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Jeff’s Juices

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Jeff, a freshman college student was sitting in his dorm room eating dinner when somebody knocked on his door. He said, “Come in,” and another young guy showed up introducing himself as Tony.

The college year already started a few days ago and Jeff lived in a dorm room of two by himself still waiting for his new roommate. Tony said Jeff that it will be him and walked towards a vacant bed.

Both guys were 19 to 20 about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds of weight. Jeff had a brown curly hair while Tony was a dark blond with straight short hairstyle.

Jeff invited Tony to share his dinner and they started to talk. They both recently graduated from High School and moved to different city to start a college. As that always happens between young men, the conversation quickly switched to girls.

Jeff was still a virgin, however a pretty well-educated about sex after secretly watching lots of porn from the hidden collection of his elder brother’s DVDs at home. He was frequently daydreaming about kissing a girl, licking her pussy, tasting her juices and cumming inside. However, he didn’t have any girlfriend so far. Also, he rarely had night dreams about sex, and they never ended wet as he learned how to relieve himself with masturbation.

Tony bragged about his sexual experience with a couple of girls. But when he started describing a threesome with both of them at the same time, Jeff realized those were all lies. Tony’s description of female body and sexual behavior was so inaccurate, that Jeff quickly stopped believing his stories. However, Jeff didn’t accused Tony with lies as he didn’t want to ruin just started friendship with his new roommate.

Next day classes started and both guys came home pretty tired. Student life established its routine and friends looked forward to some weekend entertainment like going to theater or just exploring the city.

The guys tried to watch a TV provided to them with room. However, it showed nothing better than tons of free “Over the air” channels with lots of commercials and was pretty boring.

One weekend Tony visited his parents and brought a DVD-player from them with some collection of movies. So, watching a TV became more interesting. But they quickly watched out all their DVD’s and got bored again.

At next visit to his hometown Jeff borrowed some DVDs from his brother’s collection as his brother was in Navy and recently got a deployment overseas not allowed to take that stuff with him.

Coming back to dorm, Jeff met Tony and said, “I have something interesting to watch. Let’s have fun.”

With those words he pulled one of his brother’s DVDs from his bag and inserted it into player. That DVD appeared to be a home-burned compilation of clips from different porn movies.

The first clip had a boy and a girl sneaking from a birthday party into closet in remote part of the house. The guy was in shorts and the gal was in short skirt. When they entered the closet, the guy kissed his partners in French style. Then without any words he produced his aroused dick by moving his shorts aside showing no underpants under them.

The gal lowered her panties and pointed his penis with her hand inside of her body. The quickie started. Then most of the process was skipped. The DVD showed only the final moment when guy’s scrotum stated twitching and his penis pumping cum deep into girl’s vagina.

When that happened, the girl grabbed the guy’s butt with her hands and pushed him even deeper inside her body starting moaning. The camera showed contractions of her belly synching with each pulse of cum into girl’s body and her moans.

When mutual orgasm ended, the guy pulled out his penis and hid it in shorts. The gal’s pussy was still clean and dry showing no fluids on the vulva as all sperm left deep inside. So, she pulled up her panties and was going to lower her skirt. But then the camera showed a wet spot growing on her panties when cum started seeping out of her body soaking through her lingerie.

The girl patted her pussy with hand making panties tissue to absorb fluids quicker. So now all her pubic part of panties was wet with sperm. The guy smiled and said her a compliment, “Nice and yummy.” Then he patted that wet spot with his hand as well and sniffed it.

The gal laughed, lowered her skirt, grabbed guy’s hand, and said, “Let’s go back to the party. It’s time for a birthday cake now.”

Then the series of clips showed just throbbing cocks inside of vaginas pumping cum from balls to pussy and showing a creampie when a penis was extracted. Some of them showed guys catching those fluids with their mouths. Few of them showed guys feeding their partners with those fluids collected by mouth from their pussies.

Each clip showed happy faces of partners and expression that they ate something very delicious while it was nothing better than cum.

Jeff was always curious how cum might taste. Watching his brother’s porn before, he frequently masturbated and always wanted to test his own semen after it was ejaculated. güvenilir bahis However, when that happened, his desire to do it always instantly vanished and fluids from his body looked gross for him. So, he always dumped them and then had regrets about that a half hour later.

