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Jeanette and David the Virgin

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Jeanette laid back onto the mound of pillows on her bed. She was in the center or her queen sized bed wearing lingerie: a sheet white bra with matching panties and a white garter belt and white thigh high stockings. The covers and top sheet were pulled halfway down the bed. She had lit about a dozen candles about the room. Tonight was finally the night. She had been dating David for over a month. This relationship had been much to slow moving for her liking. Then she found out that he was still a virgin. She was shocked, but loved the idea of being his first and if things worked out, only sexual partner. She had found out how he fantasized losing his virginity and followed through on his desires. Ordering the white lingerie online as he had described it. She had shaved her pubic hair completely bare, the task taking much longer and more difficult then she had thought it would be. Random hairs were growing between her inner and outer labia. She wore a fresh smelling lemony perfume.

“Okay David…” she announced in her best sultry voice. She could hear him in the bathroom and watched as he entered. He saw her and smiled naughtily, she was relieved. Glancing down to his boxers she could see his cock was already partially erect. She had felt that thing many times while they had made out and dry humped with clothes on. She was ready to finally feel it inside of herself. She ached, a hollow feeling to the core of her gut. She had heard of men experiencing ‘blue balls’, after weeks of making out she had a bad case of the some sort of female equivalent to it. Her core was empty feeling and hallow with cravings.

David was a big man, somewhat overweight. He was strong, not from lifting weights but from a adult lifetime of hard manual labor. Jeanette loved her men a bit chunky. She loved the feel of a man with meat on his bones. He was seven years older then her too. She was fresh out of college working a new job, he was settled in a career. He knelt on the bed crawling on it to her. He pressed his face to hers, lips met. A long kiss, his tongue pressed between her lips eager. She parted hers and their tongues met, probing and moving. She felt his hands on her body, exploring. She arched her back as he fondled her breasts, areolae tightened and pebbled, he pulled her flimsy bra under her C cupped chest. Jeanette’s hands pressed to his body, alongside of him, trying to pull him closer, guide him toward her. Instead he leaned back and gazed at her.

“You look beautiful!” he told her, Jeanette felt nervous butterflies alight in her belly. She brought her far leg up and bent it at the knee, parting her thighs slightly. He reached with one hand to her belly and then explored lower until the sheer fabric was all that separated his fingers from her womanhood. He looked down as his fingers found pendik otele gelen escort the opening in her panties that exposed her slit. His fingers slid into her wet labia. He smiled “You are wet already…”

Jeanette lifted her hips to him feeling his fingers sliding into her labia parting it, giving her a new sensation. “All for you Dave! I am wet for you!” she replied. He moved between her legs still wearing his boxers and leaned over her, pressing his weight to her thin frame. She could feel his cock between her thighs then he pressed upward and she could feel the tip of him along her labia. She moaned in pleasure and frustration. He rutted a few times like this, as she parted her thighs the hole in her panties pulled wider open and only the fabric of his boxers was between them. She felt him begin to sit up, kneeling between her legs, she watched as he pulled his boxers down. His cock was rigid. Jeanette realized now his size. He was not particularly lengthy, perhaps a little more the six inches, but he was thick and prominently veined. She reached down with her right hand and could barely encircle his manhood her thumb and middle finger barely able to touch, she stroked him up and down slowly and felt him twitch in her hand, that one stroke brought a bead of his precum to his tip. He pulled his boxers off completely. Then pressed his knees a bit wider forcing Jeanette to part her legs wider to him. She reached up to him and grasped his arms and pulled him. Wanted to feel him again on her. His weight pinning her.

“The condom?” David asked always cautious.

“Just play a little bit first…” Jeanette begged pulling him atop her.

He pressed down on her again, his cock sliding along the top of her labia, her wetness oozing to it. Jeanette thought about his girth and lifted her hips to him, feeling his thick cock sliding atop her. She squirmed beneath him, finally feeling his tip trying to capture it with her opening. David smiled at her shaking his head no.

“Its okay, just let me feel the tip.” Jeanette begged.

“Are you sure?” David asked with a worried look on his face.

“Just the tip!” she whispered in reply. Then felt him slide back and press himself to her. His cock head parting her labia, spreading her labia, he was barely in her, not even the whole head of his cock and she could feel her vaginal muscles stretching to accommodate his girth. He pulled back and pressed again to her, this time she felt the thick head of his cock fill her entrance. He did this several more times slowly, not entering her any further though. She lifted her hips to him trying to take him further in but he smiled and held back each time.

“One time let me feel you all the way in me, then you can put on the condom!” pendik rus escort She implored him.

