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Jennifer’s Birthday Present from Her Mom and

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Jennifer’s Birthday Present from Her Mom andThis story is an actual event that happened to me a few years back. I had lost my privileges to drive a truck for a few years, so I decided I would go to work in fast foods, as a maintenance person. I worked hard enough that the franchise owner decided to send me to school to learn how to actually work on all the equipment in the stores, as well as doing my usual daily work.Now, the advantage to this position is a few things. 1) You basically work by yourself, and are not really crowded onto a counter, or assembly line. 2) You go in early in the morning and are usually off by early afternoon. 3) If the evening shift needs you to come in for a few more hours, you are still able to – even thou it will amount to over-time.Anyways, one of my first duties when I arrived at work was to move all the equipment and do what is known as ‘Deck Scrub’ the entire floor, before I do anything else. Usually during this time, nobody wants to walk anywhere near me, because the water is about an inch deep. It seemed like Tammy always got there just as I was putting down my water, and she would have to wait to go into the back to put up her stuff, and get her drawer ready for her shift, and make sure she was stocked on her counter stuff. One day, she actually made it a little bit early, but now she is stuck in the back. She heckled me about it, saying, “Guys, they always know how to make wet messes, but it takes them forever to clean it up.” I just laughed at her, and later that day when I was outside, she took a break, and came out on the curb and talked with me. She confessed to me that yes, she was married, but only reason why her and her husband was still married was for the sake of their k**s. And after telling me this, she asked if I cared to come over for a beer, just to hang out for a while, after we got off work. I told her I would be more than happy to.After work, since she didn’t have a vehicle, I drove us to her house, where we sat and drank a few beers, chatted, and then her husband came in. But, when he came in, he had an attractive blond hanging off his arm, and they both disappeared upstairs, without either of them saying a word to anyone. She told me that was the way they lived – he had a fold out couch upstairs to sleep on, and he could fuck anyone he wanted to, and she had a nice sized futon she slept on. We sat and had a few more beers, watched a bit more TV, than I left. The remainder of that week, she would invite me over, and a few days I accepted, but a few days I had to turn her down, due to other things I had to take care of – but I would give her a ride home.The next week, she told me she really wanted me to come over, so she could fix me a full course meal. She knew I was single, and had no family in the area, so she doubted I ate healthily – so I accepted. Her one request was, she would like me to stay with her that night, as well. If it led to sex, then it did, if not, it didn’t, and no hard feelings. So, I took her home, but told her I needed to go get my uniform for the following day, as well as make sure the person taking care of my dog could keep her until I got home the next day, which she said was okay. I arrived back at her place with a bouquet of flowers in a fancy vase and told her this was my thank you for cooking for me. She cooked up a wonderful meal, where I got to meet her k**s. Her 17-year-old daughter came in just in time for dinner. Her 12-year-old son I had met earlier, and I had rented him a video game he said he wanted to try, so since it was okay with her – I got it. Her husband finally said Hi to me, as he went into the kitchen and grabbed him something to fix to eat. She wasn’t joking when she said they lived separate lives now.That night after dinner, I helped the k**s take care of dishes, then we all sat and watched a movie, until it was time for them to get ready for bed. After they were ready, they came back downstairs and gave her their goodnight kisses and thanked me for being so cool with them. I told them it wasn’t a problem; I remember what it was like to be a k**. After they went to bed, she asked if she could snuggle up to me while we continued to watch TV, which I said sure, so she snuggled up and laid her head on my shoulder, at first. As the show went on, the further she would let her head slip down my body – eventually ending in my lap – which I had no problem about. While she was laying there, she rubbed her hand up and down my leg, getting closer and closer to my crotch – until finally, she lifted her head and started to rub my cock. I just sat there and rubbed her hair back, and massaged her shoulders, before I reached down and grabbed one of her tits. That did it, it was time to make the couch into her bed.After we converted the futon, and put the sheets and everything on, we both stripped and got under the covers. While she was giving me a hand job, I was kissing around her neck, and sucking on her ears (I had found out earlier that those were 2 of her hot points.) She finally takes her free hand and pushes me down to her breasts, so I take them and suck, and nibble on them, making her juicier than hell now. Finally, she can’t take it no more, so she pulls me atop of her, by my cock, and leads me to her hot hole, where I sink in to the hilt – in one sharp stroke, catching her off guard. That is when she told me she hasn’t been with another guy in almost 3 years, and that was why she was so tight. I start off slow, in small strokes, until she gets used to my size, and she gets a bit wetter. When she does, I raise up on my knees, putting her legs up against my chest, and start to really bang her fast, and deep. I had her groaning so much, her husband had to come down and tell us we needed to be a bit quieter, before we woke the k**s – which she replied, “Go to hell! You and your floozies make more noise than us, and you are right next to them.” We continued in that position for a bit longer before she wanted to get fucked doggie style. We fucked that way, until we both came, sweating up a storm, and out of breath. She told me to just keep my cock in her, and lay on her, as she laid down. Needless to say, after that, we got together at least 4, to 5 times a week. Then, she does something that absolutely blows my mind. As Greg, her husband, had moved out, because he couldn’t handle the noise she made when we fucked – but it was okay for him and his floozy to be louder than hell at night, so he left. Jennifer’s 18th birthday fell on a Monday, and we both happen to be off that day. Also, it was mid-summer, so school was out, so it seemed like she was at house until mid-afternoon, then she would leave around 2, or 3 in the afternoon, and not return until wee hours of the morning. After one of our seasons of fucking, Tammy asked me what I thought about her daughter. I told her I thought she needed to grow up a bit and take a bit more responsibility. That was when she hit me with it. “No, do you think she looks fine, unattractive, or just okay.” Well, even if the young lady was fine, who was I to say, plus, to her own mom, whom I am fucking almost every day. Plus, I am 29, so what am I to say, she is a bit younger than me. That was when Tammy told me she knew Jennifer was still a virgin, and she wanted someone she knew, and could trust, to take her virginity. She had already talked it over with Jennifer and Jennifer said she thought it was great, because she had the Hotts for me, that was part of the reason why she would make herself scarce when I was around – because she was getting so worked up, it drove her nuts, and she really wanted to **** me. So, I told Tammy to set it up for that Monday, of her birthday.I told Tammy I wouldn’t be coming over until the Big day, and she understood, and said she would just fix me some stuff and bring it to work the next day, so I was still eating balanced meals. We decided we needed to lay out a plan, so as to make it easy on Jennifer, so we decided she would come over a few nights, and we could discuss it there, but no sexual stuff, so as I could build up for a long night izmir escortlar of sex between the 2 of us.Thursday came, and Tammy wanted to come over, so we could start talking about how we could go about this, and let Jennifer feel at ease. So, on the way home, she wanted me to stop at the store, so she could fix us dinner at my place. She decided she would make one of my confessed favorite foods that night, knowing it would take a bit to prep and cook. While she was in the kitchen, I sat at the bar, and we talked, and she confessed she wanted to be in the room, if not in the same bed as Jennifer, when the time came. She said she wanted to help ‘guide the way’ when the time came. Also, she wanted to watch up close, as she has never seen close-ups before, of any sort of sex, either oral, or penetration. I asked her, if she thought that might freak Jennifer to far out, to go forward with it? She said if I got her heated up enough, she believed we could do just about anything to her, to relieve her heightened arousal. The only other obstacle we could foresee was Michael, her son. So, we figured if we could get him to stay at one of