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Subject: Jeremy’s Life of Chocolate (pt.1) This story is completely fiction, written by an author over the age of 18. All names, places, descriptions, and events are purely fictional and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and youth over the age of 11 but under 18 years old, if that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. As an avid reader of the stories I prefer to know the age scenario in certain writings up front or in the first 2-3 paragraphs. As a writer, I’ve elected to place that information ahead of the story. Adult male: mid to late 30s Male youth: 11, 12 Author retains all rights to story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. I love Nifty, this site free to those that like to read the stories. Nifty welcomes any and all contributions to keep this site going. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html **************************************************************************** For the life of me I could not sleep. My stomach was flipping and my mind was running through every scenario that could play out on my first day of middle school. Maybe I would trip getting off the bus for everyone to see, step on an eighth grader’s shoes and get beat up or maybe I’d get so nervous and piss myself right there in the lunch line. I could not shake this feeling. Part of me wanted to fake sick and miss the first day but mom would be home all day going over the kitchen remodeling job with the contractor. Skipping school is only worth it if you know for sure you will have the house to yourself. I jumped my train of thought and started thinking about last school year, I was a fifth grader. The big kid on campus but now I was just another puppy thrown into the pound to start from the bottom all over again. The upside to all of this was that my birthday was in less than a month and I was finally going to get my first cellphone-a smartphone! “Jeremy” Mom whispered as she poked her head in my room. “Can’t sleep?” She asked. “I’m just worried. I don’t know what to expect.” I answered. She came in and sat at the foot of the bed. “You will be fine. Just be yourself. Be yourself and you will be fine.” Her attempt to comfort me failed but to save her face I nodded as if her generic words resonated. She planted a peck on my forehead and left me to my dreams. The first day of school and I made it through three out of six periods without any major hitches. A lot of the kids were bigger than me and way more social. I knew some of the sixth graders because we came from the same school and a few more from Faith Camp. At 11:15am the bell rung and that was the cue for 6th graders to report to lunch. The cafeteria was huge, twice the size of my elementary school and there were so many options. We had three lines to choose from and I hopped in the one that I thought would be the quickest. “Hey there, what can I get for you?” It was the first words I ever heard from Mr. Island. Seeing a man working in a school cafeteria was new to me, I was used to mean old lunch ladies with hairnets. “May I have a bottle of water?” I managed to squeeze that out. I was a bit nervous because it was so loud and was really unfamiliar with the lunch menu. “May I? I see someone came to school with manners” he replied and flashed another smile. “Is that all you wanted? I have actual food for sale here too” He chuckled, keeping the smile going. “No, I brought my lunch; my mom forgot to pack my water.” I lied. I refused to take a lunch when she offered to make it for me. I was in middle school now, lunch boxes were for elementary kids. I handed over the dollar and in exchange Mr. Island handed me an ice cold bottle of water from behind the counter. Mr. Island seemed nice, a big chocolate teddy bear you could depend on for a comforting hug. His smile made me blush and sent a wave that made me tingle. Throughout the rest of lunch I glanced over at his line and watched him display the same infectious smile to the other 6th graders but it seemed like the one he gave me was unique and was specifically for me. For an eleven year old turning twelve in a few weeks, I already knew about my sexuality. I knew I was gay and that I found myself attracted to the same sex but It was my secret to keep (for now), I didn’t want to share this part of me with anyone. I came to this conclusion last year when I witnessed something that sparked my curiosity and capitulated me into puberty. It was December 14, 2012, a Friday and the last day of school before Christmas break. My best friend at the time, Ashton had invited me to a sleep over, which was okayed by my parents earlier that week. Ashton lived less than a