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Kellie’s Little Sister

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I returned from shopping late to find a message on the answering machine from Kellie. She said that her sister was going to be in town for the weekend and wondered if we could get together for lunch. Knowing Kellie, I was certain she wanted to come out here for lunch, probably more. I thought again about it and realized it was probably just for lunch as I figured she had probably not told her sister about any of our little adventures.

“Hey Marsha!” she said with a laughing voice. “I was hoping you’d call. My sister, Katie is in town for the weekend and I was wondering if we could meet for lunch?”

“How about dinner tomorrow?” I asked. “I’ll buy!”

“That sounds even better! How about meeting us in town around seven?” she said excitedly.

“One question…….What have you told her about our little adventures?” I asked, not really expecting to get a straight answer.

“A long pause and then “Not much really! Only that we have had sex together!”

“Please tell me not ALL the details!” I pleaded.

“None of them, she just wants to meet you since you’re my friend.” Kellie stated.

“OK! As long as that’s all!” See you at seven tomorrow!”

Somehow, I felt that there was some other motive for the rendezvous.

Carl was out doing his fishing thing for the weekend so I really was looking forward to going out for dinner. As Friday afternoon went by, I tried to decide what to wear. It was hot so I finally opted for a little short jean skirt and a light cotton white shirt. Nothing fancy, just comfortable. I also put on white cotton boy shorts, just in case we had to sit at the bar for a while.

After dressing, I went out and put the top down for the seven mile drive to town. Driving down that windy road always makes me a little wet, probably from driving too fast, but wet none the less. Thoughts went through my mind about what this evening might be all about.

Then again I thought “She’s her sister. That would be too weird!” That visual immediately put any sexual thoughts back deep in my mind.

I arrived precisely at seven to find the two of them waiting outside in the little park-like area outside the restaurant. After I parked and was walking to them, I was amazed at how much alike they looked. Katie was taller and a little thinner than Kellie, but the face was the same. Pixie-like little grin, perfect teeth, and gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair. Katie’s was longer than Kellie’s but you could certainly see the family traits.

“Good evening ladies!” I said as I hugged Kellie. “And…..you must be Katie?” I added as I released my hug on Kellie and gave her the same. “Kellie’s told me so much about you!”

“All good, I hope!” she giggled. Even her little laugh was the same.

“Nothing but!” I replied.

We went in the restaurant and were told it would be an hour or more, but we could go in the bar. Not a problem with that. Kellie took the lead and we found a table near the little fountain where water flowed over a bronze girl washing in the falls.

“Perfect!” I thought to myself.

They sat opposite me at the table and were soon blessed with three Cosmos in front of us. They know what we like.

We had finished the first and were waiting on the second before the conversation changed to something of a sexual nature. I had a feeling it was coming, but it still surprised me a little.

“Kellie told me how you two first got together. Awesome!” Katie sort of blurted out.

I saw Kellie blush a little and teased her. “Make you hot, does it?”

She just giggled a little and smacked Katie on the arm.

“So what else has she told you?” I asked as I glared at Kellie.

“Not much just that you brought her out of her shell. We both have, or should I say had a problem, but now it’s just me.” Katie said with some hesitation.

I turned my glare from Kellie and softened my look as I turned my conversation toward Katie. The only thing I could tell from looking at her upper body was that she appeared to have bigger breasts than Kellie, but everything else was totally familial.

“It’s the bra!” she said noticing my gaze. “My boobs are smaller than Kellie’s and I’m very self-conscious about them!”

“Since you started this conversation, tell her everything!” Kellie insisted.

Now on our second drink, I knew that dinner was going to be cancelled. This conversation was probably best not had in the bar.

“Let’s finish our drinks and go out to our place!” I suggested quickly.

“Good idea!” Kellie added quickly as she gulped hers down.

I paid the tab and we walked to the parking lot.

“I’ll follow you!” Kellie said as she walked to her car. Katie………you ride with Marsha!”

We got in the Beamer, top still down and pulled out of the lot. Kellie was right behind. Fifteen minutes later, we pulled in the drive. I parked in the garage and Katie and I got out. She walked out ahead of me and watching her cute little butt in those tight jeans made me lubricate a little into my Ankara escort panties. She really had a nice backside, but really had pretty boyish hips. Now that I knew her bra was just a prop, I could really see the genes matched in the two of them.

