Mar 26

Jo’s Story (Just a Dream)

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Jo’s Story (Just a Dream)Joe was raised in foster homes where he was sexually abused most of his life. In one home he was made to sleep each night with the man and woman. He ate pussy and sucked cock before he fucked the cunt of the lady while the man rammed his big cock in Joe’s tight ass. This was mostly a nightly event. He also was used daily any way they needed to use him with themselves or their friends. They loved to bend him naked over a bench and tie him and as the men fucked his ass he was to eat the women’s pussy. Some nights he was fucked over a dozen times by the men and ate just as many pussies. A few men also love sucking Joe’s big cock as he was close to ten inches and extremely thick in his early teens. One foster mom used him to breed the girls in her care. He would knock the girls up and when the babies were born the lady sold them for profit. Soon as the girls were able to breed he began fucking them till they were knocked up. Sometimes the woman had to tie the girls to allow Joe to fuck the tight cunts. It was painful for the young cunts to accept Joe’s big thick cock and he loved fucking the tight holes and sunk every inch into the tight fuck holes. Joe loved fucking and was into men and women. He loved his cock in a pussy as a hard cock fucked his asshole. He also was fond of fucking another man’s ass or sucking his cock. He loved when he shoved his big yahyalı escort cock all the way down a throat and held it there as he face fucked them till he filled them with cum. He had great stamina and could fuck for hours or let many men fuck his ass as he sucked cocks or cunts. Mike was a foster father that loved Joe. Some days he kept Joe naked and took him to his room and took pictures and videos of Joe naked with his big hard cock and also of the sex they had together. Mike loved sucking Joe’s cock and fucking his ass and he loved feeling Joe’s huge cock in his own ass. When Joe was just twenty two he moved onto his own house and moved three young girls in with him. He selected them by their looks. Pam had huge firm DDD tits and he loved playing and sucking them. Jill had a big thick ass that he loved rubbing his face over and fucking it. Sara was beautiful and a nasty slut. She loved to fuck and he loved fucking her. She also loved pussy and that made threesomes the most fun. He also selected the girls clothes if he did not have them naked. On Pam he put a net top over her tits with the nipples poking through two holes. He then pinched the nips so they poked out and then put a pair of crotchless panties on her. As he sucked the nipples he finger fucked her cunt through the panties. She was amazing and so sexy. He then dressed Jill in a sheer top and a skimpy thong so he could see her big thick ass as she walked. He then bent her over and pulled the thong tight to her asshole and rubbed his hands over her thick ass cheeks. He gave her six spanks till her cheeks were red and then began kissing each one as he finger fucked her asshole. He then grabbed Sara and pulled her to him. He pushed three fingers in her cunt and two in her ass and fucked her hard till cum was running down his wrist. The then wiped his cum covered fingers across her face and pushed the fingers from her ass into her mouth to suck. He sat down and pulled her across his lap and began to spank her ass hard. When she was covered with his red hand prints he grabbed an open bottle of wine and shoved it in the cunt of Jill and filled her with the liquid. He pulled the bottle out as he shoved Sara’s face to Jill’s cunt and let Sara drink the wine sucking every drop out of the wet cunt.He then did the same to Jill’s asshole and let Sara suck the wine from it also. Then he sat Jill on Sara’s face and Sara was eating and tongue fucking Jill as Joe shoved every inch of his cock in Sara’s cunt and as he fucked her hard with no mercy he pulled Pam over and began sucking and biting on her tits. He pulled her nipples with his teeth and rammed three fingers in her cunt as he fucked both girls while Sara ate Jill’s cunt. When he filled Sara with cum he pulled his cock out and shoved the wine bottle back in her cunt and then douched her with the liquid and let it run out into a glass and gave it to Sara to drink for him. He gave his cock time to get hard again and then laid Pam on hr back with her legs spread and shoved Sara and Jill at her tits and as they sucked on the huge globes he gave Pam all ten inches of his cock in her ass. He also so finger fucked the other two as he ass fucked Pam hard and deep. They played most of the day till Joe had to go and breed a couple girls for his late foster mother. He still loved knocking the young girls up and was paid a lot for his stud fees. He especially loved when one of the girls was a virgin and he could pop her cherry. He loved a strapped down virgin and he would lick on her tits and tongue fuck her cunt before he shoved his huge cock in her tight fuck hole. He loved fucking the tight cunt and filling it with his big load of cum. He would fuck her twice and then come back the next five nights or as long as it took and fuck her till she was bred. He also sucked on the foster mom’s big saggy tits and finger fucked her cunt and asshole as she loved Joe’s big thick cock. She loved sucking his cock and balls for him and he would give her a courtesy fuck. She had several foster boys but none of them had the huge cock that Joe had. She loved stroking Joe’s long shaft and feeling him get hard and then she would ride his cock deep in her wet cunt. It was all in a days work for the hung Joe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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