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Keeping up with the Neighbors Ch. 04

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I got home from work one afternoon recently to find my live in girlfriend, Nancy, in the family room with a drink for both of us. I grabbed my drink and we relaxed and chatted about our day.

Then Nancy said, “Jeff has left Marcy.”

Marcy is Nancy’s best friend. They have known each other since childhood. They share everything, including intimate details of their sex lives.

If you read the earlier parts of this series, you’ll know that Marcy had told Nancy that her husband, Jeff, had eaten her creampie after they had sex. Marcy told Nancy it gave her the strongest orgasm of her life. Nancy then convinced me to go down on her after we had sex. Nancy went crazy when I did it. I didn’t think I would like it, but amazingly, I found it a tremendous turn on to smell and taste her after we had sex. It became a regular part of our sex life after that first time.

Nancy told Marcy that because of her story, I had eaten her pussy after I had cum in her. Marcy said that she didn’t believe that I would do it. Marcy then admitted that she had only read about guys eating creampie, and that her husband had never done it for her.

To prove that I really would eat her after sex, Nancy videoed us having sex and me eating the creampie. She gave the video to Marcy.

Now I was hearing that Jeff had left Marcy. I never liked Jeff, but I had been cordial to him since his wife was Nancy’s best friend.

I told Nancy, “Well Jeff Jr. is raised and off to college, she’s better off without the jerk.”

Nancy replied, “Marcy said Jeff was always selfish, both in and out of bed. They haven’t been getting along for years. Marcy’s grandfather passed away recently. He left a healthy sum to her. She’ll be fine financially. I just hope she finds a guy as unselfish as you Billy.”

“Thanks Babe, but I like to make you happy. I love you. I enjoy doing things to make you happy, especially nasty things!”

I didn’t hear anything about Jeff or Marcy for the next few weeks.

One Saturday I went in to work for a few hours. When I returned home, I found Nancy and Marcy on our deck drinking and sunning themselves. They wore swimsuits that immediately got me aroused. Our deck isn’t visable to the neighbors so they wore really skimpy bikinis.

Nancy has dark hair and is slim with nice tits and a great ass. She looks terrific in that bikini.

Marcy is blond and short, a bit chunky, with big tits and a round ass. I have always had a thing for girls built like that. Her curvy body was bulging out in all the right places.

Nancy got up, brought me a drink and said. “Sit out here with us, Bill.”

I sat down and enjoyed the beautiful day and the view of the two beautiful women lying on chaise lounges on my deck.

Nancy asked how it went at work. We made small talk about day to day things. As we talked I couldn’t help but think how sexy Marcy looked.

Suddenly, without a word, Nancy sat up and removed her top. She lay back down on her back with her breasts exposed to us.

Marcy then said, “Do you mind if I do that too, Nanc?”

Nancy replied, “If you don’t mind Billy seeing those huge titties, I don’t.”

“It’s only fair,” Marcy replied, “I saw everything he has on video, and what he does after sex too!”

I was a little embarassed knowing she was talking about the video where Nancy and I had sex and then I ate her creampie.

I gave her a half hearted grin as she removed her top exposing her glorious breasts. They were huge, with big nipples and silver dollar sized areaolas. They didn’t sag much for a woman in her early forties.

I didn’t say much and tried to only look at Nancy.

“Please don’t be embarassed Billy,” Marcy said, “You know Nancy and I talk about everything. I wish I had a man like you, one who would do anything to satisfy me. Jeff would hate it if he knew you were seeing my tits.” She sat up giggling and said, “Take a good look!”

I looked at her and said, “You are a beautiful woman Marcy.” I was a bit uncomfortable and I didn’t want to make Nancy jealous. Still Marcy was so hot, and those big boobs were getting me horny.

Nancy said, “You like those titties don’t you Billy!”

“Well who wouldn’t,” I replied. “Jeff was a lucky man to have a sex pot like you, Marcy”

“Show him your pussy too, Marcy. Think how mad it would make Jeff to know Billy is looking at your pussy.”

Marcy then raised her hips and pulled off her bikini bottom. I was stunned!

She then spread her legs and said, “Get in closer. Have a good look Bill.”

She was completely waxed and her labia were rather large. There was just a hint of her clit protruding from her hood. She was beautiful!

Nancy then said, “How would you like to eat her pussy, Bill?”

I said, “You know the answer to that, Babe. Jeff is an idiot. If you were my girl I’d eat your pussy any time you wanted Marcy, anytime! You won’t have any trouble finding a guy, Marcy. If I didn’t have Nancy, I’d be all over you.”