Kellie was already sitting on the porch when we walked up the steps.

“How about another drink? She asked with her patented giggle.

“Cosmo?” I asked rhetorically.

A simultaneous “Please!” was the answer.

I went in the bar and quickly made us a pitcher, knowing that one probably wouldn’t do it, and then returned with it and three glasses.

“Dinner is served!” I said, pouring everyone a stem.

About that time Ranger walked around the corner of the house. I looked at Kellie who just shook her head a little, letting me breath a little sigh of relief.

Halfway through our fist drink Katie finally spoke out.

“I have a real problem and Kellie said you might be able to help!”

I immediately knew where this was going. Katie was Kellie all over again. She’d inherited more than just physical resemblance. She had that little mental thing going, too.

“Can’t reach that place you’d like to go?” I asked.

“Not even alone!” she just blurted out.

“She can help!” Kellie exclaimed.

By this time I was feeling like a den mother; albeit a horney one, but a den mother none the less. I could feel my vagina contract a little and knew my panties were very damp, and getting soggier by the minute.

“I’ve tried everything, but I think I’m so self-conscious about my body that it just stops me cold. Guys are no help at all. I won’t take off my bra, and, when they find out how small my boobs are, they usually just don’t want to get involved at all. Boobs are everything to most of them!”

Boy was this familiar. Kellie had the same problem when she finally got the courage to confront me last year. I knew why Kellie wanted her to meet me. Kellie wanted me to help her out. Instantly, my vagina contracted again, this time what I would call a mini orgasm rippled from my uterus and caused another increase in flow into my already soaking panties.

I stood up and poured us each another Cosmo, then, lifted the hem of my skirt exposing myself to the two of them. Kellie giggled a little. Katie’s eyes widened a bit.

“Look what you did to me, Katie!” I said with sincerity.” You made my clean panties a gooey mess!”

“God! I think I just wet mine, too!” Kellie giggled.

“Would you like me to make you cum?’ I asked Katie point blank.

There was no answer, just a nod.

“Bring your Cosmos in the house and let’s get comfortable!” I ordered.

As we entered the living room, I turned back to the two ladies following me and unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my hardened nipples. I gave each one a tweak and then took off the shirt. Next came or should I say off came my skirt. It fell to the floor and I just stood there in front of them in a pair of sandals and very wet underwear.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” I asked.

“Only in fantasies!” she said with a hint of embarrassment.

Kellie went and sat down in a recliner as I walked to Katie. I slowly grasped her cheeks and brought her face to mine. I kissed her gently on the mouth, slowly at first until I heard her whine just a little deep in her throat and then part her lips ever so slightly. I now began to lick her lips and open her mouth with my tongue. She accepted it willingly and soon had her tongue snaking back and forth in my mouth as we did a tongue battle with each other. The whole time I kept my hands on her cheeks, holding her in a soft bondage. We kissed like that for several minutes until I could feel a little sense of urgency in her response.

I released my hold on her cheeks and slid my hands down her side and slowly began pulling her top out of her jeans. She resisted a little.

“No please leave it on!” she whined a bit.

“I want you naked! I want to suck your beautiful tits!” I insisted.

She seemed to resign herself to the fact that I was going to undress her and relaxed a little as I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. I turned her around and began sliding my hands up under the edges of her bra and the resistance returned. I felt her stiffen a little as my hands reached fully under her bra and I cupped her breasts, replacing the bra with warm fingers. Her breasts were indeed smaller than Kellies, but her areola were very swollen as I squeezed them and ran my fingers to her now stiffened buds. Katie relaxed a little now and I removed one hand and unhooked her bra, removing the straps from her shoulders and finally allowing it to drop to the floor.

I turned her around again and pressed my nipples into hers, rubbing back and forth, feeling her already massive areola rubbing against mine. Let me tell you how wet my panties were by this time. I lowered my mouth to her buds and sucked one whole breast into my mouth, all resistance was gone and Katie seemed to be enjoying my ministrations Ankara escort bayan to her tiny rock hard nipples. One breast in my mouth, and one in my hand, I used my free hand to began sliding it to her jeans. I slowly undid the first button, then another and could now almost get my hand down her pants. Again, there was a little more resistance.

