Ara 24

Just A Knock On The Door

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Tina closed here eyes and banged her head against the key board. Eight point fuck this. Just when she was getting hot and heavy with an online chatter when the fucker decided to disconnect. Well great, just great. She looked at the clock one thirty. She was not in the mood for this. She tried to swallow her anger and vented all on the keyboard by angrily punching keys. Hell. She did not need this. She stood and clutched her robe tighter. I hate the computer. I hate the internet, she thought, sick demented people created this. She went to the kitchen to brew some coffee. She looked in the cabinet. Great she thought, out of vanilla roast. She needed caffeine. She earned it from sitting hours on end blazing through the internet. Maybe she had a coke or something in the Fridge. She looked in. Nope notta. She groaned. It was late, her roommate and half the floor was gone to a wild frat party so no one was her to help her with her caffeine fix. Whew bloody hoo.

She had turned down the party of the year to stay home and study. Professor Morgan better appreciate this, she mused. Who the hell cares about pigmy history anyway? She’d originally gone on line to get some information but out of sure boredom, she logged on to chat and twelve chat rooms and countless people later she found someone to talk to.

Granted it wasn’t the most intelligent conversation but who cared she just needed some one to talk to. She slammed the fridge door. Her palate craved either something sweet of something to keep her cool. Maybe sweet and pert Becky was in.

She was taking a chance and she knew it but she still walked out of her dorm room to her neighbor’s room. She knocked on the door. Becky and her roommate were probably already at the party. She knocked harder. “Hold on damn it! I said I was coming!” Tina dropped her hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.” She shouted back through her door. She heard the click of locks and watched as the door swing open. “Hey Becky I was wondering. . .” She faded off because the girl wasn’t Becky and it sure as hell wasn’t Myra so by process of elimination it had to be their new roommate. She didn’t know the girl’s name though. The girl was the most beautiful girl ever. Tina was working hard on a art minor and knew beauty when she saw it. Her body was perfect symmetry. Her breast her high and her waist was narrow and her hips were round and full. Her face was almost overkill in its magnificence, dark eyes and black hair and not a single blemish to mar her perfect satin brown skin. Tina frowned; it was almost unfair that one woman could be this gorgeous. Maybe she’s a complete idiot and it will equal it off. Tina looked at the black woman in her complete nudity. She didn’t have to be attracted to her to know she was perfect and had that flighty look that let you know she knew it. She shook her head and realized that she was staring. She stared straight down at the ground and saw the tapping of her manicured toes. “Uh, sorry, I was just wondering if you had a couple of scoops of coffee that I could borrow.”

The toes stop tapping, “Sure, what ever.” Tina breathed a sigh of relief. Being around a naked woman was not a favorite past time of hers. She looked up the woman wasn’t naked; she just had her robe open. She walked in after her and prayed that she would tie the sash. She glanced around Becky’s room; bean bag chair a bubble chair and a table what a flair for decoration.

“Never let it be said that Rebecca and Myra aren’t one to conform to the declining times.” She mumbled under her breath. The girl came back with a plastic cup half full with coffee. She handed it to her. Thankfully the robe was closed. “What did you say?” she asked.

“Nothing. Thanks.” Tina said as she accepted the coffee. She walked out the apartment and noticed the girl waited until she made it into her own room. “I owe you.” ataköy escort Tina brewed the coffee needing the stimulant to keep her up.

Two hours and three cups later she was wide awake and so deep in the books that the ringing phone made her jump. “Hello?”

“Yeah, Tina, it’s Jan. I won’t be home tonight okay. I have uhm plans.”

She smiled she was even sure she heard Jan wink.

“Got a box full and the morning after pill.”

“Cool have a blast.”

“You know I will.”

She heard the click of Jan’s cell and hung up the phone. Jeez the room seemed lonely without her friend. Suddenly she saw monsters and killers and every horror movie she saw with her boyfriend came to her mind. She hugged her self trying to force them from her imagination. She leaned back in the chair and was resolved to finish the report. The loud rapping on the door made her jump nearly a foot in the air. After her heart calmed down she realized how crazy she was. Probably Carol wanting some aspirin or something.

She walked over to the door and opened it. The girl that gave her coffee. “Yeah ah can I help you?”

She looked a little shy. An unnerving quality for some one who had appeared naked at the front door. “Can I crash here? Rebecca and Myra are home and are throwing up every where. I won’t be able to sleep with that.” Tina looked at the girl. “I don’t know.” The girl suddenly paled “Oh shit, coming to the door naked was like the biggest no-no huh.” Tina looked at her and saw that she was embarrassed and rushed to reassure her. “It’s nothing like that. I just don’t have any where for you to sleep.”

