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Kevin the neighbor and I bring out Kim

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Kevin the neighbor and I bring out KimKevin moved in next door to me about 3 years ago. He is an IT type but like me shares a passion for rebuilding old cars. Kevin is young about 26 average build and He has a lovely friendly wife. Nothing out of the ordinary about them just your typical professional class but very friendly couple. His only unique feature is his rather long past the shoulders reddish brown hair. Kevin and I became great friends from the start, though he is shy and very soft spoken and does not talk much about himself nor do I pry.Last week I helping Kevin rebuild a worn transmission on a ’65 Mustang, one part was next to impossible to purchase and those for sale on e-bay were priced at highway robbery levels. I told Kevin it would take me a few hours on my lathe and milling machine to reproduce it and when I’m done I’ll bring it over. I am retired and Kevin is on a 2 week holiday so we can work on the project everyday especially that Katherine, Kevin’s wife is gone for a few days visiting her sister. We quit for the day I went home showered and was eager to fabricating the part.My estimate of how long it would take was double what it actually did. I had the part done and all dimensions checked in only a hour. I was so happy I went next door to show Kevin the part. Now understand Kevin and I just walk into each other’s open garage and will stick our head in it’s door to the house and just announce ourselves. Well with part in hand I entered Kevin’s garage opened the connecting door and shouted for him. I received no answer after several tries. Knowing Katherine was not around and just Kevin was home I walked through the door into his kitchen. No Kevin but I hear frantic scurrying in the family room and I thought God a Burglar maybe Kevin is upstairs and a Burglar is here I ran into the family room. What I saw next shook me to my very core.There was Kevin, dressed as a female whore. He also had made up his eyes and face and he did a very nice job at that. He wore nothing but suspenders, stockings and black high heeled shoes. Then I noticed what I am certain was a dildo held fast to the wooden floor by a strong suction cup. Kevin looked horrified and shocked. He stood there trembling and his face showed fear, shame and embarrassment. Kevin spoke, his voice breaking up with emotion.”Mike I beg you do not ruin my life, please I have so much to loose Katherine would leave me I would be devastated Please do not out me and destroy my life” Kevin then collapsed and sat on his black leather couch. I felt a little hurt and angry that Kevin thought I would destroy a person’s reputation and marriage when that person has always been a good friend and never done me any wrong or harm. I just stood there composing my self and forgave him because I realized the horrible situation he found himself in. I sat next to Kevin and reflexively placed my hand on his shoulder. I said “Kevin, is that what you think of me, that I would destroy a friends reputation and marriage when they have done nothing to hurt me?” “Listen Kevin don’t even give it a second thought I will tell no one and I mean no one about this.” “And Kevin this does not affect my friendship, I’m old, I’ve been around, everyone of us has a side or a fetish that society frowns on, we all do if we are human that is” Kevin’s mind did register one word of my statements, he was sobbing loudly and trembling uncontrollably, I felt so horrible that I caused this. I got up and pulled Kevin up by his elbows and shook him rather hard, I got into his face, and repeated my statements. It was during this time I noticed so much about Kevin. I noticed Kevin’s body was hairless his muscles had no definition and he actually had a girls curvy figure. Kevin continued to sob but his trembling stopped and he did understand when I repeated my statements to him the second time. Now it took a turn, I entered into an experience I will never forget. “Look Kevin now that you realize I have no intention of outing you I also want you to know that this side of you in no way disgusts me or makes me want to dissolve our friendship, you are hurting no one and as far as I am concerned people should do whatever floats their boat as long as they are not harming or forcing others, do you understand??” I went on “Kevin I’m so sorry I barged in, but I took the liberty because I knew Katherine is not home, Listen I was successful with the part. I will leave it with you, I will leave now and let you be alone to calm down and regain your composure, again I am so sorry this happened.””No Mike don’t leave I want to talk” With that Kevin got up and came very close to me, tears streaming down his cheeks, he just took