Jeff liked precum juice sipping from his urethra when he watched porn. He always enjoyed its taste collecting it with his finger and licking. But it was never enough of those fluids to test their real taste. And when it came to actual cum, he couldn’t dare to try it due to reasons explained above.

During last months of High School Jeff even started exercising to achieve flexibility of his body to be able to reach his penis with mouth and try to suck himself out. However, all he could achieve was licking a tip of his penis with his tongue and tasting drops of fluids combining with pain of straining his body muscles. Sure, it was not fun, and he quickly stopped doing it.

Jeff thought that maybe trying a creampie out of girl would be easier. But he was still a virgin having no female friends yet.

Lying on his bed and watching porn, Jeff was highly aroused with his penis turned into bone and pressing against his clothes giving him discomfort. So, he lowered his panties and pants as much as he could without exposing private parts in order to give more space to them. And then suddenly the guy realized that Tony lying on his own bed already took his pants and panties off staying completely bottomless.

When Jeff turned and nodded to his roommate’s side with a sign of question, Tony told him with flushing face, “Sorry, I cannot hold it inside.”

Seeing that, Jeff mumbled, “Me too,” and threw out the bottom part of his clothes as well. Now guys were lying each on his own bed both bottomless with bone hard dicks popping up. They continued watching that naughty DVD being aroused and very excited.

The next clip on the DVD showed two guys and two gals already in the process of intercourse. Both couples were lying across a king size bed and guys were fucking their female partners. The process didn’t last too long on a screen and then camera showed balls-deep penetrations of both men pumping cum into vaginas. Their scrotums and crotch muscles were pulsating and throbbing apparently sending lots of fluids inside of female bodies.

When the process ended, both guys swapped partners and moved into positions of 69 with new girls. Now each girl was lying on her back with spread legs and the guy was sucking cum of his male friend from that girl’s pussy. Meanwhile girls did a penis cleanup of those new partners with their mouths collecting remaining sperm from penises with their tongues.

The camera showed each guy scooping cum from the pussy with his tongue and storing it in his mouth without swallowing it. The girls were licking and slightly sucking cocks of their partners also collecting remaining sperm in their mouths.

When that scene ended, the guys moved back to their original females and dumped collected fluids from their mouths to girls’ mouths opened wide.

In the final scene girls were kissing each other sharing sperm in mouth with her female partner and pushing it there and back to each other. Then they swallowed it and smiled to guys saying, “Thank you for yummy treat.”

Watching all that on a TV screen, Jeff moved a foreskin of his penis back and collected drops of his abundant precum fluid with finger. Then he put it into his mouth and tested. It was slightly salty reminding very thin gel with spicy flavor. Its smell was very exciting causing his arousal to grow even higher producing more of that fluid.

The guy didn’t care anymore that Tony might be watching his penis play. And when Jeff looked at his friend, he saw that Tony bent into awkward position trying to lick his penis to taste the same fluid from himself but doing it a different way. The guy mumbled, “I wish I could reach it.”

Suddenly Jeff walked to his friend’s bed and told, “Let’s help each other.” Without waiting he laid next to Tony in 69 position offering him his penis and touching a penis of his friend with tongue. That was much easier than trying to reach his own dick.

Tony said nothing. He just moved Jeff’s foreskin back with his fingers and touched a tip of his penis with his tongue collecting fluids from there.

Jeff did the same. Tony’s cock was pretty large, and it produced a lot of prostate fluids. Jeff licked it and tasted. Tony’s juice had about the same taste and flavor as his own, just a bit sweeter. However, his friend produced more of juices and Jeff had now better chance to feel its taste and flavor. Then he opened his mouth and gently squeezed Tony’s naked glans with his lips and tongue trying not to touch it with teeth.

Tony was copying Jeff’s actions almost synchronously. So, Jeff could close his eyes and imagine that finally he got access to his own penis with his mouth as he tried for years. And now he can do it without any efforts.

Jeff sensed like more and more fluids türkçe bahis started flowing from his genitals into Tony tickling his urethra from inside and tasted more fluids with rich smell and taste coming from Tony into his mouth.

Suddenly both guys exploded into orgasm filling each other with lots of cum. Jeff felt his internal muscles under prostate and then scrotum contracted pumping cum through his penis into Tony’s mouth. In return strong pulsations of Tony’s genitals sent a powerful jet of cum into Jeff’s mouth.

