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Subject: Jordy’s Way into Submission Jordy’s Way into Submission Part 1 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ This story is a work of fantasy. Authoritarian/adult-youth/incest I wouldn’t mind living it out. I prefer stories that seem real. Sometimes it’s rough but don’t expect anything too extreme. This story has a lot of explicit sex, but also some character development about doubts, feelings and sexuality. I think we all can relate to that. If you get turned on by stories that build up, then this is for you. Since we are on , please, if you are of the means, make a donation to keep this site open and free. Would love to hear your thoughts on my story, groeiutrecht@ Authoritarian/adult-youth/incest ===== Jordy ===== I was in the centre of Amsterdam waiting for a call and was getting really bored when I noticed him entering the little coffee shop. He was a high school type, wearing a white shirt, tight jeans and sneakers, blonde hair. An athletic all Dutch Highschool teen, a rare find these days in Amsterdam, which turned me on. And yes, if you are wondering, I am fit myself, toned and an ‘Amsterdammer’ myself. Despite the fact that I’m not picky, I do have a thing for white fit teens. So I’m not talking about a skinny boy next door, they’re cute and I do have my own type of fun with them. Generally I like more masculine kids really. I’ve had a lot some masculine teens over the years, they were curious, sometimes looking for a man, Daddy or Master. Well, I am a top, dominant, let’s say a extraordinary mixture of a Daddy and a Master. I like submissive teens, but after a while none of them satisfied me. They were either too passive, meek or docile to offer real counterplay or they could not accept their submissive feelings. Not that I’ve been short of sex all these years, but a good real strong boy that I could train and claim would be great. Believe me, this teen looked like such gem! I decided it was time for a coffee and to get acquainted. I made my way over to the counter and smiled as I passed him. The teen smiled back, probably because we were the only people around. “Hi, you’re an early bird, boy,” I said as I approached him with my coffee. “Yeah, woke up early and needed a shot,” he said as I got my first good look at him. ‘A shot,’ I liked his street wise teen talk. It turned me on, it went with the whole package. Well, a wide variety of teens are attractive, but only some have that final twist and he had it! The boy’s look was made up of the characteristics of a young teen. I looked sixteen, maybe a year older. Just slightly shaggy blonde hair, a little messed up. A clear, fair skin, toned body, well-kept and fit. Confident posture, inviting blue eyes and kissable lips. A good looking boy face, not too pretty, not girlish. The teen’s shirt was open and I could tell he filled out his white t-shirt in the right places. Well, he filled out his jeans in the right place too, the faded areas showed it off nicely. He had a wide legged stance, it made his dick push at the front of his jeans, it looked like a pretty good sized one. I wanted to see more of this teen, a lot more! I came to my senses, “You just hanging out before school?” I asked, starting a conversation. I hoped it would get things rolling. “No way, I finished high school this summer.” I liked the hint of defiance in his tone. He could put up a fight, he wanted to me to know he was a young man. I was sure, he wouldn’t just accept whatever I dished out docilely. I had to fight for it and he enjoying it, just because he wanted me to fight. He liked to battle, for the battle sake. It was his way, like his street wise attitude. But if I did it my way he would turn me down. He needed something to resist, he would never take anything for granted. “Tired of living at home with your parents and job hunting so you can move out?” I asked hoping to get a little more information on him. He scoffed, “I’m not a little boy. I don’t live with my parents anymore. I’m living with my brother, but I will get out soon.” Not wanting to get too heavy, I decided to lighten up the conversation and get back to my more immediate interests. I told him my side of being here, “I’m stuck with nothing much to do, just waiting for my car to be fixed. I took the day off and I’d rather be getting some things taken care of than sitting around here. Well, I got a Land Rover at home, but I can’t drive them both at once, so I’m stuck waiting. You drive?” He smiled, “I have my driving