He frowned and stayed teasing her entrance. Again and again pressed his tip into her and pulling it back he shook his head no. After a bit he pulled back and knelt between her legs, looking over the the bedside table he reached over and grabbed the condom there. He opened the package and placed it over his tip. Then began to unroll it. He grimaced.

“It’s tight!” He said as he struggled to roll it over the head of his glans, stopping as it found the valley there between head and shaft.

“Will it fit?” Jeanette looked on wide eyed, she had bought normal sized lubricated condoms. She had no idea that he would need a larger size.

“I hope so.” He replied. Then struggled to roll it over his shaft, obviously in discomfort his cock losing some of its rigidity. “Damn its to small!” he exclaimed as it tore. He was practically in tears holding the damp torn parts in his large hands.

Jeanette reached up and pulled him to her. Kissing him. Feeling his cock between her legs again. “Don’t worry Dave.” She squirmed beneath him lining herself up with his cock head again. “Just the tip…” she begged him.

He obliged, more eager this time. Eager to feel the tightness of her warm wetness again. Jeanette parted her thighs wider, lifting them, then wrapping her legs so the heel of each of her feet was on the back his thighs. She pulled him into her with each rut.

“Just a bit deeper. Its okay.” she promised

He had a look of concern on his face as he obliged, pressing his cock a bit further into her with each stroke. Jeanette felt his girth as it forced its way into her tight tunnel, her muscles burning as they were stretched to accommodate his thickness. Many strokes went by and then she finally felt his pubic mound pressing to hers, his pubic hairs tickling her bare skin. She could smell his manly scent under the scent of his aftershave. She craned her neck and kissed his lips.

“I am all the way in!?” David announced surprised.

“…all the way…” Jeanette replied kissing him again.

“Oh you feel so good.”

Jeanette squeezed her tightness around him, letting him feel the delight of being in a partner. Realizing she was pulling his precum into her depths as she did so.

“Don’t cum inside me Dave, I am not on any birth control…” she whispered.

He nodded repeating “I won’t cum inside you.”

Dave began to take her missionary style, harder and harder. Jeanette felt his hands find hers and pull them over her head, then with his right hand he pinned both her hands above her head. He craned his neck and began to kiss her face and neck and upper chest. He suckled on her neck a few times likely pendik sarışın escort leaving a trail of bruising hickeys. Jeanette felt his left hand caressing her face, chest, hips, sliding lower until it was on her ankle.

He leaned hard into her and whispered into her ear. “Grab the headboard and do not let go.” He released her hands and she grabbed the bars of the wooden headboard, his right hand found her other ankle and he began to pull her legs upwards. She felt the force of his rut sliding harder and harder into her as he bent her in half. Her eyes grew wider as he became more fierce. She felt him pressing her ankles harder, her legs stretched until her knees were alongside her head and her feet were near her hands.

Jeanette could sense he was nearing completion. “Just a bit more, its okay.” she begged.

He rutted. Hard.

“…a bit more…” he repeated. He had her body folded in half. He leaned back putting pressure on her feet pinning her to his will.

Jeanette could feel her body reacting to his. He was winding her need deep in her fuck hole and belly like a powerful spring. Each rut forcing that spring further onto itself. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” Jeanette begged him wanting to feel the release.

His ruts suddenly slowed but increased in intensity. He was pressing his whole weight into his cock.

Jeanette was begging him now “Don’t, cum, inside, me, don’t, stop, don’t, cum, inside, don’t, stop…”

Her whole body tightened suddenly and her eyes went wide. Every muscle bunched then released again and again as she felt the throes of orgasmic bliss come over her. She heard herself cry “Cum inside me!”

David thrust one last time then came. His cock spurting again and again into her. Thick ropes of gooey warm semen flowed into her depths, then overflowed and seeped to her entrance. He released her ankles and pulled out of her. She shuddered for a good long minute becoming aware as she felt the wet mess puddling under her ass.

David leaned over her and kissed her. His flaccid cock leaving a wet trail across her belly. He rolled to one side then onto his back breathing heavily.

Jeanette followed him, laying on her side beside him. She could feel the wet mess on her sheer white panties as even more oozed from her. Eyes wide she realized she was filled with his seed. She reached down and felt it with her hand. Pulled it up and examined it in the candle light amazed at what she had let happen to herself.

“I can’t believe you talked me into that.” David said.

Jeanette nodded “It felt so good…” she whispered.

“What if you get pregnant?!” he asked a bit upset.

Jeanette thought quickly, trying to recall when she would be fertile. “It is okay. I am to early in my cycle to get pregnant.” she told him actually not sure when she was fertile.

“Next time we need bigger condoms, but that felt awesome!” he smiled at her.

Weeks went by. Jeanette found larger condoms for David. They fucked, often. Her nervousness grew as her period approached. Her period did not arrive on the first day it was expected, nor the second…

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