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Key West – Winter Holiday Extravaga

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Key West — Winter Holiday Extravaganza

The band Gabrielle is invited to play at the Sun & Shade

By Erin Page and Quinn McMullen

Note to readers: This story builds on previously published stories, the Virginia Beach story line by Erin and Gabrielle by Quinn. Thank you to Passionwriter2019 for his editing and review work. We hope you enjoy this collaboration as much as we enjoyed collaborating. This story is quite long, but we hope you will find it worth your time. Please know that all the characters and situations are the product of our combined imaginations. All constructive criticism is welcome. This is also our entry for the Literotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest. Your supportive votes are appreciated.


From: Grace Hopkins, Marketing Specialist

To: Brianne Clarke, International Marketing Director

Adrienne D’Angelo, Education and Training Director

Winston Aubrey, Domestic Marketing Director

Alison Brody, Public Relations Director

Subj: Raw Transcript of Interviews: Post-Winter Holiday Extravaganza

Interviews were conducted with Virginia, Bridget, Richard, Gabrielle, and Drake. Last names have been withheld for the privacy of the interviewees. Brianne, while not intentionally featured, was also present and participated in these interviews.

Grace: Hey everybody, I just wanted to thank each of you all for doing this interview on such short notice. I already know Virginia, Drake, and Brianne.

So for most of you this is our first time meeting. My name is Grace and I’m a publicist here at the Sun and Shade. Of course, you all know my boss, Brianne. She won’t be participating in the interview. She just wanted to sit in. Where is Thomas? Does anyone know?

Richard: Tom found what he called, “Prime weed, dude!” (laughter) He is still pretty stoned. We’ll collect him when we head to the airport.

Grace: Thank you, Richard. I know the band has a flight to catch, but I think they will hold the plane If we go a little over.

Richard: It’s your plane so I’m sure they’ll hold it for as long as you want. (Laughter) By the way, you can call me Rich.

Grace: Okay. So just a quick recap for everyone before we officially begin. This interview will be used for different publications, educational information, and promotions for not only the Sun and Shade, but for many of our other resorts. Virginia you are being interviewed as both yourself and the Queen. As usual your actual name and likeness won’t be revealed. This is so we keep the time-honored tradition of mystery when it comes to the Queen’s identity.

Everyone else is being interviewed as themselves of course. Feel free to be completely candid. Please describe your feelings, emotions, and experiences to the best of your ability. Your answers will help to create educational materials for others. They also help educate us on how we can better serve our clientele.

This will be edited heavily and if there is anything you ultimately aren’t comfortable with having published just let us know and we will take care of it. Your privacy is as important to us as the Queen’s. What we really want to try and do here is capture the complete essence of what you experienced at the Sun and Shade. We want the good, the bad, and the unforgettable

Grace: I actually want to start with Virginia. You played a large part in getting Gabrielle booked here.

Virginia: While it’s true I sit on the entertainment committee, this time it was all Drake. He was the one who made it all happen. When the band from Michigan fell through, he recommended Gabby’s band. It was very last minute and so he really saved my bacon. I was a little worried because Drake wouldn’t tell me who they were.

Gabrielle: Why didn’t you tell Virginia who we were, Drake?

Drake: Let’s just say she gets a little over zealous, I think that’s all I am going to say about that. It’s not really my story to tell, Maybe Virginia would like to share more.

Virginia: Not really.

Grace: Okay, let’s get back on track. So, who can give me a little backstory on the band and how you decided to accept the invitation to the Sun and Shade? Bridget?

Bridget: Okay then, here we go. My name is Bridget, I prefer Bridgie. We call ourselves Gabrielle, which is also the name of our leader and primary vocalist, the lovely Gabby, right here. There were five of us, now six since Drake plays keys and percussion in the band.

Virginia: Seven if you count me.

Drake: Oh really, you’re in the band now? Enlighten us Virginia, what instrument do you play?