Surprisingly and unlike with masturbation, Jeff’s desire to try sperm after orgasm didn’t vanish as his mouth was already full of his friend’s cum.

It tasted very different than precum prostate fluid. The actual cum was thicker and less salty but more alkaline reminding baking soda. Its texture reminded tart taste of unripe banana or persimmon fruit juice and was tickling a throat sticking to it like glue. The smell of sperm slightly reminded a seafood salad with green onions but definitely not so intensive.

Jeff kept swallowing Tony’s cum until it all ended and felt like Tony was doing the same with his fluid. When testicles of both guys got empty and arousal vanished, Jeff got up, turned off lights and went to his bed saying nothing. His friend said nothing either turning to his side against the wall and falling asleep.

Next morning Jeff got up, quickly did his morning routine, and left to school avoiding an eye contact with Tony. The entire day he was thinking about what happened. Is he a gay now? He always had negative perception of homosexual men. However lesbian girls looked cool to him. And certainly, Jeff could never imagine that his first sexual encounter will be with male, not with female partner.

Remembering that experience from the previous day, Jeff felt arousal and after several hours of daydreaming he was very horny. Imagination showed him pictures of sex with nondescript male and female partners where he played one of central roles. And the idea about sex with men didn’t look to him as bad as before.

Nevertheless, Jeff was afraid of coming night when he had to look into Tony’s eyes. He felt ashamed and feared that Tony will be making some comments about what happened between them. Hence the guy delayed coming back to his dorm room and decided to loiter around city until late night.

Jeff came home after 10pm and saw Tony already in bed pretending to be sleeping. So, Jeff quickly took shower, turned off lights and went to his bed. But he couldn’t sleep as loth of musings were churning in his head. Tony also kept moving under his comforter.

After about an hour passed still without sleep, Tony suddenly said with hoarse voice, “Let’s do it again.”

Jeff didn’t ask Tony to repeat twice. He quickly walked to his friend’s bed and laid in 69 position with Tony. Both men were horny and aroused up to the limits. Without any words Jeff grabbed his friend’s penis with his mouth and tried to swallow it as deep as possible slightly sucking it and caressing with his tongue. He felt as Tony was doing the same with him.

Jeff sensed like his prostate fluids started flowing into Tony’s mouth giving him tickling sensation inside of his dick. And his mouth was also filling with the same fluid from Tony. It had wonderful taste slightly salty with slimy texture and powerful musk smell arousing Jeff even more if it was ever possible.

Tony started massaging Jeff’s prostate through skin under his scrotum making the guy to produce even more juices and Jeff tried the same to Tony testing more and more of his fluids. Then both guys exploded into orgasm at the same time filling each other with cum.

This time Jeff was prepared and didn’t want to swallow it or spit as fast as possible. Instead of that he tasted it by moving it inside of his mouth with his tongue trying to feel any piece of its fragrance.

Finally, arousal of both guys vanished, and Jeff went back to his bed. However, he said to Tony, “I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. But I like it. So, let’s continuing every night if you don’t mind.”

Tony answered briefly, “Yup,” and then both guys fell asleep instantly.

Next day at school passed for Jeff very quicky as he was looking forward to another play session with his friend. Jeff was not shy of Tony anymore. Thoughts about their play made Jeff very horny again and the guy rushed home right after classes.

Tony was already in his bed lying naked under sheets. Jeff glanced at him, then took off all his clothes and went to shower. When he came back, Tony was sitting on his bed still naked and with bone hard huge dick waiting for his friend.

Suddenly Jeff murmured, “I want a real stuff.” Then he added more firmly, “Tony, you probably won’t allow me to enter you as it might look embarrassing. Hence, I want YOU to enter me from behind. Then we can swap if you want after you cum or maybe do it next time. What do you think?”

Tony quietly nodded as “Yes.” So, Jeff stood in Doggy position lifting his butt up güvenilir bahis siteleri and pooling his buttocks apart with his hands. Tony got up and touched Jeff’s anus with a tip of his penis. He grabbed it with his hand smearing his prostate juice on Jeff’s sphincter and slightly around it.

In a few minutes Jeff’s anus and slightly inside of it became well-lubricated and Tony gently pushed his penis inside. Jeff instinctively constricted his anal muscles preventing such intrusion. When that happened, Tony slightly pulled back and said, “Relax.” Then he tried over and over again.

