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Jasmine’s Awakening

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“But Gerry, you promised to spend the day with me today!”

“Look Jasmine, I’m having beers with the lads and I won’t be able to make it after all. Don’t make this all about you. It’s my holiday too. I’ll be back later and maybe we can do something then”

Jasmine knew full well he wouldn’t be capable of ‘doing something later’. He would almost certainly be unable to see straight, let alone take his wife out for the evening. But she had to try.

“Gerry, OK then but please, please don’t overdo it.”

“Jasmine, I’ve got to go. See you later. Love you.”


The phone line went dead. Jasmine rang back but it went straight to answer phone.

That’s it then Jas. You’re on your own yet again.

Tears of disappointment and frustration pricked at Jasmine’s eyes. Just over two weeks into a three-week stay on this Greek island, and she’d seen her husband Gerry probably twice in the day in all that time. Without fail he would start drinking around lunchtime and would be blind drunk come evening. She would inevitably have to put him to bed, and just as inevitably have to sleep in a separate room in their rented villa because he would either snore, or vomit, or both.

Oh Gerry, she thought. Gerry. I love you but why did you have to be such a fucking dick!

Jasmine looked up from her phone and took in her surroundings properly for the first time. She’d wandered into this up-market beach bar on a whim while on the phone trying to talk sense to Jerry. It was just the sort of place she would normally choose, well furnished and very posh but quite empty at this time of day, despite the early afternoon sun beating down outside. Perfect for a spot of shade and to think things through. Plus she didn’t want to head to the villa on her own quite just yet.

The bar was empty apart from the bartender and a couple of young men sat drinking at the far end of the room.

Jasmine sighed inwardly and motioned to the bartender.

“Vodka and orange juice please, with ice”

Jasmine seldom drank alcohol but she really felt like she deserved a stiff drink.

While the bartender poured the drink, she thought back to this morning. She was getting thoroughly fed up of Gerry going out with the friends he had make on the island from their previous holidays. He met up with them every time they came out here. She’d managed to elicit a promise from him that they would do something together today. She had thought perhaps a round of golf, or maybe a knock up on the tennis court, or even just a stroll down the promenade by the beach and take in a coffee or two.

After her usual morning yoga session, she’d showered and in the bathroom, took in her naked form in the mirror.

Jasmine was in her late 40s and about 5′ 7″, with a toned body from years of horse riding, swimming, cycling and tennis with the girls three times a week. Her skin was clear and flawless, though slightly freckled, and she sported an all-over tan without lines from spending a couple of hours a day sunbathing and swimming in the nude at their rented, but very private, holiday villa.

Her eyes were large and a quite deep green, set in a roundish face with an elfin nose and full, red lips framing brilliant white teeth. Her hair was a natural very dark red, almost brunette, which she always wore in a bob cut. For the holiday her hairdresser put in some black and white streaks, and playfully even a couple of blue and green ones. The effect was unusual and very striking.

She’d glanced downwards and instinctively cupped her own breasts. They were completely natural but still firm despite her age, each a good handful and with large, well defined nipples that when aroused, grew to be at least half an inch long and threatened to poke through even the sturdiest of bras and blouses.

She’d run her hands and her eyes down her flat stomach and over her curvy, shapely hips and firm buttocks, to her trim pussy. Her lips puffed out and she’d recently been waxed apart from the dark red patch of pubic hair on her mound, just above the bullet-shaped clit she knew was in there, ready and waiting to pop out and make an appearance when properly coaxed.

She’d felt really horny that morning, and had planned that after whatever they’d ended up doing that day, she was going to get more fun with her husband between the sheets.

She’d dressed carefully, it promising to be a hot day. Not knowing what they were going to do, she’d opted for frilly dark blue underwear beneath a very practical white sleeveless linen blouse and a mid-thigh length tartan skirt. White ankle socks and pumps, and a white Alice band in her hair, completed the whole ensemble. She looked every inch a pert, fit, mature and sexy woman.

Now because Gerry had decided to be an asshole and get wasted with his friends instead today, she rued bitterly, it was all going down the tubes!

Jasmine sighed again and raised the glass to her lips. She hadn’t noticed one of the two young men walking towards her in the bar.

“Hi! I’m Tom. Mind bahis şirketleri if I sit with you a moment or two?”