mile from school so when the bell rang for dismissal, we walked to his house. I had stayed over before but with other kids, this time it was just me. His house was freaking nice! They lived in a neighborhood called Brookfield which was filled with white collar families and retired old geezers. “What do you want to do first, play basketball or get in the pool?” Ashton asked as we walked up the driveway. “I don’t know, whatever comes first” I replied, trying to avoid making a decision just in case what I picked turns out being boring. “Basketball!” Ashton decided. “We can hit the pool in the morning if it isn’t too cold” Winter here in Florida was a joke. It never really got any lower than the 40s and most people found themselves putting up Christmas lights in 80 degree weather. “Hey boys!” This mainly voice welcomed us as we entered the house. It was Ashton’s dad, a physique of perfection in my eyes. Mr. Willis was in the living room unboxing this new TV he planned on mounting on the wall. “Whoa, dad that thing is huuuge!” Ashton was excited. “Yep, 70 inches! You’ll be able to see Elsa’s nipples get hard” “Daaaad” Ashton responded in embarrassment. “It’s alright; I have an uncle that talks that stuff all the time” I tried to assure Ashton that it was no big deal and prove to Mr. Willis that I was able to handle anymore dirty talk he had. I welcomed it, I liked naughty, sex stuff and honestly the uncle that I mentioned was a pervert. He didn’t touch me or anything but when we stayed with him on vacation in Orlando I snooped on his computer and found this folder filled with naked pussies and dicks. “Hey, does this mean I get the smaller TV that was in here?” Ashton questioned with greed. Smaller? Did he mean that TV lying on the sofa? That thing had to be 50 inches, bigger than our TV. We still had the bulky floor model big screen television. “Nope! That is going in my office. In fact, I need you boys to carry it in there for me” We put our backpacks down, picked up the television and slowly walked it down the hall to Mr. Willis’ office. His office was a mixed theme of U.S. Navy stuff and sports memorabilia. His dad played football for the University of Florida and served in the military soon after. “This fucking thing is heavy, put it down here Jeremy” We sat the flat screen down, leaning it against the desk. “Let’s get out of here before he gives us more shit to move” Ashton played innocent in front of adults but his mouth was filthy too. We went upstairs into Ashton’s room and he started to undress. “I don’t want to get these clothes dirty. Aren’t you gonna change?” “Dang it! My duffle bag, I left it at home this morning.” I said with panicked disbelief. “Hey boys, come back down here. I need your help” Mr. Willis called down, his voice booming through the house. “Fuck that. I’m not helping with anything.” Ashton jumped in his unmade bed and pulled his covers over him. “Tell him I’m asleep.” “Ashton, what about my clothes?” “Ask my dad if he will take you to get your stuff” He was no help at all. I headed for the stairs. “BOYS!” Mr. Willis’ voice was louder and grew impatient. That made me hustle down the stairs faster. I entered the living room and Mr. Willis had the wall mounts in place. “Where’s Ash? Screw it, we can do it ourselves. I need you to brace the ladder while I hang this TV” I did as I was told and held the ladder as firm as I could. Mr. Willis picked up the 70 inch flat şişli escort screen like it was a pillow and placed his foot on the ladder. The weight of him made me lose my grip but I quickly recovered. “Hold it steady Jeremy” “Y-yes sir” On his way up the 4 foot ladder I got a perfect view of Mr. Willis’ crotch and the incredible smell of his sweat and cologne mixed. He had, as I said before the physique of perfection in my eyes. He reminded me of those muscle-bound guys you see on ESPN’s Strongman competition. I was trapped holding this ladder still while Mr. Willis shifted and worked to hang the TV just right and screw in the bolts. Droplets of sweat fell from above and landed right on my cheek, I prayed that it had landed in my mouth, I wanted to taste him so bad. This was pleasure and torture with my little pubescent dick making its debut in my pants. “Jeremy, step back and see if it is straight” I walked back to the entrance of the living room, trying to hide my hard on. “A little to the right Mr. Willis” I ordered. With his hands up and shirt rising above his waist, I got the perfect view of Mr. Willis’ big pair of peach buns. While his back was turned I pulled on my penis, adjusting the growth that was swelling. “How about now?” He questioned “Perfect Mr. Willis” He stepped down and came back to me to see for himself. “You’re