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Katie Tells Me a Story

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Big Tits

Katie Tells Me a StoryThat just made everything more intense, as if it were happening in saturated colors.'”Tom, I’m not slutty. I was old enough then to know I had needs. I couldn’t line up that part of who I knew myself to be with the religious teaching I had grown up with, embraced, and was now teaching to c***dren. I was very comfortable being a woman. I thought if I believed enough in Jesus, He would show me the way, maybe a way to resolve this without having to get married to some guy I didn’t care about just to get laid a lot, I had heard from enough friends and read enough books to know that it hardly ever works that way. When my grandmother was old, she would tell me about her husband, my grandfather, and how terrible it was to have sex with him. I was about twelve, she was ninety, but trust me, Tom, my ears were up when that woman talked…”. I was blowing Gary. I like to suck a dick, at least sometimes. Every guy I ever met thinks the blow jobs are all about him. But, sometimes, like this day, I wanted to feel Gary’s dick in my mouth. I was doing one man, in front of two others. Tim and Danny had their pants off and their cocks out now. They were kissing. They were jacking each other off. I had my jeans around my ankles I didn’t care if they saw me masturbating. I hoped it turned them on. Tom, I could have stopped then, but I wanted Gary to come on me. Another girl in my freshman dorm had told me how hot it was when boys came all over her. I esenyurt escort didn’t say much at the time, but the conversation stayed with me. I wanted Gary to come on me, and maybe his buddies, too. That was the dirtiest thought I ever had. ”I want you to come on me, Gary, come right in my face..” I whispered. Tim and Danny had been kissing and jacking each other off, stopped, looked at us, and smiled. That was as sexy as any of the stuff they were doing. Tim said: ” Do you want to see something you’ve never seen before?” I had a dick in my mouth, but I nodded. Tim climbed into Danny’s lap. He picked up Danny’s dick, and just like that, he put it up against his ass hole. Danny pushed his cock so far up Tim’s ass that I could only see his nuts. They began to fuck, and I went back to sucking Gary and playing with myself. In about two minutes, Gary came on my cheeks, my forehead, my lips, chin, nose, hair, and into my mouth. It was so hot to have this experience, but when it happened, it wasn’t as intense as I hoped. I was ravenous, Tom. I was going to get more since it seemed available. Without wiping anything, I stood up and walked over to where Danny and Tim were fucking away. Tim’s ass was being fucked, and his dick was hard and straight up. He had an expression on his face that I thought looked like mine when I was getting fucked. That got me steaming, Tom. I picked his dick from his hand and put my mouth around it. I avrupa yakası escort blew him, Tom, I did, while Danny was fucking his ass. He came like a geyser, all over me, and THAT was hot. Later I blew Danny, too. I made sure that they all fucked my pussy before they went home. I came from fucking for the first time, and I wasn’t in love with any of these guys. That made it more fun. I didn’t have to pretend to be their girlfriend. I like that. Nobody has heard that story till today, Tom. Do you think I’m a slut for doing that?”Katie stopped her story suddenly: ” How long before you go back?””To Wyoming?””Yeah, till I never see you again………….shit…………….your mom never shuts up about you, that is one reason I wanted to meet you, but I bet your mom doesn’t know about this stuff, (laughing)….you felt perfect there, up against my ass.”I told her, ” On Saturday……what I want to do is spend all that day with you, here or someplace else and then after that…””After that? When do you get out of the Air Force?””Next May, if I don’t go to Canada first…..”A long quiet, thoughtful pause.”Tom, there is something else I need to show you that it is cool. Look over here.””An outhouse!! You have a fucking outhouse!””Yeah, I need to use it too, I always have to poop before I do anything with that part of my body. I will be back in a few minutes, and then I want to anadolu yakası escort show you what I did.””Tom, start pumping that pump so I can wash my hands…okay, I’m done, come and look.”Katie’s outhouse: curtains, flowers, new paint, a new seat of sanded, varnished wood, no stink, no flies.”Yeah, when I found it, it was gross, so I fixed it up nice by myself. Let’s get some water and go upstairs. I’m thinking about how nice you felt against my ass just now. I want you now, and I have something else I want you to see.”The thought about getting my cock into her ass had not left me since she had finished spinning her story.Upstairs again. Sheets and pillows and pillowcases, a little rumpled from the morning, but just fine all the same:Making love again. Katie came almost as soon as my mouth reached her clit, and I began to feel her wetness. She groaned and pushed her hips against my face, grabbed the back of my head, and pulled it into her. She was the most responsive and passionate lover. How did it feel to enter her? She was a young woman. She had had only had a few lovers, so tight, so amazingly hot. Still, with Katie, the memory is her arms around me-she grew up on a farm, she had done physical work her whole life when Katie Bellamy wrapped you in her arms and pushed her entire body against you, you were not about to go anywhere else. Wonderful. She came and came and let me know it, but I learned that afternoon that Katie was not a woman who made a big fuss about her orgasms. Still, she engaged all her skills as a lover to let her partner know that the O thing was working on her behalf, thank you very much, that she enjoyed it, and that Katie hoped that I would follow suit. I did and filled Miss Katie of the 4H camp staff till the girl overflowed, and she thought that was fine, and so did I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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