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Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 36 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Comments and suggestions welcome at ail JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 36 Jamie was surprised to find a letter from Sweden waiting for him when he got home from school. He knew it had to be from Sture and his heart started beating faster as he rushed upstairs to read it in private. Having ripped open the envelope, Jamie found three photos as well as a one page letter. The first photo was of Sture and Anders sitting topless on the patio downstairs. The second was of Sture and Jamie on the beach at Cannes. The third photo was the one which brought Jamie to a full and very stiff erection. It showed Sture alone on a Swedish beach wearing only speedos. It might not have been intended as a sexy photo but it showed Sture coming out of the sea, water dripping from him and showing – to Jamie’s eyes – a very obvious bulge.�� The letter wasn’t exactly a love letter but Sture wrote about how much he had enjoyed spending time with Jamie and stated that he was looking forward to seeing him again. He also wrote that he thought Jamie was very cute. Jamie quickly stripped off, looking at the three photos spread out on the bed. Then he lay down and examined each photo while slowly wanking. Finally he took the photo of Sture in speedos, blew the image a kiss and then wanked himself to a furious climax. *** Over the next few days, Jamie got into the habit of wanking over Sture’s photo as soon as he got home from school. He had started writing a letter to Sture several times but wasn’t sure whether to say anything about his feelings. Finally he decided it would be best to write that he ‘really liked’ rather than ‘loved’ Sture and that he was looking forward to seeing him again. However he wrote that he loved the photos. He sent a few photos of himself, his favourite being one of him topless on horseback. Later that same evening George found the photo of Sture in speedos propped up against the mirror in the bathroom he shared with Jamie. “Where did you get this photo?” he asked the boy who was reading a book in bed. “Sture sent it to me. Where did you find it?” Jamie responded. “It was in the bathroom,” replied George as he sat down opposite his nephew. “What was it doing there?” Jamie giggled. “I was looking at it while having a wank. Isn’t he gorgeous?” George looked at the photo more closely. “He looks a lot like Anders did when I first met him. So yes, I have to agree he is very attractive.” “You can see he has quite a big bulge. Do you think his cock is as big as Anders, Uncle George?” “Impossible to tell. However I think it will be enough to satisfy his lover,” replied the man. “I would love to have sex with him but I don’t even know if he prefers girls or boys,” said Jamie. “And I really miss him.” George smiled. “I think you’ve got a bit of a crush on him. Am I right?” Jamie got out of bed and hugged his uncle. He didn’t want to look at him when he said, “No, it’s not a crush. I love him.” George hugged Jamie back then kissed his forehead. “Poor you. I can remember having those feelings for a boy at school and I know it hurts.” “Did you and that boy ever do anything?” Jamie asked. “No. He went to university in Edinburgh and I never saw him again,” said George. “But at least you’ve received a letter from Sture and that shows he likes you. And he’ll probably come back for another visit.” Jamie sat back and looked at his uncle. “But he might like me but only want sex with girls.” “Yes, that’s possible. Only time will tell,” said George. “But a handsome, very sexy boy like you won’t have any trouble finding a boyfriend when you’re ready to settle for just one man.” Jamie smiled. “I hope you’re right. And since you think I’m sexy, I want you to fuck me. I kocaeli escort bayan want a long hard fuck from my big, hairy uncle.” “Then you’d better start by sucking my big cock and my hairy balls,” responded George. Jamie didn’t waste any time. He quickly moved to unfasten the belt around his uncle’s waist and then opened his trousers. George unbuttoned his shirt while Jamie pushed his trousers down. George was helped by Jamie to remove his briefs and then he took off his socks to stand naked in front of his nephew. Jamie sat back and looked at the big, hairy stud. George’s cock was only semi-hard but it made his mouth water. He licked his lips and crawled forward to kiss the cockhead and then take it between his lips. George moaned softly as Jamie got to work. It didn’t take long for the boy to bring him to a full erection. “Yeah, that’s good but don’t forget my balls,” he said after a few minutes. Jamie quickly switched his attention to the large hairy balls, licking them and then taking them one at a time into his mouth and sucking them. “I hope they’re not too ripe for you. I probably should have showered first,” said George. “Nope. They are lovely,” said Jamie. He gave them another lick and added, “I love it when you are sweaty and smell so manly.” “Then maybe you’d like to rim me as well,” suggested George. “I’d love to! Get on the bed and let me fill my nose with your musky smell before I start licking,” replied Jamie. George was soon lying face down on the bed with his legs apart. Jamie used his