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Katy Perry: Best Worst Rainy Day

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Katy Perry: Best Worst Rainy DayWARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.Featuring: Katy Perry (Singer)Best Worst Rainy DayA celebrity erotic storyBy DaxG2001 (daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk)Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal.* * *Frank hated rainy days. He never enjoyed them even since he was a k**, and as an adult living in L.A. he hated them just about the same. Especially having to drive through the rain like this after a less than thrilling late shift at work. Nothing like waiting for a so-called important package to arrive to find out that it wouldn’t arrive until the next day, when he wouldn’t be at work. Least said the better. For now, the mid-twenties, short haired man just wanted to get home, order some pizza, and kick back with a beer or two.Pulling up to stop in the traffic line up towards the traffic lights, he sighed and glanced around. A usual route of his from work, passing a night club and heading down a couple of the quieter streets. Sure, it was technically a longer distance but the roads weren’t as busy, and nine times out of ten he’d arrive back to his apartment quicker than the normal route.Glancing to the side, he did a double take as there was a woman standing in a doorway, sheltering from the heavy rain. She was totally soaked through in a now ruined tight fitting dress, her underwear visible through her clothing and showing off, not that clearly wanted it to be, her curvaceous figure of shapely hips and large breasts, topped off with long dark hair. In fact, that pretty face of hers looked familiar…Just as she locked eyes with him from the distance, it clicked. Katy Perry. The global pop superstar from California who has toured the world, won countless awards, topped just as many charts, and not to mention being one of the most drop dead gorgeous women on the planet. He’d been a fan of hers since the breakthrough of “I Kissed A Girl”. Hell, he had every album of hers as well. Maybe with all the rain he didn’t notice it was her at first, but taking a clear look…She suddenly raced towards him. Thinking fast, he reached over, unlocking the door and she was quickly in, the squelch of her damp clothing heard as she cat down and shivered from the cold. He reached forward, switching the heater right up to high. OK, so now the actual Katy Perry was in his car and covered from head to high heels in rain water. If it wasn’t from the annoyed look on her face as she stared ahead, she’d look hot as Hell.“Fucking idiots!!” Katy snapped. “Tell me I could avoid the crowd at the nightclub by sneaking out the back door and just walk to the hotel? I’m gonna have that manager fucking fired by the end of the night!” She said, reaching into her handbag and searching around.“…Uh, I’m Frank by the way Katy.” He offered, still stunned by her being in his car.“Oh fuck… I’m, I’m sorry…” Perry sighed as she looked to him. “Sorry, but I’m mad as Hell. Those idiot nightclub guys first, now this dress is fucking ruined… There’s no way I can go back to the hotel looking like this! The media would have a field day with me!”The sound of honking horn behind them made Frank snap back into driver mode, moving the car off and heading off along his route he was intending to take.“Shit, that’s… That sucks…” He offered, keeping his eyes on the road, a difficult case when such a stunning body is on display next to him. “Hey, listen… I know this is really weird…”“A strange woman soaked through sitting in your car weird?” Katy said, raising an eyebrow.“Yeah, pretty much… I’m heading home to my place now… You wanna, I dunno? Get dried off there, call your friends or whatever and have them pick you up, bring you some clothes or something, and then you can head to your hotel or whatever?:“…What’s in it for you?” Perry questioned. “You usually pick up girls off the street in the rain?”“I didn’t. You came over to me first and invited yourself in here.” He pointed out.“You unlocked the door to let me in.” She countered, smirking slightly.“True. Guess we’re both in the wrong here then.”“Or maybe the right?” She paused, looking him over. “You know my name. Sooooooo, that means…?”“Yeah, I’m a fan of your Katy. Have been for a long, long time. And I mean it, if you want the help even just to make a call back from my place, you can have it if you want it.”“…Where exactly do you live?” Katy asked, pulling out her smartphone.* * *As it goes, Katy – after quite a yelling match with someone on the other end of a phone-call, accepted the offer of help. Hence why her clothes were currently up drying on a clothes hanger and the gorgeous pop singer was stepping out from his bathroom, covered in his bathrobe and smiling as she walked into his apartment.