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Julie’s AdventurePart 2

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About four months after Ann came back, Jim’s company was sending him off to a training seminar for a couple of days. Julie called Ann and asked if she would like to bring PJ over and have dinner, then spend the night.”Does this mean what I hope it does?””I don’t know Ann. Let’s just say I have been thinking about it. I asked Jim what he thought about you coming over, and he thought it was a great idea so I would have some adult company. PJ can sleep in Carly’s room, and you can have the guest room.””Ohh… okay.””Well, if I AM going to do anything with you, it isn’t going to be in the bed my husband and I sleep in. Let’s just see what happens, ok? Jim has never given me any reason to make me want to cheat on him. I know he never cheated on me, and I think it would make me feel guilty as hell.””Okay, Julie. I am not gonna push you into doing something that could ruin our friendship, but is playing around with another woman REALLY cheating?”Ann and PJ came over in the afternoon that Jim was leaving for his trip. He thanked Ann for coming over and keeping Julie company and told them to enjoy themselves. The women settled the two kids in the playroom and waited for the older ones to get home from school. They got dinner started, then sat down and talked about how Ann’s job search was coming. She said she had been out on a few interviews, and a couple looked promising. But nothing full time would be available before the next school year in the fall.”Even that is dependent on which teachers return from this year. There are a few that know they aren’t coming back for sure, but not for the grades I am certified to teach. So unless something changes before the end of summer, I will either have to look further away or just continue as a substitute. I don’t really want to be somewhere too far from mom and dad’s place, so I don’t have to drive too far, either to school or to drop PJ off. But if nothing comes up by the second semester, I might go back to school myself and get certified for additional grades.””In the meantime, I have been able to work a few days here and there subbing and found a daycare center that will take PJ just a day or two without a full-time commitment. There is also a neighbor, Mrs. Johnson that you might remember that lives down the block. She is retired and is happy to watch him in a pinch as well. Mom will quit her job or maybe go part time if I decide to put him in pre-school a couple of days a week once bahis şirketleri I get something full time.””Yes, I remember her. She’s a nice lady, and I think she babysat my sister and me a couple of times when we were kids. It sounds like you have been making some progress anyway. Once you get a full-time job, will you find a place of your own?””I am going to play that by ear. Mom and dad said I was welcome to stay as long as I needed to, and for right now, it is fine. Dad actually converted the basement into an apartment for when my brother or I came home for holidays or some event, so  he, my sister-in-law, and the kids had a place to stay. PJ and I are living down there for now. The door that leads out to the backyard has a key lock on it, so if I want to bring someone home, I don’t have to walk them through the house.””Oh, have you already been out looking?””No, I am just trying to get settled in.”The three older kids got home from school and went outside to play for an hour before they had to come in and do homework. Judy took Carly and PJ out to play on the ‘fort’ in the back yard. When the hour was up, they came in and sat at the table to do their homework. They all worked hard at it because they usually only had limited TV time each day, but if the kids finished early, the extra time could be spent outside, as additional TV time or whatever they wanted. When dinner was ready, they put their books and homework aside and set the table.When dinner was over, Judy went to her room to call one of her friends and see if she could gab for a while and the two boys finished their homework, then played video games. Ann and Julie did the dishes then got Carly and PJ ready for bed. Finally, it was time for the older ones to go to bed as well. Once settled down, they usually read for half an hour, then it was lights out. After they were asleep, the two women went into the family room and turned on the TV. It was a little awkward as both women were not sure how to broach the subject that was on both of their minds.”I know my suggestion for you to come and stay here overnight seems like an invitation to do more, but I am still just not sure. I would feel like I am cheating on Jim, and that is just something I really don’t want to do. Something he doesn’t deserve from me.””I brought a video we can watch. It might change your mind. Besides, most men secretly would kill to watch two women make love. I have actually asked bahis firmaları both men and women, some of whom were married