small hands to spread the beefy arse cheeks and put his face between them. The hairy crack was damp and the boy inhaled deeply before planting a kiss on the puckered hole. Then he got to work with his tongue, licking the hairy crack and bringing noises of satisfaction from his uncle. Eventually Jamie concentrated on the hole, pushing the tip of his tongue inside and prodding with it. “That feels so good…but you’ll have to stop if you want me to fuck you. I could easily cum just with you doing this magic,” said George. Jamie didn’t want to miss the chance of being fucked so he stopped immediately and sat up. “You know you are only allowed to cum inside me. That’s our deal,” he said. George rolled over and smiled. “I don’t remember agreeing to that. You can wank off and have other men but I can only cum inside you?” “That’s correct,” said Jamie with a big smile. “Unless we’re with others and then you can fuck another guy while someone is fucking me.” George laughed. “Well, I guess I can live with that. Now come closer and let me suck your cock. You’re dribbling pre-cum all over the place.” Having cleaned Jamie’s cock, George turned him round and started preparing the boy’s hole. He used his tongue for a few minutes before he switched to a finger, and then two fingers. Jamie moaned and then begged, “Please fuck me now. I need something bigger inside me!” He shoved his buttocks higher and spread his thighs wider, presenting himself to his uncle. George gave the boy’s bum a quick spank. “How do you want it? Long and gentle? Or fast and hard?” “Long and hard! As hard as possible!” Jamie replied. “I love it when you are really horny like this but I doubt I’ll last long,” said George while he lubed up his cock. He then lined up his cockhead and shoved his cock all the way inside in one savage thrust. Jamie screamed but it was with joy more than pain. “Oh yeah, that’s what I need. Really give it to me!” George was holding the boy’s narrow waist. He began moving his cock in and out of the tight hole, gradually going faster and faster. Jamie moaned and pushed back to meet George’s thrusts. The sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room as George gave his nephew the hard pounding he wanted. “Oh no! I’m cumming! It’s too quick,” moaned Jamie and then he started spunking off. George reached under the boy to catch most of the cum in his large hand then he held his hand in front of Jamie. “Eat it up!” he said while continuing to fuck the boy. Jamie was glad kocaeli sınırsız escort his uncle had slowed down a little because this allowed him to lick all the cum from the large hand in front of him. As soon as Jamie finished eating, George moved both his hands to the boy’s shoulders. Then with greater leverage he resumed fucking him with punishingly hard thrusts. Jamie was fully hard again in seconds. “Ooh, this is great! You’re going to fuck another load out of me,” he cried. George was the first to gasp and shout, “I’m cumming!” Volley after volley of hot spunk filled Jamie’s hole. This took Jamie over the edge. He too gasped and then shot off another load. George collapsed on top of Jamie and hugged him tight. “Thanks, Jamie. You’re the best,” he said. *** George was concerned about Sture’s intentions and decided to approach Anders the following day. “I suppose you know that Jamie received a letter and some photos from your brother a few days ago.” Anders confirmed that Jamie had told him about the letter. “Jamie is at a very impressionable age, Anders, and I’m worried that he might get hurt. Sture knows about Jamie’s sexuality, doesn’t he?” “Yes, he is aware that Jamie is attracted to males. I still don’t know whether Sture is the same or not but I don’t think he would hurt Jamie,” replied Anders. “One of the photos he sent is of him on a beach wearing very skimpy swim briefs. I would say it’s a very sexy photo. Why would he send that to Jamie? He must know it would get Jamie aroused,” said George. “I really don’t know, George. I was planning to phone him soon so I’ll call this evening and ask what he’s up to,” said Anders. “Thanks Anders. I’d appreciate that,” responded George. When Anders came back to George later, his first words were, “I don’t think there’s a problem.” He took a seat and went on. “It wasn’t easy but I told him we were concerned about Jamie and wanted to know whether he was teasing him with his letter and the sexy photos. He said he wasn’t and eventually admitted he was attracted to Jamie – physically and emotionally. However he feels that Jamie is too young for sex so he tried to hide his feelings when he was here.” “That’s a relief,” said George. Then he smiled. “If he thinks Jamie is too young for sex, I wonder what he thought about Jamie sharing my bed. He probably thinks that I’m a dirty old man taking advantage of Jamie.” “Maybe he didn’t realise that you shared a bed. I didn’t mention it and I’m sure he heard Jamie talking about doing his homework in his bedroom,” said Anders. “Oh yes, and he talked to Jean about changing in his bedroom in front of Sture. So it was his bedroom not your bedroom.” George nodded. “You’re right. He probably didn’t know about our sleeping arrangement. I hope he won’t think badly of Jamie for being sexually active.” “I am sure he won’t. In fact, he’ll probably be envious of Jamie,” said Anders. “I got the