Mar 23

Janet & John on Holiday Part 3

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Janet & John on Holiday Part 3Janet woke up, slowly; her head still groggy: “What ever happened last night?”Janet looked down the bed – no pyjamas again – not even the little sleep shorts that Dad loves so much.They are pink and very, very short, with wide leg holes.Dad says they make her bottom look edible; he loves to watch her asleep in bed.Sometimes he strokes the back of her legs; then underneath her shorts.He loves to feel her warm bottom; then he licks his fingers.As soon as she woke up, Janet automatically checked for her breasts – to see if they had grown since yesterday.Her tiny hard pink nipples were all sticky – Oh Hell – now she remembered.Janet and John were on holiday at Doggers: the fam1ly-friendly holiday camp for outdoor sex.Last night was the regular Thursday night orgy – she didn’t remember much after that second glass of wine.But it was slowly coming back – the Bukkake Session.Janet and John are twins; not yet teenagers.Janet calls herself a ‘tween’, meaning ‘too old for toys, but too young for boys’.But Janet likes both Toys and Boys (and Girls).Janet had already lost her Oral Virginity (to Kurt) on the first day of the Holiday.Then Janet lost her Anal Virginity (to her twin br0ther John) the next day.Now she was determined to lose her Last Virginity to one of the Dads.Last night she had watched her teenage friends Ellie and Kit on a circular table, surrounded by men and boys masturbating over them.Stripped to the waist, they were already coated in sperm.Ellie’s face was covered, sticky white man-juice running down her neck.A huge puddle filled her belly button, almost out to her cute hips.Every Dad in the room had saved a last drop for Kit’s stunning high black breasts; it was running off her nipples in rivulets, like wax on a candle.Kit looked up and called to Janet: “Come over here baby. This stuff will make your tits grow”.Janet didn’t asking twice; stripped off and lay between her two new best friends.Then, nervously, Janet covered her bare hairless pussy with both hands.“It’s OK” said Ellie “There’s a rule – no spunk below the waist for ch1ldren”.Just then the first sticky load landed across Janet’s chest.Kit rubbed it in; making Janet’s nipples tingle deliciously.Then loads more rained down on her face, up her nose, in her ears; she was türbanlı balıkesir escort turning white.At one point Janet opened her eyes to find Dad’s erection touching her nose.She opened her mouth and sucked it in; he tasted rock hard and all salty.Kit’s Dad Kurt stood over them, cock in hand: “Turn over Bitch; your black arse needs more whitening”.Reluctantly Kit got to her knees, cum streaming off and shuffled around to a classic ‘69’ position above Janet.One knee either side of Janet’s ears and her own face buried in Janet’s crotch.Kurt lost no time in splattering his daught*r’s beautiful black arse, just inches from Janet’s mouth.Without thought, Janet’s tongue reached up to suck the hot sticky cum slithering down her friend’s arse crack, protecting her wide open sex.After Kurt, Janet lost count of the number of cocks depositing their load; Kit’s arse did turn white until she licked it clean. Her twin br0ther John had to climb up on the table to reach; little willie throbbing for release.He loved to jack off in her armpit – strange boy!But now it was morning and he was kneeling beside her in bed – the trail of sperm, still wet, on her chest leading back to his penis. “Oh My God” shrieked Janet, checking her pussy with one hand “It’s gone. Who took it? Who had my Virginity? I was saving that one for Dad. He’ll kill me”.John calmed her down: “It’s OK; it wasn’t any of us blokes. You need to talk to Ellie and Kit. I last saw you in the shower with them”.Ever so slowly Janet started to remember the three of them standing under a hot shower, trying to wash all the sperm off.It was a tight squeeze for the three naked girls in the shower cubicle.Kit stood behind Janet; hard, caked breasts pressed into her back.The sperm slowly softening and running down Janet’s back.Kit rubbed soap into Janet’s shoulders, then down her back and slyly between her legs.Janet felt one soapy finger exploring her bottom; she opened her legs wider, pushing her crotch forwards onto Ellie’s hand.Ellie was kissing her hard; rubbing at her tiny breast nubbins and directing the shower-head straight up Janet’s pussy.Janet remembered panting hard, while Kit and Ellie’s fingers probed her tender young body, front and back.She shuddered to her türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan first lesbian climax.Kit had taken over the shower head playing the water right up between her legs, from behind, making