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Jr. Prom 4

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Jr. Prom 4When his orgasm subsided, I leaned back against the front seat again andspread my legs wide. I had a huge smile as I watched him lay back andrelax. He had a content, dreamy look that couldn’t hide the satisfaction hehad gotten from our encounter.I could feel his sperm gurgling around inside me while his fat cock wasstill buried balls deep. The whole thing was so peaceful and sofulfilling..I was so proud of what I had just done, I could hardly contain myexcitement. I loved being a girl and this is what made it worthwhile.”So what do you think?” I asked cheerfully.Bob opened his eyes “About what?”I bit my tongue and slapped him on the chest.”About what? About the sex stupid!! What about the sex!?! Did you likeit!?! Am I a good piece of ass?!? Am I gonna get laid on prom night?!?” Iyelled.We both busted out laughing.”Fucking right, you’re gonna get laid!! You’re the best piece of ass I everhad!! I’m gonna fuck you every chance I get!!” he chortled.I sat back and giggled “Well good. That’s all I wanted to know. As long asyou think I’m a good piece of ass and you’re sure I’m gonna getlaid. Otherwise, we’d have to go to a party so I could pick up some cock.”We both laughed some more and began talking about prom. We agreed he wouldnominate me for prom queen at the assembly Friday. That we would doeverything else like a real date. He would buy tickets and take me to thedinner. We would go to the dance. We would dance and have a good time, butmost importantly.We were definitely getting laid on prom night.That’s when he mentioned Michele’s party. She and Tami were having a partyin Michele’s basement. Her parents were giving her complete privacy for thewhole night and a quarter barrel of beer. The party had to be small so shecouldn’t invite that many people, but she had invited Bob.I wanted to blow it off, park in the woods and fuck till dawn. He wanted togo in the worst way. In fact, he almost insisted on it.”Besides, If you drink a few shots with her, I’ll bet you get to see hernaked” he told me.He watched closely as I began to think about it and smile. I was always hotfor Michele and Bob knew it.In fact….. For as long as I had known her, I thought she was the hottest,sexiest, most beautiful girl ever. She was almost 6 feet tall. She had longthick raven black hair. Monster tits. And let me tell you, she could fill apair of jeans like nobody I had ever seen. Seeing her naked had always beena dream of mine.I felt my hips start to jerk and played with my tits as I stared off intospace and pictured her naked.”Fuck That Would Be Hot! Don’t tease me man! You know how bad I wanna tosee that shit!!” I scolded and gave him a fowl look.”I know! I’m not teasing! And I’m not saying you will for sure. I’m justsaying, if you drink some shots with her, it’s been known to happen.” hetold me quickly.I reached down and started rubbing my pussy and grinding my ass back ontohis cock.”OK, It’s worth a try” I smiled.The party didn’t start until 10pm. right after they crowned the king andqueen. That meant we had dinner at 6, the dance at 8 and a party at 10. Itwas perfect.He could pick me up at 5:30………… we could fuck.Go to dinner………… Fuck.Go to the dance……. Fuck.Then go to the party and with any luck I would get to see Michelenaked.. This was great!I smiled at him, squeezed my ass tight and began undulating my hips up anddown on his cock. I felt him spring to life almost immediately. He smiledback at me.”You know what that means don’t you?” he chuckled.”I sure do” I giggled back.I cheerfully rolled off his lap and laid on the seat with my legs spread.”Look at that. I’ve got a well trained piece of ass.” he smiled as hepinned my knees to my chest and stared at my pussy.”I promised mom I would do everything like a girl. That means, I’m gonna doeverything we talked about having girls do for us. You wanted a sperm bank?Well now you’ve got one. So shut up and fuck me!” I giggled.”God, You’re Perfect!” he told me with a big warm smile.We both watched eagerly as he eased himself back into me.”You got such a hot pussy.” he continued “I know you said it’s not forfuckin’ but you gotta let me stick my dick in that thing at least once.”I smiled and shrugged. “I don’t think it will fit, but you can try.”He got an excited look, pulled his cock out with a pop and mashed itagainst the opening to my pussy. We watched as it opened up and acceptedhalf the head easily. He pushed a little harder and it got unbelievablytight..I could feel my cock stretching around his and it hurt so good. It was thesame exquisite pain I got when my dad stuffed his cock in there. It hurtlike hell, but it felt so good I didn’t know what to do.”PUSH” I growled.He pushed harder and it felt like he was tearing my cock apart. His cocksqueezed inside mine and slid in as deep as it would go. My cock was sostretched out I could hardly stand it but it felt like I had stuffed itinto the tightest wettest pussy ever.I was so confused. It was so strange. It hurt so bad, but It felt so good!My orgasm erupted like a volcano. I curled my hips and squealed while Bobcontinued to stuff his cock into mine. Every time he did, it was the samesharp pain and the smooth feel of tight pussy.He couldn’t have stuffed his cock in more than 4 or 5 times before hisorgasm overtook him. Half his cock was buried inside mine and I watched itthrob as thick white streams shot out around his fat shaft like jets. Itwas the most incredible thing I had ever seen.Bob grunted loudly a few more times and relaxed. As his cock lost it’stimber, it became more comfortable inside me. We both smiled and admiredthe way it looked half buried in my pussy.”Holy Fuck! You Got A Tight Pussy!” he exclaimed. “Fuck! That Was Good!”We watched as my pussy spit out his cock and spewed cum everywhere.”That hurt” I told him honestly.”I’m sorry. That was fucking great tho. It was better than taking a girlscherry.” he told me seriously.I giggled “I’m better than a cherry?”He smiled and nodded. “No shit”We both smiled and Bob watched in amazement as I scooped up the cum from mypussy and licked it from my fingers.=============31============”Fuck! You’re The Perfect Girl” he told me.I licked up more cum “You’re just saying that because I let you get yourdick wet.”Bob laughed “You know me. As long as I can stick it in, I’m happy. But,you’re hot and you love to put out. Do you like being a girl?”I confided in him that I did. I told him, I loved the way I looked andfelt. I loved having tits. I loved showing off my new pussy. I lovedgetting him hard. But satisfying his needs and making him cum is what didit for me. That’s why I liked sucking cock the best, because I got such athrill when he would cum in my mouth. I even told him if we did itmissionary style I could cum 3 or 4 times. Just like a girl.”Guys don’t turn me on,” I told him cheerfully. “But the sex is great and Ican’t wait to do all the things we always talked about.””See…. That’s what makes you the perfect girl. We both want a girl thatnever says no to sex. I always wanted to have sex in public. You alwayswanted to find a girl we could pass around as a communal whore. And youstill want to do it?” he grinned.”Well Yeah” I nodded seriously.”You’re fucking perfect! This is going to be so much fun! I might be inlove!” he said as he squeezed my tits.All I could manage to do was blush bright red and giggle. He was right,this was fun and if I had found a girl willing to do those things I mightbe in love too.Bob sat around in his T-shirt and I sat around in my stockings while weburned another one. We talked about school and prom and all the things weusually talked about.I stared at his cock the whole time. I couldn’t help but to think about hownice it looked and how good it felt inside me. It was so fat