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Jennifer (continued)

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Jennifer (continued)I left off with Jennifer on her back in the dirt with a huge cock in her soaked cunt, her face covered in a large load of cum, moaning and groaning and doing her best to cum.I was watching, standing there nude, rubbing my thick, rock hard cock as my girlfriend was being ravaged by three guys. The guy who had cum on her face wasstill hard, his cock covered with cum and saliva. I knelt down in the dirt and took his cock and sucked on it, cleaning it off.He moaned, and pushed it into my throat. It was only the second cock I had ever sucked, and I think i was doing a good job. The guy fucking the shit out of Jennifer flipped her over on her knees and pushed his huge thick cock into her ass. Both her asshole and his cock were soaked and she started making all sorts of noises.The third guy stuck his cock into her mouth and she started sucking quite hard on it, she was in sexual fever-she was covered in dirt and sweat, her cunt and asshole were dripping juice onto the ground and her face was covered in cum, saliva, eyes glazed over-boy,she wanted to cum!I sucked him, squeezed his balls, crowled behind him and started sucking his asshole as I rubbed his dick.I sarıyer escort heard a noise and took my soaked face out of the guys asshole and saw 4 more guys, all nude, porting huge hard ons and coming our way. the two guys pulled out of Jennifer and stood up, their cocks soaked and dripping. Jen moaned deeply, and cried out “please fuck me, make me cummmm, please” she begged.All of them took her over by a tree, tied her hands to a low haging branch, picked up switches and they all started whipping her-across her tits, nipples, stomach, thighs, calves, feet, ass and back. She was overwhelmed by the pain and pleasure all at once, moaning, groaning crying, all sorts of noises-it was real erotic.She was covered with marks and scratches, they released her, she fell to the ground and they were on her like a pack of dogs. one guy laid on the ground, his thick cock straight up in the air, they lower her asshole onto it, another guy stuck his cock in her cunt, another in between her tits, two in her mouth and one in each hand. And there i was holding my cock, rubbing it watching seven guys **** esenyurt escort my extremely HOT girlfriend!More guys showed up , along with a couple of women, all nude, all sexually aroused one way or another. One of the women came over to me, huge tits witha thick black bush and asked me to eat her, so i did. she was full of cum, male & female. Ate her for about a half an hour, she came four times, i was soaked in cum. she left me on my hands and knees and i felt a cock ease it way into my asshole. Jennifer had used a strapon on me in the past so I was used to it and like it.I look ovr at Jen. No women ever looked sluttier then she did at this time.She was riding a thick black cock covered in cum, dripping down his THICK shaft and huge swollen balls. She had cum dripping out of her asshole, she was covered in welts and marks, saw cum on her dirty feet, her fasce had so much cum and dirt on it she did not look like anyone I knew. her nipples were an inch long and her tits were covered in cum and glisten in sweat. I rode the cock in my ass till it came, shooting a huge load into me. Felt good, started dripping out and down avrupa yakası escort my balls. I crawled over to her, grabbed her face and said “Jen,its me”She tried to focus, cum in her eyes, all over her lips, she was in cum overdose. She had no idea where she was, just that she needed cum and needed to cum. I kissed her cum covered lips hard, sucking up some of the cum. She kissed back with incredible passion and then I felt another cock, a big one, slide into my soaked asshole and started to be fucked, hard.She got DP as a cock went up her asshole and two cocks were stuck between our lips for us to suck on. started sucking on my dick, taking in deep in their mouth. She screamed as anothermonster orgasm racked her body.We were used for another hour, she came 10-12 times more, passed out,leaking gallons of cum from all her holes, filthy, cum,sweat and welt covered.I was in a state of desire i had never been in before. My cock was huge and thick, nevered having cum in all this time, leaking cum from my asshole and all over my face, male & female. we had been used, bet Jennifer had had thirtyguys. I was pretty sure i had 7 guys in my ass. We were a mess, I woke Jen up, she looked at me, said my name. people werestanding around, taking pictures of us, all nude.I pushed her on her back, and slid my dick into her cunt and started fucking her like a maniac. She screamed and so did I as we both came at once, thrashing, scratching biting one another.We laid there for a long time, finally got up and went to the car and went home

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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