“I removed my hand from the waist of her jeans and looked up at her face. She had the look in her eyes that seemed to say “I want you to stop, but I don’t want you to stop!”

“Why don’t we lie down on the floor?” I suggested, slowly pulling her down with me. She lay there for a moment and then unbuttoned the last three on her jeans and I assisted her in removing her pants. I could see her panties were very wet and knew she was extremely aroused. I could also see the extraordinarily prominent bulge at the opening to her vagina. Katie had the same anatomical anomaly as Kellie.

I reached up to take them off and she stopped me. “Please leave them on!” she begged.

“That’s going to make it difficult!” I hoarsely whispered. “But………all right.”

I began to massage her mound with the heel of my palm, avoiding any contact with her what I imagined to be very swollen clit. She began to force her pelvis up into my hand and little mews escaped her lips, as if pleading for some kind of release.

I turned to look at Kellie, who was now down to just her panties, slowly working herself up as she watched from the comfort of the chair. The little vixen was getting off watching me with her little sister. I guess we’re all voyeurs at heart.

I turned my attention back to Katie’s face. It had reddened and she was showing fine beads of perspiration on her forehead. I allowed my hand to slide lower and brushed her panty covered clit with my finger. It was as if a lightning bolt had hit it. She bucked a little and then stiffened. That clit was too sensitive for direct contact right now. I slid my hand lower and began forcing her panties into her hole. The material was really soggy and I forced my fingers about an inch inside her. She was looking at me with her eyes wide open as I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked on them. Her eyes fluttered and closed and I returned my hand back to her crotch. This time, I slid two fingers under the leg of her panties and up inside her. She was very tight, but very wet! I began to slowly work my fingers deeper inside, each time bringing a vocal response from her.

The sounds were garbled and literarily meaningless, but I knew she was enjoying my actions. I now brought my thumb up to the top of her slit and was not fully prepared for what I encountered. I thought Kellie had a big clit, but Katie’s felt huge. As my thumb slid under it, she stiffened a little again and I stopped. For the next half hour or more, I continued to finger her, her vagina still profusely lubricating and labia swelling. Each time I touched her clit, she tensed. Her breath was raspy and I knew she was desperately trying to climb the mountain. To no avail. I knew I had to do something else and withdrew my now three very gooey fingers from her panties.

She opened her eyes again and had that “Please don’t stop!” look in them.

I brought the fingers to my mouth and slowly licked them clean, enjoying the delicious taste of her womanhood with each lick. The entire time I gazed deep into her eyes trying to understand her psyche.

“I’m going to take those panties off now, if that’s OK with you?” I told her rather than asked.

At this point, she couldn’t do anything but raise her hips and allow me to peel them down her legs. For the first time, I got to see her “perceived problem”. Protruding out from her hairless pouting labia was a clit bigger than I had thought possible. It was a deep purple, fully engorged appendage that had to be over an inch long and as big around as my thumb.

“Oh to be that lucky!” I thought to myself.

I ran my hand back to her swollen hole and now easily slid three fingers into her. I still avoided contact with her girl cock and began fingering her harder, forcing my fingers deep inside her with each stroke. She was responding to each stroke by lifting her hips from the floor and forcing me deeper inside. The sloshing sounds from her saturated vault really made me wet myself even more. It had now been almost an hour since I started working on her, and she seemed close a few times, but then fell short. I slowly pulled my fingers from her and lowered myself to the floor between her legs. My face was now only a few inches from her sex. The heady aroma of her copious lubrication permeated my nostrils and I inhaled deeply. Nothing smells better than the sent of an arouse vagina!

I slowly licked her thigh and she grabbed my head and stopped me.

“Noooooooooooo!” she wailed a little as I approached her hole.

I couldn’t tell if she meant it or didn’t want me to stop.

I looked over at Kellie, who just gave me a thumbs up and I lowered my mouth back to Katie’s sex. Escort Ankara This time I didn’t waste time or motion trying to stick my tongue in her vagina, but rather, sucked her clit into my mouth and jammed three fingers into her vagina at the same time. Her clit filled my pursed lips and I swirls my tongue around it, bobbing my head like I was sucking cock. She lay beneath me, rigid as I fellated her and fingered her in unison with my sucking lips. Each time I bobbed on her organ, she stiffened a little and then humped against my mouth. I ran my free hand up to her breast and began squeezing her areola and nipples; each time eliciting a vocal response from her.