Marcy said, ” Nancy is lara kendi evi olan escort so lucky to have you.”

Then Nancy said, “We’re lucky to have you for a friend Marcy. If it hadn’t been for you we never would have done the creampie eating thing,”

Then Marcy said, ” Well at least somebody got the benefit of my reading that stuff. I wanted Jeff to do it for me, he wouldn’t. Now it turns out Billy does it for you. That isn’t fair!

I said, “Well we really want to thank you for turning us on it. I never in a million years would have thought I would do that, but I not only did it, I liked it!”

Marcy said, “That’s what Nanc told me.”

Then she giggled and said, “If you really want to thank me, you and I could have sex, and you could eat me out afterward.”

Nancy grinned and said, “Billy and I will have to think about that.” Then she said, “Well, I’ll have to think about it, I already know what he thinks.”

Marcy then said, “It would be a great payback to Jeff for posting that video of you guys on the internet. You could video Billy and I, then we could post it on the site he watches. I’d look right into the camera and say, See Jeff, this is the biggest thrill of my life and you were too chicken to do it.”

Nancy said, “That’s asking a lot Marcy. He’s my guy. You are my best friend and confidante, but that’s a lot to ask.”

Then I said, ‘You girls have been drinking. I think we need to cool this talk before we do something that might ruin a lifelong friendship.”

I got up and went inside to change clothes, and cool off.

Later both women came inside. Marcy said, “I’m leaving, she huggged me, and kissed me on the lips. She smelled strongly of alcohol.

Nancy said, “We both love you Marcy.” Marcy smiled and turned to leave.

Nancy went into the bedroom and showered. Nothing more was said about the conversation on the deck. I thought that what happened earlier would be forgotten.

Later we ordered a Pizza and watched T.V. before going to bed.

Nancy was in bed when I came in. I undressed, then climbed into bed. I kissed Nancy and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Soon she was stroking my cock and I was caressing her breasts.

“Did seeing Marcy’s pussy do this to you?” She asked.

“Of course not, Babe, I’m all yours.” I countered.

“Bullshit!” She said, “I’m not jealous, Bill. I know you’ve seen other women’s bodies. I thought it was hot that she showed you her breasts and her pussy. I think it’s hot that you were turned on by it. I think it’s hotter still that you would fuck her and eat her pussy. I want her to feel desired. Jeff has left her and she feels like no one could want her.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked.

“Marcy is my best friend. Jeff never made love to her, he fucked her. After he’d gotten his rocks off she didn’t matter. Her pussy was just a hole to cum into, just a nasty, dirty, used hole.”

She continued, “You make love to me. My orgasm is important to you. After you cum in me, you show your affection by licking and sucking my messy pussy so that I can cum again! I know it’s messy and doesn’t smell ike roses, but you eagerly eat my creampie and I cum so hard. I’m proud of that. I want her to know that feeling.” Nancy replied.

“It’s crazy, Babe, but I really like doing it for you. I never thought I would taste my own cum, but I really like eating you after we fool around. Marcy will find another guy.” I said.

“C’mon Billy, we both know very few guys will eat his woman after he cums in her. You know I have an exhibitionist streak. Ii was never so turned on as when that couple watched us having sex in that motel room last summer.”

“Yeah, that was pretty wild, they saw us fuck, and me go down on you afterward. I guess I am glad that I do it for you.” I told her. “It makes me feel like the nastiest guy in ghe world.”

“Well, Marcy didn’t believe that you’d eat my creampie, so I videoed us to prove it. That turned me on so much. I love that all the neighbors saw the video of us having sex and you eating my pussy full of your cum!” Nancy answered.

“Are you saying that her just seeing it isn’t enough? Do you really want her to experience it with me screwing her, then eating her out afterward?”

“Yes Billy, I really want that. I know you won’t leave me. She’s my best friend, she’d never betray me. I want her to feel what I feel when we do it. I think it’s another way of showing off what I get on demand. I want her to know.”

“You’re sure about this Nanc? Once we have sex there’s no taking it back.” I warned her.

“Please Bill, I really want this to happen. She wants to experience this so badly. You know you will enjoy it, and she will have to orgasm of a lifetime. Nothing will change between us, I promise.”

“Wow Nancy, this is wild!” I said.

“After you screw her and cum into her, I want you to ask her if you can please suck her beautiful pussy now that it’s lara otele gelen escort messy and dirty. Tell her she deserves it for the pleasure she has given you. I want her to feel like a goddess.”