license,” I looked puzzled and he shot back, “and I can handle a Land Rover.” “Great. Would you like to spend a few hours with me? We can go to my house, pick up the Land Rover and get me some stuff done. We can come back here later to pick up the car and you can drive my Land Rover back home for me. How about that?” I decided to get things moving one way or the other, “No sweat. I can cancel all my appointments for today,” he said rather sarcastically. I had already realized that he was bored and didn’t have much to do. “Sure you don’t wanna check with your brother first? I’ll get us a taxi to my place,” I said as I stood and walked to the door. I went outside and got my iPhone and made a call to get a taxi. I figured I’d give him the opportunity to have second thoughts and split. What I hoped for happened. He was still there waiting for me when I returned. Good little puppy, I thought. He didn’t stray off. He knew how to stay. As we drove out of town I looked at him. He was model handsome and porn star sexy. As if he was blessed genetically enough, he walked around swinging, had firm muscle ass cheeks that tested the strength istanbul travesti of anything he wore to cover them. Holy fuck he was really hot! That’s why I lusted after him. He was a awesome teen boy and teased me with his smiles and answers. Fucking hell, he had bloody done it, I was speechless looking at him. I just stared at him and licked my lips. He grinned broadly, “My name is Jordy, but you can call me whatever you want. What is in a name after all.” He won the first set, no problem, let’s see who will be the winner in the end. I introduced myself, “I’m Richard, but you can call me Daddy if you like, that’s in a name after all.” He grinned and said slowly, “Daddy?” as if he tasted the name on his tongue. “Why should I call you that?” I looked at him, “You might figure that out for yourself.” We had to go inside my cottage, I had to get the keys to the Land Rover, so I finally had him alone, in private. Jordy was really impressed with my cottage and the view of my garden. I was impressed with the view of his behind. That wide legged jock attitude of his made his butt nice and tight. I liked the way the seam in his jeans started right about where his crack should be, then disappeared between the two mounds of his tight ass, his thighs filled out the tops of his jeans very well, and his calves stretched the fabric again just before it bagged at the top of his sneakers. A totally hot, Dutch boy. “Let’s get moving,” I said as I flipped him the keys. “You might as well drive so you can get used to it. Besides that, I can see how well you can handle a Land Rover.” He looked at me and smiled, “I can handle it, no sweat.” No sweat was a kind of magical phrase for him. It was somewhere between a safe word and an incantation. “I’ll bet you can,” I said, thinking that I’d love to see him sweat. I could just picture it, his sweat running down the crack of his hot ass, descending to his tight teen hole. I would like to taste his teen sweat as well. Oh yeah, I wanted lift his T-shirt to expose his sexy smooth toned chest and firm stomach covered in sweat. Licking the teen sweat from his pink nipples. Pinching them into hardness, licking, sucking and gently bite them, causing him to moan with pleasure. Oh, that would be heaven. I was so horny, my cock was throbbing inside my boxers. So, I had him do the driving. I wanted to see how he handled the Land Rover. Besides that, it made me feel like a Daddy to have this hot young teen driving me around in my Land Rover. When we got back, I told him, “I’d like to buy you dinner, if you have time for that. You drove me around and was very helpful.” He answered me, “Don’t worry about me, I don’t have to call my brother, they will be just as happy if I don’t show up.” I didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t expected somewhere, I sounded weird and a bit ominous. I talked him into staying at my cottage and ordered some Italian food. I figured we could talk more freely in private this way. “Want something to drink?” I needed something pretty bad as it was hard to keep my hands off his hot little body, but I didn’t want to offer him any booze. I was preferring to see if he would ask for some. “Sure, what have you got?” I shrugged my shoulders, “Almost anything you want, I think.” He smiled, “Anything I want, huh?” he questioned with a teasing smile. “Got any Coke Zero?” Jordy smiled on my surprised face, he was such a clean cut type that he didn’t even ask for