and it lookedso sexy covered in half dried cum. It turned me on to know that I had beenused to satisfy it’s needs. It was even more of a thrill to know how goodit felt to be used like that.As we sat and talked, I couldn’t help but to wonder how I stacked up to theother girls. Since Bob had fucked most of the girls in our class, ifanybody would know, he would.”So, am I really a good piece of ass? I mean, am I as good as the othergirls?” I asked.”Better! You’re in a class by yourself. You got an ass that’s tight andjuicy like a pussy. A pussy that’s tight as a cherry. You’ll take a creampie every time. You can suck cock like a champ and you love toswallow. This is like a real live fairy tale. My best friend can turn intoa girl anytime he wants. The best part is, when he does, she loves to doall the nasty things you can’t get girls to do. I’m telling you, You’re theperfect girl.” he said with a smile.”Cool, Really?” I said with a blush.”Fuck Yeah! And you’re hot too! Look at this shit!” he said as he caressedmy pussy “As far as I can tell, You got real tits, a real pussy and a hotass. If I hadn’t met you in your house. In your bedroom. And seen you withyour parents. You couldn’t convince me that you’re not a girl. It’s hard tobelieve you’re the guy I go to school with every day.”I blushed some more and began stroking his cock.”I’m telling you Jimmy….””Susan” I interrupted.”Yeah. Well, I’m telling you, if I ever made fun of you for having a fatass. I take it all back. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in askirt.” he smiled.He never had but I loved hearing it. I pushed him back against the doorwith his legs spread and started sucking his cock like the sloppy whores wealways talked about. He watched closely as I forced his cock down my throatand looked up at him. I could feel his cock getting hard and stretching mythroat.I pulled back, laid on my back, spread my legs and smiled at him.”Fuck me like you mean it and you can stuff it in my pussy when you cum.” Itold him frankly.He got a big smile, jumped on top of me and stuffed his cock in. I felt hisballs slap me in the ass and he began pounding into me like a madman. Hiscock was beating my prostate while my cock head was squishing around in mypussy. I squealed and came almost immediately.While I jumped and squealed through my orgasm, Bob kept fucking me hard. Hestuffed his cock into me with ruthless abandon. I could hear loud slurpingnoises every time he did.”Oh God! Oh God! Oh Fuck!” I was squealing.I was picturing his fat cock inside me and thinking about how good itfelt. Every time he fucked me it felt better than the last time. Bob wasgrunting in my ear while trying desperately to satisfy his needs inside me.After about 5 minutes of that, I erupted into another orgasm. I wrapped mylegs tightly around his waist and let out a symphony of squeals andgroans. It felt so good, I was about to pass out. Bob didn’t seem tocare. He just kept slamming the timber to me.”Yeah, That’s the ticket” he whispered.My ass began sucking his cock like a milking machine and he tried to pullout but I wouldn’t let him. He drove his cock deep inside me and begangrunting. I could feel his cock throbbing as my ass continued to work hisfat shaft.He grunted a few more times as he finished emptying his balls inside me. Ihad a big satisfied smile as I pictured him filling my guts with cum.”God that was good” I whispered in his ear.Bob chuckled and collapsed on top of me. I smiled real big and hugged himtight.=============32=============After a few minutes, I tapped him on the shoulder.”I gotta pee” I told him.He rolled off me and pulled his cock out with a pop. I slipped on my heelsand jumped out. I squatted next to the truck and began to pee. As soon as Idid, I heard a whistle and looked up to see Bob poking his head out thedoor and smiling at my pussy.”Check that shit out! You even pee like a girl” he chuckled.”I know, but I promised mom I would do everything like a girl and thatmeans everything. I never thought it would include what we’ve been doing,but I’m glad it does.” I giggled back”Really?” he smiled.”Fuck Yes! I cum really hard when you fuck me like that! As a guy, I wantsomebody to get me off as often as possible. As a girl, you deliver and I’min love with your cock. I’m telling you Bob, it is such a trip to play withyour cock and know that as soon as it’s hard I’m gonna get what Iwant. It’s an even bigger trip, knowing that spreading my legs and givingyou what you need is the way to get. Holy Fuck! Who’d a thunk?” I said as Istood up.Bob chuckled “No Shit! This is like a trip through the twilight zone! Mybest friend turned into a hot babe that wants to fuck 24/7!””Exactly!! I don’t know about you, but I think this is fucking great! Imean, We’re both getting laid. We’re both getting off. I mean, fuck, thisis too good to be true. I think we’re on to something. Seriously…. Idon’t see any reason why we shouldn’t do it as often as possible. Do you?”I said as I jumped back in the truck.Bob had a big smile as he watched.”Absolutely Not! I’m with you 110%! We are definitely on to something! Icouldn’t agree more! We should definitely do it as often as possible!” heresponded promptly.I blushed and giggled. “Cool”I scooted over by him and he put his arm around me. I put my head on hisshoulder and began stroking is cock.”Before we do that again, I’m hungry. Wanna get some burgers?” he asked.”In town? What if someone see’s me?” I asked nervously.Bob gave me a stunned look.”So what…. Everybody you know is gonna be at prom. You think they won’tsee you there?” he asked.”Yeah, but” I stammered.”Yeah, but, what? You said you wanted do everything like a girl, didn’tyou? Well here’s your chance. You’re a girl. You got a hot ass, a tightpussy and big tits. What more do you want?” he told me.”What if someone recognizes me?” I asked as I furrowed my brow.”Are you k**ding? Didn’t you hear what I just said? You got a hot ass, atight pussy and big tits. Nobody in their right mind is going to believeyou’re Jimmy James.” he said in no uncertain terms.”Really?” I gasped.”Fuck Yeah! You look, feel and fuck like any other girl. As far as I’mconcerned, you’re Jimmy’s cousin Susan. You told him you wanted to be asperm bank, but didn’t want anybody to know, so he sent you to me. And hereyou are.” he told me with a nod.I giggled as I thought about it. “Yeah, I like the sound of that. CousinSusan, sperm bank wanna be. OK, let’s go get some burgers.”We cleaned up and got dressed, but I couldn’t find my panties. Bob smiledat me and hung them from the mirror.”Sperm Banks don’t need panties.” he told me as he started the truck anddrove to town.On the way to town, I sat right next to him and scooted my ass way forwardso he could play with my pussy while shifting. Plus, I was rubbing thebulge in his crotch the whole time.When we got to town, it was noon and the line at the drive thru was prettylong. Bob gave me an evil smile and pulled up to the back of the line. Ismiled back, pulled his cock out and went down on him. I sucked his cockslow and easy as we made our way up the line. Bob just sat back and smiled.When we got up to make our order, I heard Tami’s voice over theintercom. Bob made his order and pulled up to the window. I heard Tamilaugh as we did.”Hi Bob! I see you found another one. Who’s this?” she giggled.Bob grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up until I was looking at Tami.”This is Jimmies cousin Susan. She’ll be my date to your party.” heannounced proudly”Hi Susan” she said with a smile.I smiled back “Hi”He stuffed my face back in his crotch and I went back to sucking hisdick…..Tami laughed and gave Bob his stuff “Good call. I think she’ll fit rightin.”Bob laughed “I’m sure of it. Take care Tami.” and drove off.I kept sucking his dick as we drove back out of town. Just as we stopped atthe last light, Bob put his hand on the back of my head and begangrunting. mecidiyeköy escort His cock throbbed, my mouth filled with cum and I swallowedeagerly…..We drove to a new place in the woods and ate lunch. We spent most of theafternoon hanging out nude and fucking. We sat around and talked about allthe things we usually did. We talked about girls. Who had the hottest assand nicest tits. We even managed to do a little fishing.All in all, we had a really good time.Bob said it was like hanging out with a girl who liked all the things guysdid. Including other girls.