“I can’t even crash on the couch?”

“No my roommate has this thing about people sleeping on the couch.”

“What about her room?”

“Even if I could I wouldn’t. I never invade someone’s privacy.”

“Oh,” She said and turned away. Tina was not one to turn down people. To tell the truth she wasn’t even one to say no. “Look you can crash in my bed.”

“Where will you sleep?”

“I guess I could sleep on the bed too. It won’t be a problem as long as your feet aren’t cold.”

She grinned and exposed her brilliant white teeth. “Cool.”

“Which is your room?”

“I’m the one on the left. Go ahead and make your self comfortable I’ll probably be in there in a couple of hours.”

“By the way, my name’s Macy. You know, just in case you want to know the name of the person you’re sleeping with. ”

Tina laughed “My name is Tina, nice to meet you.”

Tina couldn’t hold true to her word and a half an hour later she was almost dead on her feet. She shoved her door open and pulled off her robe and threw it on the floor. She crawled into her full sized bed and was instantly asleep.

Macy was a light sleeper and noticed the warm body next to her almost instantly. She looked at the white girl next to her. The street light from outside her window illuminated her body and Macy could see she didn’t have on a bra. She licked her lips. She wanted her as soon as she saw her. She wasn’t usually attracted to many women but she liked this woman. She liked her long brown hair and green eyes. She especially liked the big breasts that she tried to hide. Macy leaned over slightly unbuttoned the top buttons of the nightgown. She looked at her face and saw that she wasn’t awake. She gathered more courage and looked at the soft breast and pink nipple. She smiled and took the nipple deep in her mouth and suckled. Tina woke up almost immediately. “Jesus.” Tina breathed “I’m not a lesbian.”

Macy wasn’t listening and had her hand under her short nightgown. Tina never slept in anything save a nightgown or t-shirt and Macy’s skillful fingers separated her pussy lips and slipped a finger in deep. Despite her initial protest a groan bakırköy escort slipped passed her lips. She grabbed Macy’s shoulders trying to pull her away. Her nipple hardened as Macy slipped another finger in. Oh god. she thought, this feels so good. She moved her hips aware at how wet she was becoming.

Macy moved her hand in and out of her slick pussy. She never felt any one get wet so quickly. She moved her hands. She watched as Tina groaned as she removed her skillful fingers. She moved on top of her.

Tina shut her eyes willing herself not to love the feeling of her warm soft body on top of hers. There was nothing she could do, she loved the feeling of her on top, loved her nudity and spread her legs so the woman could settle between them. She opened her eyes to find her pushing her nightgown higher and felt her wetness press against hers. The feeling was the most erotic feeling she ever felt. She wrapped her legs around her waist and pulled her down, for what she didn’t know but it was as if instinct guided her. She took Macy’s mouth with hers. She prodded her mouth open and slid her tongue past her teeth. Tina pulled at her tongue and sucked it deep into her mouth. She licked at her roof and ran her fingers through her thick mane. She felt her hard nipples rub against Macys’s and moaned. She liked this. Her hips ground against hers as Macy plucked her nipples.

Macy pulled away from her hungry mouth and looked at her ravished lips. Still, there were other lips she wanted to do and she knew she couldn’t play at her mouth for ever. She moved down her body taking her breast in her mouth for a second then releasing it. She knew she was teasing her but she couldn’t help it. Tina’s body demanding that she explore it. She moved down her body and looked at her pussy. She inhaled her musky fragrance. “You smell so good baby. Just like I like it.” She stared deeply at the pink lips and buried her face deep inside. Her tongue pressed in so deeply that Tina felt as she had been entered by a hard prick. She groaned and grabbed Macy’s head and pressed her deeper. Glorying in the tongue lapping her, sucking her. She bucked as felt her fingers come back into play. She screamed “Please . . . Oh God, do that again. Yes, oh yes harder!” She was crazed. I want this, her mind screamed, as she pressed her pussy to Macy’s face. She was about to come and knew it. Macy licked harder as she played in her pussy. She felt her body tremble and she just burst. Her body convulsed.

Macy lapped up her juices until she felt Tina quit shaking. She crawled up her body. “You liked that didn’t you baby? Well I demand reciprocation as soon as you calm down.” She said as she hugged her body to hers.

