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Kate; Good Woman, Hungry Cunt Pt. 1

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Kate; Good Woman, Hungry Cunt Pt. 1Kate is a good woman. She works hard, she takes care of her husband and sons, She pays explicit attention to detail and she goes to church on Sunday. Sure, she could lose some weight, despite which her ass was flat and boobs only midsize. But she was attractive enough for a woman who already has a husband. Kate believed in rules. There are ways to do things right and that’s how you do them! That’s what made her a good analyst and project lead. A+B=C every time, dammit! So no cheating on your husband, make the k**s do their homework, and plan activities for the family. But Kate had one secretKate’s Cunt was hungry. She thought of it as a separate entity, there was Kate and Kate’s Cunt. She could go to work, or work around the house, and Kate always got things done. But Kate’s Cunt was always hungry. Ever since she was a teenager Kate had to balance being a good girl against the raging hunger in her cunt. she was sure she masturbated more than any other girl in high school! Bob was the first and only man to fuck her but any object that could halkalı escort sate her cunt was fair game! Oranges, apples, bananas, cucumbers, hairbrushes, tennis racket handles, baseball bats, any everyday object was likely to end up in her cunt. Good girls don’t have dildos and other, ‘identifiable’ sex toys in their homes. But it was amazing how many objects could meet her needs! And the day Bob brought home a Kong toy for their schnauzer was a very good day indeed. Kate immediately saw the possibilities of the Kong for filling her aching cunt! She bought an ‘extra’ one for the dog and kept it in her closet. For two weeks, whenever the k**s and Bob weren’t home, she was working on jamming the Kong up her cunt. Finally, she achieved success! With an audible squelch the Kong slipped into her now cavernous cunt and her pussy lips closed over it. Kate slipped on some sweat pants and started to do housework as her hungry cunt molded itself around the Kong. She had a low-level continuous orgasm humming olgun escort in her as she went about her work! Bob and the k**s came home and she greeted them with a happy grin. Kate was in a very good mood! After dinner Kate went to the Master bathroom and locked the door. It took her several minutes to work the Kong out of her cunt, but finally she expelled her with a loud grunt. Relieved at having it out of her, Kate also felt so empty without it. Curious she slipped a few fingers into her pussy to see how stretched it was. Almost effortlessly she found she could slide her whole fist into her cunt! She had been a three finger max girl before the Kong but clearly she had expanded into new dimensions! Sitting on the toilet Kate began sliding her fist in and out of her cunt and rapidly built up to an intense orgasm. Her cunt squeezed her wrist like a handcuff, and as she bore down into her cum she squirted fluid across the tile floor! Oh god, she was squirting! şişli escort Another first time experience and she loved it. She came hard and long on her fist, squirting and farting and all but shitting herself in orgasmic glee!As she came down from her high she looked up to see Bob standing there watching! Bob said “I heard you moaning and thought you were in trouble so I popped the lock to check on you. But it looks like you’re doing just fine!” Kate was embarrassed, but dammit she wasn’t doing anything wrong! She said “I was going to the bathroom and things got a little out of hand.” Bob laughed as he looked at his wife: 45 years old, wearing an old tee-shirt with her belly hanging out, and her left hand shoved wrist deep up her cunt! What a sight! He’d thought her cunt was getting roomier lately and now he knew why! “I’d say you have things well in hand! he smirked. Why don’t you pull your fist out of your pussy and get straightened up. The k**s are waiting to play monopoly! Kate’s fist came out of her cunt with a slurping sound. “That sounds great Hon! she said. Just give me a few minutes to clean up a little.” Bob said “Take your time, Hon. But I think we’re going to be exploring just how far your cunt can go when we get to bed! Turning to leave the bathroom, Bob glanced back and silently folded his big hand into a fist in front of her face. Kate blushed, but Kate’s Cunt tingled in anticipation of what was to come! Next: Bob’s fist, anal beads, and stretching the limits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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