=============33=============At about 6 we went back into town and got dinner. This time we sat at atable in the park to eat. It was quite exhilarating for me to sit in theopen dressed like this. It was a small town, so the park was right off mainstreet and anybody who drove by could see us. I was worried somebody wouldrecognize me.Once again, Bob assured me that wasn’t going to happen.Just as the sun was going down and we were about to leave, Tami and herboyfriend Dan parked next to Bob’s truck. Tami still had her work clotheson and as they walked toward us, I was about to panic. Bob just chuckled,told me to sit tight and I would be fine.Bob and I were facing each other on the picnic table so he had his back tothem as they approached. He turned around and smiled at them.”Hey Tami. Hey Dan.” he said.”Hey Bob, Hey Susan.” Tami replied with a smile.She sat next to Bob and Dan sat next to me. She introduced Dan and I. Thenbegan talking about school and other everyday things. Since Dan was fromVulture Creek, not Maple Lake, and I was from ‘out of town’, we didn’t havemuch to say.It couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds before I felt Dan’s hand on mythigh. I just smiled, spread my legs a little and continued to listen toTami and Bob talk. He had such a smooth gentle touch, it sent tingles up myspine. I felt my cock start to stiffen immediately. When he got to mypussy, I smiled at him and moved his hand back down to my thigh.Eventually, Tami began talking about Prom. She gave me a serious look.”You’re going to the party, right? Are you going to prom too?” she asked.”Well, Yeah…. Bob’s taking me to both. Right?” I said looking at Bob.Tami looked surprised at that news. Bob nodded quickly in agreement.”What about Jimmy?” she asked.”What about him?” I said with a shrug.”I thought him and Bob were going?” she said looking at the two of us.Bob waved his hands, shook his head and shrugged. I giggled at him andlooked at Tami.”Oh, that… He won’t be able to make it. He’s grounded. So, this morning,he talked me into hooking up with Bob and here we are.” I explained.”Well, wasn’t that nice of him?” Tami giggled.I smiled at Bob “I thought so. It’s been fun so far.”I could feel Dan start to caress my pussy again. So I reached under thetable and moved his hand back down my thigh.Tami smiled at Bob “I bet it has.”Bob blushed and smiled. He had told me he and Tami fucked for awhile andstill got together on occasion.”Oh, Hey!” Tami continued “Some of us are getting together at Clear Lakelater. You two want to join us?”Bob smiled at me “Yeah, that sounds fun.””Cool” Tami said as she jumped up “I gotta change first, but I’ll see youthere.”We both waved and watched them leave.Bob smiled at me “See…. I told you they wouldn’t recognize you.””Hell, Dan was feeling me up the whole time.” I giggledBob laughed “See! He thinks you’re a girl.””He’s a horn dog same as you. He’d feel up the neighbors cat if he thoughthe was gonna get laid.” I told him with a smile.Bob laughed again “Still…. You didn’t seem to mind.”I blushed “Man that was the first time I ever got felt up. I thought it wasfun as hell.””That’s not true. I’ve been feeling you up all day.” he smiled.I giggled again “You’ve been fucking me senseless all day. There’s adifference.”We both laughed and talked for a little while longer before deciding tohead to Clear Lake.Clear Lake had a big campground, but this time of year it was deserted. Wewould go there to hang out because it was in the middle of nowhere, wewouldn’t be bothered and it had everything you would need. Fire pits,grills, picnic tables and it even had bathrooms with flush toilets. Thatwas a big plus for the girls.=============34============When we got to the campground, there were 5 cars in the lot and we couldsee everybody standing around the fire about 20 meters away. They had somepicnic tables pulled up around it and some coolers. There were about tenpeople total. I could see Tami and Dan, Michele and her boyfriend Tommy,but the rest of them were guys. Jocks mostly.As Bob turned off the truck, I took a deep breath and couldn’t believe Iwas going to do this. I was about to walk out and party with a bunch ofclassmates dressed as a girl. I was so nervous, I thought my head was goingto explode. Bob just smiled at me and caressed my thigh.”You’ll be fine Susan. Trust me.” he assured me.Then he did something that totally surprised me and caught me completelyoff guard. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big warm kiss on thelips with lots of tongue. I didn’t resist, but Bob could see that I wasshocked.”Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” he told me with a smile.I smiled, wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulled him to me and didthe same to him.”That’s ok, you’re allowed. That’s what guys do withgirlfriends….. Right?” I smiled.He smiled back “Cool…. I got a girlfriend.”He gave me another kiss while he reached into my crotch and started tofinger my pussy. When he pulled back he smiled at me again.”Ready?” he asked.I gave him a quick peck on the lips “Let’s go”He took me by the hand and helped me out of the truck. I straightened outmy skirt and he took my hand again. We walked up to the fire holding hands.As we approached, I couldn’t help but to think everybody was staring at me.We slowly made our way around the fire as he introduced me and said helloto everybody. We went to the coolers, I grabbed a beer and he grabbed asoda. Tami and Michele pulled me aside and we talked for awhile. I toldMichele about how I hooked up with Bob. They told me how much fun we weregoing to have at the party and how glad they were that I was going to bethere.About that time, Bob came over and stood next to me. He smiled, reached upmy skirt and fondled my ass while he listened to us talk. I finished mybeer and asked if Bob wanted another soda. He said yes and I went to thecoolers to get us some more drinks.While I was at the coolers, Dan and Tommy came over and said hello. Wechatted a little bit and I walked back over to give Bob his soda. When Igot back Michele was gone so I stood and talked to Tami and Bob.A few minutes later Michele came out of the woods looking a littledisheveled. I drank my beer and smiled at her as she joined us. Not longafter that, Butch came walking out and joined the rest of the guys.Over the course of the night, I noticed that Tami or Michele woulddisappear along with one or two of the guys. Then reappear a little whilelater……………….. After noticing that, I began to see them in awhole new light.Bob and I wandered around the party talking to everybody. He was never farfrom my side. More often than not he had his arm around me. Or he wouldstand behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist while talking. Quiteoften he would feel me up and fondle my tits, ass or pussy. I never stoppedhim, I just smiled and let his hands wander freely.After about three hours, I was fairly tipsy and Tami came over to ask if Iwanted to go to the bathroom to check our makeup. This was a new one on meand hadn’t considered it. Guys just go.”Ok” I said with a smile.When we got to the bathroom, I had to pee so I went in the stall. While Idid that, Tami began to talk about how nice I looked and how well Bob and Igot along. I agreed and told her that I