“I needed that.” Perry stated the obvious, sounding grateful and relieved, and looking ready for a photoshoot with her make-up done nicely and her long hair set perfectly.“Glad I could help.” Frank said, patiently sitting on his couch in the living area, watching her approach as she took a seat next to him. “Never liked the rain myself, and it can’t have felt good to be soaked like that.”“…Nice selection you’ve got here…” Perry dodged the small-talk, seeing the CDs laid out on the small table in front of the couch. All of her albums and a couple of singles and DVDs as well. “So you are a fan after all Frankie…” Her tone was friendly, now clearly seeing that he was indeed a fan, and quite a big one at that as she playfully smiled.“Frankie?” He questioned, a nickname surprising him since they still barely knew each other. “Uh… Yeah, like I said before, I’ve been a fan for years. I was thinking, you know, that maybe I could get an autograph or two out of this? Not that, you know, I should get any reward for just, just helping you out or anything…”Katy gave him a look over. He was handsome, no doubt, and not acting like a total pig that’s for sure. Hell, even during the car-ride over he was staying respectful but she knew he got a little sneak peak in at her on the way. She couldn’t hold that against him. But for sure, he deserved a reward for helping her out. But just signing an autograph? That sounded quite lame to her, with all things considered. Maybe he should try aiming the bar higher for his reward…“You sure Frankie? An autograph is all you want out of me?” She said, letting a hint of seduction enter her voice as she sat up, her hand going onto the side of the bathrobe by her neck, pulling at it a little. “Are you sure you don’t want something a little more… Personal, from me?” She teased, letting her tanned skin be shown off at the neck as she smirked.He processed the information, the way she spoke, her body language, and the way her eyes were running over his body. Oh yeah, he’d been respectful to her of course. Being in L.A. he’d seen and heard about lawsuits being filed just from someone looking at someone the wrong way. Having driven a worldwide music star back home with him after picking her up out of the rain? Who knows what would have happened if he’s said or done something wrong? But he wasn’t a fool. He’d had a generous share of one night stands, a couple of girlfriends and all that. He knew when a girl was interested in wanting a piece of him, and right now Katy didn’t just want a piece. She wanted the whole damn cake.“If I did, do you think it would get me anywhere?” Frank flirted back, smiling himself now as he picked up the hint.“We’ve got about another half hour of time to kill before my people arrive for me. It’s going to get you somewhere Frankie…” She purred, standing up from the couch and moving to stand in front of him and with a seductive smirk on her pretty face, she let the whole robe fall to the floor.His smirk turned into a massive grin, eyes wide in shock and delight at the sight of Katy Perry’s fully nude, tanned, and gorgeously curved body on display to him. Her nicely shaped hips and thick, juicy ass, a neatly trimmed pussy, and those lovely, big, rounded tits topped off the package of the stunning beauty with long, dark hair,She didn’t wait for him to give an opening, the approving look he gave as he looked her over than enough to güvenilir bahis give her the green light, so she pounced. Mounted right on his lap, breasts pressing against his chest and her lips aggressively planted onto his but to her moaning delight he quickly got with the program, kissing back so his tongue danced with hers and his hands gripping onto her asscheeks, digging into her fleshy rear cheeks and in response she pushed out her butt towards those eagerly groping palms. She was also grinding down her pussy against his jeans, her arousal already clear by the slight stain she was leaving onto the outline of his bulge that she was working over, and not by accident either. She was teasing them both, hoping to spark the hint that he need to take those off and show him what she was going to be working with. She had no intentions of leaving her saviour with blue balls tonight, but she at least hoped she’d get something good out of this as well. From the nice way he was wrestling with her tongue and toying with her ass, this was a good sign.With both hands on his chest she broke off the kiss by forcibly shoving him back against his cock, licking her lips clean of the saliva and locking eyes with a flirty smile that would turn most men into butter. “Clothes off. Now!” She ordered, dismounting and laying on her side, leg already raised ready to return to the position as she watched with amusement as he, predictably (and wisely) raced to undress. Her eyes narrowed with