With each push Tony’s dick penetrated Jeff deeper and deeper lubricating his entrance. Suddenly Jeff realized that instead of contracting, he needs to use his muscles like with bowel movement. That helped. After several attempts Tony’s penis moved balls-deep inside of Jeff filling it with unusual sensation.

Jeff felt like the end of Tony’s penis started pressing and massaging his prostate. Jeff moaned slightly of pleasure and the guys changed their positions. Now Tony was sitting on the edge of his bed and Jeff was sitting on Tony’s laps having a big, aroused part of Tony’s body inside of his guts.

Jeff saw as prostate juice started flowing and dripping from the tip of his own penis. He wanted to taste it, but Tony’s hand reached it first and collected with finger. Then Tony licked it eating and enjoying its taste.

Even being in accepting role, Jeff had a feeling of approaching orgasm. He thought that his cum can squirt on the floor and was going to collect it with his palm then eating by himself or offering to Tony. Also, he was curious how would it feel when Tony starts pumping his fluids into his body.

When the guys were close to culmination, suddenly the room door opened, and Tony’s sister Lucy stepped in. She was going to say, “Hi,” but was able only to produce, “Khm,” seeing an apparently awkward and embarrassing scene in front of her. She asked, “What are you guys doing?” while the answer was pretty obvious.

Tony looked less embarrassed than his friend Jeff and he calmly answered, “Fucking. Would you join us?”

Lucy stood for a few seconds thinking and hesitating. Then she suddenly said, “Why not? It’s a good chance to prove.”

Now Jeff was well surprised with that girl’s behavior. Why has she agreed so easily? Later he learned from Tony that the latter caught his sister in very similar situation during lesbian play with her girlfriend Amanda. And then Tony was constantly joking over his sister shat she is lesbian afraid of guys.

Poor girl tried to prove Tony he is wrong. But it was hard as she didn’t have a permanent boyfriend. Being so desperate at one moment, Lucy even offered herself to her brother. But Tony stopped her saying, “No. It’s gross because it’s incest.”

At that moment, the girl glanced at hard Jeff’s dick and believed it’s a chance for her to prove to her brother she is a straight girl interested in guys.

So, Lucy quickly locked the door mumbling, “You need to lock it,” and then took out her shorts. As it was hot Summer, she didn’t’ wear any panties and stayed bottomless in front of men still sitting on the bed. Then saying nothing Lucy walked to guys, put her feet wide apart on the floor and sat down on Jeff pointing his dick inside of her.

Jeff didn’t have any sex with girls before and even didn’t have a chance to touch their bodies. So, this was a brand-new experience for him. He saw as Lucy spread her vulva with hands and pointed his penis down inside of her body. Few seconds later she was heavily sitting on Jeff’s laps having his dick deep in her vagina.

Lucy didn’t have a chance to take a shower before such unexpected sexual encounter. So, Jeff sensed smell of her body. It was a light mix of sweat, clothes, perfume, and something else that was hard to explain. But Jeff quickly realized it was just a smell of young, healthy, and slightly horny female.

Tony embraced his arms around Jeff and Lucy puling his sister to Jeff. Lucy whispered, “It’s not incest, is it?” and Tony answered, “Don’t worry as long as I don’t touch your pussy and you don’t touch my dick.”

Lucy moved up and down doing frictions on Jeff’s penis. However, Jeff couldn’t move pressing Tony down hard with his own weight. But Jeff wanted Tony to keep moving inside of him. So, Jeff tried to synchronize his motions with those of Lucy. After several attempts he finally caught the rhythm.

Now Lucy moved up almost extracting Jeff’s penis from her vagina and Jeff briefly got space to move as well. He lifted his body towards Lucy extracting bigger part of Tony’s penis from himself. Then as Lucy moved down towards Jeff, the guy also moved down to Tony’s laps.

After a couple of adjustments their common motion became perfect. Tony’s dick continued massaging Jeff’s anus, rectum and prostate while Lucy stimulated his penis with her vagina.

Jeff closed his eyes focusing on sensations in the lower part of his body. When the girl lifted her butt and Jeff moved his one up almost extracting Tony’s penis and then moved it, he felt like his friend’s cock was stretching his sphincter penetrating deeper and rubbing against walls of well-lubricated intestine finally touching his prostate.

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