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Knight Time Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This story is entirely fictional, as are most of my stories. I hope you enjoy it.


She sat there, waiting for me as I approached her. She was beautiful, the light shining over her body in the afternoon sun. She didn’t move as I traced a finger over her, caressing her, getting to know her. I’d never touched a girl like this before. She was sleek, smooth, and curved in all the right places. I opened her up and she called me inside. Not wanting to disappoint her or myself I entered, gasping at the comfort I felt inside of her. I ran my hands over her again, this time exploring entirely new places, frozen in awe of her beauty. She seemed to purr as I turned her on, impatient to get started.

I hit the accelerator and I was out of the garage, onto the street, and already hitting 60 as I lost sight of the shop. I had 30 minutes before anyone new the car was gone, a silver glowing porsche that had barely clocked up a hundred miles on the odometer. She would net me a fair bit alright. I high the highway and accelerated to 110, determined to put as much distance between me and the shop as possible. I took the first exit, turned of the main road and began to weave through the suburbs like an expert. I pulled into an open garage, turned her off and closed the door. It was swift, it was sly and it was seamless. I was the perfect con.

My name’s Lance, and cars are my life. Well, cars, football and women anyway. I’m about six feet tall with curly hair, slightly longer at the back than at the front. I have deep blue-green eyes that every woman I have ever known said were beautiful. I have a fairly thick build, playing middle linebacker for my high school football team. I work to keep in shape, and gain the rewards, as pretty much every woman I have ever wanted eventually wound up in front of me, usually on their knees. Forgive me for being cocky. I used to be modest. I used to disbelieve girls when they said I looked hot, shun their praises. But once pretty much every girl you’ve ever known has told (or shown) you in one way or another, it’s kind of hard to deny it.

Pretty much every woman… Except the one I have wanted most. My mother. The one bending over to place a plate in the dishwasher and showing me her beautiful behind. Well, technically my stepmother, but I have never known another so I have never felt the need to call her anything but my mother. It wasn’t healthy to crave your father’s wife as I did, but it really was his fault for choosing this hot a woman to replace my biological mother. It didn’t hurt that she’d always been kind to me, even when she first met my father when I was seven (she was eighteen, my father thirty six). She had never had any problems being affectionate while I was growing up either, stroking my head and lying with me til I feel asleep at night. This all contributed a lot, but I can’t deny that the main attraction was her looks.

Sarah Knight is as beautiful a woman as you have ever seen. She is almost as tall as I am, with long, shiny blonde hair that falls below her shoulders. She has those deep, green, inescapable eyes that few women possess, full juicy lips and an adorable nose that complete a truly amazing work of art. Her breasts are no larger than a C-cup, but breasts can be beautiful big or small, and on this body they are heavenly. She has a pair of the longest legs you have ever seen, which disappear into the tightest, most shapely butt cheeks in existence. Sarah Knight was an angel. That’s right. Knight. At times I almost dislike Dad for naming me Lance. I suppose he thought it was comical or something. But my revenge was standing in front of me, perfection in the afternoon sun.

‘Lance? Are you okay?’ Mum asked as I snapped out of my stupor, hoping against hope that she remained ignorant of the fact that I was checking her out, as I had done ever since I was twelve.

‘I’m fine.’ I said, and walked to the fridge, grabbing a coke and last night’s leftover lasagne, sitting in front of the TV and digging it voraciously.

‘Shouldn’t you still be at work, honey?’ she asked from the kitchen. With my lasagne already gone I murmured an affirmative, downed my drink as quickly as possible and jumped in the shower. I quickly dried myself off and got into my work gear. I headed back to the porsche sitting in my garage. I reversed out of my driveway and was soon speeding back along the highway, desperate to get the porsche back to the garage before my boss came back, or worse yet, the dumb ass suit that owned this beautiful piece of machinery.

Let me explain. I’m not a thief. I’m a part-time mechanic. And when I fix a car, I’ve got to know that it’s working properly. I had just stepped out of the car when my boss popped his head out from the front. ‘That car fixed yet Lance? The owner’s here to pick it up.’ He said to me.