right, good eyes Jeremy. I might have to hire you for Willis Remodeling. You’d fit right in.” He patted me on the back then bent down to whisper in my ear. “My workers can’t help looking at my big butt either” he flashed me a grin of consent and winked at me. Oh shit! He saw me grab my dick. I felt so embarrassed. I was so flustered by being caught I almost forgot to mention my overnight bag situation. I followed him through their beautifully decorated house, past the 9 ft. Christmas tree and into the kitchen. “Mr. Willis, can I ask you for a favor?” “Sure, I owe you one for helping me. What can I do you for?” He reached in the fridge and pulled out a can of caffeine-free Coke, popped the can and started to sip. “Well, this morning I left out of the house without my overnight bag. It has my clothes, toothbrush and my inhaler in it.” “Say no more, we can head out now to get it. You still live over in Rustlewood?” He asked. “Yes sir” “Well, let’s go buddy. Ash’s lazy butt can clean up the living room while we’re gone” Mr. Willis downed his can of Coke, grabbed his keys and we headed for the door. Riding with Mr. Willis was a thrill; we sat higher than most cars on the road because he drove a Chevy Suburban, the newest model. We passed by our school and then the middle school. “That’s where you and Ash will be next year” Mr. Willis pointed at the middle school. “You’ll be taking P.E. Where you’ll have to get naked and shower with the entire class. I figure a bunch of you will hit that growth spurt around that time” He added. “I’m already growing” I proudly defended myself. “Again? I wasn’t even showing my ass” He slyly replied and chuckled too. I felt so embarrassed but I also wanted to clear the air. “I’m sorry ah-about that Mr. Willis” I could have died twice and been okay with it instead of defending my natural, male instinct. It’s not like he hasn’t seen a hard dick before. He played football; I’m sure he saw butts, dicks, balls and everything else in the locker room. He also told me that his employees loved his big round ass. “Jeremy, how old are you? He questioned. “I just turned 11 in September. Ashton and I are the same age” I answered “Well, you boys may be the same age but you two are definitely not alike. I can tell you’re maturing. Your body is filling out, hair is growing everywhere and you’re probably starting to think about girls. Am I right?” I thought about it. He was right except for the girl thing. “For the most part” I answered carefully. “Well, you’re ten paces ahead of Ash. You’re just right…just damn right” His last words drifted off to silence. The silence grew but was broken by his phone ringing. He answered it on speakerphone “Yell-low” “Hey Greg, how close are you from the Cedar Greens job?” The voice of a man boomed through his truck’s sound system. “Not too far, what’s the problem?” “There’s a pipe leaking” the voice replied. “Shit, again? That’s the third time this week. I’m heading there now” Mr. Willis ended the call. “Jeremy we have to make a real quick stop, it won’t take long.” “Can I help?” I asked, being eager to lend a hand. “Nawh, can’t do that. I don’t want you getting hurt, you’re a minor and anything that happens to you is on me. You can hang back in the truck” We turned into this complex of offices, looked like places where a doctor or lawyer would work. Mr. Willis parked in front of this building that was under construction. “Here, you can play some games on my phone, I won’t take long.” Mr. Willis placed his smartphone on the dashboard and exited the truck. As he walked closer to the building I watched his big, plump butt swing left to right. I reached for his phone and delve into the world of Mr. Gregory Willis. My navigational skills around a smartphone were novice. I managed to find his games but I wasn’t looking for those, I wanted to snoop. I wanted to see porn, naked pictures and if I was lucky, some dick pics of Mr. Willis. Twenty seconds into my snooping and the phone started to ring, it was Ashton. I answered it, it could have been an emergency but I knew it wasn’t. “What do you want?” I answered as if he was bothering us. “What are you doing with my dad’s phone- Where are you guys?” He asked. “We’re going to get my clothes, duh. We had to stop at some office your dad is working on, it was a leaky pipe. I’m helping” I lied about the last part; I just wanted to make Ashton jealous for leaving me to help with the TV. “You are NOT helping him.” He protested with a chuckle. You could hear the confidence in his voice. “I Am too!” “Then you must be doing the sucking” He fired back. “Wha-” “There is no leaky pipe you dummy. Leaky pipe is code.” “Code? Code for what?” I questioned with confusion. “Well, Jeremy, I