mom came over as the

other two ladies went down stairs to the basement.

Jackie: Welcome to the new home of the Jacklettes. You three seem to be the only three who made it in. While my friends set up the game downstairs feel free to roam around. Just be careful as this old has some loose wood we haven’t been able to fix yet.

The three young ladies nodded and split up to wander the house. Jackie took the upstairs, carefully though as she heard a couple of planks creak on her way up. As she looked at the upstairs hall she saw two doors on one side and a single door on the other. Deciding to take the solitary door first she opened it.

The room was fairly large. There was some nice deep closets apparently as she saw one whole wall with nothing but apparently closet doors. There was also a desk and chair in the middle of the room. As Jackie moved closer to the desk she saw that it was a fairly cheap one but efficient. The chair was a simple office one pushed fully up to the desk.

Curious Jackie sat down in the chair and leaned back a little. It was then she saw a sprinkler head. Puzzled a little she shrugged and assumed that it was put in by the old owners. As she was starting to sit up she spotted a switch by one end of the closet doors. Not seeing any lights or plug ins Jackie got up and moved over two it flicking it on.

A whir came from behind the closet and Jackie stood back wondering what she had done. Moving cautiously up to the closet she pulled open a door and stumbled back.

She didn’t know EXACTLY what it was called but it’s use was pretty apparent. There appeared to be a saddle like contraption sitting on a small keg. The “saddle” however had one quality she hadn’t seen on any other, a vibrator. She went over and turned off the switch which caused the saddle to slow it’s whir to a halt. Not wanting to be embarrassed if someone would walk in Jackie shut the door and moved over to the saddle.

As Jackie’s mother heard the door shut upstairs she smiled. If her daughter was in the room she suspected soon she would get quite a welcome into this house. Just then one of the other ladies came up the stairs.

Lady: Everything is all set Claire. Is anyone ready?

Claire: I believe the upstairs study is a go Sam.

Sam nodded and went downstairs shutting the door as she went. As Sam did that Rachel wandered through. “Have you seen Irene or Jackie?”

Claire shook her head. “I didn’t watch where Irene went, but I think Jackie went upstairs.”

Rachel nodded and jogged up the stairs as Jackie’s mother smiled, soon two of them would be set.

Irene who had wandered off had appropriately found the library, though she found it hard to look around as there were only oil lamps available just now. She lit one with some matches she had found next to one and picked up the lamp. As she turned she saw lots of smaller books. Not much for deep reading but something to thumb through.

Irene moved forward and pulled a book out. Staring at it oddly she had heard of it but never read it. “Lady Chatterly’s lover? An odd book to find here.” Shrugging and sliding the book back she scanned the bursa escort room until she spotted what looked like a dictionary. Moving over she reached up and tried to pull it out…nothing?~damn thing must be wedged~ she thought as she pulled harder on the book. Still not able to get the book out. She sighed and set the lamp down using both hands she managed to pry the book free. There was no name…though it looked like more of a container than a book.

As Irene was discovering her book, Rachel looked down the upstairs hall and decided to check one of the two doors. The first one she opened revealed a storage closet. There were some buckets, bottles which she guessed were cleaning supplies and what looked to be a small elevator. Curious about where it might go, but more eager to get the party started she closed the door and tried the second one.

This one revealed a large bathroom. Inside was a claw tub bath and a walk-in shower. Feeling a need to answer natures call she found the toilet and scanned the room. There was a medicine cabinet above a dual sink and a box next to the tub. As she got up and cleaned up she moved over to the box and opened it up. With a grin on her face she took out a butterfly clip. “Nasty old ladies.” She chuckled to herself. giggling she got up and peeked out the door in the hall. Satisfied that no one was coming she shut the door and instinctively felt for a light switch.

Not finding one immediately she did find a window in by the shower that would provide adequate light. Opening the shade she turned and then saw the switch. Turning over to it she flicked it on…

Sam looked up as a little bulb flashed. Nudging the lady next to her, who was called Megan, She smiled. “One is ready”

Jackie had made it over to the saddle again when Rachel came up the stairs. Frozen as she heard her in the hall she stopped and sighed again when she heard a door shut. Moving over to the saddle she traced her fingers a long it. It was plastic, no doubt there was a cord that ran into the wall which she figured ran to the switch. Stopping to hear if anyone was in the hall she moved back to the light switch and turned it on again.

Sam looked up. The light for the study was on again. From what Jackie had said about her daughter it may go off and on for a while yet, which was fine as Sam was very patient.

Jackie just stared at the device. She had very little sexual experience apart from occasionally sneaking downstairs when her parents were gone to watch some of their “intimate” videos. She didn’t think that they knew, though the time before she moved she had put the video back in backwards. It wasn’t long after that Jackie realized that her Mom told her of this place.

Now Jackie’s mind started to race as she stared at the vibrating object. Had her Mom set this up? Jackie shook her head. she had seen how her parents “did it,” and this thing never showed up. Jackie turned the switch off again and walked back to the object. She had every intention at that point of leaving, but found herself to curious about it to leave. Moving back to the door and peeking in the hall to make sure no one was there she closed it quietly and found a way to lock it.

