Mar 26

Kirk Creek

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Female Ejaculation

Kirk CreekHenry was the boy who lived on the farm a few miles from our own. He was 19 and I was 17 when I moved to my father’s farm with him and his wife. One blistering summer afternoon when I was exploring the woods that stretched as far as the eye could see behind our farm. I happened upon the creek just as he was getting out of the water. He nodded in greeting and I nodded back. Henry had eyes as green as the grass he was standing on. His hair was dark and curly. His handsome face was covered in a soft dusting of facial hair and his incredible torso was as well. He was on the wrestling team before he graduated, so he was not lacking in muscle. His pecs put mine to shame even though I was pretty well built. My dad was an army vet and was very strict about me being in top physical shape at all times. Henry still put me to shame. He stood there looking at me as he toweled himself off, his long, wet curly hair hanging in front of his eyes. I felt strange with him looking at me. It felt strange also that I did not mind him watching me strip down to my underwear. “You Randall’s son ain’t you?” he asked, his deep voice carrying across the murky water of the creek.”Yeah.” I said flatly.”You look just like him.” He said, brushing the last droplets of water off his right leg with his towel.I smiled politely, and nodded.”So I hear.””No really, you do look exactly like him except for the grey eyes.”He said.I shrugged my shoulders. My father was a very handsome man. 48 years old and still as cut as he was when he was our age. Picture Sam Worthington with gray hair and a crooked nose from a bar fight up in Dewitt County. That’s my dad, and I guess me too.”Tell your pa I said hi.” He requested and turned to walk away.”I don’t türbanlı manisa escort know your name though.” I said.”Names’ Henry.” He said as he walked away.I swam for a while, wishing I had gotten there sooner. He seemed pretty nice, and he was going to take over his dad’s farm, so we would be neighbors possibly for the rest of our lives.I could use a new friend who knows the area. I hated being in a new town. I floated there looking at the leaves that hung over the water. I tied the zip cord to a sturdy branch and let myself doze in the heat of the day. There was the sound of a twig snapping and a rustling of leaves. I looked over toward the sound and saw him standing there. He smiled and jumped into the water. He disappeared beneath the surface. A splash of water hit me from behind. He laughed as I half yelled half gasped as the cool water hit me and was gone by the time I spun around. I chuckled to myself. He was a nice guy, really friendly and playful. We probably would be friends for life. If he was always this fun, I sure hoped so.He surfaced in front of me with something in his hand. It was a snake. I stared at it slithering around his wrist. To bad I was not afraid of snakes. I boldly reached out and grabbed it out of his hand and watched as it bit down on my thumb. I smiled in triumph, I was not so easy to scare. He looked impressed. “That’s pretty badass Randall Jr.” he said.”You handle snakes pretty good, but that’s just a little old baby snake. Let’s see how you handle a BIG one.” Something floated to the surface next to him. I looked closer and realized that it was his swim trunks! He leaned back in the water and let his lower body float to the türbanlı manisa escort bayan top as if he were about to do the backstroke. The water above his crotch parted like the red sea, and his extremely large cock emerged. Rock hard and pointing at the sky like a lightning rod. An extremely fat, thick, uncut lightning rod made of meat.I felt myself stiffen. My confused cock pressed against my shorts and thigh, begging to be set free. Henry floated there with a huge grin on his face, rubbing his cock head with one finger, his other hand paddling the water.He turned over and swam to the bank. Climbed out of the water and walked over to a path of shaded grass. He turned to see if I were following. I flipped myself over into the water and made my way to where he was.”Go on, little Randall, charm this one. he don’t bite.”I grabbed hold of his throbbing cock as if I grabbed them for a living! I stroked him slowly, his face turned upward as he moaned. his pecs flexing and jumping as i twisted my palm over his swollen fat bell of a cock head. The deep almost purple color of it was so beautiful to me, it almost looked delicious.I stroked faster and he rubbed his hairy chest with one hand and my hair with the other. Suddenly I dove my head forward and took him into my mouth. I felt the warm heat of him, his smoothness gliding over my tongue. He smashed into the back of my throat as he thrust. He stopped, pulled out of my mouth to let me breathe.His cock was harder and larger, long thick ribbons of my saliva hung from the tip and halfway down his shaft. His cock was shiny and wet even in the shade. He caught the spit in his right hand and rubbed it all over his cock. türbanlı escort manisa He looked at me seriously and smiled. Henry stood me up, wiped the spit from my mouth and chin with the same hand he used to rub his meaty dick and turned me around. He guided me to my knees and pushed the small of my back until I was on all fours.White hot pain shot form my asshole up my spine. My eyes watered and my nose was running. I felt tears slide down my cheeks. I listened to the sound of his voice as he thrust inside me. His grunting was like a drum beat in unison with my heart. The pain faded into discomfort, the feeling of my anus being stretched and puled all at once.I felt my own hard cock get even harder as his wrecking ball testicles slammed against my ass as he fuck me as hard as humanly possible. He grunted and moaned and pumped away until I felt his cock spasm inside my battered hole.White hot pleasure shot through me as I shot gob after gob of thick cum into the grass beneath me. Henry finished depositing the entire contents of his sack inside me and wrapped his arms around my torso. His hands were massaging my chest as he pulled me up toward him. he spun my head around and kissed me. I felt him slide out of me and it hurt. t also felt damned good. He picked me up and carried me to the edge of the creek, kissed me hard once more and threw me in. Just before I hit the water, I woke up. Still floating on the creek in my tube. What-the-actual-fuck!??This shit was FUBAR. Did I just have a wet dream about another guy?!!I looked at the sky and guessed that it was nearing dusk. I ignored the massive erection beneath my shorts and headed home.When I got there, I noticed a strange vehicle next to my pickup. I went inside the house and heard talking and laughing. My dad leaned his head into the entryway and looked at me.”There you are, Millie thought it would be good for you to meet the Kirk’s and their boy Henry. They are joining us for diner. Get washed up and get down here and meet them. Lets go soldier, DOUBLE TIME! We’re hungry and waiting on you. To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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