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Kevin And Tarsi

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Kevin And TarsiKevin And TarsiBy: Londebaaz Chohan The coffee machine finished brewing. Kevin had purposely made extra, just in case Tarsi would like some. He offered it to Tarsi and he joined Kev at the table. They talked about various things and at one point Tarsi asked Kevin if he lived alone and the answer was yes. Then, blushing, Kev asked Tarsi if he was married or lived alone too. Tarsi replied with a smile that yes, he lived alone and was not married. Kevin did not know if Tarsi realized what an effect he was having on Kevin, sitting so close that he could smell the sexy scent of Tarsi’s body.It was Saturday, relatively early morning. Kevin just woke up and turned to see the sunlight in his bedroom through the window. It looked great and Kevin also felt wonderful remembering his dream, just before he woke up. He was being fucked deep and grandiose by a blond stud with healthy, strong and long uncut cock while sucking another big one eagerly. As it usually happens, Kevin woke up just as his stud started ejaculating in his ass. Now Kevin’s cock was throbbing in his tight pink silk bikini panties under the pink silky nightgown and it all felt so sexy and feminine as he stretched himself on the satin bed sheets. He held and fondled his cock, fantasizing the sudden end of his dream and the phone rang. Kevin looked at the clock, it was two minutes passed 9:00 AM. It must be Tarsi the Electrician, who promised to call and come to finish the work in the kitchen by the afternoon. Tarsi said, he will arrive within 45 minutes. They had never met so far but he gave a good price to Kevin and promised to go a decent job and also accepting the payment by cash, check or credit card.Kevin jumped off the bed and rushed to the bathroom for a shower. After a quick shower, he chose the outfit for the day. Normally on the weekend, he generally dressed feminine in a girly outfit but since Tarsi, the electrician was showing up soon, he decided not to indulge heavily in his fem side and just wore some sexy lingerie under his male dress pants. He only wore a pink satin garter belt with lace trim and matching bra and panties over the sheer stockings. To cover it he put on a tight black leather pants giving him a very sexy feeling of his silk enclosed buns being rubbed against the smooth leather. He topped it with a t-shirt and a slip on shoes. Soon as he was ready, the bell rang and Kevin opened the door. For a second he was breathless to see the blond guy, who had fucked him in his dream, now standing in front of him. Doubting, if Tarsi noticed his nervousness, he greeted the man and extended his hand. Tarsi was so beautiful, almost the same height as Kevin, deep green eyes, wearing a tight t-shirt and blue jean shorts. His sculpted broad chest, tapering to the narrow waist was showing also revealing his strong and hairy legs and thighs as well. The bulge where his cock and balls were hidden was also big.Kev led him to the kitchen, suddenly being self-conscious that Tarsi was looking at his tight buns wrapped in leather. Kevin was almost 30, gay and had been long out of closet but still had extremely little gay experience with adult men. As an 18 year old teen, he was seduced couple of times by mature men but nothing beyond that he let them suck his hefty 7’’ cock and big low hung balls. Being very good looking and masculine, Kevin had good short term relationship with girlfriends also. None but only one of his girlfriend had ever learnt of his secret feminine side and the fantasies of enjoying to be with men. Anyhow, Kev felt that Tarsi was not only looking but thinking of him as a ‘flaming fag’ dressed in tight leather pants at 9:00 AM in the morning. Now worried that Tarsi might be able to see the straps of his bra, he walked faster to reach the kitchen. Tarsi gave no hint of having noticed anything out of the normal but Kevin had caught him glancing covertly at him with a smile for his already big and still growing bulge in the crotch of the leather pants making his cock throb all the more and also his ass squirming in the tight confines of the panties and the leather pants. Kevin had not yet taken his breakfast and as Tarsi set up to start working, Kevin sat with a bowl of cereals and asked Tarsi if he could plug in the coffee brewer and he did. What a hunk Tarsi was! His larger muscles, sculpted heavy upper arms in the shirt were visible. Kevin fantasized to strip his shirt and the jean shorts to reveal whatever he was hiding. Suddenly Tarsi stopped working and took off his shirt, facing away from Kevin. Kevin was so mesmerized by the sight that when Tarsi turned quickly, he caught Kevin lusting over his naked upper body