approval as his shirt was lifted up over and tossed away, revealing a nicely toned upper body, her gaze drifting down as he belt was unhooked and he wriggled his jeans down, followed by his boxers.The California Gurls singer could only manage to hold back for a moment to let her eyes widen when to her extremely pleasant surprise as lengthy and not too thick cock sprung free, already looking close to being fully hard. She didn’t even let him slip the clothing off from around his feet, swinging the leg across and remounting him, hands on his chest and a smirk giving the sign for him to stop and let her take over. From the grin he gave back, he was more than happy to let her do that. One hand staying on him, the other moved down, blindly feeling and then gripping his shaft, keeping it straight and steady as she lined it up with herself, showing no concern about the lack of protection as she skipped the teasing and sank herself down with a single, greedy drop onto his body.“Sweet FUCK!!” Perry moaned loudly as she took in that entire shaft into her pussy with the one single motion, filling her up wonderfully as her eyes fluttered for a moment and her mouth hang open. He wasn’t the biggest she’s ever handled, but better than average, and far more than enough to make her groan in pleasure as she adjusted her legs and hips, grinding her snatch down against the lucky, similarly moaning stud she barely knew and already was taking balls deep up into herself. “MMMMM!! Oh shit Frankie!! You’re gonna… MMMMMM… Fucking get it now!!” She grinned, gripping onto his shoulders and licking her teeth when she felt him, perhaps out of instinct, taking a hold of her waist as she straightened her curvaceous body out to properly be impaled onto him. She could tell from the look of awe on his face that this was something out of a fantasy of his. She intended to make not just a reality, but feel better than he could have dreamed.“Here… MMMMM!! We fucking go Frankie!!” She purred as she started to bounce on his dick, both of them moaning out as she worked her already slick but tight pussy swiftly up and down onto his shaft, skipping any form of foreplay or easing into this fucking and going straight for the good stuff like this was a porno scene being played out. Her ass cheeks were already slapping against his thighs, her large breasts jiggling with every upward and sharply downward motion she was using to ride his member, her gasps and groans similarly straight from the script of a skin flick as the “Roar” singer was already going lustfully wild on his cock. “AHHHHHH!! Oooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM!! So… So fucking big!!” She cried out, gasping again when she bottomed out and all that man meat filled up her needy hole. Her sinful desires were in full control here as the she rode him at a quick, forceful pace that had the slapping sound of skin meeting tanned skin ringing out along with their moans but already hers are by far the more louder between the two.“Holy FUCK!! Mmmmm… Oh shit… Fuck!! That’s… Mmmmm!!” Gritting his teeth, the lucky hunk being rewarded for his earlier good deed is witnessing and feeling something he would have never dreamed possible. The actual Katy Perry was fucking him, and going at it like they only had a few minutes left to live from the way she’s wildly bouncing away on his dick, taking all of him in each and every times she drops down onto him. “Ahhhhh… MMMMM!! Oh fuck… Oh God Katy!! You feel so… Mmmmm!! Fucking good!!” He couldn’t help himself, reaching down further to grab her ass cheeks, gripping them tightly and that only making her groan even as she rides him. Soon though he’s joining in the action and not just taking it, starting to stiffly thrust his cock up into that wet pussy, making her squeal in delight as she leans against him, pushing her booty back again towards those groping hands as he pumps his long cock in and out of her snatch at a steady and certainly pleasurable to say the least pace.“OH FUCK YES!! FUCK ME!! Mmmmmmm!! Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME FUCK ME!!” The worldwide pop starlet shamelessly begged, her arms around his neck to bring his face up to her large tits, almost motorboating him as she rocked forward towards him when he drives his dick deep into her snatch as now the slap of his crotch connecting with her is the snapping sound heard mixed with their lusty moans. “UHHHHH!! OH FUCK FRANKIE!! GONNA!! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM BABYYYYYYYY AHHHHHHHH…” Her eagerness and rush to get right into the action was working against her, drops of sweat already on the newly dried off beauty as the pleasure from this rapid sex was sapping her already, but from the moans she and her unlikely, and still relatively unknown, partner were letting out neither of them, especially her right now, minded too much. She could tell from the way his thrusts were driving in so deeply, how smooth and steady the motion was that this fan of hers was no virgin, and knew how to use his big cock. She was going to have lots of fun with him tonight.For the moment though, the gorgeous Californian can’t think ahead to that, barely able to think as she tosses her head and her long dark hair back, moaning loud and long as the sudden, rushed fucking has delivered an impressively hard orgasm, her pussy getting that extra bit tighter around the cock being pumped balls deep into her, in turn making the man underneath her groan in erotic approval. Closing her eyes, she moans and her body jolts as the pleasure flows through her curvy frame, a nice coating of her fluids being left onto that shaft that keeps plunging in and out between her wet folds to keep her calling out all the way through her sexual high until she finally looks back to him, gasping and grinning as she shows he’s already blown her expectations out of the water.“MMMMM… God damn Katy!!” Frank says with a groan, then a chuckle as he starts to ease off his thrusts, seeing that’s she arrived back down to Earth. “You… You a little worked up?”“You fucking think stud?” Katy jokes with a grin, using her hands to remove his from off of her butt, allowing her to move up and off from him, kneeing on the couch beside him. “Damn, never had a quickie that good in a long fucking time… And your still hard…” She comments, gazing at his member and finding herself licking her lips. “Want a BJ?”“Fuck yeah!” He smartly and quickly answered, making her laugh at his eagerness. “Not a fucking bad way to end this…”“End this? Oh no Frankie, we aren’t through yet… In fact, change of plan.” Perry said, moving off from the couch as an idea struck her. “Lay down on here, and let me go get something…” She instructed, already turning and moving to delve into her handbag for that “something” of hers.Although he liked the idea of his favourite pop star giving him a blowjob, he wasn’t foolish enough to say no to her so he shifted himself, laying down onto his couch with his rock hard cock pointing upwards. türkçe bahis Looking over, he found that the target of his lust was coming back over holding a small clear bottle of some liquid, and with a smirk, she tossed him it. “I didn’t just warm up in there, I really cleaned up…” Katy grinned as she moved now to climb up on top of him, getting into the classic sixty nine position with her wet snatch and juicy ass right at face-level with him. “I’ll suck your dick Frankie, but you’ve got to get my ass ready for this big cock of yours…” She sexily purred, gripping his dick by the base as she turned towards it and hungrily took him straight into her mouth.“Mmmmm SHIT!! Better get… Ahhhhh… Too it then…” Frank groaned as she went straight to work on him, bobbing her head as she took his meat between her full, sexy lips at a slow, savouring pace and was already lightly groaning around that dick as she started sucking him off. Raising his head up, he put the bottle down next to himself so he could place both hands once again onto her gorgeous, rounded backside but this time not just feeling up, but spreading to check out both of her lower holes. Following his orders, he moved up towards her tight, puckered asshole and pushed his tongue out, pressing and rubbing over her entrance and causing her to moan around his tool as she glanced back with approval before resuming her cock sucking task. Similarly he didn’t stop as he began working his tongue across and around her asshole, lightly trailing saliva onto her and moaning into her booty as he dined on her ass while she feasted on his cock at the same time.“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm… Mmmmm…” Still buzzing from her sexual high just moments ago, the starlet who broke into global fame with “I Kissed A Girl” is showing she’s certainly sucked plenty of dicks as well as she effortlessly slides her full lips down along the cock she’d just came all over before raising back upward to the crown before pushing right back downward and smoothly repeating the motion. “Mmmmm… Mmmmm!! Mmmmm…” She groans around his long prick, tasting her own pussy juices from off of his rod and cleaning it all up without any hesitation, gripping his thighs as she rocks herself back a little, pushing her butt against his handsome face so she can get more of his tongue on and hopefully into her little asshole. For now though, she’s more than happy to keep him nice and hard, seeing exactly how long this stud can go for as she slurps on his manhood, replacing on kind of her fluids with another as she starts to leave her saliva all over those inches as she blows him.