the liberty to hug me and sob thank you about 5 times in a row. This is when I noticed something come over me, by reflex I hugged Kevin back and my God he felt so feminine, his skin so smooth and hairless, His long hair brushing on my neck and it’s scent was so delightful. I don’t know to this day what I was thinking but I moved my hands down from his back and held his ass cheeks.OMG my cock immediately responded, I was hard as steel and enjoying the feel and scent of this lovely feminine being in my arms. Kevin eventually noticed my huge erection, he backed up his torso and spoke. “OMG Michael you seem to enjoy this don’t deny that your rock hard, I’m so relived that my secret is safe but now I am ecstatic to know that you enjoy this side of me, BTW I am KIM please call me Kim today if you decide to stay”I said nothing, I started groping and feeling Kim all over. Then I lost all control, I pulled Kim to me hard and just started kissing her hard and passionately, after her 2 seconds of shock she reciprocated and accepted and returned my kissing with pleasure. I thought to myself “God man you are kissing another man and your rock hard am I a closet queer?”No I’m not I realized, it was Kim is so feminine in every way, it’s just normal male sexual chemistry and I let my feelings take control. Kim gently pulled free of my hold and actually started to unbutton my shirt while she spoke. “Michael, I was so scared my life was over, Katherine has no idea , she simply thinks my lack of body hair is some genetic roll of the dice, she has no idea I use depilatory and also shave. I keep all my clothes hidden in a closet in the basement she does no knows exists” I’m telling you this so that you understand I know Katherine could never accept this side of me and I would loose her. so I just cannot say thank you enough” By know Kim had slowly my shirt and under shirt. “Mike, maybe I can find a way to thank you that is meaningful and real, let me be up front, you are hard as a rock, you in now way tried to stop me from removing your shirt and undershirt, Mike would you like me to pleasure you? I promise I would enjoy it also, we would both find bliss in it and I promise you I do have much experience, Mike I have been this way for at least 10 years now but never for real, always fantasy with my toys and porn so maybe this could be great first time for us both””Yea Kim I am turned on, same as I would be with any gorgeous woman, I’d love to have you please me” Kim said nothing just smiled and nevşehir escort nodded yes. She then very slowly undid my belt and pants I then removed my shoes and was completely naked. I grabbed her and pulled her close, I wanted to feel that soft beautiful skin all over my body. God it felt better than I imagined, I held Kim with one arm and caressed her gorgeous healthy hair with the other. God her hair was so silky, full and had a delightful feminine scent. I then reached down and felt Kim’s nylon encased thighs. Her black stockings were such nice quality and her full firm thighs filled them softly. I cared not that a dick or what Kim taught me is called her clitty was in the area. Kim was holding my face and kissing me deeply as I groped and felt her all over. Kim had me stand, I knew what would come next if you excuse the pun. Kim got on her knees, she then the first cock other than her own. She just fondled it and caressed my balls and thighs, exploring you could say. My cock was throbbing from her sweet and delicate manipulation. “Mike stay right here, I want to cover my hands they could rough from all the mechanical work.” I was in a trance of lust, I barely registered a word, Kim was back in seconds wearing elbow length thin very thin leather opera gloves. OMG I almost came when she touched my cock with those. So soft and now so warm from Kim’s own body heat, the leather was extremely thin in fact I wrong they were suede. “Mike I am going to touch you all over, like some exotic a****l Hmmmmm” Kim’s gloves were all over me, then she wanked my cock very slowly while she slid the opera glove encased limb under my balls and alternately played with my cock-head as she oh so slowly wanked me. The feeling was intense I may be Kim’s first but God she knows how to pleasure a man. Kim looked up into my face with a glowing smile as she watched my face contort into reflections of ecstasy and pleasure. “Mike are you ready I have been thinking and practicing for years” Kim then took my cock-head in her mouth, she tickled and teased it with her lips and tongue. At the same time she caressed my high tight ball sack with those suede gloves. Kim sensed that I might cum right then, uncanny how she knew so she stood up and hugged me, as she did I noticed her clitty was still soft .Then she placed one hand on the back of my neck and proceeded to kiss me. When she stopped kissing