Satisfied that no one would be coming in she walked back over and slowly traced her fingers over the saddle. It was a pretty normal sized saddle and to most appearances was normal. The color was a little off and of course what Jackie had guessed was a vibrator on it made it stand out.

Blushing a bit and taking a last glance back at the door Jackie opened her mouth a little and slid it over the top of the vibrator. As she thought it was plastic. It tasted kind of funny to her though she did end up taking it all in her mouth. Pulling her head off it she realized that her mouth obviously wasn’t what was meant to go over this. Biting her lip Jackie nervously undid her pants and slipped them off.

Not wanting it to go inside her right away Jackie walked over to the switch and turned it on, which Sam noticed in the basement right away. Jackie then sat down behind the now active vibrator. It must be fairly powerful because even sitting just behind it Jackie could feel the saddle vibrate. She wiggled in the saddle as she was unused to this and was starting to feel strange.

She scooted up the saddle so the vibrator was just barely touching her panties when she noticed the strange feeling was coming from deep in her gut and growing stronger. Jackie’s eyes started to close as a soft whimper escaped her. This was much different from her doing it herself. For one thing it was constant, where she usually went it fits and starts. It also got her whole groin where her fingers never did.

When the lust in her gut to unbearable Jackie stood up and tried to slide her panties off. She had a hard time of this since her whole body was shivering for release. Jackie had never felt a desire this strong and was eager to find out how powerful this orgasm could be.

With her panties now off she nervously sat of the saddle and pushes her body close to the vibrator, not comfortable with it being bursa escort bayan inside her yet and moaned out as she felt the effect it had on her now unprotected flesh. Starting to shake a bit hard she gripped onto the vibrator to help her stay on, which sent the vibrations through her whole body. While the vibrations caused her to get more aroused her body ached for just a bit more. Nervously Jackie stood and moved her cunt over the vibrator. Slowly lowering herself down she got surprised when the tip touched her lips and caused a shock through her body causing her to fall full onto it.

Jackie’s eyes widened as she let out a primal yell as the vibrator now deep inside her, brought her to a very hard climax. Sam meanwhile in the basement smiled. Though she couldn’t hear what was happening she was satisfied that Jackie was probably now on the sybian and moved her hand to a control box with two dials and turned one up about a quarter way. Jackie who was panting and shivering on top of the vibrator was about to slide off when the vibrator kicked into a higher gear jarring her senses.

She ended up gripping onto the keg as her body started to re charge, something Jackie had never experienced. Sam back in the basement slowly turned on the second knob to give Jackie even more of a shock. As Jackie was star starting to reclaim her senses something else caught her by surprise. The small bit of plastic that her clit ended up resting on was now vibrating separately from the rest of the saddle!

Jackie’s eyes close as she started to cry. She was happy yes but how much could her body take. Her second orgasm hit harder that the first and reeled her so bad the shivers she got knocked her off the saddle. Eager to get away from t she crawled over to the light switch and turned it off. Sam smiled in the basement and looked over to Megan. “Looks like Jackie has had some time in the saddle recently.” Megan laughed and stood up to rummage through one of the boxes.

As Jackie was discovering the secret of the sybian, Rachel was sitting confused in the bathroom. the switch was on but no light? As she glanced around the room she was in she sighed and noticed that there was indeed no light in the room save the window. So she giggled and shrugged and sat down to try the butterfly out.

Rachel was starting to slide her jeans off as she stopped to wonder how she would run the thing as there didn’t seem to be any outlet. Looking the small vibrator over though revealed a battery inside which made Rachel grin. As she started to hook her fingers to slide her panties down she stopped. For once she was alone in a house where she guessed no one cared what she would do so now she could experiment.

Putting the vibrator down she pulled up her shirt and dropped it beside her on the floor. She then picked the vibrator back up and turned it on. Almost dropping it from the surprisingly powerful hum it had she brought it up to her bra and hissed as she felt the vibration against her covered nipple. She hadn’t tried this before, mostly because when she could sneak her mom’s out of her room it was only for about 10 minutes.

Rachel leaned back against the toilet as she traced the vibrator around her nipples. After a couple of minutes her hand was shaking to much from the high she was getting to steadily hold it. Turning it off and setting it aside for a moment Rachel let the shivers of arousal settle before she dared try anything else. As her passions cooled Rachel leaned up and undid her bra dropping it on the ground on top of her shirt.

Once again the vibrator turned on and this time she brushed it against her bare nipple. Immediately moaning she felt herself start to get wet from arousal. As the vibrator circled her breasts her free hand slipped behind her panties and started rubbing her clit. As her nipple became hard and her hand moved more urgently along her sex she bit her lip and closed her eyes.

Her hand then very shakily clipped the butterfly to a nipple. The hand that was holding the vibrator shot down to grip the toilet as her other hand jerked slipping the tips of her fingers inside her. Her eyes now very widely open she tried to moan but could only get out staggered breaths as the butterfly aroused her body. As she started to wiggle in the seat she slid a finger inside herself and let it tickle her inner self.