and Kevin had no way out but to smile and look back at the magazine güvenilir bahis in front of him. From that moment Kevin was very careful but could not stop himself completely from looking at Tarsi. His bare chest, perky beautiful manly hard and pointed nipples, punched in rippling washboard stomach and his huge frontal bulge in the shorts was the main attraction that might be erecting too.The coffee machine finished brewing. Kevin had purposely made extra, just in case Tarsi would like some. He offered it to Tarsi and he joined Kev at the table. They talk about various things and at one point he asked Kevin if he lived alone and the answer was yes. Then, blushing, Kev asked Tarsi if he was married or lived alone too. Tarsi replied with a smile that yes, he lived alone and was not married. Kevin did not know if Tarsi realized what an effect he was having on Kevin, sitting so close that he could smell the sexy scent of Tarsi’s body. Without realizing, what he was doing, Kevin crossed his legs which exposed his stocking to Tarsi. They kept talking about the work, Tarsi was going to do for Kevin when Kevin noticed him looking at the stocking intently. Feeling embarrassed, Kevin quickly changed his posture but his face had turned red with humiliation. Kevin could only finish his coffee quickly and go back to the bedroom, leaving Tarsi busy at work. Lying in bed, Kevin’s mind swirled with confusion and excitement as he thought about Tarsi. Why did he ask Kevin, if he lived alone and what was that very toxic smile all about! Was there a possibility of Tarsi being a gay man or bisexual at least and was he attracted to Kevin? It was so sweet even to imagine this thought.Setting aside all other fantasy thoughts besides the image of being with Tarsi, Kevin stood in his bedroom in front of the mirror and removed his leather pants while caressing his hard and throbbing cock through the sexy silk panties. Thinking of Tarsi being occupied with the work for some time, Kevin decided to dress up in the privacy of his bedroom and indulge himself with the fantasies. He pulled the silicone boobs from the dresser and slipped them in the bra. Then taking out an extra mini, ultra-sexy pink dress from the closet, slipped it on. It felt so sexy, as he ran his hand along the side of this dress that it made him moan aloud. The dress was really tight and well molded to his body hardly housing the jutting boobs and so short to barely cover his ass buns in the panties. After applying some lip gloss, he took his thigh length pink boots that matched his dress and slipped his stocking covered legs into them. Lying back on the satin sheets of his bed, he gazed up in the overhead mirror arranged in the ceiling. With his athletic body and masculine features, he looked damn sexy to himself. He was looking at the reflection of a very good looking man with a tanned athletic body in the very sexy feminine clothing and handsome face softened with touch of makeup.After removing his leather pants, he could not resist fondling his aching, throbbing hard cock, very clearly outlined against the tight confines of his mini dress while running the other hand over his jutting boobs. Actually, he was imagining caressing Tarsi’s hard chest and slipping down to fondle his tight ass, molding Tarsi’s body against his own and feel his cock pressing against his own. Sliding onto his knees Kevin faced the enormous manly cock outlined and pressed against the denim shorts. His hands trembled with anticipation as he unzipped and took out at least a 10’’, 10 pound cut cock without the prison of underwear. The pre cum glazed cock head pressed against Kevin’s lips making him so much turned on to cum any moment. He had to reach for the dildo under his pillow to take between his lips or in the ass before shooting.Suddenly, he decided to get a fucking by Tarsi and covered the dildo with a lube and then attached the suction cup base to the small table, he had just for this purpose. Pushing his panties to aside, he raised his mini dress and lowered himself until the tip of the model cock was pressing against his asshole. Then imagining the strong hands of Tarsi, gripping his hips and further lifting his dress and pulling the panties more to a side, even lowering it to expose the asshole much clearer to take his dangerous looking cock in between the buns. In the mist of pleasure, Kev heard Tarsi calling for him and his steps approaching near in the hallway. In severe panic, Kevin pulled his panties to cover him up, grabbed his dildo off the table and ran to the closet. Hardly slipping inside and closing the door just in time for the door to his bedroom to be pushed open, causing the big dildo to slip out of his hands to land between the güvenilir bahis siteleri closet door cracks. Seeing Tarsi