if they felt making out or fucking another woman would be considered cheating, and not one said they would.”They turned on the video and began watching, all the while Ann kept reaching over and rubbing Julie’s arm or leg. She continued working her way closer to sliding her hand under Julie’s t-shirt, then leaned in and finally kissed her as she gripped the nipple with her fingers. When Ann heard the moan, she turned off the video and pulled Julie to the guest room. She shut the door behind her and stripped off her clothing. Then pulled Julie’s shirt over her head and took a breast into her mouth. As she sucked it, she took the nipple between her teeth nipping at it gently.”Just tell me if you want me to stop, Julie, and I will. I won’t ruin our friendship over a bit of sex.””No… don’t stop.”Ann moved slowly but deliberately, giving Julie plenty of time to decide what she wanted to do and to ask her to stop if she got uncomfortable. She slowly worked her way down one side of Julie’s body and back up the other.  Ann began at her forehead and went down to her knees with stops at her mouth, neck, breasts, and mound along the way. She felt Julie squirm each time she got near her clit or pussy but did not touch them. When Julie tried to rub her own clit, Ann pinned her hands down.When Julie began whimpering, Ann turned and got into a 69 position then sucked the clit that was visibly throbbing in front of her into her mouth. Julie let out a loud moan as her body trembled. Ann felt a tentative tongue lick her nub. When Ann pushed two fingers inside Julie’s pussy, Julie did the same to Ann. She knew from the body language that Julie would not last long and was torn between making her cum quickly before she had a chance to come to her senses and yell to stop, and giving her the nice slow orgasm she had wanted to give her since they were sixteen.She hadn’t been completely honest with Julie; she had known she was bisexual by the time she was sixteen and had had a crush on Julie back then. But Ann wasn’t sure if Julie felt the same way, so she kept quiet about her feelings, just settling for whatever contact she could get through the games she made up to get close. After they went away to college, and she was no longer in a small town where people might see, and Julie might hear about it, she explored her kaçak bahis siteleri lesbian side more. Then she had met Paul and fallen in love, and that was that. But with the split and moving back home, her old feelings for Julie had resurfaced.Ann returned her thoughts to the here and now and what she was doing. When she pushed in a third finger and curled them inside Julie, she felt her walls gripping and releasing them, then felt Julie’s entire body stiffen just before she exploded in an intense climax. Ann kept her going for a couple of minutes before gradually slowing down, then stopping. She turned around and kissed Julie, letting her taste herself, then just holding her in her arms.”That… was… intense!””But good?””Very, very good.””And?””And I don’t know, Ann. That was amazing; I feel guilty, and yet I don’t. Part of me wants to confess to Jim the minute he walks in the door or maybe even call him and part of me is saying NO, don’t say a word. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we can ever do that again. Let’s go back to just being friends, okay?””Okay, Julie. I don’t want to lose you as a friend, so I will do whatever you want.”Julie went back to her own bed and tossed and turned for a while before she finally fell asleep. They had made plans to take the younger kids to The Children’s Museum the next day, then pick up the older ones from school and go out for pizza before Ann and PJ left. There was some initial awkwardness in the morning, but as the day went on, it dissipated so that by the time Ann left for home, they hugged and kissed goodbye and made plans for a play date for Carly and PJ. Jim was not expected home until the following afternoon, so Julie caught up on some laundry, including the sheets on the guest bed.The next morning, she got supper started in the slow cooker, then read through the sale papers and checked it against her grocery list and weekly meal plan. She saw a few sales on meat and added them along with additional ingredients she would need for the changes to the menu. Judy had dance practice, so she dropped the boys off at their game first, then stayed to watch Judy’s practice. She picked the boys up on the way home.Jim had texted he was stopping by the office on the way home to drop off some paperwork and check-in with his boss, then would head home. That gave her enough time to get the rest of dinner ready, so they could eat at a reasonable time. She knew Jim would be tired and likely go to bed early. A bit of guilt crossed her mind, but she had decided just to put it behind her and not let it affect her marriage or her friendship with Ann. She didn’t really regret having done it, only determined not to do it again.

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