‘Ready as ever, Bill. güvenilir bahis She’s purring, good as new.’ I said, throwing him the keys and pretending to look busy with one of the three shitboxes that was sitting next to the proud porsche, looking like kitty litter in comparison.

‘Excuse me? Are you the man who fixed my car?’ I spun around, a woman holding the porsche keys instead of the man that brought it in this morning. She was remarkably beautiful, around 30 years old, wearing a business suit and skirt, which was relatively high considering she looked like a very proper person.

‘Yes maam.’ I replied, allowing my eyes to linger slightly at the bottom of her short skirt, which hid beautifully tan and toned thighs, judging by the look of her legs. ‘My name’s Lance. How can I help you?’ I now looked up at her face, which was soft and welcoming with only a light bit of make-up, but somehow strong.

‘My name is Sue, and I was wondering if you could tell me what was wrong with my car in the first place and how I can prevent that from happening again.’ She said, aware of my calculating gaze and she brushed some strands of hair behind her ear and her eyelids fluttered a little.

‘The problem you had, Sue, was actually with your gearbox.’ I said, wiping a spanner clean as I looked at the floor and placed it on top of the rusted old gemini I was working on, all the while taking in her full womanly figure. ‘Your’s is a simple case of making a smoother transition between gears to go easier on the gearbox.’ Her long, silky blonde hair again fell in front of her face and I took the chance to brush it back myself, smiling warmingly and leaving my hand lingering for a moment on the skin of her neck.

‘I can’t say I really understand that mechanics lingo of yours. Maybe you could show me?’ she said, motioning to the car.

I couldn’t see how I could’ve dumbed it down any further, but if the woman wanted to flirt a little further, I couldn’t see the harm. I hopped in the passenger seat while she hopped in the driver’s seat. ‘Turn on the car and change gears for me.’ I said to her. She turned on the car and as she moved the stick down to second there was a horrible grinding noise emanating from beneath the car, which could not be allowed to continue in this beautiful machine. ‘No, here… Let me.’ I said, reaching for the shift. She placed her hand on top, slowly moving her fingers along mine, barely detectable. ‘Okay… Clutch,’ I waited til she complied, ‘…shift…’ our hands moved at once, her fingers now entwined in my own, ‘…release.’

Sue turned to me, her fingers running along mine flirtingly, ‘Well. I’m not really sure I’ve got it. Perhaps you could come back to my house and we could have more thorough lessons then.’

‘Perhaps if you gave me your address, I might be able to drop by once I’ve got off work and then show you how to work a shift.’ This woman was hot, and all the flirting had finally gotten to me, and my dick was quickly pitching a tent in my pants.

She laughed a little, as if I was naïve. ‘Your boss has the address on that sheet of paper I just signed, and I know…’ she reached across to gently rub my cock through my pants, ‘…how to work a stick.’ She grinned and removed her hand. Her face suddenly became pointed in determination, a look that made her incredibly sexy. ‘Let me put it this way. It’s three o’clock, and my husband gets home at seven. You have fours to do whatever it is you want to do with me before he gets home, at which point I want him to walk into the kitchen to see you pile driving me where he eats breakfast every morning. Understand?’

What else was I to say? ‘Let’s go.’ I said, trying to hide my obvious excitement – a hard task considering the noticeable erection in my pants. I was going to cop loads of shit from Bill for skipping off work early without telling him, but it was only the third time this week so I was sure it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The porsche screamed down the highway, and Sue didn’t seem to be having a problem with the gearbox now. Her transition between gear was smooth, fluent and precise the look of concentration on her face as she weaved in and out of lanes made her look even hotter than I first realised. She didn’t slow down when she turned off the highway, and we were rocketing through the suburbs faster than any sane person should. Suddenly she forced the breaks on and turned the steering wheel hard, causing the car to spin clockwise by 270 and before I knew what had happened we had reversed into the biggest carport I had ever seen.

As I sat there looking around me, the roller door of the carport closing, I finally realised how wealthy this woman, and her husband, was. Alongside the porsche sat not one but five other cars, each no less than two hundred grand themselves, and still an empty car space remained. I almost came in my pants right türkçe bahis there, just being in the vicinity of these six beautiful cars. Of course, it might’ve had something to do with the fact that Sue had moved across the car and had straddled me.