was having a good time and that Bobwas very nice. She commented about how nice it was that Jimmy had put ustogether.I giggled, walked out of the stall. “Yeah, it was great.”I stood next to Tami and began doing my makeup.Tami had a big smile “So why did he hook you two up anyway?”I bit my lip and looked at her “You’re gonna think I’m terrible if I tellyou.””No I won’t. Tell me” she pleaded.I bit my lip again “Well, I’ll tell you honestly, I’m just here for thesex.””What?” Tami gasped.I shrugged my shoulders “I told Jimmy what I wanted and he said Bob was theman for me.”Tami laughed “He sure is. What do you think so far?””Oh My God! He’s a stallion! We’ve been fucking non stop since 9 thismorning.” I giggled.Tami smiled real big “God you two are perfect for each other. We are goingto have such a good time at the party.”She asked me a few more questions and I told her that two months ago I wasa virgin. Then I got a dildo and thought it was great. So I sucked somecock and had sex a few times and thought that was even better. I told Jimmywhat happened and that I wanted as much as I could get without anybodyknowing. So he hooked me up with Bob.After we finished, we walked back out to the fire. Bob wrapped his armsaround me and we stood there watching the fire. Bob was feeling me up and Iwas leaned back against him, enjoying my buzz. As we did that, I could feelthe bulge in his pants growing as it pressed against my ass. I smiled andpushed my ass against it.”You know what that means, don’t you?” he whispered in my ear.”I sure do. You ready to go?” I giggled.He licked my ear “Not just yet. Let’s go for a walk.”One of his hands was cupped over my pussy, while the other was on mytummy. I smiled at him, stroked his hands and ground my ass back.”OK” I said as I stood up.He stood up, took me by the hand and led me to the far side of histruck. He gave me a big hug and a kiss, turned me around and bent me overthe hood of his truck. I put my hands on the hood, arched my back and stuckmy ass out while he lifted my skirt. I felt him press the fat domed head ofhis cock against my asshole. I pushed back, felt it pop in and slide up inme.There were no lights in the parking area so from the fire the cars werejust shadows. We were facing the fire and we could see them clearly, whileall they could see of us were vague shadows. For the most part we werestanding right out in the open fucking, but they couldn’t see us.Bob started pumping his cock in with a quick steady pace, while we watchedand listened to everybody at the fire. He had a tight grip on my hips whileI pumped my ass back to meet his thrusts.”God you’re good” he said in a low voiceI smiled over my shoulder at him “Thanks””Hey, You still wanna do the communal whore thing?” he asked quietly whilehe continued to drive his cock in.I looked over my shoulder again “I guess, Why?””Well, I was thinking Butch was looking a little down. Good blowjob mightcheer him right up.” he told me.I looked over and Butch was standing by himself staring blankly into thefire. I smiled as I thought about his cock. I had seen it a million timesin gym class and it was quite respectable. Not as long or thick as Bob’s,but a respectable piece of meat just the same.”As soon as we’re done here, I could offer you up for a quickie and wecould go.” he continued. “What do you think?”I let out a little giggle “OK””This is just too fucking cool” he said as he began pounding into me hardand fast.I began to rub my pussy hard while I stared at Butch standing byhimself. Bob slammed his cock into me for a few more minutes. Then just asI was about to get off, he drove deep into me and emptied his ballsagain. I felt kinda robbed, but I figured as long as he got off it would beok, because I knew I was going to get more.Bob watched closely as I grabbed a tissue and wiped up the excess cum. Westraightened ourselves out and made our way back to the fire.Bob took my hand and headed straight to Butch. He stood behind me, wrappedhis arms around my shoulders and began to squeeze my tits. I pressed backagainst him and smiled.”What’s the matter Butch?” Bob asked.”Nothing, just looking at the fire.” he responded sullenly.”Oh, you were looking pretty down. I was thinking if a good blowjob or aquick piece would help, I could lend you Susan for a little while.” he toldhim as he opened my blouse and flashed him my tits.I slapped his hand and giggled.”I guess a blowjob wouldn’t hurt.” he said with a smile.Bob chuckled “Cool. Head down the path a ways and I’ll send her in.”Butch headed down the path and disappeared into the darkness.”And there’s the handoff! Get ‘er done!” he said slapping my ass andsending me into the woods.I wandered into the darkness until I got to a small bridge over thestream. I found Butch leaning against the railing while he waited for me tocatch up. When I got there we faced each other silently while he caressedmy shoulders.”Ready to take cum-union?” he asked quietly.I giggled “You know it” I whispered.I knelt in front of him while he pulled his cock out. As soon as he didthat, the strong smell of fresh pussy filled my senses. When I reached outto start stroking it, the only thing I could smell was pussy. The smell wasso strong it was almost overwhelming, and I could feel my cock start to gethard.I thought about how he and Michele had wandered out of the woods earlier. Ihad always wanted to find out what her pussy tasted like and now I wasgoing to get my chance. I eagerly opened wide and sucked his cock in rightto the base. His cock was still slick with pussy juice and it slid down mythroat like it belonged there.The thick flavor of Michele’s pussy filled my mouth instantly. It had sucha smooth rich flavor with an after taste of iron. I never in a millionyears thought I would be able to get a taste of it, but here I was suckinga cock that tasted just like it.I quickly pulled back until I felt the head pop out of my throat. Then justas quickly I forced it balls deep again. I began to rub my pussy hard andfinger my ass wildly while thinking about Michele’s pussy. I had wanted itso bad, for so long and I was finally getting to taste it.Because that flavor was attached to a cock I couldn’t get enough of it. Itwas like sucking a pussy flavored lolly pop. I sucked it as hard and fastas I could until I had sucked all the flavor off it. But I continued onbecause I could still smell her pussy and it was driving me wild withdesire. I fingered my ass and rubbed my pussy harder than ever.I was getting all the thrill that I got from sucking a stiff cock with theadded thrill of knowing I was getting a taste of the real Michele. Betweennot getting off when Bob fucked me and sucking a cock that Michele had justtaken a ride on. I was so turned on, I got off in no time. My hips buckedand I squealed into Butch’s cock while cum poured out of my pussy andcollected in my palm.Before long, I heard Butch start to moan with pleasure. I continued to suckhis cock hard and fast. I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of that stiffshaft driving down my throat. He had given me a taste of something I hadalways dreamed of and was about to give me a taste of something I loved. Iwanted to swallow his cum so bad, I could hardly stand it. He didn’t makeme wait long either.”Here it cums” he whispered Horsley.I felt his cock start to throb as cum filled my mouth. I sucked on just thehead while he continued to fill my mouth with cum. He grunted, groaned andshivered while he finished emptying his balls. I collected the cum in mymouth until he relaxed and swallowed eagerly.I was so thrilled with what just happened, my brain was on overload. I hadgotten a taste of Michele’s pussy and sucked a cock at the same time. Thewhole thing had been so amazing, I was glowing.When he was done I stood up and stroked his satisfied cock with my cumfilled mecidiyeköy escort bayan