could tell you or you could go see for yourself. I think I’ll let you see for yourself” Ashton hung up, leaving me on edge and with only one choice. I felt knots and butterflies in my stomach as I approached the door. A part of me wanted to turn back in fear of getting in trouble but that hunger, that intense curiosity was pushing me. I slowly opened the door, poking my head in before I stepped one foot in making sure the coast was clear. As I walked in I was instantly drawn to the hallway and the light coming from one of the doors. Everything was covered in tarp but oddly enough I saw no signs of a wet floor. Ashton was right about one thing, there was no pipe burst. I eggshelled down the hall towards the lit room. The closer I got, the clearer I could make out muffled talking. “I want that fat dick up my ass again” That was the last thing I heard before I crept in the doorway and saw Mr. Willis, completely naked with his ass propped up in the air and on all fours. He was on one of those blowup air mattresses like you’d find in the outdoors/camping section of Wal-Mart. I was getting a full view of the same big, round butt that had just caused me to catch wood in The Willis Family living room. I tried to contain my gasp when I saw this dark figure emerge from the other side of the room that was out of my view. All five feet and nine inches of this chocolate, husky frame was naked like Mr. Willis. He knelt down behind those white juicy mounds and dove in tongue first. “Ahhh, ooooh, that’s right…eat my fat, white fuckin’ ass baby” Mr. Willis instructed in pleasure. I stood there in shock. This was not the same guy that was just in the car with me. The same guy with an office themed in military and sports memorabilia, was it? It was and he was on his hands and knees, totally vulnerable, getting his asshole slobbered on by this thick, muscle framed black man. I’m not sure if it was my recent and growing attraction for Mr. Willis or my first sight of seeing a black man naked but my shorts began to tent up. The blood began to flow directly to my crotch and I couldn’t help but watch this display. Was Mr. Willis sivas escort gay? This must have been what he meant when he said his workers couldn’t resist his ass. Did this mean he wanted me to do everything the black guy was doing? The thoughts were racing and only feeding into my hunger to experience this. The moans of pleasure, the sounds of the employee lapping up his own saliva from Mr. Willis’s peach mounds and the friction they both made on the air mattress filled the room. “Put it in me, put that big black cock up my ass daddy” Mr. Willis was in heat. His dirty talk had my palms sweating and my groin throbbing. I began to rub on my dick over my shorts, slowly so I wouldn’t cause too much noise. The black man rose up from his feast and started stroking his cock, prepping it for Mr. Willis. “You want that dick white boy?” He finally spoke and his voice was so raw, so raspy, direct and carried authority. “Fuck yeah, work that load in me Raymond” He was begging for it. BING! That was his name, Raymond. He was shining with sweat which helped define his muscles. He still had round, soft parts on his body-it wasn’t all muscle but he wore it well. My view was obstructed from the initial insertion but I could tell from the deep moans from both of them that Mr. Willis was getting his wish. I was locked in on Raymond’s butt cheeks, he sported a round pair just like Mr. Willis did but Raymond’s was a little bigger. I wondered if he liked to take it back there too, he didn’t seem like the flaming queer type but neither did Mr. Willis and he was getting rammed as we speak. I guess my perception of what was gay was totally off; I also guess my own sexuality was beginning to form. I looked down and saw a wet spot at the center of my crotch, I was leaking with lust. I shoved my hand down my shorts and started to fiddle with my privates. “Fuck me, fuck me good Ray!” Mr. Willis was commanding. “Fuck my big white ass with that big black dick. Breed my hole!” Raymond’s thrust became more powerful, he was slamming it home into Mr. Willis. I was amazed at all of this and surprised it didn’t hurt. Each pump was met with a grunt from Mr. Willis, he loved it. This beat the hell out of the night I spent watching porn on my uncle’s computer, this was in my face and live. My intrigue began to turn into jealousy. I wanted to join in, I wanted to touch Mr. Willis, I wanted to touch Raymond, feel his mouth on my virgin body and take his big cock up my young boy butt. Then it happened, the screen on Mr. Willis’ phone came on. It started to vibrate and his ringtone blasted Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. I tried