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Jessica, Helga and Me

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Eating Pussy

While I was putting the final touches on my packing for our Caribbean dream vacation of a lifetime, the telephone shrilled. My live-in boyfriend, who was to accompany me, called to say he had a business emergency and would have to fly to New York tonight. He urged me to begin the trip alone, saying that he would join me in four days. I didn’t particularly care to travel solo, but we had been planning for six months. The travel agency had our semi-luxury accommodations booked for two glorious weeks.

The plane landed on time and I was whisked off in a hotel limousine. After generously tipping the bell boy, I gently closed the door, dying for a shower. Showers in paradise are just as good as those at home, but with an added element. There were all kinds of exotic oils and soaps in the shower of which I made full use.

Smelling like flowers and wrapped in the soft terry cloth robe provided by the hotel, I stepped out onto the terrace. The beach and ocean nearly hypnotized me with their simple beauty. Looking at the terrace next to me, I saw a lovely, full head of silver hair being brushed by a young, blonde woman. They must have felt me staring as they both turned to look at me.

“Hello, ladies,” I called, caught. “Beautiful day isn’t it?”

“Hello,” they responded in unison. “Quite,” said the older.

The face that went with the silver hair was unlined. Her body was slim and shapely in a brief two piece bathing suit. The lady was probably only twice as old as my own 22 years. She was gorgeous.

“How long is your vacation,” I asked, prolonging the scene.

“Helga and I–Helga is my social secretary/companion–are here for two weeks,” she answered with a smile. “I am Jessica.”

“I’m Anabel. And so am I. My boyfriend is joining me in four days,” I volunteered. “Well, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing. Nice meeting you. I’m sure we’ll see each other around.”

I saw them that night in the hotel’s casino. Holding a drink, I wandered around the huge room taking in all the sights, including them. Jessica was seated at a dollar slot machine with Helga standing behind her, hands on her shoulders. Over and over Jessica inserted coins and pressed the button. When the machine finally paid off, they were ecstatic as they hugged. Helga kissed her full on the lips as she caressed her back. Were these two women lovers, I wondered. Just the thought that they could be fucking each other right next door to me excited me. They are both very beautiful women and I could easily see why each would want the other.

I lay in bed that night thinking about them. Had they come back to the suite? Were they doing it now? I wasn’t ignorant about lesbian sex. In my rebellious teen years, a college girl bet me she could make me cum in five minutes. I lost that bet under a pile of coats at a frat party as I came in two with her long tongue stuck in my pussy. Was one of them sucking the other’s pussy? Were they doing it at the same time? I fingered myself to orgasm imagining myself holding a silver head between my thighs and having a tall blonde sucking at my breasts.

At breakfast, I saw Helga at a table alone and decided to approach her. “Hi, Helga. May I join you?” I asked.

“Of course, Anabel,” she said smiling up at me. “Say, one of the maids told me about a real nude beach on another island. Would you like to go with me?”

“Sure,”I said perking up. I’d get to see her and Jessica naked. “I’d love to have an even tan for Jeff. escort izmit Is Jessica joining us?”

“No. She’s conducting business by telephone this morning.”

On the ferry ride over, Helga told me more about herself and her relationship with Jessica. “She and her husband vacationed in Sweden several years ago,” Helga began. “I had a summer job as a hotel chambermaid. Jessica and her husband, Harlan, took a special interest in me. They told me all about America and made sure that I didn’t have to work too hard for them. At the end of two weeks, they asked if I would like to go back to America with them as a member of their staff. Well, I was 18 already and jumped on the idea. In gratitude, I let Harlan and Jessica touch me inside my panties a bit more than they had before. Separately, of course. By the time we flew to the United States two weeks later, I had fully fucked both of them several times. My position was to be a social secretary/personal companion to Jessica. Harlan and Jessica discovered the truth about each other where I was concerned. There was no jealousy. Fucking me enhanced their sex life. Being their social secretary, I simply set up a schedule for when each one could fuck me.”

“Wow, Helga. Did you really enjoy them or merely endure them because they helped you?”