she asked if I were “calmed down” enough so that she could continue what she called “cock worship” I nodded yes but pleaded she stop if I ask her to do so, she did not answer just gave me a real slutty look and licked her lips.Kim, back down on her knees again, this time she caressed by balls and used her other hand to pull my cock into her mouth. God it felt so good. Her tongue pressing and massaging the bottom of my cock while she rode the length of my shaft for and aft with her head. Kim was really enjoying herself , again she looked up into my face and cock filled mouth smiled, then I noticed Kim was touching and squeezing her chest and thighs herself with her free hand. Her face indicated that she was ecstatic and experiencing extreme pleasure. “Oh Kim I’m so happy you’re turned on to, I really want you to feel the type of pleasure I feel. Kim tell me what I can do to add to your pleasure” Kim removed my cock from her mouth, she kept me near the edge by wanking me super slowly, “Ok Michael do you know what edging is??” “Yes Kim I do learned as a teenager” “Ok Mike cooperate and let me edge you, I can tell when you’re going to cum, your breathing the intensity of your cock throbbing and the tremors of your thighs, tell me but if all that fails then help me and let me know to stop OK” Kim went back to her sucking and caressing, damn I only had to tell her twice to stop, all the other times when I reached the edge, she detected it.Kim’s started to bring herself to her own edge When she detected my next trip to the edge she spoke. “Michael can you come on cue do you think you can just hold out for another 5 minutes??” I assured her I could Kim said fine, when I slap your thigh, just go ahead and explode” Kim was sucking me with abandon her whole heaved forward and back as she tried to take such deep breaths threw her nose only. Just as I was about to fail and not be able to hold, Kim slapped my thigh hard, then she took her suede encased arm gently pressed my balls with her arm and also gently pressed on suede encased finger against my anus. I exploded, as I did I noticed Kim was having spasms and her soft clitty was furiously releasing one continuous flow of her girl juice.. Meanwhile, Kim applied just the right amount of pressure against my balls and I never felt anything like suede touch me back there. She used both her arm on my balls and finger pressing my anus to actually control me. I swear I shot a large violent rope every time she applied more pressure to both places, then relaxed the pressure when that rope was complete. fired rope after rope of hot nasty cum, Kim received each one in her mouth, then by the fourth rope she removed my cock from her mouth and finished my climax by rubbing my cock head all over her face, I swear I shot another 4 strings of nasty cum. Now I noticed the large puddle of her girl juice, OMG she enjoyed. Her cute little clitty was still leaking amazing since it never became erect nor did I notice her touch it She slowly let my seed, which she did not swallow, leak from her mouth slowly where she caught it and wiped it into her already cum drenched face. She then proceeded to lick my cock clean. “Mike sit down and wait right here, Kim returned with a very damp hot bath towel so that I could clean myself of any cum she missed and Kim did the same to her face.”Michael, tomorrow I want you to come back around noon, I want my ass fucked by you, but we could not do that today. I first have to prepare my body, I’m sure you know what I mean” I leaped with joy!! “Kim how were you able to cum and remain so tiny and soft??” Kim laughed and smiled “Come on love get home get a good night’s sleep, I’ll explain to you tomorrow all about it, for now just know I enjoyed you intensely…” I interrupted “Kim I never had a climax like that in my life it was extraordinary” Kim hugged me then looked me in the face, what could have been the worst day of my life turned out so wonderful, Oh Michael you make me feel so nice about what you said” “Kim it is true I have no reason to lie” She kissed my cheek and said “I know that love, I’m so happy and you made me happy” We hugged tightly and I said goodbye. I could hardly get to sleep, I was like a c***d on Christmas eve so full of anticipation for the following day. Luckily I did and next thing I experience is my alarm clock screaming to bring me back to consciousness. It was 8:13 am when I was showered and fully dressed.The next 4 hours just seem to never pass. Finally my torment was over, I was so anxious yet nervous. I knocked on Kim’s door, the several seconds I waited were an eternity. Kim answered the door she was made-up beautifully every part of her makeup was perfect. Kim was wearing a white silk robe just long enough to cover her knees. niğde escort Kim welcomed me in and I took her and kissed her deeply, she