her pussy lips open up.Janet felt a sudden pressure between her lips; a slight pain, then it was in.Ellie had given Janet her very own Cuntal Butterfly.”Don’t look down baby”, Kit covered her eyes.The water briefly turned red, and then was gone.Janet was no longer a virgin.Kit hugged Janet from behind; with a raised knee between her thighs to support her wobbly legs.Ellie hugged and kissed Janet from the front; smoothing soap over her tiny breasts.Janet suddenly felt incredibly tired.Ellie and Kit dried her off and helped her into bed.Janet was asleep before her head hit the pillow.The following morning… Janet suddenly remembered where she had seen a Butterfly before, nestled in a lady’s curly pubic hair.Janet had wondered how it stayed there, even when the lady was being fucked from behind.Now she knew – it was the shiny blue Teflon tail – fitting perfectly between her slick lips.It curved upwards into the higher reaches of her vagina, coming to rest against her most sensitive area.She just had to explore – the beautiful jewel glistened, hugging her bare pubic mound.Feeling around her pussy, Janet could still get two fingers inside herself – so it was true – you could still make love.Janet loved the feel of slippery Teflon between her slippery outer and inner lips.John helped sponge his latest sperm from her breasts.Janet dressed in her favourite perfume and shortest dress and white socks, no underwear.Janet knew it wouldn’t hurt this time.Now she was ready for Dad – he could still be her first real fuck…{Editors Note]All indoor sessions and most outdoor are recorded and broadcast live to each cabin, thanks to the network donated by Broadband Cornwall. The owners Paul and Paula like to vet any recordings involving ch1ldren before they are made available on the web site. Paul had been carefully watching the shower scene where Ellie and Kit ‘made love’ to Janet, while washing off the caked-on sperm. Paula was concerned that it looked a bit like ****.Just then Steff, who had designed the Cuntal türbanlı escort balıkesir Butterflies, arrived back from London. She had been recruiting a new girl to deliver and fit her latest model to a well-known actress. The girl had to be attractive, ride a motorcycle and look good in and out of leathers. Only three lesbians applied, and Steff was able to reject two of them with a quick kiss and grope. Steff showed the last candidate, Jasmine how to measure up a client at the initial design session. We have previously met Jasmine in the School Sports day Episode; she still runs, now has fabulous high breasts, that Steff feasted on. Jasmine arrived at Steff’s design office on her massive Suzuki; the receptionist assumed she was a courier: “Take off your helmet and hand over the package”.”I am the delivery” replied Jasmine, stripping off her leathers down to white lace bra and thong panties, which looked fabulous against her chocolaty brown skin “Now Bitch, show me where this interview is”.Once Steff had made her cum, they practiced sliding the Teflon tail into each other’s wet pussies; followed by quite a lot of playful fingering. Jasmine got the job, but during the session asked Steff what would happen if the client was a virgin. Steff had never considered supplying her intimate jewellery to ch1ldren, but it gave her something to think about on the long train journey back to Cornwall. Most of the thinking involved stroking her own Butterfly nestling inside the crisp white panties she stole from Jasmine.Now Steff was watching her Butterfly being used to deflower a ‘tween’; was it consensual?“Can you play the Bukkake Session again?”Even as a devout lesbian Steff couldn’t help being fascinated by the streams of sperm erupting from hard cocks and splattering onto the young girls’ faces. Turning up the volume they could now clearly hear Janet’s Dad asking Kit and Ellie to take good care of his daught*r, and satisfy her craving to lose her Cuntal Virginity. Watching Kit writhing on the table, Steff thought back to the first time she had met Kit several years ago on Paddington Station. They were both much younger, and Steff really naive. First time in London. First time she had held a black girl so close. First intense finger-fucking in public. Steff’s memory of squirting on Kit’s shoes, pushed up against the concourse pillar; fingers exploring her cunt made Steff instantly wet again. She couldn’t wait to renew her friendship: now where was that strap-on?Watching Janet in the video – squashed up tight between Ellie and Kit, it still looked a bit brutal in the shower, so Paul and Paula decided to restrict that recording to very special clients.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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