“I will do it, if you are really sure.” I answered.

“You know that you’ll love it, you nasty cum sucker. I’ll be there watching.” Nancy said.

“Well, I have to admit that I’d love to do it, but I want you to be sure that you won’t be hurt by this,” I said.

“I’ll set it up Billy. I promise this won’t affect anything between us. I want Marcy to experience the pleasure you give me. You can’t back out. You’ll have to eat her out after you cum in her. You will have to lick and suck her until she says to stop. She wants that so bad.”

“Okay Nanc, I’ll do it .”

Nancy then started kissing me. We made out for a few minutes then I undressed her and begans sucking a licking her breasts. I started kissing lower and began licking her clit. She soon started getting really wet. I could smell her pussy’s arousal. She always emits a strong scent of sex when she’s getting hot. I kept licking and sucking until she squirted all over my face and screamed, “Oh Bill, I’m cumming.”

Then I got on to her missionary style and we screwed until she had another orgasm. She was still for about a minute, then she asked if she could get on top cowgirl style. We rolled over and she rode me until I said, “I can’t hold out much longer Babe.”

She whisperd, “Cum in me, Please, cum in me now.”

I did just that. It felt so good. Her taste was still in my mouth, I could smell her wonderful pussy, and the feeling of my dick in her was fantastic. I throbbed and shot my load in her.

She waited a bit then rolled off of me and lay next to me. I leaned over and kissed her lips. Then I asked, “Would you like me to eat your crempie now?”

She replied, ” Do you want to?”

“More than anything. I want to make you cum again.” I said.

“Go for it, be nasty for me, eat your cum from me!”

I crawled down between her legs and she raised her knees and spread her thighs for me. I cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands and licked her pussy from near her asshole up to her clit. She moaned, “Oh Bill.”

Her pussy smelled so strongly of sex. She started humping my face. I was going crazy licking and sucking her. Then i stuck my tongue in her hole and found her g spot. I sucked hard with my tongue in her. Her juices and my cum started filling my mouth. She was moaning and grinding. I swallowed and kept licking and sucking. I was totally engulfed in the wonderful smell of our sex. Finally she squirted. I love that! She had a powerful orgasm as I swallowed all of it. When she stopped humping and grinding. I asked, “Enough?”

She said, “Yeah.” I kissed her pussy and slid up next to her.

“That was so good, Bill. I’m so lucky that you will do that for me. Do you really like doing it?”

“I do, Babe. I can’t explain it but I get so turned on knowing I’m doing something so nasty. You know I’ll do it any time you want me to. Thanks for letting me do it.”

“Well I want you to do it for Marcy, Billy. I want you to fuck her and then eat her creampie while I watch.”

“Anything for you, Nanc. I’ll make the sacrifice, just for you.”

She lightly punched my shoulder and said, “Sacrifice huh?’

We both giggled.

We didn’t discuss anything about Marcy for the next week. I was beginning to think that Nancy was just horny when she suggested my screwing Marcy, and that she had changed her mind when she came to her senses. While I was a bit disappointed, I also was a bit relieved. I didn’t want to complicate our relationship. I didn’t want Nancy becoming jealous if I had sex with her best friend. Still, Marcy was hot. I really wanted to see those big boobs and her pussy again.

I began thinking. It had been years since I had sex with anyone but Nancy. Could I perform for Marcy with Nancy watching? I had only eaten a creampie from Nancy. Would it be different with Marcy? Would she cum so violently like Nancy does, or would she not enjoy it at all.

The following Saturday, I needed to go into work for a couple of hours. Nancy said, “Call me when you’re heading home, I’ll have a surprise for you when you get here.”

For a moment , I wondered if she was going to hook me up with Marcy this afternoon. I had other things on my mind and soon stopped wondering about her surprise.

When I had things wrapped up at work, I walked out to my truck and remembered to call Nancy. I drove home trying to imagine what her surprise could be.

When I got home Nancy hugged me, gave me a peck on the lips, and handed me a beer. We talked a bit, then she excused herself and went upstairs to our bedroom.

Several minutes later she called out, “Bill can you come up here, I need help with this.”

I went up to the bedroom and there was Marcy in a see through teddy sitting on our bed.

Nancy said, “Please help my lara rus escort friend learn how good you make me feel.”

My heart was pounding. Marcy looked so sexy! She smiled sheepishly.

I got onto the bed and kissed her passionately. Soon I was caressing her breasts as we kissed. Then I pulled the teddy off of her and tossed it to Nancy. I licked and sucked her large nipples as Marcy moaned. Then Marcy said, “You’re overdressed Bill.”