accepted and reciprocated my deep kissing as we held each other tight. “Kim I was like a little k** last night, anticipating today yet truth be told a little nervous” Kim smiled a warm and acknowledging smile, she laid her head on my shoulder and simply said “Ye Mike tell me about it I went through the same thing, I hope you like how I dressed and made up for you just lets go slow, I want this to last I want to experience it all slowly” ‘Kim, first let you show you how I feel about your appearance” I took her hand and placed it on my rock hard cockI undid the robe’s sash, OMG Kim was dressed so hot, small fine fish net stockings in a deep red color, held up by a black garter belt and suspenders, she had on the tiniest black panties trimmed in very fine lace and was wearing high heeled boots of soft leather. Not very high were the boots just simply high enough to cover her calves, but they were very tight and conformed to her lovely calves perfectly.. I groped and felt Kim all over, I did not know where to start, but I was slow yet forceful. Kim’s eyes rolled shut and she took in the pleasure of being touched and of being vulnerable to my every whim and desire. She sighed and moaned with pleasure. Kim whispered in my ear to follow her and to her bedroom we went I holding her hand tightly just like 2 teenage lovers. When we got to the bedroom, Kim shook of her robe and opened her arms wide signaling for me to once again embrace and touch her. We spent several minutes embracing, I felt a feeling of power caused by me being fully dressed while touching, groping and caressing this nearly naked and beautiful feminine being. I grabbed her ass cheeks and firmly but slowly pulled her to me, we just stood there both of us really being turned on by my touching and groping of her firm round feminine ass and by my grinding my still clothed body into hers. Finally Kim spoke, “Come on Daddy, let me get you undressed I want to suck that sweet gorgeous cock “Kim was a master at undressing a man slowly yet so sensuously, no rapid ripping or tearing, no Kim was very slow and methodical, we both enjoyed her slow but sure undressing of me. When she got to my genes, she was surprised to find I chose not to wear any briefs or underwear she recoiled back for a second as my swollen cock sprang into her face. Kim laughed so hard, “You naughty boy, ahh I see you really like your Kim, God that cock is hard” she was gently feeling my cock and surprisingly her bare hands were not at all rough. Kim asked me to sit at the edge of the bed, Kim then got on her knees and aggressively pulled my legs open wide. BUT she then produced the dildo with the suction cup I saw yesterday when I “caught” her.”Michael, look in the mirror, there was a full length mirror, attached to the closet door, directly in line with me. OMG, Kim affixed the large black dildo firmly to the floor, lubed it and lubed her self. “Watch Michael, watch what you will feel and experience in a little while.” Kim began to slowly take my cock in her mouth, she did not get wild with it just slowly and methodically sucked it and used her tongue to caress the bottom of my shaft. Kim began fucking the dildo, OMG the sight of her beautiful ass, sliding up and down the dildo, was so erotic, my cock immediately started throbbing. Kim fucked the dildo as if she were trying to pull it off the floor against the force of it’s suction cup. It was obvious she could clamp it very hard with her anus muscles. Kim removed my cock for a moment her face was slutty and filled with wild lust, “You like what you see Daddy, I know you do, I felt your cock actually grow a little and get a little more hard, just wait your turn will cum” I then told Kim my concern. “Kim , I saw that toy yesterday and now again today, in no way am I that big, I scared your first time with a man, me, may disappoint you” Kim now had a very serious and stern look on her face “Michael, put that thought out of your head now, I really mean it, don’t even think that again. are you stupid? , You think the feel of my first real human cock driven by pleasure and desire is not going to thrill me more than any lifeless piece of rubber?” Come Daddy you know I love your cock from yesterday’s little fun, I can’t wait to feel you, but for now I want to get you wild and as hard as I can, so relax daddy just think about how much I want you!” Kim went back to sucking me and fucking the dildo as I watched in the mirror. The up and down as well as her rotational motion was astounding , she rotated her ass while sliding up and down on the dildo. I felt this motion of her body through her cock filled mouth and it really pleased me. She was in essence fucking the dildo and fucking my cock with her mouth. A few times, Kim came up completely off the dildo, God it was so exciting to see it bend and spring back