“Mmmmmm!! Mmmmmm!!” Her skillful mouth work is doing more than just keeping him rock hard and moaning, it’s encouraging him to indeed work over her tight asshole as he flicks his tongue against that entrance, his saliva dabbed onto her as he laps away at her, still gripping that ample booty as he eats out that fine ass. Pulling back for a moment, he spits onto her, his saliva dripping down her asscrack and over her asshole, a sensation enough to make her groan as she keeps on blowing him. He doesn’t rest for too long, popping open the bottle of lube and pouring some out onto his finger, then applying that digit onto that already nicely licked hole, the feeling making her rather more forcefully push back to show that just her getting lubed around and over her asshole just won’t be enough for her.“MMMMMPHH!! Mmmmmm!! MMMMMM!!” A louder, but still muffled moan, escaped the curvy California native the moment his finger stopped the teasing and actually entered her anal passage, bringing the lubricant with it and working it in with a series of firm and nicely deep pumps. Showing her still high state of arousal, her eyes rolled back as she kept his cock between her pouty lips, still bobbing her head onto him and groaning around that man meat as she takes this finger banging. “MMMMMPHHHH… MMMMMM… Mmmmmmphhhh…” She managed to compose herself, even as her pussy seemed to start to drip now with juices despite not being touched at the moment as the stud underneath her concentrated on finger fucking her ass while spreading and groping those full cheeks, getting right back to her task as she sunk her mouth down deeper and more forcefully slurped onto that meaty pole.“MMMMMM… Oh fuck yeah Katy!! Suck… Mmmmmm!! Suck that fucking cock…” The handsome and hung fan encouraged, loving the way her warm and wet mouth was both sliding back and forth swiftly over his length and the sensation of her saliva now covering his rod, dripping down sinfully onto his ballsack and crotch from the repeated, clearly experienced motion. He was impressing himself right now as he kept control, pulling out his finger in order to apply lube onto not just that finger, but a second so he could push both of them into the groaning beauty above him. “Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM!! Fuck!! That’s the best… UHHHHH!! Fucking blowjob I’ve ever had…” He moaned out, not hyping up his words one bit as those pouty lips remained tightly wrapped around his pole that she was almost deep throating now and not even gagging at all, her groans increasing as he now finger banged her asshole with two digits, lubing her up nicely to say the least as she gave his rod one fine covering herself of a different kind of liquid.After delivering another quick couple of sucks, she lifts her head up and off from his cock with a gasp, tossing her hair back so she can look over her shoulder at him. “Bet you… Uhhhhhh!! Say that to any slut who lets you finger their fucking ass!” Perry groans with a sexy grin, even swaying her butt from side to side as he indeed pumps his digits into her ass a few more times.“Can’t say I have… But I’ve watched enough porn and read up about it enough…” Frank admits as he pulls his fingers out from her now well prepared back passage.“An anal virgin huh?” Katy almost grinned devilishly at that, moving herself to dismount him. “Then come and fucking pop that cheery right now Frankie!” She near demanded rather than invited, moving down to her hands and knees onto the floor, sticking her ass out towards him and once again enticingly shaking those full cheeks.“Shit… Don’t need to tell me twice Katy…” He says, sitting for a moment as he pours out some lube, applying it to his own cock with a rapid round of pumps, before he soon moves down behind the horny pop star, spreading her butt apart and pressing the crown of his tool against her entrance, gritting his teeth before he pushes forward and enters her ass.“MMMMMMM!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…” The stunning, busty singer groans in delight as she gazes back, watching his hips sink closer towards her rump and feeling her back passage getting invaded by his length, already her body reacting by pushing back towards him even before he starts to pull out of her tightness, which is gripping him far more than he felt her snatch do at the start of all this. “Mmmmmm!! Deeper baby… Don’t go… AHHHHHH… Fucking easy on me now…” She gets out between lusty gasps as he starts to work his cock back and forth into her, showing his inexperience at this particular sex act as he’s going slow for the moment, testing to see what he can handle but fortunately it’s a feeling enough to keep them both moaning out, even if the look of burning desire in her eyes shows it will take much more than this to satisfy her needs.