Ağu 04

Juicy Lucy Gets Her Way

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“You what?”

“I got fired. Company’s downsizing, and 23 years work don’t mean shit. They said I was lazy and incompetent, but that’s just bullshit.”

Juicy Lucy frowned as Frank Fletcher talked about his dismissal. It was late October and the leaves had just passed their peak of beauty, the leaves were already starting to fall in Lucy’s front yard. They sat across her linoleum dining room table, the remains of a simple supper in front of them. “Damn,” she said, “What will ya do now?”

“Dunno,” Frank said gloomily.

She bustled the dishes to the sink and came back. Taking off her sweatshirt top, her huge flabby breasts bounced as they came into view. “Can ya think of somethin’ to do with these to make ya feel better?”

Frank looked up and smiled. Reaching up, he stroked the white skin, tracing delicate circles on her quivering flesh and giving it an occasional teasing pinch. His fingers circled her huge nipples and gave one a twist until a grimace crossed her face. “I can think of somethin’ Got a coupla toys to play with.”

She smiled wontonly, and raised her eyebrow. “How dya wanna start?”

“With my belt.”

“Good,” she purred.

Frank took off his leather belt, bending it over double and tracing her white skin with it. Her huge nipples were starting to perk up in the cool air, and she shuddered at the touch of the leather. A sharp crack and a red mark appeared on her left breast. He stroked her again for several moments before snapping another red mark on the creamy skin. Usually when he tortured her breasts, his face was a mask of anger, but this time he was serene, calculating how many gentle touches were interspersed with savage lashes. He could feel the tingle in her abused skin as he touched it, and smiled as her twisted another nipple until she cried out.

Her breasts were decorated with many harsh kisses when he put his belt back on and lifted one heavy mammary to his lips, to lick the scalding hot cherry red bud into rock hardness and chew it. “Damn, Frankie, you know what a woman wants,” she moaned, her hand in her crotch rubbing herself through her jeans. She trembled and moaned before she began to shudder in an orgasm that seemed to last an eternity.

Frank smiled. “I’ll let it pass this time. Let’s go downstairs.”


“You’ve still got your little office down there, don’t ya?”


“And that metal support pole from the floor to the ceiling.”

“Yeah. Gotta have those or the house’ll fall down.”

“Got a new idea. We’ll use your rollin’ chair.”

She cocked her head to one side, curious and concerned. “Okay.”

He went to his bag to fetch a couple of items, then followed her downstairs. Her basement was mostly clear, with stacks of old storage boxes a long the walls and a couple of concrete blocks; one little area served as her home office, with a filing cabinet, desk, computer and office chair on wheels. “Have a seat, precious, and put your hands behind your back.”

She sat on her chair, and he handcuffed her hands together. “What’cha got in mind?”

“I’ve got a bungee cord, and I’ve sharpened the ends with a file as much as I could. Like fishhooks without barbs. Also have a very stiff, wide brush and a quarter inch cane. You like the idea?”

“I don’t know what you’re going to konyaaltı üniversiteli escort do with the bungee cord,” she said, shaking her head.

“I’m going to put the hooks through your tits and pull them out as far as I can.” Pulling her close to the metal support in the floor, he brought out the bungee cord. Lifting her right breast, he sucked and licked the nipple until was rock hard, chewing a little to make certain the rubbery circle as ready. He smiled devilishly as he teased the base of the nubbin, her face a mask of fear, before leisurely thrusting the sharpened hook through it.

She screamed and writhed: “I don’t know I like this, Frankie. We never done this before.”

“Shut up, bitch. When did I say you could call me Frankie.” He licked on her left nipple, getting it rock hard and chewing it as she squirmed in anticipation of the next abuse. The point dented the brown flesh, threatening and making her lower lip quiver before penetrating and hooking it as well. Then he pulled the chair back, stretching her nipples out and pulling her breasts horizontal with the floor, stretching them as much as he could.

“Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Fletcher,” she moaned.