and forth when she did so. But more than that, the sight of her inserting it back, with out using her hands was the most exciting aspect of this removal / insertion routine. Now after her doing this 3 times in succession, with just a few seconds of fucking in between, started me to edge. Kim , who never once broke eye contact, spoke as she replaced her mouth with her suede covered hands. “Ok Michael, enough sucking for you, I want to pleasure you with my hands for a bit and let you continue to watch me get my ass fucked in the mirror. With her mouth now free, Kim slowed way down on the dildo action and spoke to me quite a bit, slutty filthy, arousing talk. Kim hardly stroked my cock, she knew I was really close to cumming, she just held and caressed it. “Michael, my Daddy, I am going to have you as my first real cock, you are going to get to break my cherry as a man and your going to fuck a sissy’s ass for the first time yourself. Oh Daddy, your cock is going to feel so hot and hard in side me. Fuck me deep when we do, fuck me like a cheap slutty whore, fuck me as if you want it to hurt, Please that’s how I want it. Don’t think of me as some nice young girl, instead fuck me like a mature filthy experienced whore”Kim was getting turned on to a higher level as she spoke, she went on ” Daddy, I don’t want you thinking of trying to please me, I want you concerned with just yourself!! I want you to be a whore’s customer who only sees me as a filthy slut he pays to have her get blasted and filled with his nasty cum, just a human toy he uses to get him self off with and cum in or even cum on her. Okay Michael will you promise me this” I nodded yes.”Okay Daddy do you have a position you would like to try or what. “Kim yes I do, I would love like to try you riding me first, then we finish , err I tell you later okay” “Oh BTW Kim, if you want to be treated like you said then I have do some thing first. I got up snatched Kim up by her arms and waist and threw her voluptuous body on the bed. “Hey you filthy slut, put your head down and stick that filthy used ass up!! Kim was a little shocked but laughed like a true whore as she followed my command” With out saying a word , I spanked escort bayan her firm round ass cheeks, spanked them so hard that my hand hurt, I had to change hands. Her beautiful sweet ass cheeks, bounced and quivered with each blow of my hands. “That’s it Daddy, I was bad, I’m sorry Daddy, spank me I need to know my place” Kim’s cheeks were raw now and I knew they had to feel painful stings. I stopped and said “Get up you filthy faggot stand up” I got up and violated every part of Kim’s body with my fingers. I started with her mouth, stopped a bit to enjoy her lovely hair, then bent her foreword and violated her anus, I was as rough as I could be and she loved it!! I then lied on my back and had her lube my cock. “Okay Kim you slut, squat on me a take me in your cunt, NOW” Kim smiled, licked her lips, using her hand she started to guide me in but stopped. “What’s the problem Kim” Kim broke our role playing and responded “Michael here we go the first time for both of us” “I know Kim so get back to being my slut and lets go” Kim smiled , a sultry filthy smile and lowered herself on to me. Then as I pierced her she stopped and her eyes rolled back and closed. For my benefit and pleasure, she took me in very slowly and methodically. “Michael, what do you think, is my ass cunt what you imagined?” “No Kim, it’s way beyond what I imagined, Now fuck me you faggot” Kim laughed a slutty whore like laugh, the proceeded to fuck my cock. “Hmm you feel so hard and hot, Oh Daddy I’m going to fuck your brains out” Kim now fucked my cock exactly as she did the dildo. Riding me up and down while rotating her ass around. Kim was an a****l, the sounds and moans of pleasure that she made were enough to cause me to cum. These sounds and sighs were so guttural and wild. I held on to her firm soft thighs and started thrusting myself. Kim would crash down hard on to me on her down stroke, now I would thrust her deeply at that moment.I caught the natural scent of her anal pussy and it made my cock all the harder, pheromones no doubt in her anal juices. I loved it, it was so earthy and had such an effect on the primitive regions of my brain that cause a man to take his sexual pleasure in a rough manor. . Then she and I started to get very warm, this warmth caused her bouncing long hair to give off such a delightful feminine and lovely scent. Both scents drove me to slam her even harder, so hard that I felt a delightful vibration inside my balls. Kim practiced so much with that toy, she developed the ability to contract and relax her muscles to the point where she was sucking my cock with her anus!! Kim took my hands from her thighs and had me use them to squeeze her soft hairless chest, again