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John’s Spanking Fantasy 1

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John’s Spanking Fantasy 1I had a good friend called John. John was quite the voyeur and had a big crush on my wife. I think she probably realised and played up to him on occasions. One day I decided to give him a bit of a treat. We decided we would give John a bit of a thrill, without him knowing that my wife was in on it.One Friday night, I rang him to ask if he would like to come round and watch a video (It was a while back now so before DVD’s). He agreed and not having a partner to bring, he came round alone.We chatted and sat down to watch the video when my wife came in with a cup of tea for him and dropped it, spilling it all over the carpet. I shouted “You clumsy bitch, look what you have done!” She apologised and cleared up the mess, John was squirming a bit with embarrassment. I said to John “I hope you do not mind, but this sort of clumsy behaviour needs to be punished here and now” My wife of course had spilt the tea on purpose and the punishment had been pre arranged for John’s benefit!.I called my wife out of the kitchen and gave her a lecture, as she stood in front of me and John. She was wearing a short skirt, stockings and white panties. I relaxbet güvenilirmi made her take her blouse and bra off so she just stood in skirt, stockings and panties. I then asked her to bend over the chair just in front of me and John.As she bent down, I lifted her skirt to reveal what was underneath. Her chubby bottom cheeks peeping through her panties. This and her stockings were now on full view.The look on Johns face was somewhere between a smile and disbelief.I up her slipper and proceeded to spank my wife, who was now bent over the chair before us, splaaaat, thwaaack, the slipper fell time and time again across her virtually unprotected bottom. From the corner of my eye, I could see John’s hands reaching towards his crotch.I gave my wife about 20 medium hard blows across her pantie covered bottom, before I ordered her to take her panties down.She stood up and pulled her panties down. I allowed her to rub her sore bottom. She glanced round at John and rubbed her bare bottom and then bent bare in front of us.At this point, I ordered my wife to remove her skirt and kneel down on the chair. I winked at her at this point and relaxbet yeni giriş she thrust her bottom out high in the air, so as to give john a perfect view of her chubby reddened bottom and her pussy, now on full show and thrust up high in the air.John’s chin was nearly on the floor as he squeezed his crotch even tighter.“Right my dear. 10 more slaps on your naked bottom I think” I picked up the slipper and brought it down hard, once, twice, splaaaat, thwaaaack, the flexible rubber sole contacting with her soft burning flesh. Her pussy there for John to see as the spanks made her wriggle, retracting and pushing her bottom out after every stroke landed. She was putting on a great show!At this point, I decided that we should take it a bit further. With her red and spanked bottom stuck up in the air as she knelt on the chair, I took out my throbbing hard cock and proceeded to enter her from behind. I thrust hard against her upturned bottom, causing her to bump in and out against the chair, squashing her face against its arm after every thrust. She was gasping and letting out sighs of pleasure.Next I ordered her to stand up and I relaxbet giriş sat on the chair, with my stiff cock in hand. “Right” I said. “You can ride me in front of John”. My wife straddled my cock and proceeded to move up and down vigorously, her chubby bottom jiggling up and down as she went. I administered several hard slaps to get her to “giddy up” so to speak. My wife said she could see John’s face out of the corner of her eye and thinking he could not be seen by either of us, he was definitely wanking through his trousers! This was making me want to come so had to slow down.I stopped after a short while and retracted. I said “I hope that you have learnt your lesson dear and to complete your punishment, you will have to subjugate yourself in front of John to show your sincere humility”….”On your knees!”My wife knew what this meant. She would now have to kneel in front of John with her face on the floor, which would cause her bottom and her pussy to stretch upwards leaving nothing to the imagination. Slowly, she positioned herself and knelt in front of John. Here pussy and arse on show, her tiny arsehole peeping out for John to see, her humiliation complete. At this point John closed his eyes, momentarily. He was still squeezing his crotch. My wife then left the room. John mumbled something and left.Myself and the wife had a good laugh and some great sex after John left. This was to be the first of many evenings entertaining John!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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