liquor. “Sure, you don’t want something in that?” I said trying to confirm my impression. “I don’t get into alcohol much” he said with a self-conscious grin. That street wise attitude again. Sexy Jordy was a real gem. “No problem, I don’t drink alcohol at all. I drank too much on the past, and I stopped drinking.” I said trying to put him at ease. “Yeah, I guess my dad hit the bottle too, he was too often drunk.” I wanted to get him talking and this subject was as good as any, so I asked him, “That’s why you live with your brother?” He hesitated, for a moment his self-confidence was gone, but that only lasted a moment. “Well, Dad left us and ended up in jail, tax fraud or something. My mom, she had a lot of lovers, she neglected everything and everyone, including me. The officials didn’t like that and my brother and his girl offered me to stay for them. I lived with them for one year now, but have to go. My brother’s girl got pregnant and I graduated and they want me out.” Something in his voice gave me the impression that he was trying to hide something. After all, you don’t kick your brother, a nice young kid out immediately after the situation changed. I got him to explain it further. I simply asked, “but why the urgency?” He sighted, “Well, I haven’t told anybody about this, you really want to know what happened?” I nodded, “I’m not sure what I can do to help, but you can trust me, your story will be safe with me.” Jordy’s face was expressionless, no idea if he trusted me, but after a few seconds he stepped out his defensive comfort zone and started to his story. ============= Jordy’s story ============= I am a teen, so naturally I watched porn, but the more I visited the sites and got off on reading stories, the more I began to question whether or not he really was straight. I never told this to anyone, I got addicted to rough gay porn. With who could I talk about it? I couldn’t tell my older brother, Jake. What if Jake recoiled in disgust? What if he looked at me like I was some disgusting degenerate? The same was true of my friends. What if they were repulsed by what I was doing? What if they all kadıköy travesti turned their backs on me? It was too risky to tell them I might be gay, that I was turned on by seeing guys tied up and fucked. That was impossible to share. So I said nothing, and my growing fascination with hard-core gay porn remained a secret. I didn’t know, or was it just my fantasy or was something I actually would enjoy. Really I didn’t know, I had to find out, but didn’t know how. So I did nothing but finally, a couple of months after I graduated from high school something happened what changed my life. I already lived with my brother Jake and believe me, he is straight. My brother is a real jock, Jake the jock and that’s no joke. You know, he likes swimming, wrestling and soccer. It’s not that I don’t like sport and I’m athlete myself, but not so obsessed. One day I was working out after school. My brother had a weight room set up in the attic and I would use it when he was at work. He is a truck driver for DHL, just a shitty job to earn some money and had a fixed work schedule. I got started late one day and he came back before I had finished. He came upstairs while I was bench pressing. Jake started to quarrel with me. He was always giving me shit for being a looser, being a freeloader, using his stuff, that kind of thing. Well, he stood behind the end of the bench and as I was doing my last set, he pushed down on the bar so I couldn’t put it in the rack. I panicked and he clearly enjoyed that. He had no mercy, this was not funny at all. “C’mon boy, push out one more rep,” he said while he added his weight to the bar. I pushed with everything I had left in me, but it was my last set and I was burned out. He kept the bar just above my chest, and spread his legs evenly apart above me. I could almost hear his voice crack with desire as he said, “Oh yeah, gay boy, enjoy your brother’s ass.” Jake slowly lowered himself to a perfect squat. I was terrified, his ass pushed out against the tight fabric of his shorts, his thighs bulged, pulling his shorts tighter. Jake’s ass missed my nose, but his crotch was just above my face and he started rubbing his balls over my mouth, it was humiliating and strangely exciting. With every breath I could smell the sweaty smell of his body.” I nodded as I felt my cock reared up. it was clear to me that I had to let him tell. No questions or comments, just listen and secretly enjoy what he had to tell me. Jordy continued his