she closed her eyes and swung her hair wildly as I touched her, the she took my hands from her chest and held them tightly and she continued to let me thrust her hard on her down stroke. I felt my cock load up with a huge load of seed I had to tell Kim to stop. I wanted to continue and finish up in the position I had thought about all night.Kim slowed down then eventually stopped moving, she slowly lifted her ass cunt from me and my God when my cock re-emerged I could not believe how large it appeared especially the girth, and I got a little shocked at the deep purple color my cock head took on. “So Daddy, your turn, take you slut toy Kim and now you fuck me how you want!!I we both got up, the Kim awaited my orders. “Kim get on you back , but sideways on the bed, I want to be able to look in the mirror from time to time. Don’t worry you will only need room for you head, neck and back. Kim thought for a second, the realized what I wanted. She jumped on the bed, got on her back and raised her legs. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her ass right to the beds edge. Then I took hold of those soft boots and pushed Kim’s leg back toward her head with her knees bent and those lovely soft boots on the front of my shoulders. I slid right into Kim’s boy-cunt, we both were so slippery from the lube and the natural fluids Kim produced. There was that a****l scent again of her ass cunt. God it was so a****l like yet so pleasant and erotic!!! I started fucking Kim hard, she looked into my face, giving me a look that said “Harder, harder” Kim was able to gasp and moan some words to me. “Michael, hold out OK try to do this as long as you can” I nodded yes.The fucking grew intense, Kim started thrusting her cunt hard into me by using her legs which I held wrapped in my arms at her knees. Now and then I felt those soft leather boots brush my shoulders, God did that add to the excitement. Kim was going into her own world of pleasure and so was I. Kim used her legs to pull my upper body down a little and now she was bouncing her feet off my back shoulders with the back of her boots.Her eyes opened, we are both yelling “shit Oh God fuck fuck” as well as each other’s name I was at the edge now, The feel of her boots , the a****l scent the pleasure my cock never felt before coupled with her anus throbbing caused me to tumble. I started ejaculating large nasty ropes of cum deep inside Kim’s cunt. After several of my eruptions, I heard my cum squish and pump from her cunt and felt it on my thighs. Kim started yelling “Oh God Michael I felt you spray high up into me OH FUCK OH OH”My cum drenched the tops of her stockings and they started to stick to my thighs.Then suddenly Kim raised her whole back off the bed, her body went rigid and her anus nearly crushed my engorged cock as she clamped it so hard. Again today the amazing happened. Her soft limp clitty grew slightly in size, just plumped up a little and she started letting loose with a river of thin pearly white come, which flowed in one continuous stream. She screamed and squirmed and thrust on my cock, her anus alternately clamped hard then relaxed on my cock. This clamp / relax action continued as so did her stream and my thrusting. I was still shooting violently into her and the puddle of her pearly juice was enormous as it started to drip down the sides of her soft smooth stomach. My eruptions soon died down and Kim’s ass cheeks ,back thighs and stocking tops were covered in my hot cum. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply.I withdrew form Kim and laid on top of her, kissing her passionately, feeling her slippery girl juice lubricate the movements of our bodies against each other. Kim was drenched in cum. The whole room had that spicy smell of seed. Kim whispered, her body exhausted” I hope you enjoyed me Michael, you were fantastic” I cut her off in mid sentence, “Not as fantastic as you Kim, I swear on my very soul, that was the best orgasm of my life!! You are not only beautiful but you gave me an orgasm I never thought possible” I helped Kim out of her cum soaked stockings then we showered together. As Kim dried her hair I spoke. “Kim you know I live alone, move all your stuff from that hidden closest to my house, take one of the bedrooms and it’s closet for your self. Then whenever you feel like it, you can tell Katherine your coming over to my place to do some work in my basement machine shop. Shit we can do this anytime you want, you will be my sissy lover any time you wish. Kim there is no way I can go on without more of you, without doing what we did today and yesterday in the future”Kim leaped and jumped with joy like a young teenage girl at my suggestion.Oh yes, that bushing I machine, fit the transmission better than the factory original

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