“What, bitch?” he snapped.

“Would you do me a favor?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Upstairs on my night table there’s my vibrator. Would you please put it in me before you work my tits over? You can do anything with them you want, just let me have my vibe in me.”

He smacked her face. “Fuck no, bitch. This is for me, not you.” Another smack, and he grabbed her face, bringing his own up close. “I don’t give a fuck what happens to your cunt. If you come, it’s ’cause I’m torturing these big, fat. floppy, disgusting udders of yours. And they’re gonna get it tonight like nothin’ they ever got before.”

Stretching the cord as tight as it would go, he used a couple of chunks of concrete to fix the rolling chair in place, before taking the flat side of the brush to her skin. He spanked her tits vigorously and systematically, turning the remaining white skin pink around the harsh lash marks, before turning it over to scrub the abused skin with rough bristles. She screamed and cried out before she went into a transcendental state, shuddering and moaning as the front of her sweatpants grew a huge, wet spot. “I know what you like, Lucy,” Frank said harshly, “You like having your tits tortured, ever since I first met you at that hotel across town.”

“Yes, you helped me discover that. Oh my God, my tits have never hurt like this before, you’re so evil. Ready to blow your wad on my face yet?”

“No, not yet. Need to do some more.” He took the cane and swished it around before bringing it down hard on the tops of her breast, leaving a bright, angry mark. “Does it hurt?”


“Do your tits hurt?”

“Yess, Master, it Hurrrts.”

The cane came down again: “Do your big, fat, disgusting, floppy udders hurt?” She screamed as the cane hit close to the hooks. “Good,” he said quietly.

The cane came down again and again, leaving open places in her skin where red stuff oozed out. Satisfied with the tops of her breasts, he started lashing from below, turning the soft undersides of her jugs red and rough. She shuddered and moaned as another kurtköy escort orgasm took her. He stopped, stepped back, and put the cane down to run his hands over her hot, abused flesh, leaving streaks of red on her tight skin.

Unlocking her handcuffs, he stood her up, pushing the chair aside, and walked her back until she was bent over, the hooks in her nipples pulling the bungee tight. Taking the brush again, he spanked her huge ass with the flat side, turning it rose before lashing it with the hard bristles. She screamed and cried out again in pain, but he kept spanking her until he put the brush down and turned her backside crimson with the cane.

Finished with his work, he unzipped his fly and stuck his dick into her mouth. She sucked, licked and gummed him until his little pecker began to tremble. Pulling out, he jerked himself frantically until he blew his seed all over her face.

She stuck her tongue out and licked him clean, savoring his taste. Walking forward, she stood upright and waited until he removed the confining metal from her flesh. Pulling up her sweatpants, she went upstairs, holding her abused boobs and he followed her.

They sat on her couch, and talked, the abused flesh oozing slighly. “That was intense, Frankie,” she said. “I’m still trembling from the pain.”

“Yes, Lucy. There may be a lot more to come.”


“I been thinkin’. I got no reason to stay in St. Louis. No family, no job. Folks are seriously broke there.”

“Things are bad here, too.”

“Why can’t I just come up here and stay with you?”

Lucy thought for a moment, cradling her tortured tits, and looked away. “Dunno, Frankie. I’m doin’ better, but I’m not rich. Don’t know I kin support both of us.”

“I’ll work.”

“There’s no work up here, neither. I know too many guys who can’t find anythin’. How will I know you won’t sit on your fat ass all day and drink beer?”

“I promise. And we’ll have each other.”

“Ya can’t torture my tits like this every day. It’s takes a while for ’em to heal up.”

“We’ll do other stuff.”

“You never fucked me, Frank. You’ve spunked my face, fucked me up the ass, fucked me with a carrot, but you’ve never stuck your dick in my cunt.”

“But your cunt’s so wide. . .”

“How would you know?”

They sat in silence for a moment, then he touched her hand. “It’ll be all right, Juicy Lucy. You’ll see.”