Determined not to cum yet she forced her free hand to un clip the vibrator from it present nipple which made her sink back down on the toilet and made her finger slide in deeper. With another low hiss she clipped the butterfly to the other nipple. This time she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop cumming.

As her body screamed in lust from the vibrators attention, Rachel’s mind went into overdrive sliding her other hand between her legs and massaging/fingering herself in a wild craze. As she felt her muscles start to signal her climax she tried to undo the clip. As she was about to undo it her orgasm hit harder than she had ever felt before. Howling in delight her hips bucked slamming her sex against her fingers and the seat.

After a minute escort bursa her orgasm started to subside enough that she was able to tale the clip off. Breathing heavily she rested. Her body was covered in sweat and her face had a wicked grin as she enjoyed the afterglow of her most powerful experience yet.

As Claire sat in the main room she faintly smiled when she heard a very faint moan come from upstairs. She wasn’t sure which girl it was coming from, but their prolonged time up there meant both of them had found the toys they hid up there. As she smiled Irene came from the direction of the library holding what looked to be a large thick book.

Claire: Irene, how do you like the house so far. Irene looked at the lady and tried to smile. “It’s is big and the library seems good, but,” Claire quirked her eyebrow. “But?” Irene slowly handed her the book.

Claire opened it and pretended to be shocked when she saw a pair of handcuffs. She picked them up and opened the looking at them curiously.

Claire: Where did you find these?

Irene: On the bookshelf.

Claire: Can you show me where?

Irene nodded and Claire followed her with the cuffs and book. As Irene entered the Library Claire shut the door. Irene turned around and Claire just nodded “Just so no one walks in.” Irene could understand the she guessed. As she made her way to the bookshelf she heard Jackie put the book down. “It was right here” Irene said pointing to a blank space on the shelf.

Before she knew it the hand that was pointing had a handcuff on it. Shocked Irene spun to face Claire who with a quick movement grabbed Irene’s other arm and the other cuff on. Irene looked at Claire with a look of shock and tried to get away from her, but all Claire had to do was hold onto the chain between the cuffs and Irene stopped dead in her tracks.

Irene: What the hell are you doing?

Claire smiled and led Irene to a chair and sat her down in it as Claire rested her arms and head on Irene’s lap.

Claire: Don’t be startled Irene, this is just the start of initiation. Rachel and Jackie have already gone through the first step. The had an orgasm in the building that they caused. The problem is you are still a virgin and to straight-laced to try experimenting, so we have to tutor you through this phase.

Irene blinked in shock and tried to kick Claire off her. Claire stumbled back and for the first time looked at Irene with a look of disdain. She grabbed Irene’s legs and forced them apart moving herself between them.

Claire: That wasn’t very nice. Now if your done showing off you need to start learning.

Irene shouted “I wont let you take my clothes off!” Claire just laughed and smiled. “that’s fine,” she said as she leaned back down resting her self on Irene’s lap. Irene tried to struggle but Claire had her in a position where she couldn’t move. Claire just grinned and moved her hand between Irene’s legs. Irene was wearing a skirt and stockings over her panties, but as she would quickly learn they weren’t as think as she thought.

Claire let her fingernails glide up Irene’s leg leaving a run in the stocking. Irene winced as she watched more worried about the stocking for the moment. That passed quickly as the closer Claire got to her sex the more s he could feel her touch. It only took a moment for Irene to start blushing as she started to feel aroused by Claire.

As Claire’s fingers reached Irene’s sex the two heard a loud groan in the room above them. Irene looked in panic to Claire who just smiled as her fingers poked a hole in Irene’s stocking “Sounds Like on of the other initiates has gotten through step one. “Irene looked down in panic as Claire’s single finger slid over and started wandering the outside of her panties.

Irene’s breath started to pick up and she tried shaking off the effects when Claire’s finger rested about where Irene’s nub would be and started tickling it. Irene closed her eyes thinking maybe if she didn’t look she wouldn’t feel it, but hat just made the feeling stronger as Claire’s single finger kept on tickling.

Irene whimpered as she felt an odd feeling start to form in the pit of her stomach. She thought she would be sick as the feeling started to swell inside her. Claire looked up and smiled “Looks like the young virgin likes this stuff after all.” Irene shook her head but when she tried to talk only gasps would come out.

As Claire smiled on Irene felt her hips start to shiver as the feeling started to back up to her throat. Thinking she was sick she opened her mouth, but was surprised when she moaned out quite loudly. The moan only encouraged Claire who now was pushing her finger against Irene’s sex and managed to push the panties in enough that she could tickle Irene’s inner walls. Irene felt her hips rise up as her moan got louder. Claire mocked her by moving up and whispering in Irene’s ear “You know you like it so why not help me out here.” As she said that Claire moved her finger around Irene’s panties and slid the digit deep inside. Irene’s eyes widened as she felt the finger inside her probing around. Her hips were up off the chair, but her back was start ing to hurt and eventually they fell had down driving Claire’s finger in fully. Claire grinned and whimpered. “There you go…now ride it like a good girl.”

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