Jasmine started. Before her was a tall, dark, young man, probably in his mid to late twenties. She could tell straight away he looked after himself and worked out. He had chiselled features, a boyish but winning grin and was dressed in an expensive linen shirt with equally expensive shorts and beach shoes. Everything about him screamed money and cockiness.

“Umm, no… I don’t…”

Tom, taking this as an invitation, sat himself down next to Jasmine and motioned to his friend to join them. He smelled masculine and musky but not overpoweringly so. He was clearly confident and used to getting his way, Jasmine noted drily.

“Not seen you before and we’re always in here. We would have noticed a looker like you for sure. You on holiday here?”

“Umm, yes, but I…”

The other young man had come over by now and sat himself down beside Jasmine.

“This is my cousin Luke. Our fathers are brothers who were born and have businesses here. We live on the island in the summer. What’s your name?”

“Jasmine, but I…”

“Jasmine. Lovely name and lovely to meet you”

Tom leaned in closer. Jasmine squirmed slightly at the intimacy and the intrusion in to her personal space.

“Jasmine, we’ll get to the point. We’re looking for a fuckdoll for the afternoon and wondered if you wanted to be it”

Jasmine, having taken raised her drink to her lips at this time to collect her thoughts at this unwanted approach, spluttered and reddened.


Luke, who pretty much looked like a Tom-clone save minor differences in features, looks and attire, spoke for the first time.

“Yep, you heard correctly. What do you say?”

Jasmine’s head reeled. She started back.

I can’t have heard or understood properly. What an affront! How audacious! And to refer to her as ‘it’! Who do these young men think they are?

She struggled to speak but managed to force words out.

“Really! I’m almost old enough to be your mother!”

Tom replied.

“Of course, but so what? A good-looking, firm bodied MILF, who’s clearly horny, bored and lonely and having husband trouble, if your telephone call’s anything to go by.”

Jasmine reddened further. Of course, they would have overheard the conversation, well at least her side of it, and been able to surmise what had happened! That and her discomfiture immediately afterwards, and she’d obviously become easy pickings for a couple of predatory types like these. God, she thought. I might as well have walked in with ‘FUCK ME’ written on my blouse!

Still reeling, she thought of what to do next. Every instinct told her to slap their faces, yell and get out of there fast. What she actually said surprised her greatly.

“Well get me another drink and tell me more”

Luke motioned to the bartender and another vodka and orange juice arrived with haste.

Tom spoke again, this time holding Jasmine’s gaze firmly to leave her in no doubt as to their intentions. The boyish grin faded with the earnestness of what he said next.

“As I said, Luke and I are cousins and we live on the island in the summer. We have a place in the hills about twenty minutes drive away. Very secluded and private. We want a sexual plaything for the afternoon, and we want it to be you. Let’s be clear, we are not forcing you and we won’t pester you. Feel free to say no and walk out of here. But if you agree, you will be our slut from the moment we leave this bar to the moment we return you to it later. You will belong to us for the afternoon. We won’t cause you injury or leave lasting marks, but we do play rough. Expect to be restrained, to have that nice ass of yours spanked and to have your beautiful hair pulled. We will use you, relentlessly and abundantly. You will be obedient and compliant. You will be submissive and you will do exactly what we want, when we tell you, immediately and without comment.”

Jasmine’s head was still reeling, but despite herself she could not deny the heat that was starting to spread from her face to between her legs. God, I’m so wet! And itching all over! She had to think, and think fast! But why didn’t she just stand up and leave? After all, she thought, I’m not seriously considering this ridiculous proposition! Am I?

Again, her words formed themselves and her reply surprised her.

“Well that sounds just great” she said half sarcastically “for you two. But what do I get out of it?”

Luke leaned in closer and took over the conversation.

“Well, you must have gathered we do this often. We know what we’re doing and we’re packing, if you get my meaning. We’ve plenty to give you, we have stamina and we can promise you an absolutely fantastic orgasm, and maybe more if you’re up to it. At the very least, you’ll come away with a bellyful of cum and a great story to tell your girlfriends back home. So, what do you say?”

At this, her stomach lurched. Jasmine had never really bahis firmaları liked giving oral sex and swallowing semen was a firm no-no. And these… strangers… were expecting her to do just that! No, they expected that and much, much more from her… oh God, Gerry! Where are you? Why aren’t you takinh me away from this? From how my body is making me feel? What do I do? What do I DO??

Tom spoke again.