to decline the call but the shock of being caught peeping blocked my brain and all I did was stuff the phone under my shirt to muffle it and ran like hell out of the door. I’m fucking dead. No, seriously, Mr. Willis is going to kill me to cover up his secret gay life. I thought about running home but part of me, that lusting part was keeping me in the truck. I sat there until Mr. Willis and his employee, Raymond came out of the building. Mr. Willis locked the office door as Raymond headed to his truck that was parked few spaces down from us. Here was my fate, dead at the age of 11 because I caught my best friend’s dad taking it up the butt. Mr. Willis was sporting a grin on his way to the truck. He got in and didn’t say a word as he started the truck. We backed out and headed towards my house, back on our mission. Maybe they didn’t notice, they were so caught up that they never knew I was there. I began to relax because he didn’t mention it but the silence was still awkward. We pulled up to my house and my mom was outside loading bags of canned goods into her car. I jumped out and ran to the house. I had to pee real bad. Although I was new to the whole erection thing, I did know that if you get one and it goes away, you have to pee real bad afterwards. “Hey mom-I forgot my bag!” I shouted just as fast as I was running. “Slow Down!” She shouted back. I ran to the bathroom I shared with my little brother and let out a much needed jet stream of piss. It felt so good to let it out, it made me wonder what Raymond had felt when he put his dick in Mr. Willis and that thought alone got me hard again. I made a circle with my index and thumb then pushed my dick through, imitating sex. “I want to know what it feels like” I whispered to myself in frustration. I decided to change my clothes since the ones I had on were damp with sweat and had school stank on them. I crossed the hall and entered my room with my little dick bobbing. I rummaged through my dresser drawers to find a change of clothes then put them on. “Jeremy! Don’t keep Mr. Willis waiting!” I heard my mom shout from outside. I snatched up my overnight bag and headed outside. Mr. Willis was sitting in the truck with my mom at the window talking. “Yeah, if you could, maybe some time next week just give me a call and I’ll come over to do a walk through. Drum up an estimate.” “That would be fantastic!” My mom replied. “Jeremy, looks like we might have a contractor for the kitchen renovation” I could have cared less. That was grown up talk, a bunch of numbers and sassafras. I got in the truck, put my bag of clothes on the floor between my legs and put my seatbelt on. “Alright now Mrs. Ball, I’ll have your boy back tomorrow afternoon. Tell Curtis I said hello” Mr. Willis brought the conversation to a close, starting the truck at the same time. “Jeremiah, you behave yourself” She warned me as we pulled off. Back to silence but not for long. “You changed close, huh?” Mr. Willis observed. “What happened? You jizz yourself watching me and Ray?” Oh shit, he did see me, my face was tomato. “Listen Jeremy, I’m not a flaming queer. I like sex, a lot. I started young, around your age and hell, after you’ve done everything there is to do with a girl, you tend to want to try another guy at some point” He made sense and I was convinced. “Now, I can tell you’re starting to get curious. If there is anything you want to know…just ask” I said nothing. I kept quiet, only nodding my head in agreement. Mr. Willis said I could ask him anything but I doubt “Can I suck your dick?” was a qualifying question. I made it through dinner but my mind was miles away. Ashton and I stayed up until 2 am playing video games and watching YouTube videos. I tried my best to avoid talking about what happened and Ashton never brought it up either. He passed out before me. After drinking Monster energy drinks all night my bladder was screaming at me. On my way to the bathroom I heard a door close downstairs. Curiosity sent me down there plus I wanted to snag a piece of candy that Mrs. Willis had placed in a bowl down the hallway that led to the garage. As soon as I stuck my hand in the bowl the hallway door that led to the garage opened and Mr. Willis walked in wearing no shirt and a pair of boxerbriefs that seemed to be a size too small. “Caught ya red-handed!” He whispered and chuckled. “Sweet tooth?” I nodded. I could see the outline of his dick and it made me melt at the sight of it. “Want some ice cream or something?” He offered. I nodded again and followed him into the kitchen watching his big butt jiggle in his underwear. “Chocolate or vanilla?” He asked in a whisper. “I want whatever you’re having” I whispered back. He dumped 2 big scoops