‘By the time my husband gets home and finds you balls deep in his wife’s pussy, you and I will have made our mark in each and every one of his cars. Might I suggest we begin with this one?’ she said, more of a request than a suggestion as she unbuttoned the front of her blazer, opening it to reveal a white blouse, the top three buttons open to reveal her black lace bra and ample cleavage.

She began to kiss and suck on my neck, lowering the back of my seat simultaneously. She started to grind her mound against my erect cock through my shorts and I made no attempt to stop her as she pulled my singlet up and over my head. My hands ran up high thighs to her skirt, lifting it over her hips to her waist as I began to kiss her neck softly. She stopped grinding as I softly rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaked in her own juices. I heard her moan in response and I felt her lips press tightly against mine in a passionate embrace.

I let me tongue dance across her lips before exploring her mouth, massaging her tongue with mine. As I did this, I aided her in removing her blazer then I gently began massaging her ass with my hands. She resumed her grinding slowly, anxious to relieve the obvious tension that was building inside her. I forced her to sit up and button by button I freed her blouse.

I ran my hands over her smooth stomach, feeling her skin under my fingers. She grabbed my hand, moving it southward and forcing my fingers beneath her panties wear I softly began to rub her mound. She arched her back, looking to the heavens as I rubbed her, and I took the opportunity to gently mould her left breast. I was rewarded by a soft sigh as my two hands worked their magic. She began to grind against my hand, encouraging me to increase my pace. I removed my hands and raised her skirt the rest of the way over her head.

She continued to grind her crotch against mine as I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. The bra dropped to reveal her breasts, soft and white, with small, erect nipples. She sat there in nothing but an open blouse and a pair of black lace panties, grinding against my crotch in a slow, circular motion. Her hair fell, no longer neat and tidy, to her back and its messiness only made her look hotter. I pulled her down to me, letting her kiss me, allowing her to explore my mouth with her tongue as I ran my finger down her back. She kissed my neck softly, followed by my collarbone, before sitting back on my knees in order to reach down to my pants.

She fumbled to undo the button on my pants as she continued to kiss and lick my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair as she finally released the button and slowly my fly was open. I felt her reach a hand inside my pants and rub my cock through my boxers. I moaned in encouragement as she looked up at me seductively, wrapping her fingers around me through the silk and slowly jacking me off. She kissed my neck softly as she jerked, doubling the pleasure I was feeling.

She removed her hand from my pants and moved forward, resuming her grinding on my cock. With my fly open I could now feel the heat that was emanating from her pussy, and I knew that the foreplay was over. Lifting my hips off the seat, I reached down, pushing my pants and boxers down to my knees. I began to kiss and lick her neck as I ran my hand down the front of her stomach, allowing my fingers to make their way inside her panties and into her cunt.

I ran my finger along the lips of her pussy, feeling the wetness and warranting a moan from Sue. I flicked her clit from side to side and I felt her suck my neck hard in retaliation. I allowed a finger to slip inside her and she pressed her pelvis down onto my hand as she stifled a moan. I placed another finger inside her and I felt her begin to move against my hand. Her pussy moved up and down on my hand and my fingers moved in and out of her pussy with no help from me. I gently kissed her neck and then quickly moved to her tits. I pay close attention to her nipples, circling each one with my tongue before slipping a third finger inside of her.

She was moaning now, whispering ‘Yes’ at every second breath and gaining pace in her thrusts. I removed my fingers from her cunt but quickly pulled aside the fabric of her panties over her pussy. She reached down, grabbing my cock and placing the head against her pussy lips. Then slowly, almost excruciatingly slowly, she lowered herself onto my cock. I felt her heat, her wetness envelop me and we moaned simultaneously as we touched each other in the most intimate way possible. She paused when I was fully inside her, sighing softly and kissing güvenilir bahis siteleri me tenderly.

Then slowly she slid her pussy off me, withdrawing my cock from her pussy until only my knob was still inside her. She sat there, enjoying the feeling of my prepuce pressed against her clit, staring at me with a contented and knowing smile. My hands gently traced circles over her ass cheeks, enticing her to continue. Apparently she was as tired of slow of sensual as I was. There was no build up, no warning. She began to fuck me.