“We like you Jasmine, and we want to you to be our toy. But be in no doubt. This is not a seduction. It’s a pick-up for fucking, pure and simple. We will use you and fuck you in all your holes, over and over and over. But when play time is over and we return you back home, you will never see or hear from us again, unless you come into this bar.

So, time’s ticking. What’s it to be?”

Ohhhhh God!! The heat I feel!! she thought. You’re making me squirm in this seat! But I can’t! I just can’t!! Can I??

Again Jasmine’s words came instinctively but sounded faintly absurd. She simply said;

“I don’t do bum sex”

At this the two men glanced disappointedly at each other and rose to leave

“OK Jasmine, we’ve clearly misjudged you. You’re not the girl for us. Enjoy your drink”

“Wait!” Jasmine was in a whirl! She could not believe what she was thinking… what she was saying… what she was doing!… but it felt right… It feels wrong, but also so right to be used by you two! I want to, and I don’t want to! Damn you, Gerry! Double damn you for making me feel like this!

She gulped her drink down with firm decision.

“OK, I’m in. Show me this pad of yours”

They were in an open topped 4×4, driving in the hills. The breeze was fragrant, blowing through Jasmine’s hair in the back seat, the two men in the front with Tom driving.

Jasmine was lost in her thoughts; excited and nervous at the same time, her stomach churning and still wondering if she was doing the right thing… God, what am I DOING in this car, with these strange men?

Tom’s words snapped through her thoughts.

“Open your legs, slut!”

Jasmine, startled, said “what?”

“You heard me, slut! Lean back in the seat and open your legs! Don’t make me tell you again.”

Jasmine reddened again at the peremptory tone, but again the fire swept through her body. She did as commanded; leant back in the seat, hitched her crotch forward, lifted her skirt onto her lap and opened her legs. The frilly dark blue underwear visible to Tom looking in the rear view mirror, and to Luke now he’d turned in his seat, the two men stared unashamedly at Jasmine’s knicker-clad pussy, and she sensed and felt her moisture seeping into the sheer material.

“Pull your knickers to one side, bitch! Show us your slit!”

Jasmine felt like she would pass out. But dear Christ, this is making me soooo horny!

She reached with her right hand, pulling a sopping wet handful of dark blue cloth aside. Luke hissed and Tom whistled.

“God, that pussy’s cute! Nice and tidy, and wet through too! I’m looking forward to sliding my cock into that!”

“Dude, I’m gonna destroy that”

Luke ordered Jasmine again.

“Keep your legs open like that slut, until we tell you”

Thus, the journey passed in silence. Jasmine felt the wind fanning across her bared pussy, but that did nothing to cool her down or sate her building desires.

They arrived at their destination. A detached, one storey villa perched high in the hills with a view of the Mediterranean stretching out in an aqua green panorama. A view to die for, but Jasmine didn’t have time to take it in. The Jeep door opened.

“Out you get, slut! Walk in front of us so we can see your ass and legs.”

Jasmine did as she was bid, teetering slightly from the vodka and from the tension running through her. The men strode past her, slapping her on the ass as they went, and opened the front door.

As soon as they were inside and the door was closed behind them, the two men started to paw and neck Jasmine. The one to her front grasped her breasts and pulling them from her bra, sucked hard on her nipples, reaching in her knickers and rubbing her swollen, engorged clit; the other to her rear, pulled her head back by the hair and nuzzled her neck, while working his hand around her pert ass cheeks, tickling her tight asshole, inserting his fingers into her hot pussy. Jasmine gasped, arched and bucked at the hands, the mouths, working her, bringing her heat even further on.

The men stepped away in unison. Tom spoke again;

“Undress for us, bitch.”

Jasmine slipped off the now creased linen shirt, followed by the tartan skirt. She hesitated slightly at pulling down her knickers, but a smart slap to her buttocks moved her on. She reached behind to unclasp her matching dark blue bra.

“No, leave the bra and the pumps on, slut. Looks cute”.

Jasmine stood before the two men, secretly revelling in the admiring stares, awaiting instructions, She was getting the hang of this game.

“There’s a rug on the floor over kaçak bahis siteleri there. Kneel down on it, facing the window”.

She walked over to the rug and fell to her knees.

“Keep your hands in your lap and your eyes down to the floor slut, until we tell you to look up”

She did as commanded. Behind her, she heard the sounds of undressing and a few moments later, saw two pairs of bare legs, one each side of her.