of chocolate ice cream into one bowl then one scoop into the second bowl. Took out the vanilla and put one scoop in each bowl. “Want sprinkles?” He asked. I shook my head and he put both tubs of ice cream back in the freezer. He grabbed the bowls and told me to follow him. We went into his office which now had the old flat screen from the living room. “Lock the door” Mr. Willis whispered. After today’s events, being in the same room as him was awkward. I knew I wanted to explore my sexuality and Mr. Willis seemed like just the spring board I needed. I took place on the couch and he handed me my bowl. “Mr. Willis, what did it feel like?” I asked, surprisingly with confidence. He took his place behind the desk and answered. “I assume you mean bottoming?” Bottoming? What the hell is that? “Bottoming? What the hell is that?” I asked. “Bottoming, being on the bottom. Taking it rather than giving sıhhiye escort it.” He turned the TV on to ESPN and turned up the volume, not too loud but just enough to drown our conversation from outside the door. “It doesn’t hurt Jeremy. It will at first but it feels good and keeps getting good if the guy knows what he is doing. Raymond, my foreman knows how to fuck, he knows my butthole pretty well.” He started spooning the ice cream in his mouth. “Let me ask you, why did you come in there today?” He questioned. “I don’t know, I just wanted to help. I thought there was a leaky pipe. But now I-I want to know. I want to know what it feels like. Sex and stuff.” I was climbing up this hill of conversation and the words were just coming out. “I want you to show me” I mustarded at the peak of the hill. Mr. Willis pulled back with a look of bewilderment and as he shook his head my courage and ego went rolling back down that hill. “I don’t know about that. You’re coming up to a bridge I don’t think I can cross with you. I’m talkin’ illegal stuff, you know?” His tone was more authoritative this time. “You need to find a boy your age to experiment with. Like Ash or that one boy that stayed over here with you guys back at Halloween” “Yeah but…I don’t want to experiment. I want to be taught…teach me.” I pleaded. He sighed and spooned some more ice cream in his mouth. “I mean…I’ve seen gay stuff before. I snooped on my uncle’s computer and found naked pictures. He had videos of guys sucking each other and other stuff.” I tossed that information out to give myself credibility. “Oh, yeah? Tell me about it” He perked up with interest and encouraged me to elaborate. “Well, he had these folders with guys all naked. I was going through his laptop and an email notification popped up. I opened it up and it was an email from someone asking where they could meet up.” “Go on.” “I read another email, I know I shouldn’t have but couldn’t help myself, I had to see what was going on. They talked about meeting up somewhere. My uncle sent naked pictures to the man. That was pretty much it.” “Are you sure about this? This wanting to learn thing?” He questioned “Yes. I really am.” I shoved some ice cream in my mouth, waiting for Mr. Willis to speak. Silence from us and the background of ESPN began to take over until I heard Mr. Willis say the words I will never forget. “I’m gonna teach you how to be the best cocksucker in this town.” Mr. Willis motioned for me to come over to him. I walked over and stood in front of him. Although this was what I wanted, I was still nervous. “On your knees” He ordered. His tone changed, it was more warm but serious. I did as I was told and placed myself between his legs and at the front door of his crotch. I never looked up, I studied the bulge Mr. Willis showcased. “First off, before you suck a dick, tease it. Take your tongue and run that fucker up and down his shaft, along both sides, from the base and to the tip of his cock. Run your tongue from the dickhead to the taint. He will love it” “The taint?” I was puzzled. “Yeah, the taint, that area between your balls and your asshole. Feels fuckin’ great when it’s licked.” Mr. Willis started rubbing his bulge that was beginning to grow. My own dick started getting hard and I was on the edge waiting to learn everything there was to know. “When he starts getting hard, like I am right now, take the head in your mouth and slowly…slowly take it down inch by inch. The rest will be instinct. Let’s try” Mr. Willis lifted up from his chair to peel off his underwear and released his hard cock and heavyset balls. I studied his dick, it was veiny and his head was pretty big. I took it in my hand and I was surprised by the weight of it, it was hefty. “Take your time Jeremy, don’t rush. Stick your tongue out and do like I told you.” I closed my eyes, stuck my tongue out and leaned in