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Subject: Adventures in Paul (Jared now Knows (2) These are fictional stories of this guy I had the pleasure to work with some time back. He is a short, hot and hairy hunk if ever there was one. These tales are from the vantage point mostly of the fictional guys Paul meets on his travels. And how lucky they are to have a chance with this awesome piece of manhood. This story of course all means does not suggest that Paul or anyone in them could be coaxed into gay sex. Nor any question of sexual preference. But one could always hope. Enjoy.. ============================================================================ Adventures in Paul (Jared now Knows (2) … Jared seemed okay after pushing all those messed up thoughts to the back of his head after the initial infiltration of them after Alex came out. But it also helped that he was busy at work and trying to get his shot together to make a career for himself. So busy was he at the bank that he had little tine to see and or hang out with his old crew. So he didn’t have time to think odd thoughts. Mostly because his head didn’t conjure up images of his friends naked. “Hope that Alex doesn’t call me” he would say “Really don’t want to deal with his gay crap” Jared kept telling himself these words anything he pondered Alex and his revelation. But then he got a text from Paul. It was an ordinary text safe for the fact that Paul insisted they get together “We haven’t seen you in fucking ages man” he said “Dude we miss you” “Dude, Alex misses you” He had pondered hanging out with Paul again. Many of the strange thoughts around him were gone. And he figured he should hang out with the guy. It was Paul after all, and he could use a good laugh. But then his homophobic head came to the forefront as Paul mentioned Alex. So he declined. Coming up with some shit ass excuse not to go. “Okay man” Paul said back “You will miss out buddy” “Don’t be a stranger dude” Then Paul hung up. Jared sat there at his desk with a saddened look about him. He did miss his friends. But paul the most. Paul was the one to always lift his spirits with his wackiness. kocaeli escort He sighed for a bit. But then got back to work. This was the best distraction. Work. “I should call Maggie” he then pondered Maggie was the girl he had dated on and off for a bit. She was pretty. Straight dark hair and slim body and small breasts. He didn’t like big boobs. They were too distracting. Like a pair of balloons inflated under the skin. So he didn’t call her When he went back to his apartment he just sat in front of the TV for a bit. Staring at the screen and at really nothing. It was nothing more than white noise. He headed over to the alcove that was his bedroom. Jared looked at his place and realized how small it was. It was an oversized studio that had this area to the aide that he made his bedroom area. Just big enough to cram a queen bed and a small nightstand there. The only separation between it and the living room was a tall screen. Jared grabbed his laptop and crawled into bed. He was kinda horny. Then he went into some porn sites to just look around a bit. He pulled out his dick as he watched some of the sex in them. It was straight porn, but he found his eyes locking onto the big porn cocks more than the women in it. And he seemed more drawn to the videos of hairy guys too. “Fuck het dude” he would say “Shove that big ole dick in that bitch” “You know she loves it” Then he paused as he found the words that escaped from his lips. “Lucky girl”. He couldn’t believe he said that. He should have been saying how lucky the guy was. But the hot muscled dude with the hot hairy chest was a stud if ever there was one. And that dick and those balls were incredible. He couldn’t stop his dick from rising the minute the guy was nude and that huge dick was out and in the girls mouth and pussy. “Fuck me” he let slip as well. He then slammed down the laptop. Closing it. Not understanding why the guy had him all hot and bothered more than the girl. “This is nuts” he crowed “I am not gay!” He sat there as his dick began to subside from non action. Then he again blamed Alex. It was his fault that the ‘gay’ kocaeli escort bayan thing was in his head. He wanted to freaking punch Alex so badly now. “I think i need to call Maggie” he then decided “Prove I ain’t no faggot” So he did call her up. They talked for a few minutes and she said she would love to see him again. And they decided in the weekend to get together. He figured he would take maggie and Fuck het brains out. Show Alex that he wasn’t gay. He huffed and grunted like a man after he got off with her. “Yeah. I’m gonna slam her good” he said again So he felt confident that he would prove he was a man by fucking her that weekend. And he stood tall all week, knowing this. That was until the day he was to meet with her. They planned on dinner and then hanging out at his place. But as they were at dinner they were interrupted. Maggie looked up as they were eating and nudged him. He looked up to see Paul walk into the place. He was alone and seemed to be just picking up food. It would have been a non issue until Paul saw them. Then he rushed over to their table. Maggie didn’t seemed bothered by ot, but he was. And not due to the disturbance either. It was Paul himself. “What the fuxk…!” Jared head screamed “Look at him. Fuck me” Paul came over looking hotter than the sun. He was fully bearded. Something Jared did not ever recall seeing on the guy before. So the beard made him look like a daddy bear. And bear was something else that was viewable in what Paul was wearing. He had on a short sleeve polo on that was snug in Paul’s upper body. The buttons on top were not latched so he could see the forest of fur at the top of Paul’s shirt. Then he yanked his wyes from Paul’s fave and upper body as he saw the shorts Paul was wearing. They were cargo shorts, but they seemed to show of the hairy calves “Dude!” Paul shouted “Didn’t know you were out on the town with Maggie” “Having fun Maggie?” He added She smiles at Paul and nodded in the affirmative. Jared looked at the shorts briefly as paul leaned over the table. “What are you doing here Paul?” He blurted “Just getting izmit escort some food” “Hanging out with Alex tonight” “Video games and shit” “Just waiting for them to call me” Then he sat down next to Jared. His hairy forearm brushed against Jared’s arm. The sensation of those hairs in hos smooth flesh went through him and ended at his crotch. His dick throbbed in his pants. And then he looked down and between Paul’s legs. More of those hairy legs were shown as he sat there. And Jared could also see the bulge of Paul’s dick in them. “Fuck, fuxk, fuck!” His head screamed “What the Hell is wrong with me” Then jared turned and pushed Paul pit of the booth He needed him gone. He couldn’t stand him being there. He was just a distraction. “You gotta go man” he huffed at his friend “Ohh. Okay man” Paul answered back “You wanna be alone with Maggie” “I get it man. Three’s a crowd” The guy looked at Jared and winked at him. But as he was about to turn and leave Paul looked down. He saw his shoelace was untied. So he lifted the one hairy leg. Placing his foot to the seat next to Jared. Then he reached down to bend and tie the shoelace right there before Jared. Jareds eyes shot down to the leg of Paul’s shorts. Just to the left of the crotch as he was bent over. It was there that Jared saw the very noticable lump of Paul’s covered dick. Like an outline of the guys junk, right there for him to see it. “Shiit!” His head blasted “Look at that bulge man.” “Grab it.grab for it!” His eyes were glued to it. To the delicious looking crotch. Paul looked at him and snapped him to reality. “Well I’m outta here man” Paul huffed “Have fun you two” He tapped the table and winked at the couple. Then he walked away. Jared glanced only briefly at the ass in those shorts. And to his dismay his dick pulsated again in his lap. He turned back to Maggie. Afraid she may have noticed his discomfort, but she just smiled. “Wow. Paul looks different” she said “He looks older” “Yeah.” He said back “Must be the beard” “Yeah” she commented back “He kinda looks like a lumberjack. ” She giggled this and then Jared pictured the guy as a lumberjack. The image was.now locked into his akull.And again his dick pushed at his pants. “Fuck!” He huffed softly….. ============================================================================ To be continued

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