Ten minutes of sucking and I was getting tired. My lips were aching a bit from being pursed around her clit for so long. I was about to change my strategy when I felt her vagina tighten around my fingers. Her clit began to throb between my lips and I knew she was going to cum.

Oh boy did she!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jesusssssssss! I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm!” she wailed at the top of her lungs’

Uhhhhhh, uhhhhh, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” she screamed, her vagina pulsing on my fingers as she lubricated profusely around them. He clit throbbing like a cock between my lips, now tightly wrapped around her and sucked as far into my mouth as I dared.

My first orgasm wasn’t like that one. I figure she had been holding it in a long time.

She finally stopped screaming and shuddering and pulled my head back from her sex. Her clit popped out of my mouth with a smack and she collapsed back on the floor. She was beet red from head to toe and I knew she’d finally made it. I smiled inside and just lay there, my head resting on one hand as I licked her juices from the other.

I’d had a little orgasm myself when she came. Satisfying!

I looked over at Kellie again, and knew she had probably arrived at the same time. She now just lazily diddled herself and stared off into space.

When Katie finally spoke it startled me a bit.

“That was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had! Thought my uterus was going to fall out. I can’t believe it. I came!”

I just laughed softly as said”Gets easier from here on! Trust me! How do you feel, really?”

“Happy, horney, and amazed. Thought I was going to pee myself!” she giggled.

“Did someone say pee?” came out of Kellie’s lips.

I rolled over onto my back and pointed to my mouth, knowing what Kellie meant.

“If you insist!” she giggled again.

Katie had a puzzled look on her face as she looked over at me with my finger pointing to my mouth. Kellie knelt over my face and, facing Katie, began squirting little jets of pee into my open mouth. Though I could see her face, I was fairly certain it was a look of surprise as she watched Kellie empty her bladder down my open throat.

When Kellie finished, I gave her a lick and she got up and stood over me, hands on hips and legs spread. “Thanks!” was all she said.

I turned to look at Katie, who did have the doe in the headlight look on her face. “You want to?” pointing at my mouth.

She blushed a little “Three cosmos, I really do need to, but I couldn’t!”

“Sure you can. She just made you cum didn’t she? Give the nasty slut her reward!” Kellie giggled evilly.

“Are you sure?” she asked looking at me.

“Just piss in my mouth!” I almost snarled, caught up in the slut thing.

Katie got up and then knelt over my waiting mouth. She held herself above me and I watched as she contracted her muscles, forcing the first stream of hot urine from her bladder. It splashed in my mouth and I swallowed quickly, knowing that she would now began a steady stream. I brought my head up and locked my lips over her labia as the stream began. She bucked against my face as her hot urine entered my throat. My nose was rubbing her clit as she emptied herself into my mouth. She shuddered and wailed as she finished peeing.

“Ohhh my God…….I’m cummming again!”

I moved my lips up over her clit again and let her finish her orgasm with my chin somewhere up into her vagina, my lips glued to her girl cock.

When she stopped spasming she slid off me, waving her hand over her dripping hole.

“I just rolled over a little and spoke with a smile “See, I told you it would get easier”.

“Who wants to hot tub it?” asked Kellie.

Kay and I got up and followed Kellie to the deck. We all slid into the tub and for a moment just sat there, allowing the hot water flow over us. Finally Katie spoke.

That was worth the wait!” she almost beamed. “Worth the wait!”

“You do realize there’s reciprocity involved here, don’t you?” Kellie added.

“Don’t think I’ll have a problem with that!” Katie sighed.

I just smiled and kept my mouth shut. My vagina was throbbing with anticipation of being filled with something, and I wasn’t concerned with what. I thought about the first time Kellie and I got together and that just made me even hotter. My only wish was that Robin was here to take care of Kellie’s extra needs, but then I figured she could pretty much take care of herself, or force me to. Looking at the two of them sitting across from me in the tub was almost like a wet dream.

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