Frank fell asleep when his head hit the pillow. Lucy used her vibrator one handed while she touched her savaged breasts until she orgasmed. After she recovered, she lay awake for a long time, thinking.

Strange dreams haunted him that night, and just when it seemed he was waking up, and unpleasant smell knocked him back into oblivion. There were sensations of movement, strange air, but he could never wake up and see what was going on.

Frank awakened in the open air, flat on his back, a stinging smell in his nose. It was night: a sky full of star hung over his head while a small fire glowed off to the side, throwing a small bit of heat his direction. He tried to get up and found he couldn’t, he was tied to a bed. His bed shook and threatened to roll; it wasn’t a normal bed. He tried to cry out, but his mouth was taped shut.

Lucy walked ankara kurtuluş escort over and looked down over him. She was topless, her breasts hung full over him, scarred and marked. There was enough light for him to see the marks of his work, and two sets of dark scabs on her nipples where he pierced them. She was wearing gloves and a hat, making him wonder why she was dressed as she was.

Smiling down at him, she murmured: “Good morning, sleepy head. You’ve slept all day. Not your fault, though.” She chuckled lightly. “We’ve come out here to work some things out, Frank. You’ve done a lot for me, made me feel like a woman, feel young again. I’ll always be grateful for that. But we’ve got to face facts, lover. Ever since I met you, ever since I knowed you, I figured one big thing out. You’re a nasty piece of shit, Frank.”

She stroked his face, and smiled in the wan light. “There’s no way I could live with your sorry ass. I’m doing fine right now, but I can’t take in a bum who’s gonna shout at me, eat my food, spend my money, and expect me to thank him for the privilege. There’s lots of losers ’round here that’d do that for me if I wanted. Might have considered it if you ever treated me nicely at all, but I’m just your playtoy. That’s fine too, as long as you were in St. Louis and I was here in Kearney, Nebraska, but with you here all the time, it ain’t worth it.

“I checked you out, Frankie baby. You literally got no family, no friends, nothing. No one will miss you if you disappear.

“I won’t be found out. I won’t touch your stuff at your shitty apartment or steal your savings from your bank account. There’ll be no evidence of you at my house, and I’m sellin’ it soon anyway. I’m gonna to put some plastic in your car to sit on, plastic gloves to handle the steering wheel, an’ drive it to Omaha where I’ll park it in a bad part of town, ‘n take a bus home.

“Take a look over there, to the left. You see the big black hole over there? That’s an abandoned quarry, full of water 20 feet deep. You’re strapped to a gurney, with enough extra weight beside your blubber to make sure you sink. Nobody’ll ever find you, Frank. As of now, you’re lost forever.

“But I’m getting mine first. I’m going to have your dick inside me before you go. No choice here, Frankie, I can get you hard enough and I’ll do anything I can to keep it up. After you make me come, I’m going to smother you with these floppy udders you love to beat up and then you’ll take a little flight ta Kingdom Come.”

She bent over and gummed him to a rock hard erection before climbing on top, moving carefully to impale herself and gasped as he slid inside her. As she pumped up and down, he regretted he’d never done this before, regretted he ever stopped short of this penetration; her cunt felt so wonderful and tight. “You’re takin’ my virginity, Frankie baby, you’re the first man up my cunt. ‘Bout time, you stupid motherfucker.” She writhed in the gentle light, singing her song of delight until it crescendoed to a climax that went on for a long, long time, longer than any he’d brought out by torturing her tits. With her last twitch, she coaxed a plume of sticky seed from him that seemed to last forever.

The form above him moved forward while she was impaled on him, and he felt the soft, heavy cushions cover his face, blocking out everything. He fought for breath and found sweaty skin blocking his nostrils. There was sweat and warmth and the occasional roughness of healing skin. His awareness swirled down into blackness as his chest fought for air and found none.

He was still barely conscious as he felt rocks being moved and a sense of rolling. Then, there was a sensation of flying.

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