“Awwwwww FUCK!! I’m… UHHHHH!! Fucking trying Katy… Mmmmmmm SHIT!!” He moans himself, as even with all the lubricant it’s still an extremely tight fit as he fucks her shapely backside, gradually gaining confidence as he hears her moans and demands for more, and gets used to her back passage that’s vice-like around his long dick. She raises her head in approval as his motion breaks into a steady rythmn with a nice bit of force behind it, licking her lips as she feels that cock venturing in deeper into her booty as she in turn pushes it back towards him to aid in fitting more of him inside her. “Ahhhhhh… MMMMM!! Holy shit!! Feels… MMMMM!! Fucking incredible…” He says with a groan, his hands gripping those fully cheeks, keeping them spread as he watches his manhood vanish up into her tight hole and then reappear from it, keeping the head and a few inches inside as he pumps that fine, thick ass and already is exceeding expectations with this nicely paced anal action.“MMMMM!! Oh yesssssss!! UHHHHH!! FUCK YES FRANKIE!! MMMMM!!” The güvenilir bahis siteleri Teenage Dream singer moaned loudly and without shame as she continued to rock back against the thrusts driving into her tight and thick ass, a layer of sweat forming all over her stunning body not just from the butt fucking she’s happily taking right now, but from the work her fingers are doing onto herself as she has one of her hands clamped onto her own snatch in order to rub her wet folds. “AHHHHHH… MMMMMM!! More baby!! MORE!! Fucking… FUCKING STUFF MY ASS!! MMMMM!!” She keeps on gazing back, eyes burning with that bright lust as her filthy moans pour from her hanging open mouth, while her juices now easily coat her fingers from the quite furious rubbing she’s doing to herself as she takes it up the ass from behind from a man she barely knows but has already made her cum once with his long cock that’s now stuffing in and out of her stunning ass.He needs no encouragement to continue doing that, gripping her hips now to get forceful with his motion, as she’s demanding after all, pulling the horny and beautiful singer back against his thrusts each time he sends them in, making her moan in such as way that it would put even the dirtiest of whores to shame as he manages to fit in even more of his size into her tightest of holes. He’s feeling the effects of this wild ass-banging himself, the perspiration forming over his nicely toned and desirable frame far from a concern of his as he’s focused on giving one of the hottest women on the planet not just the best fuck he can deliver, but the kind that she deserves to have. Considering how she’s till groaning away and fingering herself as her ass gets pumped again and again, he’s achieving all that and then some despite this being his first time doing anal sex, let alone with a stunning, juicy and tight ass like hers.“OH FUCK!! FUCK!! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK YES MMMMMM!! OH GOD!! OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!” The beauty who performed the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX is putting on a performance more suited for a pornography film from the way she’s moaning out so loudly, while her hand rapidly works back and forth over her soaking wet pussy, her large tits swaying underneath her tanned frame as she takes an anal pounding that also would not look out of place on a XXX-rated website. “Don’t… DON’T STOP!! HOLY FUCK!! I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN!! FUCK YESSSSSSS FRANKIE!!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” She squeals in delight, her juices once again gushing out from her snatch but onto her own fingers this time as Katy Perry gets herself off from being fucked up the ass by a fan of hers, his lengthy dick still thrusting away in and out of her tight asshole which only aids in giving her an orgasm that was even harder than the first one she’d gotten from him. It’s leaving her sweating hard, her fingers, hand, and even wrist coated with her pussy juices, but the big smile on her face shows she loved every moment of it.“AHHHHHHH… SHIT!! FUCKING… AHHHHHH SHIT…” He gasps as he feels the increased pressure around his cock now, knowing truthfully that he cannot last for too much longer at this rate, hence why he’s easing up on his pumps between her full rear cheeks. “Holy… Holy fuck… First anal experience… And no way is any other gonna match this…” He manages to chuckle as he groans, easing his dick out of her ass slowly before he stands up.“Mmmmmm… Could… Could say the same on my end…” Katy mumbled as she was still a little dizzy from that intense sexual high, taking a long moment to recover as she looks back at him. “Frankie… Let me suck that big cock one more time… Let me suck it nice and dry for you…” She “asked” but the way she was grinning and already turning around towards him, it was clear there wasn’t much choice in this discussion.