his friend’s house on Monday night, then it would leave just the 3 of us. But how? Than it crept up out of the blue to me. The local skating rink usually holds late night skate, or even sometimes all-night skate, during the summer. So, if one of those things were happening, Tammy could talk to one of his friend’s parents, and offer to pay for their c***d to go, as well, if they could take them, and pick them up, and wouldn’t mind if he stayed the night, as she would probably be in bed by the time it was over with. Now, how do we go about the seducing of Jennifer? We discussed many ways, and we finally decided on that evening, we would watch a few ‘tease’ movies, and have Jennifer sitting on one side of me, and Tammy on the other side of her. And whenever Tammy would get up, that was a signal to me to make some plays at her and see how she would respond. If she was acceptable to them, then we knew we could go further. But if she acted all ridged, then we knew it wasn’t going to happen. So, we were set.Sunday, at work, Tammy told me she had the Michael situation taken care of. There was actually an all-night skate and Putt-Putt event happening Monday night, and she was sending Michael, and a few of his friends, then they would stay over at another friends’ place for the night. I told her that tomorrow, Monday, I would be leaving earlier than normal, so I could get exceptionally cleaned up, and stuff, and she thought that would be great.Monday morning comes, after I finished ‘deck scrubbing’ the floors, and a few other duties, I am starting to think that maybe Tammy had chickened out, since she didn’t show up for work. I had already looked at the schedule a few times, and it said she was supposed to work until 3, but there was no sign of her. I finish up the tasks I usually do before my usual break, in hardly any time flat, and take my break. I go out to my car and try calling her. She doesn’t answer her home phone, so I try her cell, which she finally answers. I asked her if everything was okay, which she replies, of course. I asked her if we were still on for tonight, and she told me yes, and that she was taking Jennifer out to get some lingerie, as well as getting herself some, as picking up some oils and lotions and condoms, – we didn’t want Jennifer getting pregnant just yet.I finished work early and told the boss I needed to head home, as I had some urgent stuff to take care of. He had no problem of me leaving early, as I had been putting in a lot of overtime since I first started there. After I left, I went home, took a steaming hot shower, to get all the smells out of my pores and stuff, then made sure I did a very close shave, and brushed my teeth. The aftershave I chose for that night, was one that I knew Jennifer liked, as she had asked me a few times what it was, and if it was expensive. I got out my best pair of jeans, and one of my fancy pull over shirts. And to top it off, I wore my expensive boots that night (I usually don’t wear them unless I am going to someplace high valued, or to a big social.) Now, all I had to do was wait for Tammy to call and tell me it was time to come over.About 5:30, Tammy finally called, and told me dinner was almost ready. She said Michael was out with friends, and he was going to be staying the night over at a friend’s house. So, I got in my car, drove the 15-minute drive to her house, and rang the bell.Jennifer answered the door, and invited me in. I had stopped by the floral shop on the way over and got her 18 red roses, in a crystal vase, and she loved them. I looked at Tammy, and she gave me a big grin, mouthed the words, “Thank You”, and blew me a kiss, all without Jennifer ever seeing it – of course, she was to busy giving me a BIG hug, and kissing all over my cheek, neck, and even a couple of pecks on the lips. I also told her real present she would get later, if she behaved. She had no idea what the present might be, as she had never told me anything she had wanted.Tammy announced dinner was ready, so we all had a seat, Jennifer said dinner prayer, then Tammy dished up dinner. She had made Jennifer’s favorite – Lasagna and home-made French bread. We all got filled, then Tammy and I told Jennifer to have a seat, as tonight was her birthday and we would take care of the dishes. In the meantime, why don’t she go shower and try on one of her new nighties and come down and join us to watch some movies. Tammy and I speedily got the dishes done, then we pulled out a DVD Tammy had rented, that was only like rated R, but with a lot of fucking scenes in them. She had also gotten a few B movies, as well as some XXX – she said she figured we could work our way up and see