come in the bedroom and looking for Kevin was more than needed to make him freeze and even stop breathing in the closet. He was dazed to see Tarsi walk over to the bed and pick up the leather pant, quickly raising up to his face and inhaled the smell of leather. Then he slowly took a seat on the bed and began removing his shoes and socks. Kevin was totally captivated by this handsome man getting ready to undress in his bedroom. His cock was pressing very hard against the tight constraints of the panties as he saw Tarsi slip off his denim shorts to reveal his crimson red bikini thong underneath, ready to rip at the seams.Then Tarsi took off his thong to expose the biggest and the most beautiful cock ever seen by Kevin. Positively more than 10’’ and more than 10 pounder as was anticipated by Kevin earlier. The mystery of Tarsi being a leather freak like Kevin was solved as he started to slip on the leather pants. Quickly tucking his monster cock in, Tarsi zipped up the pants, turned towards the mirror on the closet door to have a look now facing his bulge exactly towards Kevin hiding in the closet. He looked very sexy as he stood caressing his cock and looking at the mirror. Kevin’s big cock was also straining bad against the front of his tight panties and he quietly reached down to start fondling himself. Looking at the curious face of Tarsi, directly towards the mirror and Kevin inside the closet, suddenly Kevin realized that the dildo was stuck between the cracks of the closet door but its full head was extended outwards from the closet door. He held his breath as Tarsi approached, kneeled to reach the dildo. As a caution, Kevin leaned back in the closet but hit some hangers behind him to bring Tarsi’s attention to him. Tarsi immediately stood up as Kevin opened the door and stepped out. Tarsi was frightened but his eyes widened to see Kevin dressed and whispered, “Oh my God! I am embarrassed that you have caught me dressing in your clothes”! Blushed red with his own shame, Kevin responded, “Don’t worry, I do not mind and the pants fit you quite well. I did not want you to see me dressed like this and I hope, I have not discomforted you Tarsi! I do not know why but I guess, you already had an idea that I liked to dress as a girl”.“Yeah, I happen to notice earlier that you were wearing the stockings under your pants and I could even see the outline of your bra under the t shirt. You look gorgeous dressed like a girl and sexier than couple girls I know”. Responded Tarsi in detail.Tarsi’s words excited Kevin, making his cock spring to life in a jiffy against his will and pressed forward showing a very pronounced outline. Kevin squirmed a little with sexy lust for him, staring at the throbbing bulge of Tarsi in the front of his leather pants, worn by the electrician. “You look very, very sexy in these pants Tarsi, except that they are very tight and do not seem to fit so well around here”. He did not hesitate to put his hand against the throbbing outline of his throbbing cock while whispering in the ear of Tarsi. Kevin kept holding Tarsi’s cock though the tight leather pant and gripped it even tight as Tarsi moaned in pleasure. With his other hand Kevin had reached behind to fondle his ass globes covered in leather pants. Suddenly Tarsi placed his strong hands around Kevin, groping his buns and pulled him much closer, pressing his sexy lips against the glossy lips of Kevin, slipping his tongue into Kevin’s mouth.Kevin was molding his body against his and asking himself if that was happening for real. Their tongues were swirling and both were moaning deep and soft lusting for each other as their cocks throbbed and rubbed together in covers. Soon Tarsi had slipped a hand below the hem of Kevin’s dress for playing with his buns through the silky panties. Kevin was getting emotional, telling Tarsi that his strong arms around Kevin felt very protective and he loved to be there. He was groping the well-rounded ass cheeks of Tarsi as he kept whispering complements to Tarsi. Having seen the youthful cock of Tarsi, Kevin knew, what he wanted and began slowly trailing his mouth to it. He did not miss kissing and nibbling on the manly shoulders, neck and behind the ears, down to his hard sweet nipples making Tarsi moan senseless and appreciating Kevin as a perfect girl for use by Tarsi. “Oh love, you are so sexy. I am going to complete your transformation by fucking you as only a man can. Ouhhh fuck you girl”. Tarsi’s words were exciting Kevin to no end. He began fondling Tarsi’s hard cock in the leather pants with one hand while tweaking twisting his nipple iddaa siteleri with the other and sucking his other nipple. Kevin’s constantly dripping hard 7’’ cock was constantly being rubbed against the leg of Tarsi in the smooth leather pants. It was getting impossible for Kevin to wait much more to make him drop on his knees for sucking and licking of the very obvious outline of the Electrician’s fat and long cock over the leather pants while fondling his buns from behind. Fucking smell and the taste of the leather was surely amazing and so was the feel of his ass bubbles through the leather. Suddenly Tarsi gripped Kevin’s head from behind and forced his leather wrapped cock against the eager mouth. “You fucking bitch, you need my cock, you are going to get it, motherfucking slut, you”. Screamed Tarsi, “Tell me how badly you want it, whore”?