for it. I made contact with it and my nose began to inhale the scent of his crotch; a mix of freshly showered with a light hint of natural pheromones. Mr. Willis let out a whispered sigh of pleasure as I traced his veiny shaft with my tongue. I went from the tip and slowly ran my wet tongue down to his balls. That instinct thing must have kicked in because without instruction I took one of his balls in my mouth and started sucking in it. “Oh fuuuck boy, you’re a natural” He whispered. I released his ball from my suction and started licking under his sack, the taint. He lifted his right leg and propped it on the desk to expose more of his hole. I put my tongue to it and licked which made him moan even more. “Jeremy, push your tongue inside” Mr. Willis whispered. I did as I was told and tongue fucked him, he loved it. He started to pump his dick up and down while I worked on his butthole, his balls were bouncing on my forehead and I could feel wet strips of liquid landing on the side of my neck right below my ear. “You got me leaking precum Jeremy. That shows that you’re pleasing me right.” He whispered. “I’m gonna cum all over your pretty lips so you’ll know what it feels like to have a man’s load warm your face” Mr. Willis, lightly tugged me by the hair to pull my mouth back up from his furry man crack and onto his raging hard dick. This time I went deeper down on his rod and his head hit the back of my mouth which caused me to gag. This must have turned him on because he threw his head back and let out a moan that I was sure Asher and the rest of the house would hear. “Ah, you’re a deepthroating, little slut, aren’t you? He said with a winning grin on his face as he looked down. I wrapped my hand around his dick and started pumping it while I still had the head in my mouth. “You keep that up and you’re gonna get a load down your throat Jeremy” He lustily warned me. I kept at it and soon I felt him get real stiff and swell up even more in my mouth. One hand gripped the back of my neck and held me in place. He was now thrusting out of his chair, pumping his dick into my mouth. “Keep your mouth open, don’t you fuckin’ move. I’m about to cum.” He grunted these words out and followed them up with three deep, paused thrusts that shoved his dick deeper into my mouth and invaded my throat with what I assumed was sperm. He slowly retracted his dick from the depths of my mouth but before he completely removed it I clamped my lips down on it, not wanting the fullness of having a dick in my mouth to leave. I wanted to keep his dick in my mouth forever; I wanted it all to myself. While I held it captive I sucked it a little more which milked the last drops of sperm and I finally tasted what was shot down my throat. Mr. Willis tapped my cheek signaling to release his dick. I did and sucked down the saliva and cum that covered my lips and chin. “Good?” Mr. Willis asked. “Yes sir, awesome.” I licked my chops, stood up with a boner stretching my underwear. I began to walk back to the couch then Mr. Willis pulled my arm. “Wait, where are you going?” “You came-” “Yep but you didn’t. You got a hard dick that needs to be worked on. You ever had someone suck on your dick Jeremy?” I shook my head no, feeling embarrassed because I didn’t. “Mine isn’t as big as yours” I sadly stated. “Yeah, well you’re still growing buddy. Besides, you’re sporting a decent tent-” Mr. Willis stopped dead in his sentence when we heard the door jiggle. “Dad? Dad, I can’t find Jeremy. Is he in there?” Asher spoke from the other side of the door. “Yeah, he’s in here” Asher jiggled the door knob again. “Can come in?” Asher questioned. “No. Go back to bed.” “What are you doin-” “Ash, get the fuck back upstairs” Mr. Willis cut Asher’s inquiry short and ordered him with a stern voice. The fear of Asher knowing I had sex with his dad worried me but the thrill of having sex with Asher’s dad also excited me. We waited until the shadow that Asher casted under the door disappeared and Mr. Willis began rubbing the back on my legs. I stood there between his legs as he started mouthing my dick while I still had on my underwear. He was blowing hot air on the head which was making it throb even more. After the crotch of my boxerbriefs was soaked with his spit, he slowly peeled them down. I was kind of proud at how my dick sprang out, it hit Mr. Willis in the face and that made me feel dominant for the moment. He took my dick in his hand and looked up to me with this glazed lust in his eyes. “You ready?” ************************************************************************ If you like what you’re reading, please contact me and let me know. Feedback is ail

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