hand. I worked my cum into the entire length of his cock. While Idid that, I fantasized about him fucking Michele while his cock was coatedwith my sperm. I had a big smile as I stuffed it back into his pants forhim and zipped him up.We walked back to the fire, side by side while making small talk. When wegot back to the fire, Bob wrapped his arms around me and smiled at Butch..”Feeling better?” he asked.”Much better. Thank you both.” Butch smiled back.Bob squeezed me tight while pressing his bulge against my ass. “Ready togo?”I pressed my ass back and giggled “Yeah”===========35==============Bob led me by the hand to the truck. We jumped in, I scooted over by himand spread my legs around the shifter again. As soon as we pulled out, hebegan caressing my thighs and fingering my pussy. I smiled, reached intohis pants and began to stroke his cock while I thought about how nice itwas to be felt up like this. How much fun this whole day had been.As we got closer to my house, Bob started to head to the little field.”Where are we going?” I asked quickly.”Little field””Oh, let’s go to my house. I’m tired” I groaned.”Yeah, but I wanna hit it again before we call it a night.” he said.”You will” I assured him “But I got TV, games, video’s and a nice warm bedin my room.””What about your parents? Won’t they hear us?” he asked in alarm.I let out a little giggle “You won’t believe this! But, when I told my momthat I wanted you to stay over so we could have sex. She thought it was agreat idea!”Bob gave me a confused look “No Shit?””Yeah, no shit. She didn’t want me to do this from the start. But now thatI’ve agreed to do everything like a girl, she says ‘You can’t getpregnant. He’s your best friend and if you both enjoy it, what’s theproblem?’ Can you believe that shit?” I asked in amazement.Bob chuckled loudly “COOL! Let’s go to your house and fuck!”I squeezed his cock and laughed “That’s what I was saying!”When we got to my house, I grabbed my purse off the dash and the pantiesoff the mirror. It was midnight, so when we went inside it was fairlydark. Bob reached up my skirt, stuffed his thumb up my ass and his middlefinger into my pussy. He was fingering my ass and pussy hard while we madeour way down the dimly lit hallway to my bedroom. I couldn’t help but tolet out small squeaks of pleasure as we walked.When we got to my room, I closed the door, turned on the light and strippednude as fast as I could. Bob watched in amazement the whole time. I jumpedinto bed, laid on my back, put my hands behind my head, spread my legs wideand gave him a big warm smile.Bob snickered and slowly began to undress. My eyes were glued to the bulgein his pants. I could see it growing and his jeans pulling tighter. When hefinally pulled down his pants, it sprang free like a jack in thebox……………… It stood out so stiff and proud while he stood infront of me nude..I could feel my cock throbbing in it’s hole while I thought about havinghim inside me again. How good it felt and how overwhelming my orgasmswere. How much fun it was to spread my legs and let him use me to satisfyboth our needs. It felt so good to make him cum, I couldn’t wait to do itagain.Bob climbed into bed and got on his hands and knees over me. I had a bigsmile as I wrapped my legs around his waist and stroked his stiff cock. Hehad a big smile as he watched my face and eased down on top of me. Iwrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down. He chuckled andpretended he couldn’t get his cock in.”Oh, come on! I thought you wanted to fuck?” I scolded.Bob let out another chuckle and stuffed his cock balls deep into me.”You really get off on this shit, don’t you?” he asked as he began pumpinginto me.”Fuck Yeah, I already told you I did. I get off really hard and it feelsgreat.” I told him as I pulled my knees back a little farther. “You know Inever got laid. All I did was finger Tiffany a couple times. Now I get laidall the time and it puts a whole new twist on sex for me. If I wanna keepgetting off, I gotta keep putting out. Instead of chasing some dumb cuntthat won’t put out. All I gotta do is get you hard and I’ll get laid everytime. Since you’re always hard, we’re always fucking. I’m telling you. Ilove your cock and I love making you cum. It really floats my boat and Ican’t get enough.” I told him frankly.”What about sucking dick? You said you like that even better. What’s thatabout?” he asked as he began pumping into me hard and fast.I was so turned on, I began to squeal and jerk as a mini orgasm sweptthrough me.”Oh god” I groaned and began panting heavily”That surprised the shit out of me too.” I continued “Sucking dick wassurprisingly pleasant. But, having a guy cum in my mouth is a HUGE turn on!I just about cream my jeans every fucking time. I think I’m obsessed withcum. I’ll take it any way I can get it, but swallowing it is by far thebest.”Bob had his face buried in my shoulder while he grunted and fucked me deepand hard. I could feel another orgasm building as my bowels squeezed hisfat shaft like a vice.”Don’t stop” he urged “Talk dirty””Oh god yes! I want your fat cock so bad! I wanna carry your sperm insideme!” I was squealing and panting so hard I could barely get it out “Oh God!Yeah! That’s It! Give It To Me! Oh God!”I squeezed him tight while I began to buck and squeal uncontrollably. Icould feel cum shooting out of my pussy while my ass sucked his cock like amilking machine again. Bob kept grunting and driving his cock in non-stop.When my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and got a big grin as I watchedBob’s ass bouncing between my thighs. I got such a warm satisfied feeling,I stared at the ceiling completely spent and completely content.Bob got up on his hands and we both started watching while his cockdisappeared inside me. He pulled out, grabbed his cock and stuffed it asfar as it would go into my pussy in one quick motion. I let out a loudsqueal from the pain of my cock being stretched out so quickly.His cock throbbed and we watched as a thick white stream shot out. Hepulled back and used the head to plug the opening. We watched as his cockcontinued to throb and I could feel his cum filling my crumpled up cock. Hefilled it so full of cum, it felt like my pussy was going to explode.When it finally stopped throbbing, he sat back and we both had big smilesas we watched a big thick white gob drool out of my pussy and run throughthe crack of my ass. I looked up at him and giggled.”You seem pretty happy with this deal too. What’s up with that?” I said asI laid back and put my hands behind my head.Bob chuckled, laid beside me propped up on one elbow and began fingering mycum filled pussy. I just laid there with my legs spread and smiled.”Are you k**ding? This is the best thing ever. I get to fuck the hottestpiece of ass I ever saw and she likes sex as much as I do.” he told me “Imean, seriously. You know everything I want. You can’t wait to do it andyou love to do all the things girls never do. You’ll suck my cock. You’llswallow. I can fuck you anytime I want. I can lend you out to friends. Evennow, we just got done fucking and you’re laying here with your legs spreadso I can look at and play with your pussy. This is fucking great! Girlsnever do that shit!”I blushed and began to stroke Bob’s cock while he continued to play with mypussy.’I swear, if I had a magic wand, you are exactly what I would wish for andyou know it. I still can’t believe it’s you. It all looks and feels soreal. I bet you could walk around nude in the girls locker room and nobodywould know the difference.” he said seriously.I giggled as I thought about it “Really?””Fuck Yes! I had trouble at first, but I’ve decided you and Jimmy are twodifferent people. As far as I’m concerned this is a real pussy and you’re areal girl.” he told me as he pushed another finger into my pussy.I arched my back and giggled some more. “Really? So you don’t think anybodyrecognized me tonight?””FUCK NO!” he went off “You and Jimmy don’t look the same. You don’t actthe same. You don’t sound the same. You don’t feel the same and you damnsure don’t fuck the same! They’re convinced, you’re a girl named Susan. AndI don’t think we should tell them any different. That way we can cruisearound town all week and practice for prom. If you catch my drift?”I pushed him on his back, got between his legs and licked his balls.”I sure do” I said with a smile as I looked up at him.Bob pulled me up by the ears and gave me a big kiss. “I can’t believe I’mgonna say this. But….. I don’t think I can do that again. Let’s justcuddle.”I giggled, shut off the light, cuddled right up to him and we both quicklydrifted off to sleep.