how Jennifer would take to them.Jennifer finally came down, and boy, the nightie she was wearing really didn’t leave much to the imagination – with it being a tightly woven lace, but still open enough to make out the nipples of her breasts, as well as to see she shaved her pussy smooth. Tammy had fixed all of us a mixed drink, and she was sitting on the nearest end of the couch to the stairways – leaving the only spot open on the couch is between me and the wall. Tammy started the movie, and most of the way thru it, Tammy looked over at Jennifer and noticed that her nipples were starting to stick out some. So, she bent over the side of the couch, and pulled up a B rated DVD, got my attention, and nodded towards the movie, then leaned over and whispered in my ear about Jennifer’s nipples starting to harden. So, quickly after that movie finished, Tammy put in the B rated movie, and this one actually had a descent plot to it, so Jennifer didn’t know right away that it was a sexual movie. While the movie was starting, Tammy got up and made us fresh drinks. This time, she added just a bit more alcohol to Jennifer’s. About 20 minutes after Tammy had sat down, the movie got to its first fuck scene in the movie. Jennifer gasped, and yelled, “MOM!” Tammy asked her, “What, haven’t you ever seen a couple fucking? If not, than here is your first chance to see it. Might not be first hand, but you can see how much they enjoy it, and how it is done.” With that, Jennifer just sat there and finished watching that movie – which had a total of 8 different fuck scenes in it. Now, Tammy was bringing out the big guns. Again, she refreshed our drinks, but waited until she was done passing them out, before starting the next DVD. When everyone was seated again (Jennifer and I, as well as Tammy all used this break period to use the restroom, and stretch our legs some, as well as stepping outside for a smoke.This time, when sitting down, it was Tammy near the stairs, Jennifer in the middle, and me at the end – as Tammy and I had discussed earlier. So, Tammy started the movie, and not 10 minutes into it, there was a fuck scene – up close, and personal. Jennifer’s jaw dropped open, and we heard her gasp, but no words were spoken. I looked over at her, and her nipples were definitely hard izmir escort bayan as a rock. And if my smelling senses weren’t leading me wrong, I would say her pussy was soaked, because I sure could smell a woman’s aroused pussy. I had already had my arm on the back of the couch, so I tapped on Tammy’s arm, and nodded at Jennifer. Tammy saw Jennifer’s nips were stretched out hard, and she was biting her lower lip. She nodded to me that it was time for me to try some moves on her, so she got up, saying she had to go to the restroom again. Shortly after Tammy turned the corner into the hallway, I reached over, under Jennifer’s chin, and turned her face towards mine. I leaned down, and started giving her a kiss. At first, she kind of resisted, than she loosened up, and tried kissing back. I guess she had never French kissed anyone before, so I slightly pulled away, and explained hot to perform a French kiss, than we tried it again. This time, she did a lot better, and even went hog wild with it. All the time Jennifer and I were kissing, Tammy was peeking around the corner, watching us. When she noticed I was looking, she gave a big 2 thumbs up, but still kept quiet.As we continued kissing, I put my hand against her stomach, and slowly started raising it, until I was cupping her tit. She didn’t get, or act startled – in fact, it was the total opposite. She actually reached down, pulled my hand off her chest a bit, and then undid a few buttons on her nightie, and then took and placed my hand inside, on her breast. She encouraged me to squeeze it, and to massage it, and then to pull on her rock-hard nipples. After a few minutes, she must have thought we might get caught or something, because she pulled back suddenly, and pulled my hand out of her nightie, and rebuttoned it up. Tammy waited a few more minutes after Jennifer was done, before she acted like she was done and came back in the room. When she came back in, she asked us, “Did I miss anything?” Jennifer bowed her head and said, “No.” I told Tammy that things were just starting to warm up, and gave her a coy smile. After another 30 minutes, Tammy acted like she had to go to the restroom again, and said, “Something must not have agreed with my stomach tonight. Don’t wait on me to continue with the movie and whatever.” Again, after Tammy turned the corner, this time I didn’t have to turn Jennifer’s head – instead, she had the buttons on her nightie undone, and was