Virginia: Skin Flute. (laughter)

Bridget: Okay. Seven with Virginia. (laughter) I play bass and ankara escort bayanlar sing mostly harmonies. Tom is our lead guitarist. He’s amazing. Our regular drummer is a guy named Rob, but he didn’t want to come down here because of his personal beliefs. Rich is the rhythm guitarist and sings when we need him. The core of the band — Gabby and Rich — go back ten years. I joined them seven years ago. Our present line up has been together for five although for this gig we added Brie here and Drake. Now if we can only figure out a way to make them permanent members of the band. (Laughter)

Grace: So how did you come to play at Sun and Shade?

Bridget: Well, let’s see. It was about three weeks ago. Rich, is that right?”

Richard: Yes.

Bridget: Three weeks ago. It was Tuesday evening, that’s our normal rehearsal day. We met in my barn as usual. I live in an old farmhouse with a huge empty barn that we rent out for weddings and receptions. It is a nice big space, great for rehearsing and I live far enough away from my neighbors to avoid noise complaints. The acoustics are pretty lousy, but we’re not performing.

Typically, before we start rehearsal Gabby will have one or two announcements for the band. That night was no different. She handed out the checks we received from the Brew Pub for our work over the past month. It’s not a lot, but not many amateur musicians make money for what they do. I’ve always enjoyed the extra money.

We were tuning up and checking things when Gabby got our attention. She said that she had received an interesting email through our band’s website. It seems someone with some pull at a resort in Key West was in town and saw us play. The resort wanted us to fly us down for an all-expense paid vacation in return for us playing two evenings the week before Christmas. We would also receive some monetary compensation.

Gabby said that they wanted us to play on Tuesday and Thursday evening. These sounded like our regular gig, but at a different place. There was also the chance they would ask us to play more and we would be compensated accordingly. They would put us up in rooms at the resort and we will have access to everything there. The resort was right on the beach. Being on the beach in December — that alone sounded worth the trip.

Gabby likes order in our band meeting, so I raised my hand and asked if I could bring my husband Gary. I suggested that he could be our roadie.

Gabby said she’d find out. She said that we would be picked up in a private jet, so we wouldn’t have to fool around with everything going on at the airport. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to go into Logan, which would be really nice for us and the security of our equipment.”

Grace: That would be Logan Airport, as in Boston, Massachusetts?

Bridget: Yes, we all live west of the city. We were all pretty psyched about the resort sending a private jet for us. I could tell Gabby was really excited. She’s always very professional and knows what she wants, but in that moment, I could tell it was taking all she had to keep her cool.

Rob asked when would we leave and come back. Gabby explained that they would pick us up on a Sunday and bring us back on Friday. That way we wouldn’t miss our regular gig at the Brew Pub.”

Rob said that that wouldn’t work for him because he had a church obligation. Gabby pointed out that we would be leaving in the afternoon so that shouldn’t interfere. Rob asked what the name of the resort was. He looked it up and found out that it was … Rich, how did it go?

Richard: Florida’s premier private adult lifestyle resort. Rob freaked out on that.

Bridget: Tom got all excited. I told him that I didn’t get it. Tom explained that it was a club for swingers.

I’m pretty sure I blushed at that.

Richard: You did. Being a redhead, Bridgie is an expert blusher.

Bridget: (laughs) Yeah, the idea made me pretty uncomfortable. Tom explained that there were a lot of other things to do in Key West. He said that you could just walk around, take in the sights, go to the beach, or just hang out. Everyone would be cool with that. I was still unsure.

Gabby asked what kind of sights.

Tom explained that when he went to a place like this out in California that during the day it was mostly just a regular resort. Women would walk around topless and stuff, but mostly it’s Tiki bars, swimming pools, and beaches. Gabby was psyched and said she loved to be topless.

Tom said that after the sun goes down, well that was a whole different animal. They usually had different themed events based around the swinging lifestyle to encourage extracurricular marital activity — if you know what I mean. He said that all that led to people hooking up with each other. You can participate or just watch. It’s pretty low ankara esmer escortlar pressure and everyone is usually really nice.”