There was nothing sensual about it. It was a straight up I-want-you-to-pound-the-living-shit-out-of-me fuck. She began to bounce up and down on my cock, her tits just seconds behind her body as she moaned and squealed in ecstasy. Every bounced she produced a high pitch squeal of effort and pleasure, one hand on the side of the car to steady herself, her other hand running through her hair. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched, causing her breast to be thrust as far out as possible. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen. A beautiful (married) woman riding me like a pony inside her husband’s porsche.

My hands were reached to her hips as she bounced, guiding her onto my cock with every thrust, forcing her further onto my throbbing manhood. She grunted again and again as I thrust back up at her, a resounding slap echoing through the carport every time flesh met flesh. Her squeal quickly turned into screams as I pounded her, the car rocking fiercely and squeaking as the suspension struggled to withstand the force.

She was no longer bouncing down on me as we fucked. Instead she was being held in the air with each thrust I forced inside her cunt. I felt her pussy juices drip down past my balls to my ass, but the pleasure rushing through my cock was all encompassing. She screamed wildly as I pinched her nipples and thrust my cock inside her further, causing her body to shudder involuntarily.

‘Oh yes… uh… yes… fuck me…’ she screamed as I pounded her, the pace and force becoming fiercer with every passing moment. ‘Fuck me like my husband never could… yes… uh… god… fuck my cunt… uh… yes… I want your… uh… big cock… yes… uh… fuck… Yes… Yes… Yes… Fuck… Fuck Me… Fuck Me… Harder…’

I don’t know how it was possible but I found a way to comply. I fucked her harder and faster and her screams got louder and louder. I was grunting with exertion and my cock slid in and out of her pussy and I was getting close to unleashing my load inside her willing cunt.

‘YES… FUCK ME…’ she moaned as our slaps echoed around the garage… ‘PLEASE… I’M GONNA CUM… YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT… FUCK ME… HARDER… DEEPER… FUCK… UH… YES… FUCK YES… FUCK ME… UH… UH… YES… UH… I’M COMING! YES! FUCK! YES!’ she screamed as she quivered uncontrollably, she forced herself as down on my pelvis and her cunt doubled in tightness around my cock.

I couldn’t control myself either and my balls tightened, my cock stiffened further and I shot my seed deep inside her waiting can’t. My pelvis spasmed uncontrollably as wave after wave of my hot, potent semen erupted in her fertile pussy. She continued to moan softly, leaning forward and biting my shoulder to contain her pleasure. I reached around her and held her against me as my cock released the last of its sperm into her cunt and I felt our combine fluids running down my balls. I held her against me until her breathing became controlled again, soft, her orgasm complete.

‘That was incredible…’ I whispered to her, stroking her hair softly.

She looked at me and grinned, ‘That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had… and we’ve still got five cars to go…’


It was 12:30pm by the time I got home. Apparently the husband had extended his fooling around with his secretary to include Sundays and didn’t arrive home til 11:30pm. As it turned out he didn’t get the chance to walk in on us in the kitchen. We never made it there. But he did come home to see me fucking his wife in his prized Rolls Royce. And I left a stain in every one of his precious cars. Serves him right for cheating on his wife.

Mum was sitting up in bed watching a movie when I got home. Dad was sound asleep beside her, snoring like an airhorn. I sat there watching my stepmother for a moment. The light flickering from the TV accentuated her curves in the darkness and only adding to her beauty. I imagined what I’d do if I was the one lying there instead of Dad. If my balls hadn’t have been empty I would have cracked my usual erection. As it was I was too tired to do anything but sleep, so I moved off without mentioning I was home.

That night I dreamt about the Porsche. I dreamt about the Rolls. I dreamt about the Jag, the Benz, the BMW and the Corvette. But I didn’t dream about Sue. I dreamt about Sarah. Sarah Knight. My stepmother…


If you enjoyed this story please send me feedback and vote on it. Any constructive feedback is also welcome, as well as any request for future stories. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

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