“Anabel, I truly loved it. We were devastated when Harlan died in an airplane crash two years ago. Jessica and I got even closer. Actually, we love each other.”

We arrived at the beach. There was nudity everywhere. Helga and I shucked our clothes and spread out on beach towels. I couldn’t help but admire Helga’s lush body. She is about 5′ 9″ and stacked–long, shapely thighs and legs, full high breasts, big blue eyes and long, straight blond hair. She was perfection walking. I’m not quite as tall as her, but my breasts are as big. My black hair is a thick shoulder length and lightly curly. I have been told that my violet eyes resemble Elizabeth Taylor’s. I suppose Helga and I made striking opposites by the way people were watching us.

We continued our conversation as we sunned. “Helga,” I inquired, “do you think Jessica would object to us being like this?”

“I love her dearly, Anabel, but I don’t tell her everything. For example, I didn’t tell her about the cute little redhead and her boyfriend that I picked up in the movies three days ago. I sat between them and let them feel me up. Their hands were practically fighting for my pussy and breasts. We went back to their apartment and fucked our brains out. The guy was shorter than me, but made up for the lack with one of the biggest dicks I’ve even seen on a guy. He really knew what to do with it. And his girl dripped pussy juice in my mouth as she fucked my face. They were a fun couple. What’s more, I suspect Jessica is fucking a man from our country club who reminds her of Harlan. No harm done.”

The couple next to us began to get quite amorous. Before long he was stoking his dick deep into her pussy. They were oblivious to us and everyone else as they fucked loudly. “They are making me really hot,” Helga said squirming. “Anabel, do you mind if I at least rub that pretty pussy of yours? I need some human contact, now!.”

“Ok, Helga. I guess it’s all right.” I looked around and saw people kissing and touching. Helga would do to me what she does to Jessica. Hell, yes. “Other people around here are really going after each other.”

“Let me make you feel good,” she said before she took one of my breasts izmit escort in her hot mouth. “It is so, so good with a woman,” she mumbled as she stroked my slit. “It feels wonderful, doesn’t it? I will make you come so easily,” she crooned as she found my g-spot and finger fucked me to orgasm. “Try some of this pussy, Anabel,” she said in a sultry voice as she moved above me. Helga put her large pussy to mine and rode me hard on the sandy beach. I had no idea a woman’s clit could swell so large. We came together at the same time as the couple beside us and then ran to the ocean.

Waves crashed around us at the water’s edge as, entwined, we kissed and screwed again. As Helga was telling me how beautiful I was, I moved up on the sand and let her eat my pussy. She said she would just perish if she couldn’t put her tongue inside my dark pussy right then. She brought me over the edge again and again. The ferry took us, exhausted and fucked-up to the eyeballs, back to the other island in the afternoon.

We said goodbye at my door. I watched Helga as she went in to her lover. She and Jessica had not made love this morning. “Jessica will be very horny,” she said smiling at me.

Again I imagined them fucking. I could see in my mind Helga screwing Jessica’s pussy like she did mine on the beach. I showered and lay down to take a nap. I awoke at 5pm to a ringing telephone. It was Jessica inviting me to dine with them at 8.

We had a six course dinner at an elegant restaurant in the city. Wine and conversation flowed. Facts about my life spilled forth as I played footsie with Helga under the table. Jessica seemed fascinated with me. Helga must have told her about us after all. Did she want to fuck me, too? We arrived back at our hotel a little giddy from the wines. When I couldn’t find my key card easily, Jessica took my arm. “Come, darling. You can sleep with us tonight.”

In their bedroom, we undressed to our birthday suits and fell into bed still giggling. Jessica said goodnight and kissed me deeply. The kiss traveled south to my pussy as I moaned in her mouth.

“My turn,” said Helga, who followed suit, but covered my pussy with her hand. Then the two of them reached over me and kissed each other. I fell asleep.

Some time later, I felt a warm tongue licking my pussy. I opened my eyes to see Jessica’s silver hair between my legs. She tongue-fucked me hard to a shattering orgasm. I rewarded her with a mouthful of my nectar. Jeff was not even in the same league as these women in pussy-eating skills. “I knew you would taste wonderful, darling,” she said as she licked away the remaining juice. Helga was watching us from across the room. Her hair was in wild disarray, her eyes shining and she beautiful as she approached the bed. A seven inch dick protruded from her pelvis.