Tina was temporally shocked for a moment. She had just let a girl touch her in a way more intimate then a man had. She was shaken. She drew down her night gown and sat up on the side of the bed. Macy looked at her gloomy form and did feel a little regret for doing what she had done to her. “Are you okay?” She asked folding her arms around her waist and laying her head on her back. “No, I am not okay. I just let a woman, and her tongue, inter my body. My boyfriend’s never done anything like that but I let you! Don’t you see how that makes me feel?”

Macy didn’t know but she did feel a shocked that Tina’s boyfriend had never done anything like that before. “But you did like it didn’t you?” Tina gave her a big sigh and Macy felt it. “That is not the point. The point is it isn’t right, it’s morally wrong.”

Macy scoffed, and then gave sort of a deep sad chuckle. “Spare me the moral bullshit. If you’re so against it then why did you let me kiss you?” Tina opened her mouth as to object but Macy put her hand on her breast and massaged the soft flesh and she began to whisper in topkapı escort her ear. “If it was so wrong to you, you wouldn’t have opened your legs. You wouldn’t have gotten so wet for me. I bet no one else got you so wet before. Not even your precious boyfriend. I bet if I wanted to I could get you to. . .”

Tina jerked away and stood to loom over her. “Stop it! Just stop it!”

Macy leaned back and opened her legs and crooked her finger as her other hand slid lower to play with her self. She purred to Tina as her fingers slid into her softness, “You want me so bad that you ache. Don’t you baby? You are curious to see how I taste. You want to explore me just like I explored you and you crave it so much that you have to fight it.” She pulled her fingers form herself and Tina could see how wet they were and to her consternation how much she wanted to taste them.

Macy saw this to because she gave her a devilish smile and kneeled on the bed before her and ran her wet fingers across Tina’s lips. She could smell the heady odor and licked her lips tasting her. Macy gave a deep and throaty laugh as Tina pushed her down and kissed her. She fought and let Tina win control of her mouth as she plunged her tongue deeper into Macy’s mouth. Her night gown wrapped around them both and Macy pulled it up and opened her legs until they settled around Tina’s thighs leaving her self open and vulnerable. She lifted her hips and ground her self on Tina’s mound, felt Tina’s hand go to where she wanted them the most. She moaned deeply, as Tina’s fingers played with her as if she were a guitar pulling her taunt then calming her back down only to start again. She writhed against her pulling at her body, clawing at her back, screaming at her to make her fly.

Tina smiled as she felt Macy’s movement; never having imagined a woman being so responsive. She clutched her breasts, sucking the brown globes, feeling the nipples tighten into a harder bud into her mouth each time she took one. She heard Macy’s groans and ravished the nipple more wanting to bring her to the same height of pleasure that she had forced on Tina. Tina’s breathing grew labored and she felt Macy tightening around her fingers and she let her breasts go. “I’m going to taste you now.”

“You don’t have to tell me.” Macy gasped out, as Tina’s fingers sank particular deep.

“I wanted you to know.” Macy replied. She had to admit she was a bit scared, she’d never done anything like this before. She moved down pausing here and there to taste a bit of skin that looked inviting, swirling her tongue around it, scraping it with her teeth. Macy groaned and bucked under such exquisite treatment. She felt Tina opened her thighs and bury her tongue. She screamed loudly at the gentle ravishment. Tina stroked her inner walls with her tongue and guided it over her clitoris. Sucked on the ripe pearl until she felt Macy’s hands glide into her hair and pull her closer. She tasted the heady flavors of her body and inhaled her strong scent. She caressed her pussy just the way she knew she would like it. She heard her mangled gasp, a telltale sign that she was going to explode at any minute. She almost moaned in joy as Macy came into her mouth. She lapped up her juices until she felt Macy’s thighs grow flaccid and felt her beautiful body go lax. She climbed up the bed and looked at her face. Her hair was matted to one side, her full lips parted and slack and her breathing came in short, shallow pumps. Her body shinned with perspiration. Her breasts were even soft and bountiful. She pulled Macy closer to her. Their bodies fused together from their mutual sweatiness.

They stayed that way for a few minutes until Macy spoke. “I have to tell you something.”


“You are the first woman I have ever been with.”

That threw Tina for she assumed Macy had done this hundreds of times.

“Um, you’re welcome?”

Macy chuckled at her and snuggled closer. “I just been watching you for so long and you grew more beautiful to me each day. I guess I sort of spotted my chance and leapt on it, you, so to speak.”

Tina pretended to be affronted but couldn’t. She kissed her softly. “Then thank you.”

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