“Look up, bitch”

Jasmine lifted her eyes from the rug, and what she saw made her gasp involuntarily.

The men were indeed completely naked, but she’d only ever seen such majestic specimens of manhood in porn movies, never in real life. The two cocks stood proud and erect before her, and were already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. She could almost smell the lust emanating from the two huge slabs of meat.

Tom’s cock was about 8″ long, with a large circumcised helmet, and was very almost the same in circumference. Luke’s was longer, about 10″ in all, but slightly thinner. Both cocks were accompanied by a pair of large, heavy, shaved balls. Jasmine’s mouth ran dry. I’m going to take these? In all my holes? They truly are going to ruin me!

“Like what you see, slut? Weigh our balls in your hands. Get a feel for them. They’re full of hot cum, but they’re going to empty in your mouth soon.”

Jasmine reached up and caressed both pairs of balls, gently squeezing and massaging. She fancied she could almost feel the sperm being furiously produced in these twitching orbs.

“Good. Now, time for you to show us what you can do, slut. Suck and wank them. Both at once. Make us cum.”

Jasmine’s hands slipped up and grasped lightly around each cock. From the base, she started to pull the men’s foreskins gently upwards towards the tips, and equally gently back down to the base again.

Luke hissed; “God, this bitch is good! Can’t wait to feel her lips and tongue around me”

Jasmine scooted on her knees slightly, pulled Luke in closer and licked his pre-cum from his weeping end. It actually didn’t taste too bad, not nearly as sour as Gerry’s on the rare occasions when she’d felt horny enough to go down on him.

“You’re in for a treat, slut. We don’t drink alcohol, only fruit juices and water, so we taste sweet. Eaten plenty of celery too, so expect big loads.”

Jasmine stared at Luke’s end momentarily, then opening her lips she pushed her head forward and took as much of his meat into her hot mouth as she could. She felt the end of his hard cock pass her tongue and almost hit the back of her throat. She bobbed her head in this fashion a good few times, then turned her head towards Tom. Licking his pre-cum into her mouth as she did for Luke, she opened her mouth wider to take his thicker cock, sucking him in as deeply as she could.

She worked the two cocks before her; twisting her hands along their lengths and alternating her hot mouth back and forth between the two men, lapping and working her tongue around their hard cocks. The men reacted to Jasmine’s efforts by pulling her head by the hair, making her take as much as she could without making her gag.

Jasmine sucked and wanked, sucked and wanked, keeping up a rhythm for what seemed to be an age. She felt her hands starting to grow tired and wondered if she could take a rest, until all of a sudden she heard Luke say to Tom;

“Turn her to me, Tom. I’m gonna cum”

Tom pulled Jasmine’s head off his cock by the hair and pushed her forcefully towards and down Luke’s length. Jasmine instinctively reached up to Luke’s hard stomach to brace, and slipped her free hand down to squeeze his balls.

“Jesus slut, that’s good! That’s GOOD! I’m gonna burst… here it comes… oh yessssssss…”

Jasmine felt the balls in her hand twitch, she reached up and pulled at the base of his cock, and was rewarded by Luke’s long, drawn out groan of delight. The hot, thick, bittersweet liquid shot from the end of Luke’s cock which was wedged deep in Jasmine’s mouth. She drew her head back slightly to allow her tongue to work. She gulped audibly and swallowed, gulped and swallowed, taking down Luke’s cum as quickly as he gave it to her. It seemed like a never ending shower, but after about half a dozen good pulses she felt it slow to a dribble.

Luke withdrew his cock from Jasmine’s mouth with a wet sounding plop, and she felt Tom pull her head towards his waiting prick. Again she braced and squeezed, but Tom grabbed her head and fucked her mouth with abandon.

Tom didn’t articulate his orgasm as Luke had done; he was silent until he announced he was cumming with a low, harsh, drawn out grunt. He thrust his hard cock deep into Jasmine’s mouth and held her head as he pulsed his load straight down her throat. The throat fucking brought tears to Jasmine’s eyes but she could breathe, and she felt strangely proud that she could have her mouth and throat used like that without baulking.

The two men caught their breath for a moment and wordlessly, one passed Jasmine a bottle of expensive mineral water. She gratefully drew deeply from the bottle, soothing the soreness in her throat and washing away the taste which, although not as acrid as Gerry’s sperm, she still wanted to lose or at least dilute if she could.

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