“Shit… Right from out of your ass?? I’m not gonna stop you…” He says, sounding stunned at the unexpected offer as she moved already to kneel in front of him.Flashing a grin, she gets right to it, guiding his cock into her oral hole and not hesitating to once more wrap her full and sexy lips right around his man meat, groaning at the taste of her own back passage from off this member but rather than being repulsed, she simply starts to bob her long, dark haired head along his size with loud, shameless slurps as she indeed shows going ass-to-mouth is something she has no issue at all with. The beautiful global pop singer gazes up at the hunky fan of hers that gave her two fantastic orgasms, and from the way she’s swiftly moving her warm and soothing oral hole along his cock she’s not going to stop now until he gets one of his own, and feeling that member throb between her lips she can sense that his own peak may not be too far away.“AWWWWWW FUCK!! UHHHHHH!! MMMMMM… Awwwwwww FUUUUUUCK…” The lucky stud who has gotten one Hell of a reward and then some for “rescuing” her earlier on stares down, watching the pretty face of the world famous singer move smoothly back and forth along his cock, saliva already being applied onto his rod from the repeated, hungry motion. She wasn’t holding back now, having more than gotten hers and as she vowed she was well on her way to draining his balls of his spunk. “UHHHHHH… FUCK!! Keep that up… MMMMMM!! And it won’t… MMMMM!! Be damn long before I… Before I fucking blow…” He stated, but that along with his groans of joy was music to her ears as she continued to briskly slurp on his still, throbbing pole that’s she had in all three of her holes over the course of this grade-A fucking they’ve enjoyed, both of their bodies glazed in a sexy layer of sweat to make the scene all the more hotter for them both.“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm.. Mmmmm…” The curvaceous beauty shows that a waste of a marriage hasn’t dented her high sexual skill at all, taking his long cock deep between her full, made for sucking cock lips and leaving that pole with a more than generous coating of her saliva, topped off by her sinful groans bouncing off his man meat, showing that she isn’t just blowing him to get him off, she’s loving sucking on his big dick as well. “Mmmmmm… Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm!!” She continues smoothly and swiftly bobbing her dark haired head back and forth over his size, her eyes still giving an intense look of lust as she gazes up at the handsome fan of hers, giving him what many red blooded males around the world would give and arm and a leg for – just to get a blowjob from the stunning pop superstar.“UHHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! SHIT!! Ka-Katy!! Here… UHHHHHH!! HERE IT COMES!!” He warns, letting out a deep groan as his cock throbs again, and in the next moment he was unloading spunk straight into the mouth of Katy Perry, making her groan and her eyes narrow in approval as she lets her mouth be filled up with his load. More than that, she keeps on blowing him to ensure, as she promised, that she would suck him dry so her bobs don’t stop yet, working back and forth along him and her lips remaining tight around him as his seed fills up her oral hole. “MMMMMM… AHHHHHH… Awwwwww… Awwwwww fuck…” He sighs in satisfaction and pleasure, legs feeling weak as he stares down as the still sucking singer with his cock in her mouth as she gives him a couple more sucks as his shaft begins to soften. Letting it fall from her oral hole, she tilts her head back a little so he can see the vast amount of cum that she’s gotten out of him, only for a moment though before her lips close up and with a single, greedy gulp she swallows every last drop down.“Mmmmm!! And tastes pretty damn good as well!” Katy beamed with with grin, making sure to lean in and user tongue to clean the last couple of drops of jizz that are left on his cock to properly finish the job.“Ahhhhh… Thanks… You’re pretty fucking amazing yourself…” Frank stated, groaning as she licked at his limp dick a couple of times before leaning back.“Frankie, after a fuck like that? I should be thanking you…” Perry grinned. “Not so sure that makes us even now… You came once, and I came twice…” She trails off with a suggestive tone in her voice.“Well, if you’re offering… I didn’t get to fuck your tits yet…” He said with a smirk of his own, picking up the hint.“Then we’d better get dressed… Well, a towel for me anyway…” She laughed. “Because my crew will be hear soon with clothes for me… And we’re going to continue this alright back at my hotel room. You’re going to get my tits, and then some Frankie!” She stated with another lusty grin.“Damn…” Frank said with a chuckle. “Never enjoyed a rainy day more in my whole life!”* * *Feel free to send any feedback to daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks for reading!

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