impression that Sture doesn’t have much experience.” “Well, we must put that right on his next visit,” said George. Anders laughed. “Maybe…but I think he will only be interested in Jamie.” *** A few days later Jamie showed the photo of Sture in speedos to Anders. “This is a great photo of Sture, isn’t it? Uncle George said you looked almost the same as him when you first met.” “We look pretty much alike but I don’t think I would have worn such revealing swimwear when I was his age,” said Anders. Jamie laughed. “He is very sexy though. I bet he has a cock as big and as beautiful as yours.” Anders raised his eyebrows and Jamie went on. “I jack off looking at this photo every day.” “Really?” Anders could feel his cock stiffening. “Yeah. I’ve not seen him with a hard-on but I imagine he’s just like you,” said Jamie. “And I wish you could fuck me more often.” “So I would be a substitute Sture? You really want him but I will do instead,” said Anders. Jamie laughed. “I suppose you could put it like that. You’ve got Gom though so I could be a substitute izmit anal yapan escort for him when he’s with his family.” Anders smiled. “And of course you know he’s with his family today.” “Yeah, and I hope you’re feeling really horny,” said Jamie with a big smile. “Uncle George won’t be back for another hour, so…” “Okay, let’s go up to my room,” said Anders. Jamie had only been wearing shorts so it didn’t take him long to get naked. He helped Anders to undress and then revelled at being in his arms as the man kissed him passionately. When they parted, Anders picked Jamie up and placed him in the centre of his bed. “I’m looking forward to making love to you again, baby. It’s been a long time,” he said. Jamie smiled and put his arms around Anders’ neck. “You are very special to me, Anders. Kiss me again.” The pair shared another long kiss and then Jamie said, “I need to see and taste your cock again.” He moved into a position which would allow a sixty-nine and then took hold of the slim 23 cm (9 inch) long cock. He looked at it, wondering if Sture’s really did look the same. Then he kissed the cockhead before taking it into his mouth. Anders had been watching Jamie’s actions. Now he took the boy’s cock into his mouth and savoured the sweet taste of the pre-cum as he played with the hairless balls. Jamie moaned when Anders started fingering his arse crack and pressing against the entrance to his tight hole. He relaxed his arse muscles allowing a long finger to penetrate him and then deep-throated Anders’ cock while he was being finger-fucked. Time was limited so Anders started rimming the boy’s hairless crack. Jamie was soon groaning in between licking and sucking the man’s cockhead. After a few minutes Jamie gasped and said, “Fuck me now, Anders. I need you inside me.” “Okay, baby. Move up here and lie on your back,” said Anders. He reached into the bedside cabinet, pulled out a tube of KY jelly and lubed up his cock. Then he applied a generous amount of jelly in and around the boy’s hole. Jamie held his thighs apart and smiled up at Anders as the man edged closer and then pressed his cockhead against its target. Jamie let out a short gasp as the cock entered him and slowly pushed deeper. “Feels so good, Anders. I love your cock,” he said. “I love being inside your tight hole. Ready to be fucked, baby?” Anders responded. “Aye, always ready for you.” Jamie smiled up at Anders. He then held his cock and started wanking himself as the fucking began. Anders started with slow, steady thrusts and then gradually got faster. Pre-cum was dribbling from Jamie’s piss-slit as Anders got into a steady rhythm. Jamie let go of his cock as he didn’t want to cum quickly. Anders bent down to kiss Jamie’s lips before changing to faster, more powerful thrusts. Pre-cum continued to leak from Jamie’s cock as his prostate was given a pounding. “I’m going to cum soon,” said Jamie who now had his eyes closed. “I’m cumming, Sture! Aahhhh!” Jamie sent seven blasts of spunk, most of which landed on his chest. The first one had landed on his lips while the second one hit his chin. Anders was amused by Jamie calling out the name of his younger brother and by the smile of satisfaction on the boy’s face. He said nothing though. He continued fucking Jamie for another two minutes before he gasped and sent masses of hot cum deep into the boy’s hole. The pair kissed again and then Anders allowed his cock to slip from the well-fucked hole. Jamie quickly got up to suck it clean. “Thanks, Jamie. That was great,” said Anders. “Now we’d better have a quick shower. Your uncle will be back very soon.” “Thanks, Anders. Same time next week – if not sooner.” Jamie grinned. *** Later that evening, while helping Anders to clear the dinner dishes, Jamie said, “I wish I had a nude photo of Sture.” “I think I may be able to get you one,” said Anders. “I know he has one of him and me naked last summer in Sweden. We had been swimming, or skinny-dipping, near our summer house and one of his friends took the photo. I will ask him to send it to me and we don’t have to tell your uncle about it. I think you and I can have our little secrets.” Jamie hugged Anders tightly. “Thank you, Anders. I love you.” Anders bent down and kissed the boy tenderly. “I love you too.” To be continued

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