==============36============In the morning, I got up really early for some reason. I laid in bedquietly soaking in how nice it felt to wake up with someone. Bob had hisarms around my waist and every bit of his front was pressed against everybit of my back. He was sporting his morning wood and it felt so nicepressed against my ass like that.I had a well used, worn out feeling in my lower belly and smiled as Islipped out of bed. I cheerfully grabbed my robe and headed to the bathroomfor an early morning rinse and douche.While I was rinsing my ass, I couldn’t believe how much cum flooded out. Itfloated around the toilet bowl like dozens of long white streamers andthick white gobs. I couldn’t believe I had been walking around with thatmuch cum inside me.I smiled, cleaned up and admired myself in the mirror. As I did that Icould hear my dad quietly making coffee in the kitchen. I admired myselfsome more while I thought about what he and Bob had said about me. Howconvincing I was as a girl. How nice I looked and felt.I smiled as I snuck into the kitchen and watched him pour his first cup ofcoffee. I watched him sit down and spread out the newspaper. Just as he wassettled, I took one step forward and opened my robe to expose my totallynude body.”Good morning” I whispered cheerfully.Dad looked up with a big smile and let out a small chuckle.”Good morning honey” he whispered back.I knelt in front of him while he sat back and watched me open his robe andeagerly pull out his half hard cock. I could smell pussy as I licked hisballs and stroked his cock while looking up at him.”Hey dad? Bob say’s, even though he knows better, he can’t tell that I’mnot a girl. He thinks I’m hot and I can go anywhere I want and nobody willknow. Is that true? What do you think?” I asked thoughtfully.I began to suck his cock and could taste my mom’s pussy. I deep throatedhim, mashed my face into his crotch while looking up at him and bobbing upand down. I was so turned on. This was the second time I got to suck a cockthat tasted like pussy.”Oh, honey, he’s right. I’ve thought so from the very first day. It waslike, poof, you were a girl. It was like your mom walked back in with a 16year old clone of herself. Everything about the way you looked said youwere a girl. You were packed into those tiny little jeans. You had amonster camel toe, big tits and that tight round ass. Wow, you were reallyhot. It was an amazing transformation…… Why?” he said while he watched.I pulled back, sucked the head of his cock then licked it a few times.”Well, we went out to Clear Lake last night. There were a few people there,and he says nobody there knew who I was. Even though we go to schooltogether. He says, they think I’m a girl and nobody in their right mindwould believe I’m not. He say’s, we could spend the week dating in publicand nobody will know.” I explained.I went back to sucking him deep in my throat. I pulled back just far enoughto feel the head popping in and out of my throat.”Oh, sweetheart, I don’t see how they could know. You’ve been struttingaround here for the last two months, nude or nearly nude the whole time andI can’t tell. There is nothing about you that would suggest that you areanything but a 16 year old girl. There is even less to suggest that you arethe guy they go to school with. I’m with Bob, I think you could say helloto everybody you know and nobody would know the difference.” he told mewith a groan.I sucked in the whole length of his cock quickly as he threw his head backand began to thrust his cock into my throat. I watched him jerk and thrustas cum shot down my throat. I smiled and got a warm sense of satisfactionand accomplishment as he began to relax. I deep throated his softening cocka few more times while he watched.”Really?” I asked eagerly.”Yes really!” he said sternly “Think about it. You went shopping at themall didn’t you? They all thought you were a girl didn’t they?”I smiled “Yeah, but I didn’t know them.””Still…. They thought you were a girl. You got a makeover. Got your nailsdone. Spent all day trying on clothes. Your mother said you tried on justabout everything in the store. She also said there were guys checking youout all day. They all thought you were a girl…… Didn’t they?” he asked.I giggled “I guess”Dad started to play with my tits “I’m telling you they did. I’ve beenchecking you out for months and I can’t tell the difference. It’s justeasier for me to think of you as the girl that moved into Jimmies room.”I giggled “That’s what Bob said. He considers me and Jimmy two differentpeople.””See, including your mom, that makes three of us. Since you seem to enjoyit so much, maybe you should do the same. Consider yourself a girl and gowith it.” he told me frankly.I squeezed his cock and kissed him on the cheek.”Thanks, I think I will.” I said as I turned and snuck back to my room.==============37============When I got back to my room, Bob as still snoring away. I threw my robe onthe bed post and knelt next to the bed. He was still laying on his side andI eased the covers back just far enough to expose his cock. I staredlongingly at it’s stiff masculine beauty. I admired every vein, curve andcontour.I wanted it so bad.I thought about how much fun it was to play with. How good it felt insideme. How good it made me feel to make him cum. How many times he had made mecum. How every time I thought about sex, I was a girl, taking care of astiff cock. And the sexual rewards were incredible. I was having more sexand more orgasms than I ever thought possible.Maybe dad was right. Maybe I should just consider myself a girl and runwith it. What was I worried about? I had already accepted the fact that astiff cock was my key to sexual gratification.Even mom said, ‘If you can’t get pregnant and you like it, what’s theproblem?’I reached out and started to stroke his cock. His eyes opened almostimmediately and he smiled at me.”That’s the way I wish I could get up every morning. Have a hot naked girlstroke my cock.” he told me.”Sorry” I giggled “I didn’t mean to wake you but I wanted to suck on it sobad. I couldn’t help myself.”He rolled onto his back. “Don’t let me stop you.”I climbed into bed with him and started sucking his cock. I drove the headin and out of my throat 5 or 6 times then sucked on just the headagain……………. I drove the head in and out of my throat 9 or 10 moretimes then pulled back to suck the head again.”God that was good” he breathed.I drove his cock as far down my throat as it could get then bobbed up anddown an inch or so. I could feel it stretching my throat, but it felt sogood, I didn’t care. When I couldn’t hold my breath anymore, I pulled backand sucked just the head again.Bob just groaned his approval.I drove it as deep as it would go and pressed his balls against my chinwhile I bobbed up and down. Just as he was about to cum, I pulled back andsucked on the head as hard and fast as I could.I şişli escort bayan was so hot, I reached down and began to rub my pussy hard while my mouthfilled with cum. Bob thrust his hips and let out a low satisfiedgroan. Then relaxed. I swallowed