facing me, ready to continue our kissing. It didn’t take long into the kiss for her hand to wonder down to my groin and find the outline of my cock – where she started rubbing it. In return, I removed my hand from her tit, and raised the bottom of her nightie and reached up and started rubbing her pussy. At first contact, she kind of jumped, but then settled in, and started to moan. I was stroking her clit, thru her lacey panties, and had her on the verge of cumming, when she reached down and applied more pressure to my hand, and told me to speed it up a little, as she wanted to cum before her mom got back. What she didn’t know, just yet, was her mom was sitting on the arm of the futon, watching us, with a BIG Smile. As Jennifer resumed kissing me, I rubbed her clit harder, and faster, and it seemed like it took no time at all for her to cum. When Tammy heard the first moans of Jennifer cumming, she reached over and stroked her hair and said, “That’s it baby, let it go. Let all that pent-up pressure just flow right out of you.” Jennifer was in the misted of cumming, so she really wasn’t to aware of what Tammy had said, or that she had stroked her hair. But, shortly after she subsided from the afterglow, she jumped when she realized her mom was sitting right there. Jennifer started stuttering, trying to make up an excuse for what had happened, but she couldn’t find any words to say. Instead, Tammy asked how she was liking her birthday present, so far. Jennifer looked at Tammy oddly, than at me, and asked, “Okay, what is going on, and what do you mean my birthday present – so far?” Tammy explained, “You remember about 6 months back, when I asked you about Dan, and how hot you thought he looked?” She said,” Yea.” “Well, I knew you were still a virgin, and I figured since you thought he was so damned hot, and he made your juices flow, well, what better way to break your virginity, on your birthday, with someone you already thought was hot!” Jennifer just sat there, kind of stunned, looking at one, than the other, trying to figure out if she had heard what she thought she had heard. That is when Tammy said, “What, did you think I took you out shopping for sexy lingerie and nighties? What, to wear them in front of me, and your brother? I don’t think so.” Jennifer sat there for a little bit, before getting up and heading upstairs.It took a bit for Jennifer to come back down, but when she did, she had a big smile on her face, and was kind of giggling. When she got over by us, she pulled a box of condoms out from behind her back, and looked at Tammy, and said, “So, that is what these were for? I thought you got them for when you and him rattle the walls like the walls of Jericho.” That got a chuckle out of all of us. Than, Tammy turned serious, dead serious. She asked Jennifer, “Do you want to become a woman tonight? Do you want Dan to be the one to take you from being a young girl, to being a woman? If not, say so, and we will stop here, no questions asked, no pushing it on you, no nothing.” Jennifer looked at her mom, than looked back at me, and than back at her mom.“Mom, he is your boyfriend, bedmate, or whatever you 2 are. Are you sure it is okay with you if he fucks me?” I stopped her right there, and corrected her. “I would not be fucking you, as I have grown to appreciate you, and started to care for you, kind of like I was your elder, or something. So, this would be ‘Making Love.’” So, Jennifer looks back at her mom and says, “Well?” Tammy assured her that it was fine with her, but asked her, “Would you mind if I stayed and watched, or explain things to you, that you might need to do to excite him, or help you achieve orgasms?” Jennifer smiled and said, “Well, since I now know I am going to loose my virginity, yes mom, you can stay and watch, and even coach, as needed. I have never seen any sort of porn, up until now, so I am not sure what to do, how to move, or how to suck him.” Tammy seemed a bit shocked to hear that, as she had figured that by her age, even if she hadn’t gotten laid yet, she would have watched some sort of porn. Jennifer didn’t lack the looks to catch the eye of someone, but she had dedicated all of her school life to just that – schooling. She knew if she were to go to college, she would have to earn her way in, and that was exactly what she had done – as a dozen, or so Universities had offered her full scholarship. Heck, she hadn’t even attended the schools prom night, as she was to busy studying to pass the SAT/ACT tests.So, Tammy asked her what all she knew about sex. Jennifer replied that all she knew was what was taught in school, and how good she felt after she had fingered herself