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Justified Payback

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After a bullying dad steals his son’s girlfriend, he receives a fitting punishment.


Nine years ago when Jason was still a kid his parents had a major fallout, ultimately leading to their divorce. When his mother was deemed unfit to care for her child, Jason was forced to live with his abusive alcoholic father in his trailer. It wasn’t easy but somehow he managed to finish school and started working at a local fast food chain.

Now eighteen Jason was ready to leave, but had no where to go and hardly any money to take him. Inheriting his mother’s genes more then his father’s, Jason was on the short side at five foot nine, along with his slender frame and pouty lips. However he had gained some of his father’s good looks along with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. This got him a lot of attention from girls, and a couple guys, but it wasn’t easy having a relationship with his father around.


Jason had just finished his shift at Burger Joint and was walking home per usual. Working was one of the few times he could be free and not worry about his father’s drinking or if he would be hit for simply existing. Covering the bruises were something he made sure to do, fearing what would happen if word ever got back to his father. The last time it had happened Jason received a black eye and a busted lip for his friend telling the teacher, something he never wanted to happen again.

The other time he could relax was around his girlfriend, Stacy. Her short red hair and green eyes made her face radiate beauty, her body not far behind from developing early. Perky breasts with freckles that had grown into B cups were highlighted by her slim waist and long legs. Like most 18 year old girls she favored wearing tight, butt hugging jeans that nearly everyone stared at. She knew Jason’s situation and felt bad for him, but out of her pity grew something more: actual feelings for him.

They couldn’t see each other much because of Jason’s father, but they made what time they had together count. Fooling around or making out they hadn’t gone all the way yet, but Jason new she wasn’t a virgin. It didn’t bother him, most girls around the area were already having sex or getting into trouble, he knew his time would come soon.

Making it back to the trailer kütahya escort park where his father’s home was, he walked up the concrete steps and pushed open the screen door. Pleasantly surprised to find his father gone, and his step mother Christine standing in the kitchen cooking some kind of cheesy pasta. “Hey Jason, how was work?” She asked sweetly.

Christine had always been sweet to him and tried to look out for his interests, often stopping his father from attacking him. Cautious around her at first Jason had slowly warmed up until actually having a crush on her. She was very attractive for a women of 34, although a little heavy at 180 her very large breasts and backside made her a perfect looking housewife. Shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, her smile would brighten Jason’s day just seeing it. With hormones running wild, he would often fantasize about being with Christine and Stacy at the same time, something that always helped him achieve release when no one was around.

Knowing his father wasn’t home, Jason took this opportunity to hug her from behind. His arms squeezing her soft midsection, accidentally rubbing against her heavy D cups. “When will he be back?” He asked after moving away. “Soon, he went out for drinks.” She said sadly, knowing drinks meant booze. After first meeting Jason’s father Tom, she had fallen in love with him, not as a drunk, but a sad lonely man coming off a bad divorce. Only as the years rolled by did his drinking become worse, and he started attacking anyone to looked at him wrong.

Wading through a floor of beer cans Jason retired to his room, his door flapping shut with no handle or lock. He wasn’t allowed his own TV, but had secretly stolen some adult magazines he had hidden in a hole in the wall. Keeping an ear on his step mom, he reached down into the cracked plaster and fished out an issue of “Jugs” a personal favorite. His pants getting tight, he quickly stuffed the magazine away when he heard the roar of his father’s truck screech up the street.

Stepping out into the trashy den he waited as Tom stomped his way into the house. “I’m home, Sir.” Jason said as he had been instructed. Calling your parents Sir or Ma’am was good tradition and showed respect, although Tom deserved none of it. lara escort “Yeah.” He grumbled, walking to the fridge stuffing his six-pack inside before tearing one off. Walking behind Christine who had also welcomed him back, Tom reached out and slapped her backside before sloppily kissing her neck.

Tom looked like someone you wouldn’t want to meet: scruffy and unshaven with stubble across his chin. Age had started catching up so his hair was starting to have a salt and pepper look, mixing black and grey hairs together. He was taller then Jason, standing six foot with muscled arms but also a fat beer drinkers gut.

Jason couldn’t watch anymore and returned to his room, thinking of Stacy or perhaps someway to leave his home. He had tried running away once before, but the cops returned him and believed the lies of his father. That bought him a beating, and taught him to never try it again, not just for his sake but for his step moms. She wasn’t devoid of threats or abuse, although not as much Jason feared things could get worse for her if he was no longer around to take the main punishment.

His crush on her made it worse whenever they would have sex, making him want to tear his ears off. Just the night before had been one such time, after coming home from work and spending all day in his room looking at porn his father started pressuring Christine for sex. She tried to fight him but she knew he would turn violent if she didn’t say yes, so with the sun going down they stepped into their bedroom.

It was always the same, first a blowjob then she would ride him. Jason knew this routine because his room shared a thin plywood wall with theirs, and could feel the trailer shake as they had sex. It also didn’t help that Tom loved being loud and giving orders, something Christine would try to shush or remind him of how close Jason was.

Hearing his father order Christine to her knees was first, this was usually quiet except when Tom would moan or curse in pleasure. “You just love my dick don’t choo.” He said with a drunken slurr, waiting on her response. “Don’t choo?” He asked again when she didn’t respond. “Yes I love it.” She said unconvincingly, trying to stay quiet for Jason’s sake.

Once on the bed the entire trailer started lara eve gelen escort to rock, his father grunting and moaning while Christine tried remaining silent, although Jason could still hear her heavy breathing and sharp gasps. He hated himself for it but being 18 and never experiencing sex his erection wouldn’t obey, so as he listened he started masturbating.

This night was a bit more intense then their usual intercourse, while bouncing on top of him and rocking the trailer, Tom started demanding that she moan, and yell his name. Jason could hear his name mentioned but his father quickly shouted that he didn’t care, and for her to do it anyway. “O-oh Tom.” She started, still trying to stay quiet. “Louder!” He shouted before slapping her face or breast, Jason couldn’t tell which but it made her whimper. “Ooooh Tom!” Giving into his request now, the rocking becoming more intense. “Say you love it, bitch. Talk dirty!” He shouted, slapping her again, the loud pop echoing in the trailer. “Aaaahh I-I-love it.” She said with her voice stuttering, knowing Jason could hear.

“More!” He shouted before several more loud popping sounds filled the air, her shrieks and whimpers following them. “F-fuck me harder!” She moaned, Jason closed his eyes and tried to picture it was him she was talking too. The rocking grew stronger until finally his father roared and Christine shrieked. “Don’t grab them so hard!” She whimpered as Tom grunted and finished ejaculating. Now Jason knew it was her breasts he had slapped and hurt. Holding a tissue over the end of his erection he achieved his own release, biting his lip to stay quiet.

Suddenly Tom was arguing, telling Christine not to worry, and that Jason would clean it up. She tried to protest but quickly fell silent, knowing she would be hit if she fought back. Outside his room he could hear something splatter against the wall, before Christine huffed and puffed telling him it was disgusting while Tom laughed.

It wasn’t until morning that Jason found it, a used sperm filled condom had slapped against the wall and spilled thick chunky yellow semen all the way to the floor where it formed a small puddle. It was far more sperm then Jason would have expected, but he was only 18 and his father a grown man.

Back to the present Jason sat alone in his room, listening to his step mom trying to brush off Tom’s drunk flirting, but he knew she would fail and he knew he would have another night of hearing them have sex. Luckily the weekend wasn’t far, and he could be with Stacy.

To be Continued..

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