his cum and drove his cock balls deep intomy throat a few more times. When I finished, I snuggled up next to him andcovered up. Bob just laid there.”Fuck that was good” he finally managed “I swear you give the bestblowjobs. The first one was so good I busted a nut before I even gothard. And they just keep getting better.”I giggled “I know, it’s fun, isn’t it?””Hell Yeah! I got a hot girl sucking my dick first thing in themorning. Fuck yeah, it’s fun” he said in disbelief.”A good blowjob is the best way to start your day.” I smiled as I strokedhis cock.”It damn sure is.” He chuckled and gave me a big hug.As we laid there, we began comparing notes on how much fun we werehaving…………… We both loved the sex. We also agreed that the morewe got the better we liked it. We both had a great time all dayyesterday. I told him how nervous I was about being out in public likethis. He chuckled and told me I didn’t need to be, I looked great.As we began talking about the party at the lake last night, I patted him onthe chest.”You’ll never guess what!” I told him excitedly “I got to eat Michele’spussy last night!”He gave me a shocked look “No Shit?!?””Well, not really” I said with a resigned look “Butch fucked her, so when Isucked his dick, I could still taste it.””At least you got a taste of it.” he chuckled.”Yeah, it was good.” I told him “I just never thought that the first time Itasted pussy, I would be on my knees sucking cock as a girl.”Bob laughed “But did you like it? That’s the real question.””God Yes! It Was Fucking Great!” I gushed.Bob laughed again. “See, keep it up and I bet you can get a taste of everygirl in town.””I hope so.” I giggled.He jumped out of bed and I stared at his cock the whole time.”What’s the matter?” I asked while playing with my pussy.”Bathroom” he said simply.I watched him put on his pants and shirt, then head out the door. When hestepped out, he did a double take.”Good morning Mrs James” he stammered and continued his trip to thebathroom.”Good morning Bob. Breakfast is ready when you are.” I heard her cheerfulreply.I got up and examined myself in the mirror while listening to Bob in thenext room. I thought back to how hot I thought I was when I first didthis. How excited I got while I watched myself play with my dildo. I hadbecome immune to it in the past couple months and become focused oncock. But, It used to turn me on to see myself naked. It was like lookingin the mirror and watching a girl play with herself……… In my room!I began to see why dad and Bob saw me the same way.I watched as I caressed and fondled my pussy. I smiled and spread my legsas half my finger disappeared into it. I pulled it out and rubbed my wetfinger tip around the opening. I couldn’t argue. It looked and felt like apussy.I jumped up and down while watching my tits bounce around. I squeezed them,played with them and fondled them. I played with my nipples and examined mytits closely. They were warm to the touch and I couldn’t see where theyended and I began. Mom had really come through for me when she got these.I examined my face wig and hairline closely. The wig was made of real hairand instead of a brown brush cut. I had long curly red hair. I could pullmy hair back and get as close as I wanted and I could barely see the edgeof the wig. Plus, it was glued on, so it hurt when I pulled it. With allthe makeup, plucked eyebrows, earrings and jewelry. I pretty much lookedlike a girl.I sure didn’t look like Jimmy.I gave myself a big smile and made a few lewd poses. I still found it hardto believe nobody knew, but I was starting to think it was possible.I brushed my hair. Put on a powder blue see thru thong. Short dark bluedenim skirt. Powder blue tank top with dark blue trim. Powder blue thighhigh stockings and some dark blue tennis shoes.When Bob came walking back in, I gave him a big hug and kiss on the lips.”Ready for breakfast?” I asked cheerfully as I ground our crotchestogether.He grabbed my ass and squeezed me tight.”Fuck Yeah! I’m starving!” he told me with a smile.==============38============We went to the kitchen and mom set some plates in front of us as soon as wesat down.”Dig in” she told us as she poured her and dad some coffee then joined usat the table.Bob and I both dug in like we hadn’t eaten in a month. Mom watched the twoof us with the biggest smile I had ever seen. She looked like she was sohappy, she was glowing.”I see you two worked up an appetite. Did you have a good time yesterday?”she chided.Bob and I both just about choked. While my dad tried to hide behind hisnewspaper.I giggled and smiled at her. “Yeah, we had a great time. Thanks.””Oh Good! I’m glad to hear that.” she smirked “What did you do all day?”Bob and I smiled at each other and I could hear dad snickering behind hisnewspaper.I blushed while I looked at her.”You know……. We hung out and talked for awhile. Went and gotlunch. Hung out some more. Went fishing. Got dinner. Went out to Clear Lakefor awhile. Came home. You know…. Same things we always do.” I told herwith a smile.”Well good. As long as you had a good time.” she beamed.I giggled and blushed some more as I continued to eat.”Susan, honey….. You’re dad says you’re nervous about going out. So we’vedecided to do something special for you.” she smiled.”HUH?” I said bewildered.Mom giggled at me “Since yesterday was the only day you’ve had together. Idecided to spend the day at the gun club with your dad. Then we’re going tograndma’s for dinner and we’ll be home around eight. That way you’ll havethe whole house to yourselves and you can stay in all day if you want.””Oh My God! Really?!?” I gasped in shocked disbelief.”Yep, Really” she said with a proud nod.”Oh God! Thank You! That Would Be Great!” I squealed as I jumped up andgave her a hug.”Oh God! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You’re The Best!” I continued asI ran around the table and gave dad a hug.When I sat back down, Bob was looking around like he was in shock. Mom hada warm happy glow. Dad hid behind his newspaper. I had a big smile andcould feel my pussy getting wet as I thought about Bob and I spending thewhole day naked having non stop sex.”Oh Honey! If I had known it would make you that happy. I would haveoffered to let you two have the house for the weekend.” she said as shetook my hand.Dad put down his paper.”One day is plenty.” he said sternly “And if anything gets wrecked, I’mgonna be mad.””Oh, don’t be like that! They’ll be fine.” mom scolded “Now, let’s just getout of their hair and go.”Dad smiled at Bob and I, collected his stuff and headed out the door. Momgave me a big hug, smiled at us.”You two have fun.” she giggled and followed dad.Bob still had a dazed look and I smiled at him as we listened to them driveoff.”What just happened?” Bob asked.”They’re giving us the house so we can spend the whole day naked and fuckas much as we want.” I giggled at him.”Uh huh. That’s what I thought. Why would they do that?” he asked with thesame dazed look.”I don’t know. I already told you, they both think it’s great that we’rehaving sex. I don’t know why and I don’t know what to tell you. The onlything I know for sure is, I’m getting laid and I like it!” I explained.I gave him a sultry look. Walked slowly around the table. Straddled his lapand mashed my tits into his face while grinding my pussy against hisbulge. Bob laughed, grabbed my ass and began grinding back.”I think mom is so thrilled because I’m doing exactly what she told me. I’mdoing everything a girl would, including sex. Plus, I think she likes thatwe can have all the sex we want and I can’t get pregnant. ‘You can’t getpregnant…. Why not?’ She say’s that all the time.” I told him seriously.”That’s a big plus in my book!” he told me with a smile while pulling myshirt up “What about your dad?””He hasn’t said much. He says I look like mom’s 16 year old clone, and Ithink it turns him on. The two of them have been going at it every night,sometimes two or three times a night, ever since Jimmy moved out.” I toldhim as I continued to grind.”That old dog!!” Bob laughed.”I know! You should hear them go at it. He gives it to her good!” Igiggled.”I’ll bet he does! She’s Hot!” Bob said as we both laughed.”Strange how this turned out, isn’t it? In the beginning…. Mom hated theidea. Dad thought it was funny. I wanted to piss off the principal. Youwanted to get laid. Now we’re all getting laid and we all think it’shot………… That’s fucked up.” I giggled.Bob slapped me on the ass. “That’s it! That’s what this is all about! I betyour mom wants us to fuck so your dad will get turned on and fuck her!””Holy Fuck! I’ll bet that’s it! As long as I get laid, we all get laid.” Ilaughed”I bet that’s it!” Bob chuckled as he pawed at my tits.”At least we all agree. We all want me to be your slut. If you need sex,I’m your girl.” I assured him as I pulled his cock out “What do you want todo first?””Really? I would love to see you get that dildo you were talking about andthen let me watch while you fuck your pussy with it until you cum!” heasked with wide eyed excitement.I could feel my pussy oozing cum as I thought about it.”Yeah, that would be fun! Where do you want to do it?” I askedenthusiastically.”Right here! You can lay on the table and I can have a front row seat!” hetold me as he patted the table behind me.”Fuck Yeah!” I squealed as I jumped up and ran to get my dildo.============39=============When I walked back in, I was lovingly licking and sucking my dildo whileBob watched in amazement. I sat on the table in front of him and spread mylegs wide. Bob watched as I began thrusting it down my throatrelentlessly. I pulled it back and licked the tip a few times. Bob pulledhis pants to his knees and began to stroke his cock and watch.”Why don’t you take off my panties?” I asked with a coy smile.Bob eased my panties off and watched while I throat fucked myself. Once mypanties were off, I spread my legs again and pressed the head against theopening to my pussy. I squealed as I stuffed it in as far as it would go inone smooth motion. I left it in for a few seconds to get used to it..I felt my cock stretch when it went in, but it didn’t hurt like the firstfew times I had put it in there. When I began to pump it in, I got the samesmooth wet exhilarating feeling I got when I would jerk off with lotion orsome other lubricant. It felt like I was fucking a tight wet pussy withhalf my cock, and it felt wonderful. I curled my hips and squealed as Ibegan to pound it in as hard and fast as I could.Bob and I both watched in fascination as it disappeared inside my juicylittle hole again and again. It was making loud slurping noises as Ivigorously pumped it in and out. We watched as a thick white ring of cumformed around the opening.Bob was stroking his cock slowly while we both had our eyes glued to mypussy. I could feel my orgasm building and I was getting carried away withthe way it looked.It looked like I had a real pussy and I was stuffing a real cock intoit. It felt fucking great! It didn’t feel stretched or sore, it just feltgreat!I hammered it in with a renewed vigor. I began to jump and squealuncontrollably. I spread my legs as wide as I could and thrust my hips upto meet my dildo thrusts. I fell backward and began using both hands toslam my dildo in.I was in heaven and I couldn’t get enough!!Bob watched in fascination as my orgasm overtook me. I stuffed the dildo inas far as it would go and began flopping around like a fish. I could feelmy cock throbbing while I forced the dildo in. I was moaning and squealingnon stop while I thrust my hips upward uncontrollably.Cum was shooting out around the shaft in thick white streams. It poured outof my pussy and ran through the crack of my ass. Forming a thick whitepuddle under me.As my orgasm subsided, I drove it in good and hard a few more times, thenlaid back on the table. Spread eagle and spent. The head of the dildo wasstill in my pussy and thick white drops ran down it’s shaft. I was pantingheavily while I thought about how good it felt and how exhausting it was.”Holy Shit That Was HOT!!!” Bob exclaimed “It looked like you got the dildooff!!! Holy fucking shit that was hot!!”I sat up a little and began easing the dildo in and out of my pussyagain… I giggled and smiled real big.”Did you like that?””Fuck Yes! I gotta fuck you!! I gotta fuck you NOW!!!” he insisted.I giggled, spread my legs wide, reached under my leg and continued to pumpthe dildo in.”Hang On! You watched me! Now I wanna watch you! I wanna watch you jerkoff. Then I wanna watch you cum…… Right There.” I said pointing to thecrack in my pussy just above where the dildo went in.”Fuck Yeah!!” Bob said as he jumped up.He stood between my spread legs and began to stroke his cock furiously. Icontinued to pump my dildo in slowly while I focused all my attention onhis cock. The head was so bloated it looked like it hurt. It looked like itwas straining so hard it had turned purple. His cock looked huge. And itlooked as fat as a beer can.It was no wonder it felt so good!!It didn’t take long before Bob began to grunt and moved in close.”Right there” I said pointing.He groaned hard and I watched as a thick white stream shot out and splashedonto my pussy. I could feel it cover my pussy and run down the crack. Iwatched as he shot five more blasts that did the exact same thing. Therewas a river of cum running through my crotch and adding to the puddle underme.Bob grunted a few more times, then started to milk the last few drops outonto my pussy. When he was done, he rubbed my lower belly with hissoftening cock.”How was that?” he asked with a smile.”Fuck, that was hot. I never got to see a guy cum before. I can’t believe Ilet you do that in my mouth.” I blushed.”Me neither, but I’m glad you do!” he laughed.I giggled “Hey…… Wanna see something really perverted?””Is this another one of those trick questions?” He asked with a sly look ashe sat back down.I pulled out the dildo and began using the tip of it to direct the cumthrough my crotch. I kept pushing it with the tip until my pussy was nearlyclean and the puddle of cum was beginning to look like a swimmingpool. Once I was satisfied, I jumped off the table as best I could withoutdisturbing the pool.I looked at him with a big smile.”Watch this” I said as I pulled my hair into a pony tail and held it withone hand.I bent over, put my lips to it and began slurping up the pool. I could feelthe tip of my nose dipping into the cum as I moved around and slurped upevery last bit of it. When I looked up and smiled at Bob, I could feel cumall over my nose, mouth and chin.”Ta Da” I smiled.Bob laughed so hard, he just about fell off his chair. “HOLY FUCK THAT WASGOOD!! I Swear To God, You’re The Best I’ve Ever Seen! You’re perfect forme.””Tami said the same thing” I giggled as I shook my ass at him.”Really?” Bob asked in astonishment.”Yeah, In the bathroom last night she asked why Jimmy had hooked us up. Itold her I wanted as much sex as I could get and he told me you were theman for the job. She laughed and said I was perfect for you.” I told himwith a nod.Bob smiled as he watched me get a towel and wipe the cum off my ass.”Yeah, she was good, but she couldn’t keep up like you can.” he told me.I wiped the cum off my face, wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him apassionate kiss on the lips.”Thanks, why don’t you take off your pants and stay awhile?” I giggled as Istepped back and kicked off my skirt.Bob laughed again “I tell you what. Why don’t you take your top off andwalk around in your stockings. That way as soon as I pull my pants down,you’ll be ready.””Ok, wanna play some video games?” I asked as I dropped my blouse next tomy skirt and panties.

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