off, several times. Tammy asked her if she had ever inserted anything into her pussy, and Jennifer replied she hadn’t, as it felt to painful to get anything very deep inside. Right than, both Tammy and I knew she still had her hymen still intact, so I would need to be slow, and gentle about it.Tammy than asked her if she had ever seen a cock, or even given a guy head, or what was known as a blowjob, or BJ, which Jennifer replied she hadn’t, other than the cock images they had showed during sex ed. So, Tammy and I knew we would have to start all of Jennifer’s venture into womanhood, from the very beginning.Tammy asked me to stand and strip, so we could show her how to warm up to the actual act of sex, or what was known as foreplay, which I was more than happy to. Now, remind you, Jennifer had been rubbing my cock from the outside of my pants, and it had yet to go down, so this made it fun to pull down my underwear. When Jennifer saw my cock, she was a bit taken back, as she didn’t izmir bayan escort think it would be so big (8 ½” x 2”.) She asked her mom if it would tear her pussy apart, with it being so big. Tammy laughed and told her that once she was warmed up, and with the gel they had bought earlier, it would make it easy for me to penetrate her.Next, I reached over and helped Jennifer out of her nightie, and panties, leaving her in her beautiful birthday suit. She had a nice set of tits – 34C tits, plus she was shaven. She only stood 5’4”, and weighed 115 pounds. With her mid- back length dishwater hair, she looked exemplary. Tammy than told her to watch, as she would show her how to give head. Tammy moved over, to where I was now in the middle, and Jennifer was on the other side of the futon. Than, she proceeded to give the head of my cock light kisses, followed by long licks up and down each side of my cock. Once she thought I was tortured enough, and was a bit wet, she took my cock into her mouth, and started bobbing her head up and down. I guess she forgot she was trying to teach her daughter a lesson on how to give head, because she proceeded to deep throat me, which she knew I loved her doing. I pulled Tammy up, by her hair, and told her to remember we were trying to teach her daughter, she could have her own pleasure later. Tammy just smiled and replied, “Oh, I forgot. You know how much your cock turns me on.”Tammy than looked at Jennifer and told her to try and do what she had just showed her. Jennifer did a fairly good job for her first time, after I explained to her to try and use her tongue to wrap around my cock as she went up and down on it, which she did. She got me worked up so much, that I knew if I didn’t stop her soon, she would get a mouth full of my baby batter – and we didn’t want that, just yet.I had her stop, and told her to lay on her back, and to let me show her how a guy should warm her up, if he really cares about her, and not just for a piece of ass, or to get into her nice pussy. I started by giving her a deep kiss, than worked my way around to nibble on her ear, and her neck, than slowly resumed my kissing down, until I reached her breasts. Once I got to her tits, I started to suck on them, and even lightly grabbed her nipples and pulled on them lightly – which she responded by gasping heavily, and pushing my head into them harder. I did this to both of her breasts, before resuming my light kisses down her abdomen, and even took a bit of time to run my tongue inside her belly button. I than proceeded to kiss further down, and around her pussy, so she would definitely feel the hunger of having it touched. I kissed up and down her thighs, and even down to her calves. By the time I worked my way back up the back of her thighs, she was practically begging me to touch her pussy. So, I decided instead of working on her clit just yet, I would tongue her hole, and get her more worked up. It didn’t take me long of tonguing her hole, before she orgasmed. I figured okay, that is just the first one she needs, before we proceed to the next step. So, I contuied to tongue her hole for a bit longer, before I started to tongue, and suck on her clit. It didn’t take her long to get off again, but this one, she screamed out that she was cumming, and grabbed ahold of my head and held me to her pussy. After she calmed down a bit, I quit for a bit, and asked her how she was enjoying it so far. She said she was loving it, and if this was how sex felt, she really regretted waiting so long to hook up with someone. Tammy quickly jumped in and said, “This is how someone who cares about you will make you feel. Otherwise, they will just insert their dick, give you a few strokes, bust a nut, and not care