“Jessica, even though we have company,” she said, rubbing her blue penis, “let’s not break our routine. You know you need my dick to sleep soundly. Get on your knees.”

“That’s why I love you, darling,” Jessica crooned. I settled into a chair to watch as Helga dipped the dick into Jessica’s dripping pussy. Jessica moaned deeply as Helga took her in long, powerful strokes until she came. Helga then pulled her wet dick out and aimed it at her lover’s asshole.

“Please, Helga. Please, do it hard, just like I love it, darling” Jessica begged. She was turned on to the hilt.

Helga slid the dick into Jessica’s ass in one fell swoop. Jessica bucked izmit kendi evi olan escort as Helga fucked her as she requested. Helga was pulling out and ramming in her ass repeatedly. I could hear flesh on flesh as their wet skin slapped together. The site of them fucking was magnificent.

Helga was in seventh heaven as she fucked her lover. Her lithe body gyrated as she thrust in hard and pulled out slowly. A myriad of emotions crossed her beautiful, flushed face as she came in Jessica’s ass, screaming in lust. I walked to the bed and kissed them both lightly and dressed to leave them alone. The night of love was surely not over for them. Helga pulled Jessica up but was still moving inside her. She was rubbing her pussy, sucking her neck, kissing her and whispering to her. With a wet pussy of my own, I left quietly.

My boyfriend arrived two days earlier than expected and was in our room when I walked next door. With my wet, open pussy, sensitive breasts, swollen lips and in a turned-on state of mind, I crawled on him in the dark and fucked him better than I had done in the whole of our relationship. The fucking that I knew was happening next door was still high in my mind.

Jeff was still dead to the world when I slipped out of the room the next morning. I left a note explaining that I had gone jogging. Instead I knocked at Jessica’s. I wanted to thank them for last night. Jessica answered, pulling me in. “Helga’s swimming at the beach. Let’s go on the terrace.”

“Thanks for last night,” I said. “It is fortunate I went to my room. My boyfriend, Jeff, had arrived.”

“I’m glad for you, darling. Now take off those clothes and let me fuck you outside. It’s such a nice morning.”

I was nervous, even a little frightened. Jeff could walk out and see us. The fear of discovery also turned me on. Jessica expertly ate my pussy at a very leisurely pace. Threading my fingers through her silver hair, I pushed my pussy up allowing her full access to it. Jessica let me cum twice before she spread herself out on the other chaise. She asked me to lay on her, pussy to pussy. That position allowed me to screw her and watch my terrace. Fucking the silver-haired Jessica was what I needed to do from the first time I laid eyes on her. I was so caught up in the lustful act. I would not have stopped even if Jeff appeared. I would not stop moving on this exquisite pussy, with its large clit, with the short silver hairs that tickled me slightly as I screwed. I would not stop until I had my fill. When Jessica stuck her wet finger in my ass, I sawed our mingled pussies to another sweet orgasm.

Sliding from Jessica to the floor, still high from our loving, I kneeled between her legs. Jessica was wet and open from her last cum. I rubbed my entire face–cheeks, nose, and forehead in the sweet warmth of her. Her smell intoxicated me. And then, at long last, I tasted the first pussy of my life. I proceeded to do to her what she and Helga had done to me. I feasted. I touched. I sucked. I licked. I tasted. I plunged. She came in my mouth. She came on my face. My pussy leaked on her terrace. I gloried in the sweet flesh of this older woman.

With one and a half weeks left on our vacations, I was so happy with my lesbian friends. I would never have thought I could enjoy a woman’s touch so much. I saw them as often as I could when he was not around. Helga and I slipped back to the nude beach. We put on quite a show in front of the other bathers fucking each other with her thick, two-headed penis. Jessica and I fucked when Jeff golfed. We became intense quickie experts, but the cums were just as sweet.

Never again will I look at two beautiful women together and not wonder if they have tasted each other.

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