“I love having you dominate me, it makes me feel so feminine and very submissive to your sex. I want your lovely huge cock between my lips to start off right now. Please let me take it out and lick it all over. I want to make it ready to fuck before you raise the hem of my dress, push my panties to a side and fuck me endless”. Kevin was very elaborate. Now standing up again, Kevin pressed his glossy lips against Tarsi’s lips shivering with lust and pressed his eager cock against Tarsi’s cock in leather pants. “Please let me have your cock now”. Kevin uttered once again and without waiting for an answer, dropped to his knees again, unzipping Tarsi’s pants until his killer cock jumped out. The larger, sweeter oval looking cockhead was shimmering with the oozing pre cum. Tarsi’s hand fell to it quickly and pushed it towards Kevin’s mouth, “You want to suck me, motherfucking bitch you”! He shouted. Kevin took the cock helmet in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, especially into the crevice on the underside, making Tarsi to squirm and quiver, spilling a faster flow of salty pre cum. Kevin slurped the pre cum and kept bobbing his head at the swelling cock knob. He was trying to give the best and memorable blowjob to Tarsi. “Oooouunnnghhhhh FUCK”! Tarsi growled and shoved his full length forward into Kevin’s mouth. It was too long for Kevin to house it in his mouth and throat. Kevin became more eager playing with Tarsi’s ass from behind as he did his best on the impossible cock. He wanted to shove a finger in tarsi’s ass but the leather pants was not letting it happen. The struggle was on and now Kevin’s own cock was spilling so much to seep out of the silk panties and almost making a puddle and then Kevin’s jaw seemed to come off the hinge as already horse thick cock expanded still more and began spilling his male juice with continuous growls and sighs by Tarsi. “Suck me harder, sexy bitch. Suck me deeper girl”. His thrusts became much more fanatic as Kevin swallowed faster and eagerly. Tarsi’s body was arching in ecstasy as he shot no less than a dozen ropes of thick and creamy brew only his bull balls could make. As Kevin milked the last remaining drops, Tarsi’s cock became overly sensitive and Kevin had to let it go. Getting up on his feet, Kevin fixed his mini dress and wrapped his arms around Tarsi pressing his boobs against Tarsi’s naked chest. His own cock was feeling very slick and ready to blast within the tight silk panties and the mini dress.“That was amazing, you are some cocksucker bitch”. Tarsi murmured a praise. “You really know how to suck a man. Hope you feel like a woman now and are satisfied after a good dose of man’s juice”!! Kevin pressed himself against Tarsi’s hard, strong body while thinking about the question, Tarsi had posed. Kevin had actually never felt as complete as a woman before. Having Tarsi’s cock and his sex juice in his mouth had made him feel so desirable and sexy for men. “Love, I request you to fuck my ass-pussy and make me feel what a woman shall feel to have your giant size cock in her”. Tarsi giggled a little and then spoke softly telling Kevin that last night he had an extreme fun night and fucked someone in the ass all night. As a matter of fact, he came to tell him that he had to go to the store for buying some item he needed to finish the job and now with another spill of his cum, he surely needs to go and come back revived and ready to fuck him for as long as all night. He said, he was leaving all his work tools here. Kevin could see Tarsi’s cock moving and stirring in the leather pants. He thought of the cock that fucked him last night in his dream and now Tarsi was saying the same as Kevin had a feeling from the start that he had fucked him last night in his dream and tonight, he would love to make it a reality. “I shall wait for you after dark tonight, my man, in complete make up and revived as a pussy to take you in all night”.Tarsi did not forget to ask him his favorite liquor before walking out the door.The End. Your comments are a help to write better for you. Please write a line or two. Londebaaz Chohan May 24, 2020.

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