if you get off or not. I again went down on her pussy, licking up her juices, than moved up to her clit, but this time, I didn’t bring her off. Instead, once I heard her gasping, indicating she was close, I stopped, and moved up her body. Once I was able to insert my cock into her, I stopped and asked for the lube, and the condom, which Tammy handed me. I first put on the condom, than applied the lube to the condom, than took some lube and started to rub the entrance to her pussy, including adding some to the inside – as far as she could handle my two digits. I than asked her if she was ready, which she just looked up at me, smiled, and nodded her head yes. So, I moved up to where my cock was now touching her pussy lips, and started rubbing it up and down her pussy folds. After she had enough, and couldn’t stand that no more, she reached up and pulled me in towards her, resulting in my cock entering her. The only problem was, when she pulled me, she had pulled me hard, resulting in me entering her pussy without easing into it, therefore her pussy never got adjusted to me, nor, was she ready to have her hymen broken, like that. So, with me almost bottoming out, I stopped and waited a bit, so her pussy could get adjusted to feeling me inside her. Once she was pleased with what she felt, she asked me to keep going. I started making short, back and forth strokes, at first, until I felt her loosen up some more. As she became more accustomed to having a cock in her hot pussy, she asked me to make love to her like I would a real woman. I sped up my pumping, and lifted her legs and spread them further out, so she could take me deeper. During this time, Tammy was reaching over and playing with Jennifer’s tits. At first, she was just rubbing over her hot nipples, than she proceeded to grasp her nipples and pull them taunt. This really made it seem that Jennifer like it more than just a straight fuck.We experimented with several different positions, and she said she like it more with her standing up, leaning over the couch, and me pumping her from behind. While we were in that position, Tammy had laid down in front of us, and had her head facing us. She scooted up to where she could tongue and suck my nuts, while I was screwing Jennifer. She stopped several times, so she could lick at Jennifer’s clit – which Jennifer seemed to love. Infact, Jennifer liked it so much, that after she had a few orgasms, she leaned over and started to eat her own mom out. Tammy had no objections to that, and even explained where her hot points were, and how she liked her clit sucked and chewed on.As I neared orgasm, after only 20 minutes, I asked Jennifer if she wanted to feel what it was like when a man cums in a condom, while he was inside her. She turned her head towards her mom, than looked at me, and told me to pull the condom off, so she could feel the real thing. Tammy started to protest this, but as she had said, this was Jennifer’s special day, and we weren’t going to deny her anything. So, I pulled out, ripped off the condom and re-entered her. After only a few more minutes, I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to cum inside her, which she replied “yes”, so I buried myself deep, and let go. I must have shot at least a half-gallon, if not more. And when I pulled out, my cum started dripping out of her pussy.After Jennifer and I were done, Tammy crawled over, and started to suck me, getting me hard again. Once I was, she wanted me to fuck her – right in front of Jennifer. I lasted a bit longer, but afterwards, I told the ladies I needed to rest a bit, so I could build p more baby batter, and not have to fill either of them with just runny watered cum. After that evening, Tammy would have me stay the night every other night. Sometimes it would be just me and her, but more often than not, we were joined by Jennifer. After 4 months of us fucking, both Tammy and Jennifer ended up pregnant with my c***dren. 8 months later, Tammy gave birth to a healthy baby boy. While Jennifer gave birth, about a week later, to a healthy baby girl. In the time since, we still get together when we can. I do support my c***dren, and even allowed to pick them up for a weekend, or an entire week. Tammy and I no longer work tighter, but when she has time, she comes by my place and brings me diners, yet. Occasionally she will invite me over to have a night full of sex. Even thou Jennifer is now married, she still enjoys my cock a bit more than her husband’s. As for Tammy, she has been with her current boyfriend for a few months now. But, she tells me he can’t satisfy her as good as I can.

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