story. Jake told me, “C’mon little gay boy, suck me. Everyone knows gay boys like you, like to suck men off. You’re on my bench now, so suck my cock!” He had the barbell on my chest, pinning me down. I kept trying to push it up, but he held it in place. I was his prey, his victim. I didn’t have much choice, his balls were almost in my mouth. In one single movement he yanked his shorts and jock down and I laid there pinned down by the weights. Believe me I screamed for help. Jake gave me a look, “No one is going to hear you, gay boy.” I begged him, “Please, let me go.” but he laughed and said, “I own you now, gay boy, suck my cock.” I heard him, but didn’t believe him. I was scared, my eyes begged him to stop, but he had me where he wanted me. He slapped my face and said, “Get used to it, gay boy, this is just the beginning.” Well, I sucked his cock. I don’t know why, just gave in. I didn’t understand it, but my own dick started to get hard. Jake noticed it, and that only made things worse. “You’re getting a boner aren’t you. You really dig this, don’t you? I’ll bet you miss all your boy friends from school.” Jake grinned at me, “Well, you got me to take care of you now. I’ll have you sucking me off anytime I want it, gay boy. I think I’ll even try fucking that smooth butt of yours one of these days. I bet you got a nice hot tight little hole for me to fill with my cream. Yeah, you would like that, wouldn’t you?” I hissed in protest, but he ignored me. Excited by my submission, he raised my shirt high, fully exposing my teen chest. Both of my nipples greeted him, delicate nubs darting from my chest. I cursed myself, my body betrayed me. Jake smiled, “I’ve longed to have a boy like you to serve me, gay-boy. You will be experiencing things that you probably haven’t before. Your body, mouth and pussy will be mine to use as I wish. Get the picture, I’ll come home, all hot and sweaty and I’ll have you. You will suck my cock before I fuck the shit out of you. This gonna be great having a gay-boy. I will use you as I wish and you will thank me. I should thought of this a lot sooner.” Jake was getting pretty hot thinking about all the ways he planned to use me, and he started pumping into my mouth hard and eager. I didn’t like the idea of him using me like that, but my dick had a mind of its own I guess. It just got harder and started leaking through my shorts. Jake pulled his shaft out of my mouth unexpectedly and groaned, “Oh yeah! You are one hell of a cock sucker, gay-boy. I’ll have to share you with my friends.” Jake stood up, walked around the bench and straddled my chest. “Hold on little faggot, I’ll give it to you right away,” I stared up at his rock hard cock and balls, dripping with my saliva. In one swift move he lifted the bar from my chest and had it in the rack. He squatted down and was sitting on my chest with his legs pinning my arms at my sides. Jake moved up until his cock was over my face and I lost it, without thinking I strained up to touch it with my mouth. He pressed the length of his cock over my face and my mouth was open and my tongue was lapping the underside bakırköy travesti of his hot shaft as he was rolling his cock over my face. The wetness of my saliva and the smoothness of his hard veined cock make a slipperiness he apparently liked, he was moaning softly and pressing his cock into my face and making a fucking motion as he rubbed his hot cock all over my face, “You want my cock, gay-boy?” “I guess I have no choice.” I said. “You’re damn right. So, then, you’re going to be my gay-boy from now on, right?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “Yes, what?” he corrected me. “Yes, Sir.” Strange enough, those words just rolled out of my mouth and that Sir gave a warm feeling in my stomach. Suddenly he grabbed me by the hair, yanked my head forward. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, because it was a tight fit. The head filled my mouth and he grabbed my neck and pulled, thrusting his hips forward. As he did this, his cock hit the back of my mouth and I gagged instinctively. But this did not discourage him, oh no. He was going to fuck my face. “Oh damn that feels good, suck me, gay-boy, suck me. Yeah, take it, take it all the way in.” I sucked his cock and rubbed my tongue all over it. With that he reached behind and started twisting the head of my dick. My dick was rock hard and slick and his hand kept slipping over the tip. He grabbed my balls and jerking them up the shaft of my dick. Fuck, it hurt like hell, but it turned me on. No one had ever handled my dick this way before. I never touched anyone else’s dick, never. Now my own brother was fucking fast and furious into my mouth and the hotter he got, the rougher he yanked at my dick and balls. I didn’t hardly notice the pain from his manhandling my dick. He had me, my dick was so hot and hard, all I wanted him to do was keep it up till I climaxed. Just when I thought I was gonna shoot, he let go of my dick and grabbed my head with both hands. He stopped fucking my face and just held his dick way down in my throat. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Jake started screaming, his legs contracted and his toes curled and he closed his eyes. “Uh, uh, uh!!” Each time he groaned, he thrust his hips forward. And finally, I felt it, I did all I could do to keep from choking on it. He started shooting his load into my mouth. It was a hot rush of thick creamy liquid. It splashed into my mouth and filled it quickly. I counted at least seven spurts and then slower, another one. Jake’s grip loosened. “Shit yeah, gay-boy, eat it. Eat my load. Yeah, swallow my cum.” I did as he asked me. He did not have to force me to do it. I swallowed and his hot jism as it slid down my throat. He released my head and I slipped his softening cock out of my mouth. I had never tasted anyone’s cum before. It was hot and sort of salty-sweet. I guess I must have liked it, because I couldn’t stop it. I moaned it out, my accumulated lust revealed and at the same time my dick started spurting my load all over my stomach. Jake jumped up, his cum still dripping on my face. I watched his cock throb as it still oozed copious amounts of clear cum. I don’t know why, but I grabbed his still hard cock and jerked it slowly to get the last drops from him. He slapped my hand away and spat in my face, and said, “Never, never forget, gay-boy, I make the rules and you just accept what you get.” I was wet, defeated, he pushed me to the limit and brought me an extreme climax. The confusion in my mind was immense, the mixture of hate, respect, adoration was over whelming. Jake slapped my ass and pulled me up by the waist until I was kneeling in front of him. He ran his fingers through my hair “Get a shower, gay-boy,” he simply said, I knew I was his boy and sex slave. Anyway, that’s why I need to get out and soon. “Thanks for telling me,” I whispered as I walked to the kitchen. I think Jordy noticed my throbbing erection as I walked past him. He had me hot as hell, and I needed a time out to cool down and proceed calmly. I definitely didn’t want to screw this up! I handed him a glass of Coke Zero, looked him in the eyes and ruffled his blonde hair. He stood up, put his arms around me and buried his face in my chest. “I never told anyone about this. I didn’t know what you’d think of me, but I just couldn’t lie about it. I just had to tell somebody.” I stroked his blonde hair, “Hey, no sweat. People are sexual. More guys than you realize have had sex with another guy, although most of them aren’t honest enough to admit it,” I said hoping to put him at ease. “Don’t worry about being kicked out. You’ve got a new home here, if you want that,” I said as looked into his trusting face. “I wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to you. You know, out on the streets. You’re a good looking kid and I like you. If you need anything, I’ll do all I can to help.” It worked out well, I had nothing to worry about, I was ready to be his Daddy from that moment. I looked into those blues eyes and kissed him on the cheek. He didn’t care and hugged me again. We relaxed and after a while he started to talk again, “There is more. Having sex with me and chatting with me about it was a big turn on for Jake. He had a huge sexual appetite and loved talking dirty. He explained just what and how he would top me and take my cherry by breaking me in and showing me how to be a real bottom. He told me, “Oh Jordy, you are my gay boy, I will breed your boy pussy and make you pregnant.” and the next day he was so horny when he talked about this, that he told me that he wanted his team mates to have their way with me and use me for as long as they wanted. No, he never asked me anything and his cock was really hard as he said, “Oh gay-boy, I will use you to my dirtiest fantasy reality.” I smiled, I was curious and horny. I didn’t expect much after his confession but asked, “Jordy, what happened?” Thanks for ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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