I have to say I was a little freaked out about that. The idea of sex with somebody that wasn’t Gary was just, I don’t know. It was just way outside of my comfort zone. I mean if you have a happy marriage, why would you ever think of other people like that? It just didn’t make any sense.

After Tom told us that, Rob had pretty much the same reaction I did and said he wasn’t going. Gabby went around the room and everyone else said they were in.

Grace: Bridget, it sounds like you were a no go just like Rob, yet here you sit. What changed your mind?

Bridget: I didn’t really change my mind, I just voted no. If the band wanted to go, I would still go and play. It’s part of the democratic process. It just wasn’t something I was excited to do. After what Tom and Rich had said, it sounded like you didn’t have to do any of the hooking up stuff if you didn’t want to.

Richard: What?

Bridget: I guess what I’m saying is that it was the combination of you two, Tom saying it was mostly normal during the day and you saying there was probably lots of other stuff to do. As long as we didn’t have to get involved with all the sex stuff, I was excited to go to Key West.

Gabrielle: We run the band like a democracy. We had three votes to go and two against. Robert was very upset that democracy did not favor him. He was angry and threatened to quit. I said, ‘Go ahead and quit.’ We found him, we could find another. I will not be threatened. Richard, am I not right?

Richard: I think you nailed it. Rob didn’t think we should go, just because he wasn’t going. In hindsight I’m glad we came anyway.

Grace: While we’re on the topic. You are a cover band, but you have a lot of original songs.

Richard: I guess we’re a lot like the early Beatles. (laughter) Well, at the moment we have three fully polished original pieces. I have another five in the hopper.

Grace: You wrote the songs?

Richard: Yes. But the band creates the arrangement. Even though Gabby is our leader, as she said, we’re a pretty democratic group.

Grace: While we are on the topic of pre-trip planning, if you are willing, perhaps each of you can give us a bit more insight into the dynamics of your personal life and any relationships you had prior to your Sun and Shade visit. Then as we work through the details of your week, we will be able to contrast that against changes you may have experienced or insight you may have gained about alternate lifestyles.

Richard: I’ll start. I think this will provide some insight. So I think it was last Monday. It was after dinner, and I was putting the decorations on my Christmas tree.

Grace: Are you married or do you have a roommate?

Richard: I’ve been divorced for about fifteen years, long before I moved to Mass, I moved there about ten years ago. I live by myself. I have no desire to get married again. As for roommates, let’s say I have two very good friends with benefits that I spend a lot of time with. Grace, is that kind of what you’re looking for?

Grace: Excellent Rich. Please continue.

Richard: I still decorate my house for the holidays because I like to entertain my friends and it makes me feel festive. Gabby came by my house. I greeted her in French as I always do.

Grace: That’s right, Gabby is originally from France.

Gabrielle: Oui, madame. I came here for university and stayed. I have my citizenship.

Richard: You’re originally from the Champagne region.

Gabrielle: Yes. I should say that sometimes I still have trouble with my English.

Richard: It helps that I studied French in high school and college. Her English is really good, but every once in a while she has trouble with a word or two.

Grace: Gabby, what kind of words do you have trouble with?

Gabrielle: Richard, help me.

Richard: I think that when Gabby is nervous or unsure she falls back on French. The area that trips her up the most is anything to do with sex. For example, she will use the word chatte rather than pussy. Chatte means ‘cat’ so it’s pretty close. She will say mon jus de chatte, when referring to her juices. She regularly uses common words like mon ami, ‘mon chèr. merci, stuff like that.

Grace: And those mean?

Richard: My friend, my dear, thank you.

Gabrielle: Merci, Richard.

Grace: Thank you. Merci! So Gabby came to your house.

Richard: sincan grup yapan escortlar Yes. She came in and gave me a wonderful hug. I received a very nice kiss.