She started removing my shirt, then unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. I kicked off my shoes and socks and stepped out of my pants. She then grabbed at my cock through my boxer briefs. I was geting hard. Then I pulled my shorts off and we were both naked.

Nancy didn’t say a word as Marcy and I rolled onto the bed and kissed passionately. Soon I was sucking her nipples again. Then I kissed lower. I licked her navel and asked, “May I lick your pussy Marcy?”

“Please do.” was her response. She was shaved completely. Her large inner labia were damp. Her pussy was like a butterfly. I looked at it for a moment then I kissed her inner thighs and inhaled the womanly aroma. Then I licked her pussy from bottom to top. Soon I was concentrating on the area above and below her clit. I licked and sucked her for several minutes until she had an orgasm.

Then I slid up and started to enter her hot pussy. She grabbed my head and kissed me. I knew she was tasting her pussy on my lips. I easily slid into her pussy and started stroking. She moaned a lot and was humping back violently. I looked over at Nancy who was just smiling while I kept pumping her best friend. I pushed into her as far as I could and ground into her in a circular motion. Marcy start to whimper and then squeezed me tightly with her arms and legs. She had a nice orgasm.

“This is crazy,” I though as we continued screwing. Nancy was fully clothed just watching and smilimg.

After a while I told Marcy to get on her hands and kneees so we could go doggy style. When she did I kisssed her pussy from behind. She said, “Oh, I didn’t expect that.” Then we screwed doggy for a while and she had another orgasm.

After she had cum I got her on her back and we fucked like rabbits until I told her I was about to cum. “Do it Billy, cum in my pussy!’ she cried out.

That old familiar feeling started as I started to cum and cum into this lovely woman’s pussy. Words can’t explain that feeling. When it was over I rolled off of her and lay next ot her.

Then Nancy walked over to us and took a cell phone picture of us naked lying on the bed. Then she said, “Spread you legs Marcy.” She took a picture of Marcy’s pussy leaking my cum.

We lay there catching our breath. I knew what had to do next, but my desire had just run out. I wasn’t horny at all, but I knew I had to eat Marcy’s cum filled pussy now.

I said, “May I eat your pussy now, Marcy.”

“Oh God yes, Please Billy!”

Down I went. i sucked at her nipples for a moment then kissed her navel. Nancy was watching. She smiled at me. Then I went lower. Her pussy was wet and leaking cum. She smelled like sex! That started to turn me on. I took a long lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her hood. Marcy just moaned. Then I started to lick and suck her messy pussy as she moaned and humped my face. As it usually happens, I was suddenly turned on again. She was really getting off on this and so was I. Then I stuck my tongue into the hole my dick had just cum in. She wrapped her legs around my head and screamed, “Suck me, suck me!” She was cumming and I was sucking. I could smell and taste our sex, it was amazing.

Soon she straighted her legs and pulled her pussy away from me. I lay quietly with my head on her thigh. Then I asked, ”Do you want more?”

“Please,” she said.

I went back to licking and sucking her wonderful pussy. She cried out, “This is so nasty! Are you okay?’

Nancy said “He loves it. Don’t you Billy?”

“I do Marcy, I love doing this!”

I then went down and kissed her asshole.

Marcy swooned.

I went back to sucking and licking her pussy. I stuck my tongue into her hole again and tongue fucked her. Then I worked her clit and sucked at her hole. I was sucking out a lot of juices. I swallowed and continued.

She finally had another orgasm and said, “Enough.”

I said, “Thank you Marcy, i really enjoyed that.” I gave her pussy a kiss and sat up.

Nancy asked Marcy, “Was that the strongest orgasm of you life?

“It was! It really was! I had no idea. Thanks, both of you. it was more than amazing.”

I told her, “No thanks necessary. We’d have never started doing this if you hadn’t told Nancy about it.”

Then Marcy asked, “Doesn’t it gross you out Billy, you have to be eating a lot of you own stuff.”

“At first i thought it would be gross too. I really didn’t want to do it, but it seemed to mean so much to Nancy. I did it for her sake but strangely, I got excited againd doing it. Remember, I get a lot of girl stuff in my mouth too, and I love that. I honestly really love doing this, and we it all owe you for turning us on to this.”

“Well one thing is for sure. When I get a new guy he had better learn to like creampies too.”

Then Nancy said, “I can show him how much you like it. I videoed Billy eating your pie on my cell. Want to send a copy to Jeff?”

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