Grace: There is clearly a lot of chemistry between you and Gabby. How would you describe your relationship?

Richard: Gabby is my oldest friend in town. I’ve known her since I first moved there ten years ago. We have been playing music together for almost that entire time. Our relationship had been based almost entirely in music and also completely platonic. That is until — I think it was sometime in September. It was after our regular Saturday night gig and Gabby asked if we could have sex.

Bridget: I’ve thought you two were lovers since her divorce.

Richard: No. All this has only recently changed. That first night Gabby called it coup d’un soir — a one night stand, well actually she used a more earthy term.

Grace: Do tell.

Gabrielle: I called it a ‘mercy fuck’, and it was a very pleasurable evening for both of us. (laughter)

Richard: She asked me if either of my lady friends would be coming over that evening and I told her that our regular evenings were Sunday and Thursday. I asked her if she was planning on spending the evening with me and she said that she hadn’t decided yet.

Grace: If you don’t mind me asking, how frequently do you spend the night, Gabby?

Gabrielle: Since September, perhaps four times.

Grace: So would you say that you are lovers? If so, did you talk about your relationship at all before coming down?

Richard: Lovers, that’s a good way to describe it. In fact, that was the first thing she wanted to discuss with me — our sleeping arrangements in Key West. She asked if I would be her roommate while we were down here and I thought that would be fine. She said she would feel better sharing a room and a bed with someone she knew.

I asked if she had more than sleep in mind and she said that that was something I could count on. She also asked how I felt about hooking up with other people if we met someone. I told her I was a bit out of practice when it came to romancing the ladies.

Gabrielle: I told Richard I could be his arm man.

Grace: Arm man?

Richard: She means wing man. (laughter) I did ask her about what we would do if we did end up hooking up with someone besides each other. We agreed that we wouldn’t bring anyone back to our room unless we were both involved.

Gabrielle: Yes, I went over to Richard’s house and asked him if he would share my bed while we were in Key West. I don’t think he is the marrying type anymore, but if he were to ask me to marry him, of course I would do it tomorrow. Richard, you know I feel about you that way, yes?

Richard: Yes, but we both know that we shouldn’t get married.

Grace: For the record, Gabby just blew Rich a kiss. Gabby, you feel pretty strongly about him?

Gabrielle: Oui, Richard is one of the most caring, generous people I know. He is a very attentive lover. I have an open invitation to go to his house and I try to go over there as much as possible. I think that Richard is also my best friend. I know he would do anything for me and I would do anything for him.

Grace: That is so sweet, what else did you talk about?

Gabrielle: I told Richard that I had been talking to a woman named Kim here at Sun and Shade who was setting up everything. She is the one who told me about Brianne when I said we were looking for a drum player. Kim said Brianne was quite good and had filled in for other bands in the past. She sounded perfect. I also found out that Drake was the one who recommended us. When Kim described him I immediately placed him in my mind. He is a memorable person.

I made it a point to contact Brianne and I had a video made of our latest engagement at the Brew Pub. I sent that to her as soon as possible. Since she was from Jamaica, I hoped that she was familiar with many reggae songs that Richard and I used to play when we were a duo.

Grace: What kind of reggae songs?

Gabrielle: We used to do a few Bob Marley songs, some Toots and the Maytals. ‘Pressure Drop.’ ‘Three Little Birds.’ Songs like that. I thought they would be easy to learn. I also planned on a lot of danceable music and Christmas songs that weren’t about religion — ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ It would be a nice opportunity to expand our repertoire. I had a feeling this would be — how do you say — maximum parties?

I also wanted to discuss for what our costumes would be for when we were playing in the stage. No. On the stage. I have to say that I also wanted to seduce Richard.

Grace: You can’t stop there.

Gabrielle: (laughs) Richard suggested that we wear some kind of Christmassy swimsuits since it was on the beach. I asked him if he had been to my country and he said he had been to Paris, Rheims, and Toulon.

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